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Live-Blogging Lost Season 5 Finale The Incident, Parts 1 and 2 May 14, 2009

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8:59 – Previously on Lost, the season happened. Hopefully, you watched the clips show. It wasn’t that bad this time. Eloise Hawking killed her only son, but before he died, Daniel managed to convince Jack that if he blows up Jughead, he can prevent the Hatch from being built, which mean preventing the eventual downing of Oceanic flight 815 & essentially erasing the entire course of action of the show. Jack has convinced a guilty Eloise to help him do it. Kate thinks he’s crazy, so she goes off to crash Sawyer & Juliet’s party on the sub, because ruining lives is what Kate does best. Meanwhile, in 2007 (which, my bad, I’ve been referring to as 2008 all this time), Frank Lapidus is being held prisoner by Ilana, who wants to know what lies at the base of the statue. Also, Sun, Ben & Locke, also in 2007, have hooked up with the Others & Locke is secretly planning to kill Jacob. And that brings us to tonight.

9:00 – I’ve decided my brain is going to hate me if I try to really live-blog this thing, so I’m not going to do as much recapping tonight. It will be more commentary, which means probably two hours of me going OMG!! WTF?!?! The Fringe finale demonstrated the art of the reveal, as only the Bad Robot team can do it, last night, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

9:01 – We open on some dude weaving cloth. Like on a loom & everything, wow. PS: This dude is played by Rita’s abusive ex-husband on Dexter, so I already kind of hate him. Okay, there’s a ship sailing in the distance…Black Rock, is that you? Man, when are we?? Another guy comes up to Rita’s abusive ex-husband, whose name I don’t catch. Who are these people? Second guy is mad about the ship & blames first guy. He really wants to kill first guy, but can’t. One day, he’ll find a loophole though. HOLY CRAP! It’s the statue!! No way or telling if it’s got four toes, but it’s definitely Egyptian & holding two ankhs. (EDIT: It’s been identified as Taweret.)

9:05 – Seriously, they need to give us some indication of time period. Who are these kids? Wait a sec, dark-haired girl with curly hair? Troublesome mean look? It’s Kate. Or lil’ Katie as it were. (Not a good sign, immediate groan for a Kate flashback.) Her shoplifted item is paid for by Rita’s abusive ex-husband, whose name I really wish I knew. As Eloise Hawking would say, who ARE you??

9:07 – In 1977, thank God we have a familiar setting. It’s the sub of great awkwardness. (more…)


Notes From the Second Viewing: Lost Season 5 Premiere January 23, 2009

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Without a DVR, I just missed a lot from last night’s premiere. Here’re some interesting tidbits from the second pass-through:

  • Daniel actually did explain to us my question about why the people on the Island appear to be physically jumping around time, instead of only their consciousnesses like in The Constant. He says the Lost-a-ways & the Science Team might be skipping through time, rather than the Island moving through time. Interesting. But why, if the Others are also on the Island when Ben turned the wheel, do they not also start skipping through time? Why is it only the survivors & freighter people?

Live-Blogging Lost Season 5 Premiere Night January 22, 2009

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7:59 – OMG It’s Lost Premiere Night! I can’t even tell you how excited I am. Maybe ABC’s onto something with this spring premiere business. I mean, I’m basically forced to forget about the show for like six months out of the year, just to keep my sanity, but this really almost feels like Christmas. So. I’ve read every review I could get my hands on. I’ve watched every one of the like 14 previews ABC has sent out in the world to make my last couple of Lost-less weeks as excruciating as possible. I’ve caught up on season 4 via watching the DVDs approximately 1,600 times so far this year. I’m ready. And it’s finally here!

8:00 – Well, not actually. Actually this is just the clips show & there’s another hour to wait. Curses!

8:03 – Hey guess what? I’m still without a DVR. This should one interesting live-blog.

8:08 – Do you get the feeling some intern designed that LOST: Destiny Calls graphic in Photoshop during their lunch break?

8:45 – OMG It’s Penny! It’s Penny! Sorry, I can’t watch that scene without doing that.

8:58 – “All of you have to go back. We’re going to have to bring him too.”

8:59 – “We have to go back, Kate! We have to go back!” OMG It’s time!


Five Winter Premieres I’m Most Desperately Looking Forward To: #1 Lost January 19, 2009

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I know this is a little late, but here’s my top pick for the 5 Winter Premieres I Am Most Desperately Looking Forward To. Happy Winter Premiere Season!

For a more complete list of winter premiere dates, see Kristen Dos Santos’ comprehensive list on E! Online.

#1 Lost

Premieres Wednesday, January 21 @8pm on ABC

Can I just say? I was doing just fine. Seriously, I have made it through like seven-and-a-half months of Lost hiatus hell without actively thinking about the fact that ABC has made the break like nine freaking months long. Sure, every once in a while, one of those pesky unanswered questions would come up & taunt me, but I was doing FINE. Then, December rolled around & ABC started with the relentless teaser promotion campaign & it got to the point where you couldn’t watch anything on ABC without The Fray mercilessly assaulting your eardrums. And then I got the Lost season 4 DVDs from my parentals for Christmas, & I have this uncontrollable urge to watch them all the time. Also, around this time is when ABC decided to fork over screeners for the first two episodes of season 5 to critics & bloggers, which meant I would spend the next week scouring every media platform I could find that would let go of a tiny piece of the puzzle. All of which means I am suddenly completely immersed in Lost & I CAN’T STAND IT!

And now, it’s finally here & I’ve blocked off my Wednesday for this & OMG can this possibly live up to expectations? The great thing is: I think it can. I mean, this isn’t just any TV show. This is Lost.

PS: My top 3 most fascinating upcoming plot developments gleaned from the previews & media reviews (WARNING: May contain minor spoilers): (more…)