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Live-Blogging Lost Season 5 Finale The Incident, Parts 1 and 2 May 14, 2009

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8:59 – Previously on Lost, the season happened. Hopefully, you watched the clips show. It wasn’t that bad this time. Eloise Hawking killed her only son, but before he died, Daniel managed to convince Jack that if he blows up Jughead, he can prevent the Hatch from being built, which mean preventing the eventual downing of Oceanic flight 815 & essentially erasing the entire course of action of the show. Jack has convinced a guilty Eloise to help him do it. Kate thinks he’s crazy, so she goes off to crash Sawyer & Juliet’s party on the sub, because ruining lives is what Kate does best. Meanwhile, in 2007 (which, my bad, I’ve been referring to as 2008 all this time), Frank Lapidus is being held prisoner by Ilana, who wants to know what lies at the base of the statue. Also, Sun, Ben & Locke, also in 2007, have hooked up with the Others & Locke is secretly planning to kill Jacob. And that brings us to tonight.

9:00 – I’ve decided my brain is going to hate me if I try to really live-blog this thing, so I’m not going to do as much recapping tonight. It will be more commentary, which means probably two hours of me going OMG!! WTF?!?! The Fringe finale demonstrated the art of the reveal, as only the Bad Robot team can do it, last night, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

9:01 – We open on some dude weaving cloth. Like on a loom & everything, wow. PS: This dude is played by Rita’s abusive ex-husband on Dexter, so I already kind of hate him. Okay, there’s a ship sailing in the distance…Black Rock, is that you? Man, when are we?? Another guy comes up to Rita’s abusive ex-husband, whose name I don’t catch. Who are these people? Second guy is mad about the ship & blames first guy. He really wants to kill first guy, but can’t. One day, he’ll find a loophole though. HOLY CRAP! It’s the statue!! No way or telling if it’s got four toes, but it’s definitely Egyptian & holding two ankhs. (EDIT: It’s been identified as Taweret.)

9:05 – Seriously, they need to give us some indication of time period. Who are these kids? Wait a sec, dark-haired girl with curly hair? Troublesome mean look? It’s Kate. Or lil’ Katie as it were. (Not a good sign, immediate groan for a Kate flashback.) Her shoplifted item is paid for by Rita’s abusive ex-husband, whose name I really wish I knew. As Eloise Hawking would say, who ARE you??

9:07 – In 1977, thank God we have a familiar setting. It’s the sub of great awkwardness. (more…)


Live-Blogging Lost 5.15 Follow the Leader May 7, 2009

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8:59 – Previously on Lost, Mrs Hawking, one half parent, with Charles Widmore, of one Daniel Faraday, turned out to have spent her entire adult life raising and carefully manipulating a son she knew would one day be killed by her younger self. That’s cold, even for Lost’s parental issues standard. Before said time-traveling, mind-scrambling physicist Faraday walked into Others camp in 1977 to be shot by his own mother, he laid out the blueprints for Dharma janitor/dormant leader Jack Shephard for how to prevent the downing of Oceanic 815 & essentially erase the entire course of events of the TV series Lost. How? By blowing up a hydrogen bomb named Jughead. The same Jughead buried by Others advisor Richard Alpert. Also? Some of the cast was in the present (2008), but really, we haven’t thought about them in several weeks.

9:00 – We open at the last scene of “The Variable,” with Daniel stupidly brandishing a gun at Richard Alpert. Only this time, we see Jack & Kate in the brush, discussing what to do. Then, there’s that horrible shot & Daniel goes down. In the jungle, Jack springs up to go for the camp, but Kate holds him back. Just as they turn to run away, young Charles Widmore comes out swinging guns & knocks Jack down. He bloodies him up a good deal & perhaps Jack & Kate & Dan should have thought about ditching the Dharma unis, is all I’m saying.

9:02 – Meanwhile, Eloise Hawking, the one that just shot her own son, frantically flips through Daniel’s battered journal. She finds the inscription that her future self wrote him, recognizes her own handwriting & stares at the still, very very dead-looking body at her feet. Just then, young Widmore enters the camp with Jack & Kate in tow. Eloise asks if they came here with the dead dude, they say yes. Eloise says to put them in her tent. Charles asks her why the hell the Dharma Initiative is all declaring war & whatnot. Yeah, that’d be a shock to Horace too. Eloise exasperatedly notes that these folks clearly aren’t Dharma. How is Charles supposed to know that? Widmore thinks the same thing & asks where they’re from. Eloise does not pull a Daniel & say the future. Probably too soon, wait for the third date, honey.


Live-Blogging Lost 5.14 The Variable April 30, 2009

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8:59 – Previously on Lost, there was a lame clips show. Seriously, ABC, I expect better of you. Also, Daniel Faraday was unaccounted for for like half the season, then showed up in Dharma-time in a sub full of scientists from Dharma home base Ann Arbor. Dan sent Des to his mother and after he did that, Ben shot Des on the port before failing to kill Penny. And Des totally got right back up & pummeled Ben in the ocean! Awesome! PS: Happy 100th episode, Lost.

9:01 – We open in the hospital where Desmond is being wheeled off with a gunshot wound. Aw man, I thought with the pummeling & all, he was okay, like Ben missed or something. Penny is frantic. Me, too, Pen, don’t die, Des! Penny’s with lil’ Charlie. In the waiting room, she is approached by Mrs Hawking. Hi Mama Faraday! Mrs Hawking asks after Charlie, noting that he looks like his father. Penny realizes this isn’t some random woman & gets up. Mrs Hawking says she thinks it’s her son’s (meaning Dan’s) fault that Penny’s husband got shot. (Um, PS: Did we know that Penny & Desmond got married?? I don’t think we did! Whoa!) Penny is appalled this is the mother of Ben, but it’s not. It’s unclear whether Penny realizes who Mrs Hawking means when she says her son is Daniel Faraday.

9:02 – Flashback noise…it’s back in 1977. We pick up in the last scene of “Some Like it Hoth.” Miles takes the suitcase Dan hands him & is shocked to see Dan come out of the sub. He asks WTF Dan is doing back here, he thought he just went back to the mainland & got rich inventing the DVD or something. Heh. Dan shows Miles the picture of the 1977 recruits, with Hurley, Kate & Jack. He says that’s why he’s back. (more…)

Notes from Lost 5.3 Jughead February 5, 2009

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Okay, so I’ve been trying to decide how I want to handle covering Lost this season. Due to my severe lack of DVR, I doubt I can do live-blogs every week. But I’m going to try a couple of different formats & settle on something. I know this is late, but here are some notes from last week’s episode, Jughead.

Lost season 5 episode 3 Jughead

  • Okay. Daniel declaring his love for Charlotte? I loved every second of it. It came out of nowhere, it was just the right amount of earnestness and, even as the awkwardness took over again when it was all over, I liked how, in the moment he said it, he was completely confident that he was speaking the truth.
  • Pretty much, I loved every line out of Miles’ mouth tonight. He was like on a roll. “A hydrogen bomb? Seriously??”
  • The Oceanic 6 did not once even cross my mind this episode. Frankly, I was a little bored by them in the premiere too. Hopefully they wrap this up quick & get them back to the Island sooner rather than later.
  • Locke meets Young Widmore on the Island! Widmore was secretly sponsoring Daniel’s research for years! Daniel somehow screwed over a girl named Theresa! Daniel & Ellie are connected somehow! Man, I just don’t even know what’s going on right now. It’s like they want us to start suspecting that Daniel is actually bad or at least he did something horrible in the past. But since I like Daniel so much, I don’t even want to know. Though I’m glad, since we will eventually find out, that we’ll do it through Desmond’s eyes.
  • So. Um. Is there a bomb called “Jughead” buried somewhere on the Island? Probably somebody should find that out.
  • I love that Desmond & Penny’s kid is named Charlie. Aw.
  • That Richard Alpert. This might be the first time we’ve seen him where he didn’t know more than the other person in the scene. Looking as youthful and as eye-lined as we remember him. Thought it was interesting he’s actually the leader during this time period. Also, when did Young Widmore leave the Island?
  • Finally, Charlotte’s in serious trouble now. You’re running out of time, Dan. And he knows it too, from that final close-up, Daniel’s face, devastated, lost (no pun intended), panicked. I really hope she doesn’t die (this version of her or otherwise), although I would understand why they would make her.
  • Overall, I don’t know why, but I didn’t love this episode as a whole. I loved a lot of little moments in it. There’s just something about this season that I haven’t settled with yet. And I really wish I had all the episodes to just blow through back-to-back.