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Live-Blogging Fringe Season 1 Finale There’s More Than One of Everything May 13, 2009

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8:59 – There once was an FBI agent named Olivia. Olivia’s boyfriend got himself all translucent & dying, so Olivia wanted her boss, Matthew Abaddon from Lost, to get her in to see a mad scientist named Walter who she thought could help. The only problem was, Walter was in a mental institution for like twenty years & the only was to see him was to find his son, Pacey. Oh wait, no, it’s Peter. Peter is really, really smart, but also has the added advantage of being sarcastic & also having questionable morals. So, Peter, Walter and Olivia all went back to Walter’s old lab at Harvard, where he used to conduct extremely shady experiments involving, but not limited to, walking through walls, talking to dead people and fusing animals together until they ate you. Together, they formed Fringe Division & investigated crazy, freaky stuff that happened to all seem to happen in and around Boston. There was also this creepy bald guy named The Observer who always shows up near where the freaky stuff is happening, and a terrorist named David Robert Jones, who really enjoys messing with Olivia’s head. Finally, there was an ominously named corporation called Massive Dynamic, whose CEO, a man we’ve never met, William Bell, used to work with Walter on his crazy experiments and who may or may not have started a pseudo terrorist cell called ZFT that has something to do with alternate dimensions & that once upon a time, probably gave our heroine Olivia a mind-messing drug called Cortexiphan. Which brings us to last week.

9:00 – Previously on Fringe, Olivia’s Cortexiphan mind has her shifting between dimensions. Agent Harris got all spontaneously combusted. Olivia realized that Walter knew about the Cortexiphan trials on her. The Observer showed up to the lab to collect Walter, who went willingly. And Nina Sharp was tranquilized or shot by some shady guys in black.

9:01 – Come on, obviously we haven’t started yet. This is Fox we’re talking about. Lambert’s still signing. The screaming makes my ears hurt, so I have to mute. So, how about that NCIS ending, right? Awesome. Thank God they killed that dude, he was really annoying me. Speaking of people who annoy me, Seacrest is on the stage. Maybe this means it’s over? Nope, still talking. Here we go…



Notes from Fringe 1.19 The Road Not Taken May 6, 2009

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Sorry for the late post, Cinco de Mayo totally delayed my viewing. Overall, I thought it was a solid episode. It took a while to get going. The actual mystery-of-the-week wasn’t compelling at all. But the final five minutes really made up for it, right? Everything’s hitting the fan & the finale looks AMAZING.

What I really liked about this episode was the Walter/Peter dynamic, which has been inconsistent this season. There were a bunch of episodes midway through the year that had this lovely underlying tone to their relationship, but then it got all tense & bickering again recently, which makes it feel like regression. So I was pleased to see the genuine affection come back this episode. After all he’s seen, Peter has to feel something for this man, he has to know that Walter is trying to do something good here. So I like that it feels like that clicked into place here.

Of course, things tend to do that, right before it all falls apart.

  • If I were that bus driver, I would totally not be letting that clearly sick crazy person on the bus. Okay, I’m going to go ahead and say? Not their best CGI work with the spontaneous combustion. Sorry, cold open, you’ve set your bar too high. I give it a 4.5 on the creepy scale.
  • PS: Congrats to the entire Fringe team on their early season 2 pick-up! Well deserved! I think it’s been one of the real great things about this TV season, watching Fringe develop & really embrace its potential. There’s still so many places it could go & I can’t wait.
  • Okay, like last week, the aftermath of the cold open is far worse than the actual moment. Fine, Fringe, I’ll give you another half point to an even 5. But that’s it!
  • “Who you gonna call?” Ha! It’s really just awesome because Walter says it.

Notes from Fringe 1.18 Midnight April 29, 2009

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Um, first of all, I kind of loved the NCIS spin-off backdoor pilot tonight, I just thought I’d mention that. As successful as NCIS has been this year, I’ve actually thought it’s been kind of slow-moving…there’s been no week-to-week investment. It’s a true procedural, built on & dependent on the likability of its characters. But at some point, you actually have to go somewhere with these folks. It’s about time for things to pick up. Anyway, back to Fringe, I thought it was a solid episode with a nice mix of monster-of-the-week & ZFT mythology mojo. Maybe not as sharp or significant as “Bad Dreams,” but there were some really killer moments.

  • You know Fringe is approaching X-Files-level creep factor when the idea of a serial killer is totally not scary at all. Of course, then they got me with the gross torn open neck. Ew! Okay fine, cold open, you get an extra half point on my scale, but for Fringe, that’s still pretty tame. I give it a 6.5.
  • This Two-Singles-Together couple is creepier than the cold open spine vamp.
  • Well, Rachel. What did you expect? I didn’t even remember you HAD an ex-husband. Also, heh, I was typing that while watching & totally typed “vampire” instead of “ex-husband.”
  • “You know what this reminds me of, Peter?” “No, but I can guess that it’s something unbelievably disgustin—” “Shrimp cocktail!” HA! And ICK!
  • “When you finally meet a nice girl, I would avoid bringing her home as long as possible.” YAY! Astrid gets to snark this week! More Astrid! More Astrid!

Notes from Fringe 1.17 Bad Dreams April 22, 2009

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First of all, beautifully done episode, just the entire mood of it, it was just a dreamy, chilling hour of television. Yes, I thought the pace was a little slow, but I thought it made up for it in the creepy/disturbing factor. Also, I can’t believe it’s only been two episodes since “Ability,” I totally forgot that Walter might have written the ZFT Manifesto.

Some additional notes:

  • Cold open creepiness scale: 6.0. More like five minutes of total dread.
  • Interesting, the first “bumper” into commercials was the first I remember that did not have a glyph symbol. PS: Have you been translating the symbols now that someone cracked the glyph code?
  • What is Peter’s credential now, is he still considered Homeland Security? How come people just accept him without ID these days? Can I just go to random crime scenes & just start lurching around saying I’m FBI?

Live-Bloglet: Fringe 1.16 Unleashed April 15, 2009

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I haven’t gotten a chance to write about it much, but I am a huge fan of JJ Abrams’ newest series, Fringe (Tuesdays at 9pm ET on FOX). It’s looking good to pick up a second season, so I thought I’d try out doing a little live-bloglet of my thoughts during tonight’s Charlie Francis-heavy episode, Unleashed.

1.    “Monsters aren’t real, right?” Whatever, kid. Probably you’re already been all brain-scrambled by that computer program in The No-Brainer.

2.    The animal-activists-for-dinner cold open? I give it a solid 7.5 on the gross scale. It’s not jaw-falling-off-of-the-guy-in-the-pilot, but dude, sucks for that lab owner.

3.    Ear in the omelet! HA! And ick!


Five Winter Premieres I’m Most Desperately Looking Forward To: #2 Fringe January 9, 2009

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In anticipation of the end of the winter TV hiatus, I’m counting down the 5 Winter Premieres I Am Most Desperately Looking Forward To.

For a more complete list of winter premiere dates, see Kristen Dos Santos’ comprehensive list on E! Online.

#2 Fringe

Premieres Tuesday, January 20 @9pm on FOX

I didn’t really mind the first few episodes of the season as much as some critics, but I would agree it was like they were treading water for a while & then they pulled a Michael Phelps. Fringe, officially, has hit the high gear. A clearly evil new set of villains—Mr. Jones & Agent Loeb—have been introduced. The Observer is still lurking, there so approximately 3 million fans can go on message boards every week to say they saw him. Peter’s backstory has made an appearance. Olivia’s John Scott visions of doom stunningly have a plot purpose And Walter is still mostly crazy.

And so, with Olivia kidnapped & Mr. Jones free, I am so totally back in. You should be too.

Stay tuned for the rest of my winter season preview & drop me a comment to let me know what new & returning shows you’re looking forward to most.