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Live-Blogging Lost Season 5 Finale The Incident, Parts 1 and 2 May 14, 2009

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8:59 – Previously on Lost, the season happened. Hopefully, you watched the clips show. It wasn’t that bad this time. Eloise Hawking killed her only son, but before he died, Daniel managed to convince Jack that if he blows up Jughead, he can prevent the Hatch from being built, which mean preventing the eventual downing of Oceanic flight 815 & essentially erasing the entire course of action of the show. Jack has convinced a guilty Eloise to help him do it. Kate thinks he’s crazy, so she goes off to crash Sawyer & Juliet’s party on the sub, because ruining lives is what Kate does best. Meanwhile, in 2007 (which, my bad, I’ve been referring to as 2008 all this time), Frank Lapidus is being held prisoner by Ilana, who wants to know what lies at the base of the statue. Also, Sun, Ben & Locke, also in 2007, have hooked up with the Others & Locke is secretly planning to kill Jacob. And that brings us to tonight.

9:00 – I’ve decided my brain is going to hate me if I try to really live-blog this thing, so I’m not going to do as much recapping tonight. It will be more commentary, which means probably two hours of me going OMG!! WTF?!?! The Fringe finale demonstrated the art of the reveal, as only the Bad Robot team can do it, last night, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

9:01 – We open on some dude weaving cloth. Like on a loom & everything, wow. PS: This dude is played by Rita’s abusive ex-husband on Dexter, so I already kind of hate him. Okay, there’s a ship sailing in the distance…Black Rock, is that you? Man, when are we?? Another guy comes up to Rita’s abusive ex-husband, whose name I don’t catch. Who are these people? Second guy is mad about the ship & blames first guy. He really wants to kill first guy, but can’t. One day, he’ll find a loophole though. HOLY CRAP! It’s the statue!! No way or telling if it’s got four toes, but it’s definitely Egyptian & holding two ankhs. (EDIT: It’s been identified as Taweret.)

9:05 – Seriously, they need to give us some indication of time period. Who are these kids? Wait a sec, dark-haired girl with curly hair? Troublesome mean look? It’s Kate. Or lil’ Katie as it were. (Not a good sign, immediate groan for a Kate flashback.) Her shoplifted item is paid for by Rita’s abusive ex-husband, whose name I really wish I knew. As Eloise Hawking would say, who ARE you??

9:07 – In 1977, thank God we have a familiar setting. It’s the sub of great awkwardness. At least Juliet & Sawyer & Kate get drugs to get through this tension. But no, Kate’s got to give sarcastic, nonsensical speeches first. You could at least PRETEND to acknowledge that Juliet is sitting RIGHT THERE, Kate. But it’s all hydrogen bomb this & we-have-to-stop-him that. “You just don’t get it, Kate.” Yes! I mean, let’s be real, it’s not going to work that way, but Juliet & I appreciate the gesture, Sawyer.

9:09 – Jack’s plan is not so much underway, due to the fact that Daniel wasn’t able to spell every little detail out for him before he was SHOT & KILLED by his own mother. Only he kinda did. Wow, Dan, you were busy during those three years…I really want to get to watch some of that. And there’s the confirmation: Eloise is currently pregnant, most likely with Dan. Makes the scene where she kills him that much more unreal.

9:10 – Sayid lays out the timeline. They have two hours. Hey, that’s exactly how long this season finale is supposed to be! What a coincidence.

9:10 – Ooooooh, Dr Chang/Radzinsky showdown! Fantastic, Radzinsky is out of his freaking mind. Better hope Sayid & Jack can run fast.

9:11 – Thirty years later, the adventure theme plays as Locke & the Others stroll along the shoreline. Sun is looking particularly windblown & lovely today. And hey, she doesn’t know who Jacob is! Does Sun know ANYTHING about this Island? Read Lostpedia, Sun, it’s done wonders for me since this show is only on every nine months & I have the memory of a caterpillar.

9:12 – Oh, Richard, just spit it out. The staring is getting awkward. “I’m this way because of Jacob.” What kind of explanation is that? How about instead of dwelling on this whole Locke-was-dead-and-now-he’s-not “mystery,” which I feel like is fairly easily explained (the Island heals what ails you), let’s discuss in greater detail how Richard Alpert has been in every time period imaginable looking his same eyelined self.

9:13 – Oh, great, it’s Ilana. I really don’t like that chick. Maybe it’s just bias because she knocked out poor Frank, who is currently busy bleeding all over the canoe. You know who else I don’t like, this Bram dude. What IS Frank a candidate for? We know why Frank is important, but why does Ilana think he is? Also, weren’t there like a lot more people on that plane? Where is everyone? “So you smack all your friends in the head, shove them in a boat & kidnap them?” “Only the ones we like.” Heh. Okay, keep it up, Ilana & you’re make it back to the “meh” column with me. Also? What the hell is that giant silver trunk they’re carrying? OMG, they’re actually going to tell us?? Crazy! Oh wait, never mind, just kidding. We just get to see Frank’s appalled face while HE looks at it.

9:18 – Flashback, I’m assuming. At a church, a young boy attends a funeral. And Rita’s abusive ex-husband is there! This guy is everywhere! “I’m very sorry about your mother & father, James.” Oooh, it’s lil’ Sawyer! Aw. Hey, Rita’s abusive ex, who ARE you? “You’ve got to move on. They’re gone. There ain’t nothing you can do to change that. What’s done is done.” Who do you think you are, Daniel Faraday?

9:21 – In 1977, hey, Kate, will you stop with the judgmental crap? Sawyer is just processing the information! And also, he’s made a choice! He decided to leave & he’s leaving! Except not, because he didn’t make the choice, he & Juliet did! And she totally kick this random Dharma’s dude’s butt & UN-makes the choice. Whoa, a pissed-off Juliet is not someone you want to mess with. Hey, aren’t the Dharma guys on the surface going to notice that the sub resurfaced?

9:23 – Man, Sayid knows how to do, like, EVERYTHING. While he’s disassembling the bomb, Richard decides this is a good time to go play “let’s get to know my future leader Locke better” with Jack. “Yeah, I know him. And if I were you, I wouldn’t give up on him.”

9:25 – In 2007, Ben spills the beans about dead-Smokey-Alex threatening him & forcing him to do whatever Locke says. And Locke says he’s not killing Jacob…Ben is. …Touche, thinks Ben. Wrong move with the spilling of the beans.

9:29 – Flashback. It’s post-O6-return, Sayid & Nadia are being all cute on the streets. He is looking good. They’re in LA. As they go to cross the street, Rita’s abusive ex-husband (whose name on Dexter I just remembered is Paul, so I guess I’ll start calling him that until we get his name) stops Sayid for directions. And then Nadia gets hit by a car, which careens away. Nadia’s all bloody & barely alive. She asks Sayid to take her home, & dies. Aw. That just sucks. Seriously though, Paul, who ARE you??

9:30 – In 1977, Present-Sayid has managed to grab the core from Jughead. Richard leads them to a wall in the tunnels, which he sledgehammers through. They look around…it’s a Dharma house. Jack wants to go first, but Eloise is like, come on, give me a break. You’re not shooting anyone cause deep down in your little doctor heart, you will hesitate before killing someone in cold blood. Meanwhile, Eloise is like, I just shot my own son, like, three seconds ago. Richard’s like, she’s totally right, guys. But then he decks her with the butt of the gun. “I’m protecting our leader.” Huh. So, Eloise is the leader of the Others, NOT Charles Widmore?? Does he become leader before Ben & co. send him packing on the sub?

9:32 – Jack & Sayid are on their own in what turns out to be Horace’s house. Their plan to stroll out of there by walking around in their Dharma suits, as if everyone in Dharma isn’t supposed to already know each other, totally almost works until Roger recognizes Jack. Oh, this is totally Kate’s fault, way to cast suspicion on everyone. Oh crap! Gunfight! Gunfight involving Sayid with a nuclear bomb core strapped to his back! And Sayid takes one in the stomach! Gah! Hasn’t Jack shot like 35 rounds out of that little pistol?

9:35 – Oh hey, it’s the Dharma van with Miles, Jin & Hurley! Yay! “Get in!” Speaking of Terminator, don’t you want to add, “Come with me if you want to live”?

9:39 – Fake CGI sub submerging the second time isn’t any less fake than it was the first time, producers. So stop showing it! Except it’s a chance to show Juliet’s regretful expression as her dream sinks yet again.

9:40 – “Thank you.” Oh, Kate, don’t thank her yet. There’s still an opportunity to kill you, if all goes right. OMG, it’s Vincent! Yay! If there’s Vincent, that means…Rose & Bernard! “Oh no.” HA! I’ve missed you so, Rose. Bernard looks hilarious in his white beard/hair. “They found us.” “Son of a bitch.” HEE!

9:41 – “Should I pull over?” “Yeah! Let’s pull over & get shot!” I love the Hurley & Miles show. They should have a spin-off, the Hurley & Miles Bickering Hour, with special guest appearances by Dr Pierre Chang, Baby Miles & Daniel Dae Kim, as “Jin.” Speaking of which, “I think I found a way to get you back to your wife.”

9:42 – “I’m sorry y’all got left behind. Didn’t you hear me shout out, ‘Meet at the creek’?” “There were flaming arrows raining down, killing everyone we knew. Oh sure, we heard you.” LOL!! Okay, second spin-off, Rose & Bernard: Jungle Fever. Featuring Vincent the Dog. And OMG hilarious, Rose & Bernard totally KNEW Sawyer & Jin were in Dharma & looking for them. They didn’t join up…because they’re retired. I love you guys. That spin-off needs to happen, do you hear me, ABC?

9:42 – “Jack’s got a bomb.” “Who cares?” Oh, Rose knows what’s she’s talking about. “It’s always something with you people…we travelled back 30 years in the past & you’re still trying to find reasons to shoot each other.” The woman speaks the truth! “So we die. We just care about being together.” Aw. Sawyer/Juliet? Anything? DANG IT. He looks at Kate?? Are you freaking kidding me?? I hate you, James.

9:43 – In 2007, Frank is severely regretting knowing what’s in the box. There Bram goes with “we’re the good guys” talk. Can he be more specific? Oh dear God, they’re at Jacob’s cabin! There’s an opening in the ash! WTF is happening??!

9:45 – Flashback. Indeterminate time, unspecified place, unidentified woman in a hospital bed. Rita’s abusive ex-husband Paul is here to see her. He speaks…whatever language this is. They know each other. The woman is Ilana. What happened to her?? What does he need her help with?? Who ARE you??

9:46 – In 2007, Ilana, I do not think this who “being in Jacob’s cabin” thing is such a good idea. Oh wait, there’s a note. “He isn’t there. Hasn’t been for a long time. Someone else has been using it.” Christian? “Burn it!” “I’m no tree-hugger. But that’s a pretty good way to start a fire in this jungle, don’t you think?” Heh. I heart you, Frank. Marry me? What now? To the statue!

9:51 – Flashback. Indeterminate time. Rita’s abusive ex-husband Paul sits on a bench in front of a building reading. Behind him, something/someone drops out of the sky & flops on the ground unceremoniously. Without looking, Paul gets up & goes over to it…it’s Locke. All bloody & unconscious from getting thrown out an eighth floor window. People around are yelling for someone to call 911, but Paul just walks up, puts his hand on Locke’s shoulder & wakes him. “Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be alright.” Seriously now, who ARE you? Paul sincerely & significantly apologizes that this had to happen to Locke.

9:52 – In 2007, Locke lets the Others rest up in the ruins of the survivors’ old camp. Hmm. Heh. Ben is sitting right in front of the remains of the Hatch door. Locke reminisces about when he & Ben first met. It’s all very romantic. “You mind if I ask you a question?” “I’m a Pisces.” HEE! Ben admits that he was pretending to talk to Jacob in the empty chair. “Yes, I lied. That’s what I do.” Which means he may also be lying about following you, Locke. Anyway, now that Locke’s laid out the case like that, with Ben getting cancer, being tricked into watching her daughter get killed, getting forced off the Island, Ben & I are thinking that killing Jacob actually sounds pretty good right about now.

9:56 – Sun finds Aaron’s abandoned crib. And a ring with the letters “DS.” You know what that means. Flashback!

9:57 – In the flashback, Sun & Jin are getting married. They both look exceedingly attractive, like breathtakingly so. And actually happy as they exchange vows & rings. In the procession line, Rita’s abusive ex-husband Paul comes up. He knows Korean. Rather well, actually. Like Charlotte-level. “Never take it for granted.” Sun & I want to know who ARE you?? Jin just comments about his excellent Korean.

9:58 – In 1977, Jack & co. are speeding along in the Dharma van. Sayid is still all bleeding to death. Miles chooses now to clarify the current mission. Jack: “We’re not going back in time.” Miles: “Right, because that would be ridiculous!” HA! That’s right, don’t get the ridiculousness on your Dharma jumpsuits, guys. Sayid thinks he’s not going to make it (have FAITH, Sayid!) so he starts babbling about making modifications to the bomb. He thinks they need to be there at the moment of the Incident, or it’ll be for nothing. How does he know that?? Is it in Dan’s journal? Meanwhile, Hurley stops the van. Why? Cause Sawyer, Juliet & Kate are standing in the middle of the road, looking very ominous & pissed.

10:02 – In 2007, the Others stop behind Richard. We pan over & see that they’re right near the foot of the statue. “What does that have to do with Jacob?” “It’s where he lives.” TOUCHE!

10:04 – In 1977, Sawyer demands five minutes of Jack’s time, which he somehow grants WITHOUT saying anything about how Sayid is totally bleeding to death in the van. Way to go, DOCTOR. PS: There’s so much looking back & forth between the players of Island Love Quatrangle in this scene, I’m getting dizzy.

10:05 – Flashback. Jack’s in surgery & at the beginning stages of a meltdown. Christian is there to get him to calm down. Jack is pissed. It possibly works though. Outside the OR, Jack attempts to buy an Apollo bar from the vending machine. Heh. Christian comes out for Jack to throw down with. As Christian leaves, Rita’s abusive ex-husband Paul hands Jack his Apollo bar. The machine just needed a little push, he says. Sure. The machine. Also? Who ARE you??

10:07 – In 1977, Jack & Sawyer sit down for their chat. Is this really a good time for a life story? Ooooh, damn. Sawyer’s horrible childhood incident happened a year ago. In 1976. Sawyer could have stopped it, but what’s done is done. Jack breaks out the “it doesn’t have to be that way” speech & seriously? I’m with Sawyer, what’s more important than stopping Sawyer’s father from shooting his mother that Jack wants to change? What does Jack want? “I had her. I had her, & I lost her.” Are you being for serious here? You’re doing all this for Kate, REALLY. That’s fantastic. That’s just fantastic.

10:10 – “So there’s really nothing I can do to to change your mind.” Except beat you down! Whoa, this throwdown is freaking BRUTAL. But Juliet puts an end to it. “You’re the one who told me to come back here & stop it. What happened??” “I changed my mind.” No, actually Sawyer? You changed yours.

10:15 – Flashback. A young girl with pretty blond curly hair sits with another girl with straight dark hair sit in tears as their parents give the “we’re getting a divorce, but guys, we both totally still love you!” speech. The dark-haired girl is Rachel, which makes the blonde lil’ Juliet. Lil’ Juliet wonders how her parents could know they aren’t actually supposed to be together. Her mom says they just know & when she grows up, she’ll understand. Lil’ Juliet flees since that’s the most horrible thing to think, like, in the world, Mrs Juliet!

10:15 – Just realized. No Rita’s abusive ex-husband Paul in this flashback. Huh.

10:16 – In 1977, Sawyer chases after Juliet. “I got a right to know why you changed your mind.” Use your head, SAWYER. It’s because of you & Kate, it’s ALWAYS because of you & Kate, I HATE this. This is really heartbreaking here. Juliet thinks that they do love each other, but like her parents, maybe they aren’t meant to be together & never were. And Sawyer would stay with her forever even if that’s true. So if Jack can make it so they never came to the Island, so Juliet never meets Sawyer & never had this little life & never had to know what she lost, maybe they should just let him. “If I never meet you, then I never have to leave you.”

10:18 – At the Swan, Chang warns Radzinsky that they’ve hit the pocket. He tries to get Radzinsky to stop, but Radzinsky’s in full-on crazy mode now. Phil radios over & reports about the shootout & that one of the Hostiles that escaped has a bomb. How do they even know that? Radzinsky realizes they’re headed for the Swan. We pull back & see that Jack & crew have made it to outside the site. Jack is looking extremely bloody. Oh look, it’s Kate. Time for tender moments + awkwardness. Jack decides this would be a good time for exposition about Aaron. I don’t care, Jack. “Nothing in my life has ever felt so right.” Really, Jack. “Are you with me on this?” “Yes.”

10:25 – Flashback. OMG, it’s Hurley getting out of jail. He tries to confess to mass murder again, but the discharge officer seriously couldn’t care less. The “I’m being hunted down by crazy men” tactic doesn’t work either. This discharge officer is hilarious. Maybe he can be on the spin-off with Miles & Hurley. Anyway, predictably, Rita’s abusive ex-husband Paul is in Hurley’s cab when he gets outside. Oh dude, Paul’s got a guitar case. Paul makes the curious decision to reveal that he knows Hurley. Huh. His calm approach asking about why Hurley won’t go back kind of works though. And he turns Hurley’s “I talk to dead people” “curse” into a “blessing.” Smart one, that Paul. Who ARE you?? asks Hurley & I. Paul just tells the cabbie to stop & leans in to tell Hurley the flight information for Ajira 316. “It’s your choice, Hugo.” He gets out of the cab & leaves the guitar case with Hurley. Very cool.

10:29 – In 1977, Sayid is rapidly deteriorating. He has, however, managed to rig the bomb to explode on impact for Jack. “Sayid, this is going to work,” says Jack. “And it will save you.” “Nothing can save me,” says Sayid. Well, actually, if this all works like you’ve been saying, this will definitely save you. Don’t be silly. Jack straps on the bomb & nods goodbye at Kate. I don’t know about this, Jack. As he walks by Juliet & Sawyer, Sawyer somehow doesn’t stop him to say, “Wait, I’m going with you.” “See you in Los Angeles,” says the soon-to-be dead man.

10:31 – In 2007, Richard continues to try to dissuade Locke from seeing Jacob. Locke tells Ben to go & they follow Richard onto the rocks. Richard says Ben can’t come because only the leader can see Jacob, but Locke just says he thinks Richard is making up these rules as he goes. If Jacob has a problem with Ben being there, Locke’s sure they can work it out. Richard acquiesces, just tells Locke to tell Jacob he said hello. Heh. I just got this image of Richard & Jacob being old friends, like poker buddies who go to the clubs on weekends to pick up chicks. Hehehe…

10:33 – Locke & Ben discuss the whole thing where Ben’s supposed to kill Jacob. Ben takes the knife that Locke gives him. Locke stupidly turns his back on Ben & we see Ben walk forward to follow and/or stab Locke in the back. Dude. Why would you turn your back on him? Don’t you remember? He KILLED you!

10:38 – In 1977, back with rapidly dying Sayid & Team Dharmafraud. Miles comes over & calls Sawyer “LaFleur.” Sawyer scoffs that there is no LaFleur anymore. That’s kind of tragic in its own way. Miles puts out there the idea that Jack is actually going to CAUSE the Incident with bomb, not prevent it. Everyone looks around shiftily since, no, it hadn’t occurred to them. “I’m glad you all thought this through.” Heh.

10:39 – In the distance, they see Phil & co in a Dharma jeep, speeding along a path toward the Swan site. Jin realizes what’s going on & Kate says they’ll kill Jack if they see him. What did they think was going to happen with all the other 5 million folks wandering around the Swan? You really think PHIL is going to be the main problem here? Although…now that I think about it, this is going to give Sawyer a chance to follow through on a certain promise he made Phil last week… Oooh, please let this happen! Sawyer asks “Blondie” what she thinks. This makes Kate extremely uncomfortable since no one ever cares what Kate thinks. Blondie says, “Live together, die alone?” Everyone’s down with that.

10:39 – Phil & co arrive at the site, where things are clearly going nuts. There’s steam everywhere & the alarm is sounding. Radzinsky has Phil spread his men out even though Change keeps yelling about evacuating. Chang, YOU should get the hell away from here. Anyway, Jack sneaks into camp & is immediately seen by Phil. Let the shooting around an unstable work site begin!

10:40 – Jack & Phil are duking it out when the van arrives & everyone but Kate pours out, hides behind stuff & shoots away. Kate stays in the van & acts like a freaking sniper because of how awesome she is, only not. By the way, it makes me extremely nervous that Juliet is still walking around in that red shirt. It might as well be a “KILL ME, MY CHARACTER WILL NEVER BE HAPPY” sign. Sawyer sneaks up on Phil & grabs him. Using him as a hostage, he gets everyone to drop their weapons. I didn’t know Phil’s life was that important! The survivor gang comes out behind where they were hiding & holds guns to everyone. Dr Chang has gotten a gun at this point & points it at Radzinsky. Nice! Shoot him, Chang!

10:41 – Chang can’t stop the drill thing because they’ve hit the pocket. Everyone just nods at Jack to drop the bomb. Jack looks at Kate. Sawyer looks at Juliet. Juliet looks back at him & they come to a moment of understanding. She smiles. Then Jack drops the bomb. GAH. But wait, it’s only the 40 minute mark!

10:43 – The bomb falls & Jack, Kate, Juliet & Sawyer all get looks of dread on their faces as they brace themselves…for NOTHING! Nothing happens! Sawyer, pissed, murmurs that this doesn’t look like LAX to him. Hilariously, Jack looks down the hole to make sure the bomb actually fell. There’s a whirling noise that’s getting louder. The structure starts to shake. Metal objects start flying in toward the hole. Something flies at Chang & traps his hand. Miles yells “Dad!” & runs to help him. Aw. A toolbox flies & hits Jack in the head, knocking him out. Kate goes to help him. Miles frees Chang & tells him to get as far away from here as possible. Well, now we know what happened to his arm. Meanwhile, Radzinsky & the gang are trying to get in the jeep to escape, but of course the jeep is metal, STUPID, so they don’t get far. Heh.

10:44 – Sawyer grabs a gun just as it’s skidding away toward the hole. Phil yells at him to get his attention & kill him, but before he has the chance, a bunch of metal poles come flying at him & he’s impaled by one. It’s not as satisfying as it would have been had Sawyer caused his death, but I’ll take it. Meanwhile some chains near Juliet are being pulled down the hole & they wrap around her & drag her along. Kate rushes to help her, but she can barely hang on. Sawyer watches in horror as she’s loses her grip, but he manages to grab her hand.

10:45 – Now Juliet’s only hanging on by Sawyer’s hand & the chains are dragging her down. Around Sawyer, metal screeches, almost to collapse in. He yells at Kate to help, but she’s amazingly useless. The metal continues to screech as Juliet cries in pain as she tries to hang on. “I’ve got you!” yells Sawyer, but does he? Juliet’s screaming in terror, but then she realizes that the metal around Sawyer is weakening & she gets a look in her eyes. Sawyer sees it. “Don’t leave me! Don’t you leave me!” “It’s okay. I love you,” she says. “No, you don’t. Don’t let go!” “I love you, James. I love you so much!” “No!” And she lets go & disappears in the darkness, leaving James alone.

10:46 – OMG I am SO ANGRY THEY KILLED JULIET! It was wonderfully done by both Elizabeth Mitchell & Josh Holloway, really gut-wrenching horrible & it’s really something, actually. Can you believe that we never saw how their relationship developed? We only saw a few moments & a lot of them were ruined by Kate. Yet I’m as invested in this relationship as anything we’ve seen on this show. Well, okay, I guess we know how Elizabeth Mitchell could possibly star in “V” now. I hope, at least, that we’ll get to see some of those three years at some point. Don’t they owe Juliet that, as a character?

10:50 – In 2007, Sun sits in the darkness, waiting. Richard joins her & she asks him for alcohol. Heh. Just then, Ilana’s group shows up. The Others draw weapons, but Ilana says it’s okay. Her group assumes a defensive, but non-threatening stature. She asks to speak to Ricardo. Richard steps forward. She asks, “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” After all this, we can’t even find out since it’s in another language. Ilana’s relieved & tells Bram & co. to show him the box. Frank looks solemn as they unlock it. The men tip it over & out falls a body…Richard asks where they found him. Ilana says in the cargo area of the plane…in a coffin. The body…is John Locke. WHAT?!!?! Everyone looks extremely confused & Sun asks with dread, if this is Locke…then who is in there?

10:52 – Now with Ben & “Locke.” Since I just saw the Fringe finale, let’s call this Locke 2. Inside the statue is a temple where torches are already lit. Locke 2 & Ben walk around, looking at stuff. They find the tapestry from earlier. “You like it?” says someone. They turn to look & it’s…HOLY CRAP. It’s Rita’s abusive ex-husband Paul!!! JACOB!!! Jacob looks at Locke 2 & notes that he’s found his loophole. Oh, dear God, it’s the guy from the beginning of the episode. Who ARE you? Locke 2 says he has indeed found the loophole & Jacob has no idea what he went through to get here. Ben is confused, but Locke 2 just says to do what he asked. Jacob looks over at Ben & says he has a choice. Do what he asked, or leave. Let him & Locke 2 work out their issues. Ben, quietly, finally says, “Ooooh, so now you acknowledge me.” Ben is pissed. He’s pissed for all the reasons Locke 2 said before. He did everything that Jacob asked but when he asked to see him, nothing. Then Locke 2 asks & he’s marched up here like the messiah. What was so wrong with HIM?? What about HIM?? Ben’s really close to Jacob now, so close that he reaches out & stabs him with the knife. Twice to the heart! That’s the way to do it! Jacob, bloody & gasping for air, rasps at Locke 2… “They’re coming.” Locke 2 looks up, then gives Jacob a kick & knocks him into the fire. Jacob burns as Ben & Locke 2 watch in horror. Unbelievable.

10:57 – Back with the 1977 group, Jack wakes up from his nap & hears Kate screaming that Sawyer needs to get out of there. Sawyer, in his grief, is just allowing himself to get piled up with metal stuff trying to go down the hole. Jack helps Kate pull him away & a whole ton of stuff flies down & we follow it as it lands…on Juliet. Who is looking peaceful right up until she WAKES UP! OMG!! She’s alive. Not for long, it looks like though. She’s trapped & blood is leaking from her mouth. She cries in anguish, but looks around & sees…Jughead’s core. Undetonated. It seems Sayid is loosing his touch, what with the dying & all. With her dying gasps, Juliet grabs a rock & hits Jughead over & over, crying & crying, begging it to work until—WHITENESS. The Lost closing logo over it. Thud.

11:00 – OMFG. I can’t even believe that just happened. Seriously, HUGE props to Lindeloff & Cuse & the entire Bad Robot team, that was a BRILLIANT finale. Two great finales on back-to-back nights, I feel so spoiled. I don’t even know what to do with myself now. 2010?!?! I’m NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT!!

EDIT: What lies in the shadow of the statue? “That which will save us all.” Think about that.

EDIT2: Addressing the second comment below, yes, I heard Jacob’s name on the second viewing, so thanks for pointing that out. I would like to point out that, again, this is a LIVE blog, which means that I constantly miss things while doing the write-up, sometimes really important things like this, & I don’t deny it. I don’t really think there’s a need to say things like “if I was paying attention,” since I did just blog like 10 pages for this episode, so clearly, I was paying attention. If it bothers you so much that I missed that bit of dialogue, feel free to not read my blog. I promise, I won’t hold it against you. To be honest, completely on accident, it was more fun for me to do the whole thing referring to him as Rita’s abusive ex-husband Paul & then realize at the end that Paul was Jacob. Confession: usually I read a lot of spoilers, but I wasn’t spoiled for that & I loved getting that reveal.



1. Steve Hall - May 14, 2009

Hard as it will be, you just know 2010 will be here before we all know it and when Lost debuts it’s final scene, we;ll be like, “OK, that wasn’t that long” Just go with me on this…I’m trying to make you feel better:)

And, yea, the finale did rock. I need to watch it again!

And that last scene? Whe knew Lost was capable of inducing gut-wrenching emotion like that???! Usually it’s frustration.

Amy Yen - May 14, 2009

I maintain the only way to survive the Lost hiatus is just try to forget about the show for about 8 months. This must be why they wait until Christmas to release the DVDs! Why can’t it be January already??

How great was Michael Emerson? When he was talking to Jacob, it almost made me believe that Jacob would really be THAT easy to kill. Same thing with Juliet & Sawyer, just take my heart out & stomp on it already. The only thing I didn’t like was Jack’s ridiculous motivation (You’re blowing up a bomb for Kate? Really? Like Sawyer said, if you want her, she’s RIGHT THERE, you idiot, is the bomb really necessary??) & kind of how the Juliet/Sawyer/Kate thing has to play to get to that scene where Juliet lets him go. I think I’m going to choose to think she realized then that he did love her the way she wanted him to.

Just unbelievable. My only thing now is, if they don’t start next season landing at LAX, where else can they go from here? I have NO IDEA what next season’s going to be about! CAN’T WAIT!

2. phil - May 15, 2009

If you had paid attention from the beginning you would have know it was Jacob from around 2. minutes into the episode.

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