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Live-Blogging Fringe Season 1 Finale There’s More Than One of Everything May 13, 2009

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8:59 – There once was an FBI agent named Olivia. Olivia’s boyfriend got himself all translucent & dying, so Olivia wanted her boss, Matthew Abaddon from Lost, to get her in to see a mad scientist named Walter who she thought could help. The only problem was, Walter was in a mental institution for like twenty years & the only was to see him was to find his son, Pacey. Oh wait, no, it’s Peter. Peter is really, really smart, but also has the added advantage of being sarcastic & also having questionable morals. So, Peter, Walter and Olivia all went back to Walter’s old lab at Harvard, where he used to conduct extremely shady experiments involving, but not limited to, walking through walls, talking to dead people and fusing animals together until they ate you. Together, they formed Fringe Division & investigated crazy, freaky stuff that happened to all seem to happen in and around Boston. There was also this creepy bald guy named The Observer who always shows up near where the freaky stuff is happening, and a terrorist named David Robert Jones, who really enjoys messing with Olivia’s head. Finally, there was an ominously named corporation called Massive Dynamic, whose CEO, a man we’ve never met, William Bell, used to work with Walter on his crazy experiments and who may or may not have started a pseudo terrorist cell called ZFT that has something to do with alternate dimensions & that once upon a time, probably gave our heroine Olivia a mind-messing drug called Cortexiphan. Which brings us to last week.

9:00 – Previously on Fringe, Olivia’s Cortexiphan mind has her shifting between dimensions. Agent Harris got all spontaneously combusted. Olivia realized that Walter knew about the Cortexiphan trials on her. The Observer showed up to the lab to collect Walter, who went willingly. And Nina Sharp was tranquilized or shot by some shady guys in black.

9:01 – Come on, obviously we haven’t started yet. This is Fox we’re talking about. Lambert’s still signing. The screaming makes my ears hurt, so I have to mute. So, how about that NCIS ending, right? Awesome. Thank God they killed that dude, he was really annoying me. Speaking of people who annoy me, Seacrest is on the stage. Maybe this means it’s over? Nope, still talking. Here we go…

9:04 – We open in New York. No previouslys. So it’s a good thing I made them up just now, right? What is Fringe thinking? It’s the season finale! You gotta have previouslys. Anyway, we’re at a hospital & someone’s being wheeled in with a GSW. That’s a gunshot wound for those of you who haven’t seen a medical drama in your lives. Someone points out to the doctor that the GSW isn’t the only thing to worry about…the patient is Nina Sharp & she’s got a bunch of wires wrapped around her abdomen.

9:05 – At the Federal Building, Broyles & Olivia are catching up on the case. Broyles says the security guard at Nina Sharp’s building was killed. Charlie waves them over to see some security footage. They watch as some men come in with their faces covered. They shoot the security guard & drag him away. One of the men replaces him at the desk & he’s the one that Nina said good evening to at the end of the last episode. We see her go in the elevator & get shot when she reaches her floor. The men swarm around her & pull out some equipment, but we can’t see what’s going on. Then the tape goes blank for four minutes & the next thing we see is the men leaving. All of the men have black ski masks on except for one, who has his face covered with what looks like a white scarf. Conveniently he’s also wearing a hat, so Charlie can point him out. Olivia has the tech enhance the audio. Wait, there’s audio for this security camera? That’s impressive. The tech runs the voice over & over & as it gets clearer (saying something about taking out the camera), we realize the man has an accent. The tech runs the voice through their recognition program & it comes up with David Robert Jones. Yay! It’s always fun when he’s around.

9:07 – Olivia & Broyles pedeconference & Olivia wonders why Jones had the different covering for his face. Well, clearly, to designate for the viewer that he’s the important one here, Liv. Duh. Olivia notes that their intel all suggests that Jones is working for William Bell, so why would he shoot Massive Dynamic’s number two? Broyles doesn’t know. Olivia demands that they bring Bell in for questioning right now. Broyles keeps trying to interrupt her, but she keeps cutting him off. Predictably, he actually agrees with her & is bemused, yet annoyed that she just kept bulldozing. Heh. I love you Broyles, why aren’t you on this show more? Olivia smiles a little. Broyles’ phone rings. Apparently Nina Sharp is out of surgery.

9:08 – We get our first glimpse of the Fringe team with Peter walking around the lab. He looks confused. He runs into Astrid, who is working, as usual. He asks where Walter is. Peter thought Walter was at the lab all night. Astrid thought he went home with Peter. They both start looking concerned. Hold up, Peter is now allowing his father to go home on his own? Does he drive? Take the T? That seems like not a very good idea. Anyway, Olivia comes in, asking for Walter. Astrid goes to check the cafeteria. Peter gets on the phone & notes the Olivia looks “terrible.” Does she ever really look terrible, Peter? I mean, look at that hair. It’s so sleek & shiny. Meanwhile, I have some hair that literally refuses to stay in a ponytail.

9:09 – Peter is on the phone with building security. He asks them to check the marine biology lab. While he’s on hold, Olivia asks if maybe Walter was upset about what she said. Apparently Walter is calling it the “Assault in the Pastry Shop.” Peter already knows what Olivia did & tells her she just caught him off-guard. He says it kindly, but he’s clearly a little bothered by it. Maybe just puzzled. Anyway, Astrid had no luck & neither did the security guard. Peter turns to go back to the hotel to check & Olivia stops him to apologize for what she said to Walter. Peter pauses & tells her not to worry, he’s probably fine.

9:10 – Or, he’s walking around a cemetery with the Observer. Fine, sure. Walter approaches a grave. He looks (pardon the pun) grave. The Observer is standing nearby, observing.

9:10 – Meanwhile, at the hospital, Nina Sharp wakes up. She tests out her mechanical arm & is startled that Broyles is there. Broyles tells her about Jones & asks what they did with Nina’s arm. She starts getting concerned her…is that fear? Such a weird emotion to see on Nina Sharp. Nina asks for Olivia.

9:11 – The music starts getting tense as the men in the ski masks & Jones drive up in the streets. They get out & we see that Jones’ face is completely wrapped in bandages. He’s also wearing sunglasses. Back at the hospital, Olivia arrives, but specialists from Massive Dynamic are working on Nina.

9:12 – In the streets, Jones’ team sets up equipment. No one really pays them any mind, which isn’t odd because the equipment they’re setting up looks like construction. On the other hand, no one’s wearing construction gear & David Robert Jones is standing around with his face all bandaged up & wearing sunglasses in the dreary Boston day.

9:12 – Nina Sharp now has her arm in a sling & is up & about. She says that William Bell simply isn’t a terrorist. She explains that Jones did work for Massive Dynamic, but he was let go & didn’t take it well. She thinks that all that Jones did was a way of proving something to Bell, who he looked up to. Jones thought that he was special. Nina says that after Jones broke out of prison, he started calling MD asking for a meeting with Bell. Olivia is annoyed about MD talking with a known felon, but Nina knows that, clearly, they could have done something differently. Olivia wants Bell to go into protective custody. Nina doesn’t actually know where he is. However, she knows that Olivia really, really, REALLY wants to meet Bell, so if she stops Jones, Nina will personally set up a meeting. Man, is that all? Just stop that crazy terrorist guy? Now you have REAL motivation, Agent Dunham.

9:13 – Getting down to the heart of the matter, Olivia asks what Jones took from Nina in the elevator. Nina holds her arm protectively. She says that Jones took a powerful energy cell that Bell hid in her arm. Apparently he can do just about anything with that kind of energy. Well that’s just awesome.

9:15 – In the streets, we get a better look at Jones…his face is horribly disfigured. He’s loading the energy cell into some kind of device, which starts emitting a high-pitched noise at the passer-byers. A few of them start reacting to it, like it’s annoying. It changes pitches. One of Jones’ men says that they’re locked in & Jones changes frequencies. In the distance, we see…something opening. Looks like a vortex. In it, we see an eighteen-wheeler driving toward the opening. Jones’ man says they’re still separate, too far apart, they can’t keep the vortex thing open. The truck drives through the opening, but then it closes before it can get all the way through & the back wheels don’t make it. It collapses in the street & the truck veers into on-coming traffic. Jones watches as people freak out over the accident & the truck catches on fire. He tells his men that it’s “too thick” here & they have the wrong coordinates. He asks them to try again & takes off his sunglasses to show his scary face & scary eye for effect.

9:17 – Annnnd credits. I really love the Fringe credits, I don’t think I’ve ever said it. It’s just so appropriately curious. I see we’re coming in at Alias-level lateness in the episode. Also, forgot to give my cold open creepy ranking. I didn’t think it was that creepy at all. The least creepy in weeks actually. 5.0 even. I’m sure it’ll go up as the episode goes along.

9:18 – At a lovely beach on a lovely day. The Observer & Walter walk together. The Observer speaks, which always freaks me out. He holds out a coin to Walter & asks if he recognizes it. Walter does. The Observer says it’s like the one he’s thinking of, but it’s from a different place. He says, there is more than one of everything. Meaning…more than one Walter? More than one Observer? The Observer refrains, says he’s already said enough. He’s not supposed to get involved. He’s just supposed to take Walter to this house. It’s green & sitting a little ways away. The Observer asks if Walter remembers what he’s supposed to find. Walter doesn’t, but the Observer says he’s got to try to remember. There’s no very much time. Can this guy ever just spell something out for us?

9:20 – At Harvard, Astrid is mixing a green liquid. Broyles walks in & introduces her to Nina. She asks how Nina is doing, Nina says she’s fine. She wants to ask some questions about Walter. Has he been acting “strange” lately? Ha. Peter comes in, it’s clear he & Astrid have been hoping that Walter just got lost again. Nina tells Peter about what Jones took from her, says Walter may know something about it. Just then, Broyles gets a call & at the same time, Nina gets on her fancy new-age cell phone & orders a priority one grid search for Walter. Everyone looks every concerned.

9:21 – At the scene of the truck crash, Charlie & Olivia look at the truck, which is actually missing half. Charlie & Olivia ask the witnesses questions & get the following info: shimmering vortex, man with a machine that was making a noise, man had a mask, no wait, bandages. End of interrogation.

9:22 – Back at the lab, Broyles shows Peter a security image of Walter getting off a train three hours ago. Nina explains that MD maintains access to all the cameras they manufacture, which apparently include the ones on the T. Scary. When Peter finds out where the image came from, he solemnly says he thinks he knows what’s going on. Apparently the Bishops have a beach house near there. Peter says Walter’s had a tough couple of days & says he’d rather go get Walter himself. Aw.

9:23 – At the crime scene, someone gives Charlie info for the truck. He’s confused, none of the truck’s parts & numbers exist, meaning the truck was never made. The driver died on impact. He & Olivia stand around staring at the remains of the truck without revealing anything further. Yawn.

9:24 – Peter drives up to the beach house & gets out. He walks in to the place & calls for Walter. Inside, he finds an old photo in a frame of Walter & a young boy & someone else. Walter doesn’t answer his calls so Peter walks around the creepy house, just asking to be attacked by a serial killer or a lizardbat or something. But nothing happens except he finds Walter, sitting, staring into space.

9:25 – Walter tells Peter he’s got to find “it,” it might be in the house. He plays with the coin The Observer gave him. It’s really important, he tells Peter. Peter agrees to help, asks what he’s looking for. But Walter doesn’t remember. He just can’t remember.

9:26 – At the Federal Building, Olivia’s threatening Nina Sharp again. This crap hasn’t really worked, like, ever, has it, Olivia. She pulls the “tell me, or I’ll turn this world over looking for him” line, which is an odd line to begin with & I’m going to go ahead & choose to believe that Olivia already knew what Nina tells her next, which is why she said it instead of something that actually made sense. Nina says that William Bell isn’t in this world. Olivia looks either confused or vindicated, or both.

9:28 – In Providence, Rhode Island, David Robert Jones & crew get out of their van near a soccer game in a field.

9:28 – Back at the office, God knows why, Olivia is choosing this moment to explain the whole alternate reality concept to Charlie Francis. She follows up by asking if he understands & Charlie’s like, HELLS NO, WTF are you talking about??? Nina clarifies that William Bell IS on this planet, just in a different version of it. Eh? Olivia breaks out the déjà vu metaphor. Oh, suddenly she’s an expert? Charlie just stands there, baffled, while Broyles joins in the fun. Basically this conversation is to establish that Jones is using Nina’s energy cell is try to cross over to the other reality, in order to get to Bell. Broyles gets another call. So does Olivia. So does Charlie.

9:29 – Somehow none of the calls are from Peter, who is currently watching Walter freak out & rampage around the beach house, looking for something, but he doesn’t know what & he doesn’t know where to look & it’s kind of freaky & John Noble is kind of awesome in this scene. Walter flails into the other room & Peter follows. In the moment of stillness, Peter talks about how he remembers when they used to come out here. Peter loved the ocean. He used to stare at it for hours. It seemed like it went on forever. And on Saturdays, Peter always woke up before his alarm. He woke up to pancakes. Which meant that Walter was here. And lil’ Peter would stand there, watching his father making pancakes—whales! Walter exclaims that he used to make Peter pancakes in the shape of whales! He grasps his son’s shoulders because he remembers. He remembers where it is. Peter looks pleased, then confused as his father rushes off.

9:32 – At the soccer field, another crime scene’s being set up. Charlie is interviewing a kid who is clearly about to go into shock. The kid says they saw a wall of light, something simmering. Charlie walks away with Olivia as we see others being taken off the field. Charlie says that one of the kid’s friends touches the light & just collapsed. He asks how the hell something like this could happen. And they look down at a body, the top half of which is like sliced off! EW!! OMG!! UGH!! Charlie is disturbed enough to start going with the alternate worlds theory. He says that Jones is trying to create a portal, first in New York, now here. Olivia gets it, why these places? What do the have in common? The scene lingers on the sliced off body for another 400 years. GAH! Enough!!

9:34 – Back at the office, Olivia gets a report from an agent. She cuts him off though & asks him to start going through files of cases relating to unexplained science, technology, basically the entire purpose of Fringe Division. She wants to see all of them. Agents bring in loads of cases & Olivia digs through them & sticks tacks on a map. We see a few clusters. Around Boston, around Providence. Olivia realizes something & goes to Broyles. She says she found a connection. She says to call Nina Sharp.

9:35 – At the beach house, Peter helps Walter move some boxes out of the way. He wants to know what Walter is looking for, but Walter ignores him. He opens up a bench & inside finds a lock box. He’s delighted it’s still here, but falls silent at the sight of another coin on top of it. It looks just like the one The Observer gave him. Unfortunately, the lock box is locked. Peter doesn’t look too worried.

9:36 – At the office, Olivia explains to Nina what she found. Nina says MD has been tracking the same kind of data for years. Olivia plots it out for her…the two locations, Boston & Providence, but have sort of tentacles of other incidents coming out of them. But they are the center.

9:37 – At the beach house, Peter has succeeded in picking the lock in about 3 seconds. Walter opens the box & pulls out a device. It looks like a small telescope. Walter explains that when he & “Belly” were younger, they consumed, like, a LOT of LCD. Peter is shocked. Shocked! Walter says that they thought at those times, you know, the times when they were on LCD, that they could see into another world. One where things were slightly different, where people were slightly different. The problem was, they couldn’t prolong being able to see it. Walter says children can naturally see into that world longer. Peter fills in the holes about Cortexiphan. Walter says that they thought that, in time, subjects may be able to travel from this world to the other one. Peter is looking…skeptical. This is no time for skepticism!

9:38 – Walter comes over close to Peter. He says that around this time, he lost something very important to him. And he wanted very badly to go over to the other side & take what he’d lost. Peter is still all questions. How did he plan to do that? Just tear a hole & walk over? No, silly, says Walter. You have to find the right place. Of course you do.

9:39 – Nina says the same thing, it’s all about the right place. She says that Dr Bell believes there are places in our world, “soft spots,” whose the physical qualities have started to decay. In those places, the membrane betweens the realities is thinner. She cites the Bermuda Triangle as one. Heh. Nina says that until recently, these places were rare, but scientific progress has made them more common. Nina says that Jones is looking to aim a certain kind of energy at one of these spots & theoretically break through to the other side.

9:40 – Back with Peter & Walter, Walter explains that there are problems with breaking through to the other reality. For instance, crazy stuff from that side can come through to our world. Which could be bad. Walter says that just in case, he also built a plug, a patch, which is this thing he was looking for, to plug the hole if they need to. Peter gets that “Just so the viewing audience is clear, I’m about to repeat what you just said in plain English & in a skeptical, unbelieving voice” look in his eye. Then he asks if Walter knows where the hole is. Why yes he does, says Walter.

9:41 – Meanwhile, back at the farm, team Not-Including-Charlie is also looking for the next site. Olivia asks about the oldest incident. “Rebecca’s Meadow” is brought up. Olivia’s seen something though, another cluster of incidents pointing to one spot. Reiden Lake. Not as cool as Little Hill, but okay. Meanwhile, at Reiden Lake, Jones & his gang prepare to go to the other side.

9:43 – Walter & Peter drive to the other side of the lake. Did they bother to update Olivia about what’s going on? Cause that might be important, is all I’m saying. Walter has a sense of urgency, perhaps because he realizes there’s less than 15 minutes to this episode to wrap up the season. Yeah, Peter, drive quicker! Walter doesn’t actually know what might happen if they don’t get there “on time,” but he knows it’s bad. He said that “his friend” came & told him he had to come here. Peter realizes he means the Observer. He’s still kind of bitter about that time that he attacked Peter in the woods. Walter thinks he must have had a very good reason. Heh.

9:44 – Walter thinks they’re there & gets Peter to stop. He gets out the Patch & puts it in his pocket. There’s a pause. Walter tells Peter that he probably doesn’t remember this, but when he was young, he was very sick. To distract himself from his illness, he took to collecting coins. The silver one that he found on the box, that was Peter’s favorite. He gives it to Peter, who looks at it for a moment. He doesn’t remember. Just then, both of them are pulled from the car & I totally thought it was Jones’ men, but it’s just Olivia & the FBI. Olivia calls them off & asks what they’re doing there. Oh, just plugging a hole in the universe, what are YOU doing here, asks Walter. “Apparently the same thing.” Heh.

9:46 – Just then, there’s a light & Walter goes, “Oh no.” Dude, it’s never good when Walter says that. The FBI agents move in & see Jones’ crew, who are preparing the device. We see the first swirls of the portal being opened up, but one of Jones’ men spots an agent & shoots him. The agents start shooting & Jones tells the other guy operating the device to keep going. Meanwhile, other agents are trying to get Walter to stay where he is, but he has to go plug a hole in the universe. He tries to bust past Peter, but Peter says to give him the Patch, he’ll do it! Walter tells him how to use it. Meanwhile, Olivia has moved in on Jones & his other man. They don’t stop working though & the portal is opened. It kind of looks like a black & white movie, being played without a screen.

9:48 – Olivia shoots the other man, but Jones is advancing on the portal. Olivia yells at him to stop, but he does, so she shoots. He kind of falls over & his glasses come off, but he gets back up. Jones says that the teleportation is killing him, but bullets now go right through him. He goes toward the portal & Olivia starts to sprint after him & Peter is there suddenly, with the Patch. He turns it & aims at the portal, looks away as it emits a light beam, which seems to close the window. Jones was right there & basically is sliced in half vertically. It’s gross. The producers like really love this effect. He falls over. Olivia is stunned.

9:52 – At the Federal Building, Olivia packs away files. Broyles comes in & doesn’t really know what to say. He tells her Nina said thanks & is doing fine. Also, they’ve been ordered to stop looking into William Bell. The orders came from the top. Well maybe William Bell should stop turning up in the middle of every Fringe Division investigation & then they can properly ignore him. Seriously, can you imagine every episode in the second half of this season without William Bell?? What would they talk about every week? Broyles apologizes & Olivia just looks stunned.

9:53 – At the lab, Astrid comes in with Berry Boom for Walter, but he’s not there. There’s instead a note sitting on a table, propped up by a roll of Necco wafers. Now, Necco used to be a client of mine, they’re actually based out of the Boston area, so this is a cool little tie-in. Peter walks in & sees the note too. It has his name on the front. It says that Walter’s just stepping out for a bit, but tells Peter not to worry, he knows where he’s going. Aw. Peter notes to Astrid that this is the first time Walter’s ever left a note. Their little boy is growing up…

9:54 – Walter is at the cemetery again. He fingers Peter’s coin & places it on the gravestone he was looking at earlier. The camera pans & the music warps. The gravestone is Peter Bishop’s. 1978 – 1985. Oh my God.

9:55 – OMG, goosebumps, really. I had guessed this reveal, but it’s one that I find really disturbing. I am seriously freaked out by the idea of this. So that would make this Peter 7 when he died. And our Peter, the one who can’t remember his childhood illness, his coin collection, the Observer saving him, Walter got this Peter from the other side? So, how much of it is different than how real-Peter would have turned out? When did Walter get alterna-Peter? Was it also at the age of 7? Or was it later? How much of who Peter is, this brilliant, troubled, snarky, harsh, selfish, kind man, how much of it is because of who he really is & how much of it is because of what happened to him once he was brought over? Also? Is there a alterna-Walter out there, searching for what happened to his son? We could seriously talk about this for days.

9:55 – In her house, Olivia stares at her gun & badge. Her phone rings, it’s Nina. She tells Olivia she held up her end of the bargain (well, Peter & Walter did) so Nina is calling to hold up hers. She tells Liv where to go in Manhattan tomorrow & asks that she doesn’t tell anyone else about this & that she comes alone. This sounds suspiciously like a trap. Or a casual business meeting. One or the other.

9:55 – In New York, Olivia is lost in thought & almost gets in a car wreck. She waits impatiently, tensely at the restaurant at the hotel. Some time later, no one else is left at the restaurant. Olivia angrily calls Nina, but she’s “out of the country.” She looks around a little, feeling like a sucker. Then gets in the elevator to go downstairs. A man is in there with her, but he gets out at a different floor. As the elevator reaches the lower teens, there’s suddenly a bright blue light. It’s very Star Trek promo-esque.

9:57 – Olivia suddenly flashes back & forth, she’s in the same place, but suddenly she’s surrounded by people, then alone again. It’s weird & disturbing. There’s a high-pitched sound, different from the sound we’ve heard before when she’s shifted between the worlds. The elevator doors open & a woman dressed in black greets Olivia. The halls are very white, like Apple Store white. The woman shows Olivia into a room. It appears to be a normal office, the colors seem to be back to normal. There’s a newspaper on a desk with the headline “Obamas Move into New White House.” Hmm. There’re some other devices around, what looks like an oxygen tank & tube. What looks like a camera on a tripod.

9:58 – Just then, a man walks in. We don’t see his face. He’s in a suit. His face is still in darkness as he tells Olivia he’s been waiting a long time for this. So have we, Nimoy! Olivia asks where she is & who he is. The man says the answer to the first question is complicated. Then he steps into the light & there he is, Leonard Nimoy, smiling, introducing himself as William Bell.

9:59 – Something’s wrong. Olivia turns away from Bell, rather rudely. The music is ominous as we follow her view out the window. It pans out to New York & out & out & OMG! OMG!!! Olivia is in the twin towers. The World Trade Center. In another world.

10:00 – OH. MY. GOD! I am seriously just sitting here, freaking out right now. Okay, overall impressions. The episode itself, specifically the resolution of the David Robert Jones storyline (presumedly to write Jared Harris off to let him go off to Mad Men), was actually not as strong as I was hoping for. But the double reveals at the end, just like last week, were crazy. Like seriously, CHILLING. I am freaked the hell out right now. It really was a fabulous reveal because it’s an emotional one. It’s a “I can’t get the goosebumps to go away” reveal.

Basically, JJ Abrams & team? You guys have some guts. I’m in awe. I can’t wait until fall.



1. Fatima - May 21, 2009

nice breakdown … just watched the finale here in cape town, South Africa. I wasn’t sure about the twin towers, but when it zoomed out like that I googled it – since i am also working at the moment 😉 – and stumbled upon your site.

Amy Yen - May 21, 2009

I did the exact same thing, just to be sure b/c I really just couldn’t believe it. I thought it a great reveal & just a really good way to show just how different that other world could be.

Hey, thanks for the comment!


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