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Live-Blogging Lost 5.15 Follow the Leader May 7, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Lost, Mrs Hawking, one half parent, with Charles Widmore, of one Daniel Faraday, turned out to have spent her entire adult life raising and carefully manipulating a son she knew would one day be killed by her younger self. That’s cold, even for Lost’s parental issues standard. Before said time-traveling, mind-scrambling physicist Faraday walked into Others camp in 1977 to be shot by his own mother, he laid out the blueprints for Dharma janitor/dormant leader Jack Shephard for how to prevent the downing of Oceanic 815 & essentially erase the entire course of events of the TV series Lost. How? By blowing up a hydrogen bomb named Jughead. The same Jughead buried by Others advisor Richard Alpert. Also? Some of the cast was in the present (2008), but really, we haven’t thought about them in several weeks.

9:00 – We open at the last scene of “The Variable,” with Daniel stupidly brandishing a gun at Richard Alpert. Only this time, we see Jack & Kate in the brush, discussing what to do. Then, there’s that horrible shot & Daniel goes down. In the jungle, Jack springs up to go for the camp, but Kate holds him back. Just as they turn to run away, young Charles Widmore comes out swinging guns & knocks Jack down. He bloodies him up a good deal & perhaps Jack & Kate & Dan should have thought about ditching the Dharma unis, is all I’m saying.

9:02 – Meanwhile, Eloise Hawking, the one that just shot her own son, frantically flips through Daniel’s battered journal. She finds the inscription that her future self wrote him, recognizes her own handwriting & stares at the still, very very dead-looking body at her feet. Just then, young Widmore enters the camp with Jack & Kate in tow. Eloise asks if they came here with the dead dude, they say yes. Eloise says to put them in her tent. Charles asks her why the hell the Dharma Initiative is all declaring war & whatnot. Yeah, that’d be a shock to Horace too. Eloise exasperatedly notes that these folks clearly aren’t Dharma. How is Charles supposed to know that? Widmore thinks the same thing & asks where they’re from. Eloise does not pull a Daniel & say the future. Probably too soon, wait for the third date, honey.

9:03 – Thirty years later, says the title cards. Richard Alpert plays with a ship in a bottle. Literally. Richard’s in a tent, where a woman rushes in & says that “he’s” here. Richard goes outside & present-day John Locke, the one who was very recently dead, walks into camp carrying a boar. Richard notes that it’s been three years since they’ve seen Locke. Locke says he’ll explain what’s going on “on the way.” Richard says Locke seems different. Locke says it’s because he has a purpose now. Even Richard looks confused. Even more so when Richard looks up & sees Sun & Ben approaching. Locke notes that Ben helped him get back here. Surprisingly, nobody else in Others camp seems to be very surprised to see any of these random strangers & their old boss.

9:05 – Sun asks Ben who Locke is talking to. Seriously? She doesn’t know? It’s season 5, honey. If you haven’t run into Richard by now, you just haven’t moved the plot forward very much, have you. Ben says that Richard is a kind of advisor & has been for a very, very long time. Sun, you have no idea. Sun takes out her backpack & grabs the photo that Christian gave them of the 1977 Dharma recruits. She rushes up to Richard & asks if he was around back then, if he remembers any of them. Richard, very sadly, tells her that yes, in fact, he does. He remembers watching them all die. Touche, great plan, apparently, Dan.

9:07 – Floating title text of doom. No Star Trek zoom-out this time.

9:09 – Still in 2008, Sun stares at Jin’s wedding ring. Locke comes up & offers her some water, like that’s really gonna help. He says that he doesn’t believe they came here for nothing. Richard comes up & Locke asks if he still has the compass he gave him. Richard does. He pulls it out & Locke calls out for Ben. They spar a little back & forth a little & Ben agrees to come along. Before the terrific trio head off to Locke’s mystery adventure, Locke promises Sun that if there’s a way to bring her & Jin together again, he will find it. He certainly sounds confident. Then again, he did die & come back, I guess I’d be confident too.

9:11 – In 1977, Charles Widmore’s men manhandle Kate in Eloise’s tent. Jack objects & gets kicked for his trouble. They’re left alone with her hands bound. Kate notes that before they were caught, Jack said they need to put things back to how they’re supposed to be. Jack explains Faraday’s plan again, about the whole preventing the Oceanic crash thing. Kate points out that that would require present them to…what? Cease to exist? Revert back to a parallel timeline where they land in LA & go on with their lives? Jack says that all the misery they’ve been through would have never happened. Kate, fiercely, says that it was not all misery. Jack, sadly, says that enough of it was. They look at each other. Yeah, Kate, not all of us got to have crazy cage sex with Sawyer, seems to be what Jack is thinking.

9:13 – Eloise Hawking comes in & demands to know what the guy she shot wanted with the bomb. Jack & Kate remain silent. Jack tells her she wouldn’t believe him. Eloise kneels down & tells him about that time when she was 17 & took a young man out to see the bomb. The man told her that if they bury the bomb, everything would be hunky dory. He knows because he’s from the future. After he told her that, he disappeared right in front of her eyes. Eloise then says that ten minutes ago, she shot that very man. Before he died, he said he was her son. Eloise haltingly tells Jack that if he tells her, she’ll believe him. How did that man have a journal with her handwriting when she doesn’t remember writing it? Jack looks at the inscription in Daniel’s journal & tells Eloise it’s because she hasn’t written it yet. And won’t, for like another bunch of years.

9:14 – Jack, rather kindly, tells Eloise that what just happened, her killing her own son, that was an accident. That’s nice. Then Jack descends into crazy talk. He says that it doesn’t need to happen. Daniel, her son, came back because he found a way to make sure that it doesn’t. If they do what’s written in that journal, none of this will happen. Eloise, shakingly, asks Kate if Jack knows WTF he’s talking about. Kate says he thinks he does. Which isn’t much of an answer, but Eloise accepts it anyway, out of guilt or grief or just because she wants to accept it. She’ll take them to the bomb.

9:15 – There’s just one tiny problem with that plan though. They buried the bomb twenty years ago, just like Daniel said, but since then someone & I don’t wish to name names, but it rhymes with Sharma Deinitiative, decided to build a village right over it. Eloise thinks that it should be okay though, since apparently Kate & Jack & Dan have been pretending to be Dharma all this time. Jack scoffs. It’s really not that simple, what with the whole giving poor lil’ injured Ben over to the Others & having a massive shootout with crazy Radzinsky & all.

9:16 – Over at Dharma-ville, the jig is up for Sawyer & Juliet. They’re handcuffed down by Radzinsky, who demands to know where the hell Kate went. Sawyer smirks & asks for a lawyer. Heh. Radzinsky clocks him but Horace comes over to intervene. Radzinsky is clearly descending into Crazyville & tells Horace he doesn’t have the stomach for what’s going to have to go down next. Horace steps aside reluctantly. Oh, you wuss you. Phil & Radzinsky push Sawyer roughly over to the security monitors & freeze-frame on a rather picturesque image of Kate as she’s fleeing Dharma-ville. Radzinsky demands that “Jim” tell him where she is, as if they aren’t past the name charades, or he’ll kill him. Dude, even I know that that’s not an effective interrogation technique. Clearly, you threaten to kill Juliet here. Juliet! Interrogation 101, guys.

9:18 – PS: Love the new time-travel-themed Mac & PC commercial. Well placed, media planners.

9:20 – Post commercials, Radzinsky continues to beat the crap out of Sawyer. Punch, are you ready to talk? No? Okay, punch. How about now? No? Okay, punch. How about now? Radzinsky asks where “Jim’s girlfriend” took the boy. Nothing. More punching, now Sawyer’s looking in worse shape than Jack. Juliet’s sitting there, watching in anguish until at last she has to say something. Radzinsky asks her where the hell they took the boy. Juliet pleads that they are not bad people, they’ve known them for three years. Sawyer, wheezing on the floor, begs her not to say anything, saying that they won’t believe them anyway & they’re just going to get other people hurt. You would think that this is a clear cut cue for Radzinsky to remember that hey, this LaFleur guy came in with a bunch of other people on his crew! Like Miles & Jin for example! And also, these new recruits had other friends, like Hurley! But it doesn’t seem to dawn on him right away.

9:22 – Horace steps in, saying that Sawyer’s not going to talk. Phil, however, is smarter than we all think. He says he can make LaFleur talk. He stands to one side & clocks Juliet in the face. Sawyer flies out at him against his restraints, royally pissed, proclaiming that Phil is a dead man. DEAD MAN! Do you hear? Juliet’s lip is busted up. I completely believe that Phil is a dead man. Another guy comes in & it seems the Dharma folk don’t suck so bad at the investigation after all. They’re actually looking for Miles & Jin & some guy named Hugo Reyes, who Phil identifies as the “fat guy.” Hey! Not cool, Phil. You are totally losing points with me this episode.

9:23 – Hurley doesn’t help his cause by hoarding a bunch of food. He sneaks around & somehow all the security guys crawling all over the place don’t notice him. He makes it out of the village, spotted only by one Dr Pierre Chang. He meets up with Jin & Miles, who tells them they can’t help Juliet or Sawyer, they’ve got to save themselves. Hurley protests that if it was reversed, they wouldn’t leave them behind, but just then, they hear someone come up. Jin & Miles draw their guns. It’s Pierre Chang of course. Miles, startled to see his dad, asks what he’s doing here. Chang has clearly been thinking a lot about Daniel’s logic from the previous episode (probably noting that yes, it is in fact kind of a coincidence that there’s a Chinese guy named Miles here) & asks the group if they are actually from the future.

9:24 – Hurley reacts lamely after a long pause, saying that’s ridiculous. Chang goes oh really & starts asking basic questions like when Hurley was born, if he fought in the Korean War (Hurley hilariously thinks it’s a trick question) & who the president is & since Sawyer isn’t there to get his back like he said he would, Hurley fails miserably & is finally like, okay, fine, we’re from the future. You happy? HA! Chang, kind of hesitantly delighted, asks Miles if it’s true that he’s his son. Miles says yes, & you can almost see the suppressed desperation to react to that, from both of them. It’s a nice moment. But Chang has to ask about what else Faraday (or as he calls him, the Physicist, like poor, dead Dan has evolved into just a symbol) said, about evacuating the Island. Is it true that there’s going to be a devastating incident? Miles haltingly seems to make up his mind & stop denying what’s going on & tells Chang that Daniel has been right about everything so far & if he said to evacuate the Island, he should do it. Interestingly, this has to be the push that gets Chang to push his wife & son off the Island & into massive resentment & daddy issues.

9:25 – Another shot of poor, dead Faraday. Charles Widmore kneels over him. He asks Richard Alpert why Daniel seems oddly familiar. Before Richard has time to answer, Eloise comes out of the tent. She tells Richard to untie Jack & Kate & give her a moment with poor, dead Daniel. As she unfolds a blanket to cover her son with, she tells them that she’s taking him to the bomb. Charles is dumbfounded & we pulls away from them as they talk heatedly. As he’s untying them, Kate asks Richard who Eloise is talking to. Richard says it’s Charles Widmore & that, well, love is complicated with him & Eloise. Jack & Kate don’t really know what to make of this. Eloise has finished her conversation & covering her son. She’s ready to go.

9:27 – In 2008, remember these folks? Richard, Ben & Locke walk through the jungle & Richard wants to know where the hell Locke’s been in the last three years. Locke is surprised Richard doesn’t already know. I’m always surprised when Richard doesn’t know something, so I’m with Locke here. Locke says they’re going to where Locke disappeared to three years ago & after that, he’d like Richard to take him to see Jacob. Despite Ben’s objections, Richard eventually agrees to this. Locke says to keep going, they’re almost to the plane. Ben’s like, what plane??

9:27 – The trio of doom come across a clearing. It’s where Mr Eko’s brother’s plane crash is! Locke explains what the plane was & says for Richard to listen, he only has about three minutes to get this right. Confused! Locke tells Richard that a man is about to come out of the jungle who’s been shot in the leg. Richard has to help him (with the pack that John gives him) & tell him to bring back all the people who left the Island. And to do that, he has to die. Just then, the Locke we see in the premiere, injured from Ethan Rom’s bullet comes limping out of the jungle. Ben, thoroughly freaked out, asks Present Locke who he is. Locke, somewhat delightedly, says it’s him. This is crazy!

9:34 – Premiere Locke sits down painfully by the plane & pulls out a knife when he hears Richard approach. Richard does exactly what we’ve seen, only now all of Richard’s crazy talk about what Locke “will” do makes sense. We pull away to hear Ben & Present Locke’s conversation. Ben wonders how Locke could know exactly when he would be there. Locke says the Island told him. Ben scoffs that the Island certainly didn’t tell him everything, like where Jacob is, for example. Locke, smirking, knowingly notes that Ben’s never even seen Jacob. Ben can’t deny it. Just then, we hear the flash, but don’t see it. Wasn’t it a lot more violent than that? Maybe the first few weren’t that bad. Premiere Locke has disappeared. Ben is astonished. Present Locke tells him Premiere Locke’s going to give Richard his compass back. Wow. So, where did the compass come from first, the chicken or the egg?

9:34 – Richard Alpert comes back over, looking freaked. He offers the bullet to Present Locke, which, heh. Richard says that Premiere Locke seemed convinced, especially about the part where he has to die, thank God that didn’t have to happen, right, guys? Guys? Right? Actually…notes Present Locke, looking at Ben. Actually, it totally did. Richard looks totally confused.

9:35 – In 1977, Pierre Chang storms into the security station, saying they have to evacuate the Island. He pauses when he sees a bloodied Sawyer & Juliet tied to their chairs. He asks what’s going on & Radzinsky says he should be at the Swan, they’re about to break ground. Chang says it’s not safe, they have to evacuate & looks to Horace as the leader, but clearly, Radzinsky’s pulled a hostile takeover. I really hate that guy. Sawyer quietly says that Chang is right, they should evacuate the women & children & put everyone on the sub. If they put him & Juliet on the sub too, they will tell them whatever they want to know. He looks at Juliet, calls her sweetheart & asks if she’s okay with that. Smiling at him, Juliet says absolutely. Radzinsky says if that’s what he wants, he needs to draw them a map. He wants to know exactly where the Hostiles are.

9:36 – Richard, Eloise, some of their people & Jack & Kate are at a river. Eloise says they have to swim under it to get to the village. Kate refuses. She tells Jack that she’s gone as far as she will go with him. They argue, with Kate noting that what Jack is saying they do is basically killing her, which isn’t really true, it’s just putting her in jail, which you know is Kate’s one true motivation to avoid. She tries to leave but Eloise & her people won’t let her & suddenly there’s a shot. Kate looks stunned, looks down like Daniel did last episode, but it isn’t her who is shot. One of Eloise’s men falls, then another. They all look up & it’s freaking Sayid! Hi, Sayid! Where’ve you been honey? Eloise & Richard put their hands up.

9:42 – Back from commercials, Richard is like, WTF, Eloise? What the hell is going on, why are you doing this? Eloise says that if they do what Jack says, none of it will matter. With Jack & Kate & Sayid, Sayid repeats the plan like it’s crazy since, you know, it is. But of course, he thinks he’s always changed things, he thinks he killed Benjamin Linus. Well, you should have aimed better, Mr Assassin Person. Kate & Jack look embarrassed. Touche, not dead. Sayid asks why Kate would do what she did & Kate again defends her actions & ties it back to what Jack wants to do, all self righteous, as if the reason she doesn’t want to go along with Jack’s plan ISN’T to avoid going to jail. Jack insists that he’s right, that this is their destiny. Kate asks if he knows who he sounds like, the guy he thought was crazy. I thought she meant Daniel here, but I think she means Locke. Kate says that she’s going to find the rest of their people, because if she can’t stop Jack, maybe they can. She marches off.

9:44 – Meanwhile, back with Miles, Jin & Hurley. They’re watching as women & children get on the sub like they want. They see little Charlotte & her mom & Lara & lil’ Miles. Miles watches in semi-horror as his dad yells at his mom. But he realizes now that it was the only way Chang could convince Lara to go. Hurley sympathizes with him, but then they spot Juliet & Sawyer, who is looking much less bloody, come into view. They’re still handcuffed as they’re being marched down the dock. Hurley says it’s cool, Sawyer always has a plan.

9:45 – Sawyer’s current plan is to buy Microsoft or bet on the Cowboys & get rich when they get off the Island. He apologizes to Juliet, saying he should have listened to her & left when she wanted to, three years ago. But Juliet is fine with how things went & Sawyer lets Juliet go into the sub first. (Side note: I like how the music here is the same as in the Sawyer/Juliet scenes in “LaFleur.” It’s their love theme.) Sawyer looks at the Island one more time. “Good riddance,” he says, & follows Juliet in. It feels oddly final, even though I don’t think it is, & I feel like, if this was it for them, if this is how it goes & Sawyer & Juliet leave the Island together in 1977, I would be completely & totally fine with the resolution of their characters.

9:46 – Next thing we see if Richard diving into the river. Jack tells Sayid he wouldn’t blame him if he left like Kate did. Eloise instructs him on where the opening is & Jack follows Richard under. The music becomes loud & ominous as Jack emerges at what looks like a temple under the waterfall. Richard tells Jack they’re in the tunnels. Eloise comes up too, followed by Sayid. Jack is thrilled to see him. Sayid says that if this works, Jack would have saved them all. If it doesn’t, well, at least they’d be out of their misery. Yeah, that’s right, Kate. MISERY. Richard leads them on their way.

9:48 – In 2008, Richard, Locke & Ben arrive back at Others camp. Locke nods at Sun. Richard thinks they’re leaving in the morning to see Jacob, but Locke wants to leave now, after talking to the group. Richard agrees & Locke speaks out. He introduces himself & pretty much proclaims his profound skepticism over the fact that none of them have actually seen Jacob. Richard looks hilariously betrayed. Sun just wants to know if this here Jacob can help them figure out how to bring Jin & co. back. John says yeah, Jacob can TOTALLY do that. Richard here is going to take me to see him right now. And you guys are welcome to come. The Others stir & gather around Locke. Richard murmurs to Ben that he’s starting to think John Locke’s going to be trouble. Ben looks at him & notes that this is why he tried to kill him. Richard looks at him like he can’t decide if he should help him try again.

9:55 – Back in 1977, we see the last of the women & children disappear into the sub. Inside, Juliet & Sawyer are chained to a table. Juliet asks Sawyer what they’re going to do when they get to Ann Arbor. Sawyer says that Dharma has no authority over them in the real world. When they get to wherever they’re going, they’re free. Juliet is amazed by the idea of the real world (and the idea of free, I think). She looks genuinely happy. Thrilled at the thought. Sawyer leans in & tells her that whatever happens, he’s got her back. She says she loves him. He grins adorably & says he loves her back. They smile goofily at each other. It’s wonderful, lovely, a moment I so desperately want these two to have, that it can’t possibly last. Phil stops them from closing the sub. Says to drop “her” at Ann Arbor too. Of course. Of COURSE. It’s Kate. You have GOT to be kidding me. Thing’s get incredibly tense. I’m incredibly annoyed. Just DIE, KATE! DIE!

9:57 – The crew starts the sub up. Juliet looks at Sawyer. We get a fairly unrealistic CGI shot of the sub diving underwater. Wow. This is crazy. They actually leave the Island. What happens to them if Jack succeeds? I guess they have to disappear along with the rest of them, right? Cause they wouldn’t be in that place? That sucks.

9:58 – With Jack & Sayid. Jack says they should trust Eloise, since 30 years from now, she’s the one that tells them how to get back to the Island. Sayid & I totally don’t get Jack’s logic. They follow Richard & Eloise on though. They light up a clearing in the tunnel, where Jughead is there. Covered up. Not at all buried. Not sealed in lead. Not buried in cement. Y’all! You totally failed at what Daniel said to do! Of course, this makes it significantly easier to blow this sucker up now. Which Eloise doesn’t even realize, is what Jack wants to do.

9:59 – In 2008, we see Locke’s group walking away from camp. It’s a very cool shot. Locke smiles at Ben, saying it’s a beautiful day. Ben tells Locke Richard has some concerns about what Locke’s doing. Then Ben tries to manipulate him by saying he’s there to follow him. If he needs Jacob to help reunite him with his people, that’s cool. But that’s not what Locke wants at all. So why does he want to meet Jacob? So he can kill him. Ben is stopped in his tracks & you can almost see the thought forming in his head. What have I done?

10:01 – Next on Lost, Jack has a bomb! Juliet, Sawyer & Kate maybe aren’t long for leaving the Island after all! Frank asks what’s in the box! Sawyer’s still somewhat torn between Juliet & Kate even though it is RIDICULOUSLY clear who he belongs with! It should be noted that Juliet is still walking around wearing a red-shirt!! Jack asks Kate if she’s with him! Gah! Two-hour SEASON FINALE EVENT!!

POSTSCRIPT: Okay, that episode was awesome. The only major complaint I have is that, even though it wasn’t a true centric episode, with flashbacks & whatnot, it’s too bad we didn’t get more explanation about who or what Richard is. No new information about why he doesn’t age, what his role is, besides what we already know. Nothing about the eyeliner either, heh.

The other complaint is of course Kate. It’s not like I ever liked her, but I really just don’t GET her now. I can’t decide how I feel about her morals (because I do believe that Juliet the doctor would do what she did to help lil’ Ben, but I don’t believe in Kate’s reasons), but I do know that my overriding feelings about everything she does is that ultimately, Kate will always act in her own interests. She’s selfish. And somewhere along the way, that became not good enough for Sawyer, a character I have gone 180 on this season.

I don’t think this is a show whose success or failure as a series should be dictated by relationships, but I know I’ll be sorely disappointed if Sawyer chooses Kate over Juliet, next week or next year.



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