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Notes from Fringe 1.18 Midnight April 29, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Fringe, TV.
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Um, first of all, I kind of loved the NCIS spin-off backdoor pilot tonight, I just thought I’d mention that. As successful as NCIS has been this year, I’ve actually thought it’s been kind of slow-moving…there’s been no week-to-week investment. It’s a true procedural, built on & dependent on the likability of its characters. But at some point, you actually have to go somewhere with these folks. It’s about time for things to pick up. Anyway, back to Fringe, I thought it was a solid episode with a nice mix of monster-of-the-week & ZFT mythology mojo. Maybe not as sharp or significant as “Bad Dreams,” but there were some really killer moments.

  • You know Fringe is approaching X-Files-level creep factor when the idea of a serial killer is totally not scary at all. Of course, then they got me with the gross torn open neck. Ew! Okay fine, cold open, you get an extra half point on my scale, but for Fringe, that’s still pretty tame. I give it a 6.5.
  • This Two-Singles-Together couple is creepier than the cold open spine vamp.
  • Well, Rachel. What did you expect? I didn’t even remember you HAD an ex-husband. Also, heh, I was typing that while watching & totally typed “vampire” instead of “ex-husband.”
  • “You know what this reminds me of, Peter?” “No, but I can guess that it’s something unbelievably disgustin—” “Shrimp cocktail!” HA! And ICK!
  • “When you finally meet a nice girl, I would avoid bringing her home as long as possible.” YAY! Astrid gets to snark this week! More Astrid! More Astrid!
  • Spine vamp…with extinct syphilis. And awesome, another mad scientist with horrible bio-weapons…affiliated with ZFT. Of COURSE they are.
  • “How long have you been a follower of ZFT?” Whoa! You mean that Charlie is actually read in on a major part of the Fringe conspiracy? AND he gets to yell at a suspect this week instead of being asked to leave the room?? This is a big week, Agent Francis. Don’t screw this up, or you’ll be back to exposition duty so fast, your head will spin.
  • This guy is the most suspicious coerced guy ever. Also, wow, Olivia’s Fringe Division body count is crazy high. And this is just season 1!
  • FYI, Olivia’s Chinese isn’t so bad.
  • Ooooh, touché. Suspicious Guy’s wife is the spine vamp! Spine vamp’s name is Valerie Boone & she & her suspicious husband were actually totally adorable before she got all vamp-like. Also? ZFT punished this guy by infecting his wife with his own spine vamp serum?? These guys are HARD CORE.
  • I take back what I said, the torn-open spine thing is plenty gross. You win, Fringe, you win.
  • Annnd here comes Peter’s shady connections. We totally need to see more of these guys. I wonder who else he knows, like is there a guy who controls all the pumpkins in Boston? Or all the sofas?
  • Aw, it’s kind of nice that Walter gets a little scientist buddy to trounce around with in the lab who doesn’t mostly contribute sarcastic commentary. “I know very well who you are.” “That makes one of us.” Heh!
  • LOL to the paramedic taking one of Walter’s wafer cookies. And double LOL to Walter’s clapper lights!
  • MORE Astrid contributions?? This episode has EVERYTHING! Aw, but she’s not allowed to go to the clubs cause she’s gotta baby-sit Walter & completely fail to stop him from possibly killing Mad Scientist #2! Come on, doesn’t that girl have any authority over him? Isn’t she an FBI agent??
  • “Where’s the siren on this thing?” “Here…is that why you wanted to drive?” LOL! That’s hilarious, except for the part where it totally woke up Sleeping Beauty Spine Vamp in the back seat. Oh sure, “out for hours,” says Olivia.
  • “Think she liked you.” Also, after what she did, I totally would not be taking her into the lab over my shoulder like Peter did. But at least Dr Boone can see his wife again. And some banshee screaming & nifty eye color visual effect later, & she’s all good it seems. Just in time to see her husband die after saving her. That SUCKS.
  • “If you’re watching this, I suspect I didn’t make it…” But Dr Boone is a good man. A man of his word. A man who’s got some names for Agent Dunham. Names…like William Bell, who has apparently been funding ZFT. Dude, I think I could have guessed that.

Next time on Fringe, live long & prosper! And the Observer SPEAKS!!



1. cavalcere - April 30, 2009

There’s NO “Astrid”. She’s miss. Aspirin Fartsworth! ROTFLMAO
I’m with you in the thought about the divorce. It was so… obvlious! And auspicable… for Peter.
In the end, I think I missed The Observer this time…
See you soon!

Amy Yen - April 30, 2009

I think he was in the opening club scene when the first victim. Less obvious this week. I totally think that the Rachel storyline is such as recycled plot from Alias (Francie, redux), it’s annoying. It’ll be the same thing that happens with Olivia as it did with Sydney on Alias…they’ll realize by season 2 it’s ridiculous for her to still have a normal personal life. Unless Rachel ends up being evil. Which is always a possibility. 😉

Thanks for the comment!

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