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Notes from Fringe 1.17 Bad Dreams April 22, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Fringe, TV.
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First of all, beautifully done episode, just the entire mood of it, it was just a dreamy, chilling hour of television. Yes, I thought the pace was a little slow, but I thought it made up for it in the creepy/disturbing factor. Also, I can’t believe it’s only been two episodes since “Ability,” I totally forgot that Walter might have written the ZFT Manifesto.

Some additional notes:

  • Cold open creepiness scale: 6.0. More like five minutes of total dread.
  • Interesting, the first “bumper” into commercials was the first I remember that did not have a glyph symbol. PS: Have you been translating the symbols now that someone cracked the glyph code?
  • What is Peter’s credential now, is he still considered Homeland Security? How come people just accept him without ID these days? Can I just go to random crime scenes & just start lurching around saying I’m FBI?
  • Speaking of Charlie, good to see him up & about & back to Exposition duty so quickly.
  • “It must be a terrible thing not to trust your own mind.” Wow, like, way to be sensitive to what’s happening to Olivia, Peter.
  • Boo-yah! Olivia never told the others she was probably treated with Cortexiphan! Ooooh, actually, this totally explains a lot of Peter’s “No way! You were 300 miles away & have no mental mojo abilties whatsoever!” attitude this episode.
  • LOL. Well done, Fringe team, way to create an episode concept setting up Olivia for a lesbian kiss. It’s like reverse empathy blah blah blah, lesbian kiss, annnnnd murder.
  • And LOL to Walter wanting a subscription to the paper with the pic of the two-headed goat.
  • “You heard me! You came!” OMG!! And who the hell is “Olive”? This mass suicide thing is so disturbing. This is the reason I never watched The Happening. Well, also because everyone says it’s just about the stupidest movie that ever existed.
  • “Shoot me! Or I will jump, & they will ALL jump with me.” Man. Olivia’s totally never going to be able to sleep again after this.
  • So. We know that Olivia was given Cortexiphan. And Contagious Empathy Guy from this episode was also given Cortexiphan. And we know that Olivia has some sort of mental ability to at least turn off a bunch of little light bulbs. And we know that Contagious Empathy Guy has that whole contagious emphathy thing. So, does Olivia have other powers besides the light bulb thing? And how did Contagious Empathy Guy figure out how to “call” Olivia anyway? Did they explain that when I got up for another Diet Coke?
  • Is Olivia’s niece’s only function really just to make creepy-significant comments relevant to Olivia’s weird job? Whatever happened to Sister Dear finding her own place anyway? Even I didn’t take this long finding an apartment.
  • OMG blonde little girl on the tape! Blonde little girl on the tape!! Named Olive!! OMG!!

Three episodes left!



1. Andrea - April 22, 2009

great post, great notes, glad to find someone who like to watch AND analyse a great series.
And yes, I came here looking for Liv’s lesbian kiss 🙂

2. Amy Yen - April 22, 2009

Thanks Andrea! I forgot to mention, but I do believe we got our first Leonard Nimoy voice as William Bell in Walter’s tape at the end. I am SO into this show right now. 🙂 I’m planning on doing this notes format the rest of the season & live-blogging the finale…hope you drop by again, would love to hear your thoughts about the show.


3. Andrea - April 23, 2009

This Blog. My feed reader has it already.

See ya soon!

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