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Live-Blogging Lost 5.13 Some Like it Hoth April 16, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Lost, Daniel (back when he was on this show) theorized that the intervals it was taking for the Left-Behinders to develop temporal displacement followed by death was related the amount of time they’d spent on the Island. But Miles didn’t understand why he had a nosebleed since he thought the first time he came to the Island was on the freighter. Kate & Juliet conspired to give an injured lil’ Ben to Richard Alpert & the Others so that he can properly grow up to become a psychopath. Miles & Hurley debated the different theories of time travel. Also, PS: Miles can talk to dead people.

9:00 – We open on a microwave. In an apartment. An Asian woman is viewing it. Honey, I’ve been there. Apartment hunting is THE WORST. The woman is with a little boy. It’s Lil’ Miles! His mother gives him some coins for the vending machine but when he gets there, he gets some scary visions of a dead guy. He goes toward another apartment door & gets a flash when he touches it. He realizes there’s a spare key under a statue. He takes it & opens the door. Then we hear him shouting for his mom. Mom & the building manager run to him & they discover the dead neighbor. Lil’ Miles says he joined his wife. He knows this because he can hear him. Even now, he can hear him, even though as the manager says, the dude’s all dead.

9:02 – In 1977, Sawyer calls Present Miles on the radio & asks that he erases the video tapes of him & Kate by the pylons. Miles reluctantly agrees. Sawyer tells Miles to say that he’s off grid, looking for the escaped prisoner, then he sends Kate back to the camp.

9:04 – Horace comes in to the security station, asking for “Jim.” Miles covers for him, so Horace tells Miles that he’ll have to do something. LaFleur was going to do it, but he’ll have to do. He is putting Miles in the “circle of trust.” He gives Miles something in a black bag. He says to take them to Radzinsky in a sector that Miles realizes is Hostile territory, but Horace says it’s okay, just do it. He’s in the circle of trust, remember? PS: We get a nice long shot of the tapes being erased as Miles leaves, so we can probably assume something’s going to go wrong with them.

9:05 – Miles drives in a Dharma van along a road & is stopped by a rifle-weilding Radzinsky. Radzinsky wants to know where LaFleur is. Miles said he’s busy & Horace sent him instead. “I’m in the circle of trust.” Ha! I love you, Miles. Radzinsky says okay & Miles hands over his package. Radzinsky whistles & two men come out, carrying another on a stretcher. Miles asks what happened to the guy. At first, I thought this was the guy from the pilot that Daniel saw taken away after he got hurt at the Orchid, but it’s not. The men all have Swam Station logos on their uniforms. Radzinsky says it was an accident & not to ask questions, just take the guy back to Horace immediately. Once Radzinsky & his men leave, Miles jumps in the back with the body & opens the body bag. “Okay,” he asks the dead guy. “What really happened?” Dun dun dun!

9:08 – Floating creepy title text of doom.

9:09 – Flashback. A spiky haired, pierced younger Miles knocks on a door. A woman opens up & Miles asks to see “her.” He’s let in & he sits by the bed of his mother. She’s older, clearly sick. Her hair is thinning & almost gone. He apologizes for not being here sooner, & his mom says it’s okay. He asks her why he’s the way he is, & why she never told him about his father. He pushes & she eventually admits that his father is dead. He kicked them out when Miles was just a baby. Miles pauses, & asks where his body is so he can go talk to him. His mother looks suddenly stronger, & says it’s somewhere he can never go. Touche, thinks pierced Miles.

9:12 – Back in 1977, Miles arrives back to Horace, who is talking to Pierre Chang. He says he’s sending Miles out with “him.” Miles tells Horace he wants nothing to do with it, but Horace insists that since LaFleur disappeared, he’s all he’s got. Miles has no choice. But outside, Hurley is putting stuff in the back of his van. Miles says he can’t, but Hurley turns out to be going to the Orchid too, to give the crew lunch. He asks why they can’t just carpool & Miles continues to balk, but can’t really say anything. Hurley asks if he’s on a secret mission or something. Miles gives up & says to get in. Heh. Talk about time travel again, please.

9:14 – In the infirmary, Juliet is putting supplies away when Kate gets back. She reports that they gave lil’ Ben to the Others. Just then, Roger busts in & is panicked to find lil’ Ben gone. Juliet pretends that she stepped away & just found Ben gone. Roger yells, furious, & goes to get Security. When he’s gone, Kate asks what next. Juliet’s just like, here we go.

9:18 – In the van, Hurley writes in a Dharma-brand journal. Then he notices something smells seriously bad. Miles jokes that it’s his mayo, but that backfires cause Hurley decides it might be & insists that they pull over so he can check. So Miles does, so Hurley pokes around & discovers the body. Miles tells Hurley that the man is Alvarez. He was just working & thinking about some girl when he felt a pain, which turned out to be a filling in his tooth being pulled out of his head, through his brain. EW! That sucks. Hurley jumps to the conclusion that he can talk to dead people. Which is cool with Hurley cause, remember? So can he.

9:21 – Flashback. An older Miles talks to a man in the backyard of a house. Miles asks the man what happened. The man says his son was in a football accident or something like that. Miles is kind of annoyed there’s no body, but the man is willing to pay extra. Miles takes the money & takes the man’s hands. It’s unclear whether Miles can actually do this without the body there. Miles tells the man to concentrate on his son. He lets his head loll, then wakes back up, clearly faking, & says that the man’s son knew he loved him. He always knew. The man, way, way, too easily believes him, which is sad. Is this the start of Miles’ life o’ deception?

9:23 – On his way out, Naomi approaches Miles. She gives him a card & says her employer is interested in hiring him. He agrees to go with her to a restaurant down the street to discuss their new business proposition.

9:24 – In 1977, Kate approaches Roger, who is on the swing set in the playground at Dharma-ville. He’s drinking, like, a lot. Kate asks if he’s okay, says that things are going to work out. Kate pushes too hard, as usual, & acts totally suspicious, so Roger realizes something’s up, or potentially up. Kate backtracks, which makes her look more guilty. OMG, Kate, just shut up!

9:25 – Back in the van with Hurley & Miles. Miles asks if Hurley has actual conversations with the dead people. He does. Miles says that’s not how it works, but it’s a trap, he’s just admitted that he can talk to dead people. Miles says his ability is just to hear what the dead people thought or did before they died. Hurley says his ability works the other way, with the talking back & forth & playing chess. Miles is just jealous his ability works better than his. Heh. I love these guys together.

9:26 – The guys arrive at the Orchid & Pierre Chang comes out to meet Miles. He’s pissed that Hurley is there & this is not at all made better by the fact that Hurley immediately says he knows about the dead body. Chang threatens to send Hurley to janitor duties on the Hydra Island if he says anything to anyone, then demands that Miles stays there until he gets back. He storms off. Hurley says that Chang is a douche. Miles says that that douche? Is totally his dad! Knew it! And Miles knows it! Wait! How does Miles know??

9:31 – Flashback. Miles is confused, cause Naomi is totally not taking him to dinner/a hot date, so much as to a dead body for an “audition.” Miles tries to get out of it, but Naomi forks over cash. Miles goes to the body. He does his thing & says the man’s name is Felix, he was on his way to deliver some stuff, papers, purchase orders, etc to “Widmore” (!!!) to buy an old airplane. OMG! OMG!! Miles comes out of it. He asks if he passed the audition. He clearly did. Naomi says there’s an expedition on an Island with lots of dead people. It’d be nice to have someone of his talents. Miles says as much as going to Mass Murder Island sounds like fun, he’ll pass. Naomi then offers him $1.6 million to reconsider. Miles immediately asks when they leave. Nice to know he has priorities.

9:34 – Back in 1977, Miles tells Hurley he doesn’t want to talk about it. “It” being his father being there. Hurley asks how he found out. Well, on his third day there, Miles was in line at the cafeteria & his mom got in line behind him. OMG! That’s crazy ridiculous! Then Chang comes back & demands to be taken to Radzinsky. He takes the opportunity to threaten Hurley again & they leave.

9:35 – In another part of Dharmaville, Jack is clearing a classroom. Roger drunkenly shows up & is angry about Jack covering for him. Jack just wanted to be nice, because of what happened to lil’ Ben. As Jack leaves, Roger drunkenly notes that he knows Kate. And Roger thinks Kate might have something to do with lil’ Ben. Jack does a terrible job of not expressing “OH CRAP” on his face, then tells Roger he’s had a terrible day & had a good excuse to get drunk & start with the crazy talk. Roger doesn’t look entirely convinced. Nice going with throwing suspicion on yourself now, Jack. Way to go.

9:37 – Miles, Chang & Hurley drive awkwardly in the van. Hurley awkwardly asks what Chang does. Chang doesn’t say anything, but Hurley is able to bring up the fact that Chang has a wife & a three-month-old baby named Miles. Huh. Small world, notes Hurley. There’s also some talk about Chang liking country music, not jazz. It’s hard to tell what’s important & what’s not on this show. Probably that factoid will end up being a big reveal 14 episodes from now.

9:40 – Chang says they’re there. He gets out & opens up a work area. Chang gets out & say he’ll ride back with Radzinsky so Miles & Hurley can leave. Before they do, though, Hurley spots two men working on a large metal object. One asks the other for the serial number that goes on this “hatch” (!!!!). OMG! It’s the Hatch!! The other man painfully slowly reads off the Numbers, as Hurley watches in horror, & at the last number, which is smudged, Hurley says under his breath, 42. Miles is surprised Hurley guessed it right, but Hurley says he knows because they’re building their Hatch. The one that crashed their plane! GAH!

9:45 – Flashback. Miles gets some food at a food stand. As he’s walking away, a van pulls up & some guys grab him. In the van, Miles tells the men that they owe him a fish taco. Heh. A guy named Bram in the front seat tells Miles they don’t want him to go on this expedition. Looking closer, this guy is one of the guys working for Ilana on the beach (he’s there when she knocks Franks out). Miles plays dumb, but Bram knows everything. He asks Miles, “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?” Of course Miles does not. Bram says until he does, he’s not ready to go to the Island. He says he knows Miles want to know about why he’s the way he is, about his past & most importantly, about his dad. Miles says he doesn’t care about his father. But he does care about money. And he’s willing to not go if they give him double what Widmore offered. $3.2 million. AKA, what he demanded & got from Ben to forget about finding him when he was with Locke’s camp in New Otherton in season 4. Bram tells Miles they aren’t going to pay him & his men throw him out of the van. He tells Miles he’s playing on the wrong team. Miles asks what team Bram’s on. Bram says the one that’s going to win. Well, duh, thinks Miles.

9:48 – In 1977, Hurley & Miles are in the van, at night. Hurley thinks it’s super duper awesome that Miles gets to hang out with his past father. Miles doesn’t think this is cool at all & says so & Hurley pushes & pushes until suddenly Miles yells that if he’s going to get into his business, he’ll get into Hurley’s. He grabs his journal & jumps out of the van. Miles reads some of it…& it turns out to be the script to The Empire Strikes Back. Hurley was going to send it to George Lucas to save him the trouble of writing the sequel & perhaps make some minor improvements, like for serious, Hurley? Miles thinks this is the stupidest thing ever, but Hurley says at least he isn’t afraid to talk to his own father. Ooooh, burn!

9:49 – In Dharma-ville, Sawyer finally arrives back at his & Juliet’s love shack. Juliet greets him, but then Sawyer realizes Jack is also there. Jack is there to let them know that Kate might or might not have spilled the beans. Sawyer’s annoyed but thanks Jack for letting them know. As Jack leaves, Phil comes up to Sawyer. He says he knows who took the kid. He holds up the tape that Miles left to erase at the station. “You.” Sawyer gets that look in his eyes & you know things aren’t going to end well for Phil.

9:51 – Sawyer gestures Phil inside saying there’s an explanation. Phil says there better be & predictably, as soon as Sawyer has ascertained that Phil hasn’t talked to Horace yet, he clocks him unconscious. Heh. Sawyer tells Juliet to get some rope. She nods, like maybe this kind of thing happens all the time in Dharma-ville.

9:53 –PS: Juliet does look extra pretty in this scene, which is good luck for Sawyer during his upcoming Phil-torture, right?

9:56 – Flashback. The man that Miles was talking to you earlier is raking his yard when Miles arrives back. Miles is there to return the man’s money because he lied about being able to talk to him. But since this is Miles, this isn’t the lovey dovey moral moment we think it is. Miles says he’s doing this because it’s not fair to the man’s son to let his father have that peace. If he wanted his son to know that he loved him, he should have told him himself, when he was alive. Oooooh, SNAP!

9:58 – Hurley & Miles arrive back at Dharma-ville. Hurley apologizes for what he said. He hated his dad too, since his dad left when he was 10. But he’s glad he gave him another chance. Yeah, Hurley, but your dad is Cheech. Come on. Are you really going to stay mad at him for long? Miles tells him it’s totally not the same, cause don’t you get it? Miles doesn’t WANT to know his dad. Hurley says that that was Luke’s attitude too. As in, Luke Skywalker. Hurley basically says tells the whole movie as a metaphor & leaves & it makes Miles think. He walks by Chang’s house & sees through the window Pierre reading to his baby son, playing with him lovingly. Tears leaks out of his eyes as Miles realizes that maybe Hurley knows what’s he’s talking about after all…or maybe it’s just out of loss. It’s all he ever wanted.

9:59 – Then his mother comes into view, Pierre has a phone call. He passes the baby off & gets up to leave. As he comes out the door, Miles snaps out of it & turns to get out of view, but Chang spots him. Luckily, all he says is “Miles, I need you.” Miles is surprised for a moment. “You do?” Yep, the sub’s arrived & he needs Miles’ help unloading the passengers. Miles thinks it’s new recruits, but Chang says no. It’s scientists from Ann Arbor. Hmmm…scientists, eh?

10:00 – At the pier, Miles helps people off the sub. Someone asks for help getting out & Miles goes. He looks in shock as the guy turns out to be…Daniel Faraday! OMG!! YES!!! Where have you been, Danny boy? Dan’s smiling & looking lucid. He greets a stunned Miles. “Long time no see,” he says. Annnnnnd scene. GAH!!

10:01 – Next week, on Lost. A Lost Special. The O6 story from a new perspective…this better not mean a clips show. Also, I hear there’s a Faraday episode up soon, can we skip to that, like right now? Please? Pretty please?



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