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Live-Blogging Lost 5.11 Whatever Happened, Happened April 2, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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8:57 – PS: Um, Better Off Ted? Pretty good. I watched about 10 minutes, laughed more than once! Of course the ratings suck & it’s dead in like a month, but still. I’m encouraged.

8:59 – Previously on Lost, Sawyer met Cassidy. Cassidy had a baby, Clementine, who she said was Sawyer’s. Kate & Jack broke up over Sawyer’s favor, probably involving Cassidy/Clementine, who also might have something to do with Dan Norton & the attempts to take Aaron away from Kate when they were off-Island. The O4 returned to the Island, circa 1977 while Sun, Frank & Present Ben crashed with the plane in 2008. Sawyer & Juliet covered up Kate, Jack & Hurley’s return by sneaking them into the Dharma Initiative, where Kate is working with Juliet at the motor pool, Hurley is a chef & Jack, hilariously, is the janitor. Also? Sayid got captured, then freed by pre-psychotic lil’ Ben. Despite the fact that if you turn your head to the side, lil’ Ben totally looks like Harry Potter, Sayid goes ahead & shoots him in the chest anyway, before he can grow up & become all murderous & creepy.

9:00 – We open on an unconscious Jin, who wakes up to Phil yelling at him over the radio. Jin tells him Sayid attacked him, but then sees a severely injured lil’ Ben on the ground next to him. I do still wonder how Sawyer & Juliet & Jin got to the point where they could just let lil’ Ben wander around Dharma-ville, like they don’t know he’s going to grow up to be a mass murderer.

9:02 – Back at the village, the Dharma-ites & the O3 prepare the area in case of another attack. Jack manages to piss off Horace (shocker!), & then Kate is approached by a man, who bonds with her over the fact that she got thrown in the motor pool when she got to the Island. She falters a little when he introduces himself as Roger Linus. Just then, Jin speeds up in the Dharma van & stops to carry lil’ shot Ben out. Roger freaks out & so does Kate, albeit much more quietly. It’s all in the eyes.

9:04 – Whooshing sound of impending flashback. Kate, with odd-looking red-ish hair, drives to a quiet neighborhood. She takes Aaron out of the car & knocks on the door of a house. Cassidy comes out. They greet each other warmly & Cassidy asks what she’s doing here. The smile on her face falls when Kate says that Sawyer sent her. Ah, the joy he spreads around this world.

9:10 – Kate hands over Cassidy an envelope full of cash. Cassidy is not amused. Kate says that Sawyer just said to come find Cassidy & take care of Clementine. His daughter. Cassidy is just annoyed, even when Kate tells her about Sawyer jumping out of the helicopter. Cassidy thinks he did it because he’s a coward, trying not to come back & face the fact that he has a daughter. Kate stupidly has admitted that Sawyer is alive, thus, Cassidy goes through an inexplicable conclusion process & comes up with Aaron is not Kate’s child. Eh? Anyway, the point is, someone now knows Kate’s secret.

9:12 – Sawyer is looking at surveillance cameras when Kate comes to ask him four million questions. He tells her to shut it & just calm the F down & stop acting so damn suspicious. Just then, Horace, Miles & a couple more security guys come in & ask what’s going on. Kate makes up a lame excuse & leaves. Horace takes Sawyer to the prison, where they find keys still stuck in the cage door. Conclusion: a janitor helped the escape. Horace counts off the janitors, including Roger & Jack. Sawyer gets this OMG-Dang-It! look in his eyes.

9:14 – Outside the infirmary, Roger is quietly freaking out & waiting for Juliet to finish working on lil’ Ben. Sawyer comes up & offers to get him an update. On his way in, he asks for Roger’s keys. Roger doesn’t have them. Dun dun dun.

9:14 – Inside, Juliet is struggling with Ben’s surgery. She’s trying to keep it together, but when Sawyer comes in, she’s clearly a little panicked. She says they need a surgeon, like, toot sweet. Sawyer looks like he’s going to throw up & rushes off.

9:15 – At one of the houses, Miles holds a rifle & tells an angry Jack he’s free to leave whenever he wants. Well, except Miles will shoot him in the leg. Awesome. I love you, Miles! Marry me! Meanwhile, Hurley is trying to figure out if he’s disappearing, since the chain effect of lil’ Ben dying means Hurley would never come back to the Island. Miles thinks that’s stupid. He’s clearly still drinking the Faraday Kool-aid of you-can’t-change-the-past. Just then, Sawyer busts in to demand Jack’s presence. Jack refuses to help lil’ Ben. Sawyer’s like, what part of either-you-help-him-or-he-dies did you not understand? Jack’s like, I WANT him to die, he’s the Anti-Christ! Annnd commercials. Nice Hippocratic oath there, Jack.

9:21 – Kate is like, um, WTF do you think you’re doing, DUDE? Jack’s like, um, no. I already saved that little monster once & it totally blew the hell up in my face. PS: I did it for you, Kate. Jack thinks that maybe the Island just wants to fix things itself & Jack is not responsible for it. Kate’s like, I hate the New You. The New You SUCKS. I’m outta here.

9:23 – At the infirmary, Kate comes in & volunteers blood for lil’ Ben because she’s a universal donor. Juliet takes the blood & quietly asks what’s going on with Jack & what happened between them. Kate’s now just as fed up with Jack as the rest of America. Roger comes in, demanding to know what’s going on. Kate tells Juliet Roger should stay & make sure she doesn’t pass out & Juliet can go work on Ben. Roger sits & immediately confesses to Kate that lil’ Ben must have taken his keys, & it’s because of him, Roger. And then, Ben crashes. Juliet demands that Roger gets the hell out so she can save his son’s life.

9:26 – Back at the house, Miles attempts to explain time travel to Hurley. No, really. And it’s just as awesome as you’d think it’d be. Eventually, Miles gets out a gun & asks Hurley to shoot him. Hurley’s like, aha! No, that can’t happen. Hurley gets to the issue of why, if Present Sayid shoots Past Ben, why didn’t Future Ben (i.e. Season 2 Ben) remember that in the past, Present Sayid shot his 1977 self? Cause that’s something that happened to his past self, not to his future self traveling back to the past! Miles thinks for moment. He hadn’t thought of that. Uh oh! Where’s Daniel to explain all this???

9:28 – At the infirmary, Juliet comes out & tells Roger lil’ Ben is stable & sends him of to get supplies. Kate, who is sitting right there, is insistent that there must be something else they can do. She eventually realizes that Juliet has something in mind that she hasn’t voiced yet. Juliet says that maybe “they” can help. “They”? The Others they. Kate’s like, oh. Ohhh! Dude!

9:33 – Kate & Juliet wheel lil’ Ben out on a stretcher as discretely as they can. Juliet wants to come with her, but Kate refuses because Juliet has to much to lose & Sawyer would totally kill Kate if she let Juliet risk everything to go. Juliet says when Sawyer asks, she will have to tell him where lil’ Ben wandered off to. But she’ll give her as much of a head start as possible.

9:34 – Flashback. Back on the port at night, where Jack & Ben are trying to talk the O6 into going back. Kate does her stomping off angrily thing & leaves. In the car, lil’ Aaron demands some milk. Kate takes him to the store where he now wants juice. While Kate is looking for juice, her phone rings (it’s Jack) & she is distracted for like five seconds, during which time, Aaron…vanishes. Gah! Kate rushes around the store, panicked, & goes up to the manager, but then spots Aaron walking off, hand-in-hand with some blond woman. The blond woman is not Emilie de Ravin, but she definitely looks like her, with heavier make-up. Kate, freaked out, thanks her.

9:37 – Back on the Island, Kate stops in a field & tends to Ben, who asks her to tell his dad he took his keys. Just then, Sawyer shows up in another van. Some head start, Juliet. Kate thinks he’s there to stop her. He’s not. He’s actually there to help her. And also? To call her Freckles again. Dang it! No! Producers, I am serious here, I am trusting you not to throw Juliet & the single healthy soulful relationship on this show under the bus.

9:42 – Flashback, Kate, in the same outfit she had on at the port, leads Aaron to Cassidy’s door. Clementine lets them in. Inside, Cassidy comforts Kate & agrees that Jack sounds like a total whack-job. Kate lies back on the couch & confesses that she lost Aaron. She tells Cassidy that the worst thing was, all she thought was, it’s about time. Cassidy says it’s because Kate took Aaron. Cause Sawyer broke her heart & she had to have something to fix it. While I agree with this, I’m kind of over Cassidy’s clear non-getting-over of Sawyer. Let it go, honey, it’s been like 800 years.

9:44 – On the Island, Kate asks Sawyer why he’s helping her. Sawyer tells her that when he asked Juliet why she helped Kate leave with lil’ Ben, Juliet told him, no matter who Ben is, or will be, she can’t just let a kid die. So that’s why Sawyer is helping Kate now. He’s doing it for Juliet. YES! YES! High five, producers! Up top! Down low!

9:45 – In Dharma-Ville, Juliet busts in to the house where Miles & Hurley are sitting around. Juliet is PISSED. She makes them leave so she can talk to Jack. As they walk out, Miles tells Hurley to ask him more questions about time travel. Ha! I love you guys. Juliet goes into the bathroom where Jack is coming out of the shower. Juliet’s severely bent because she needed Jack & he was willing to just let that kid die. Now it’s up to Kate & Sawyer. Jack gets counter-pissed about that. He says that they, meaning the O5, came back to save them, meaning the Left-Behinders. Juliet’s like, um, look around, JACK! We didn’t need saving! We were fine, playing house before you & Kate showed up & ruined EVERYTHING, you jerks. So maybe, you should shut up & figure out what you’re doing here.

9:47 – Sawyer & Kate stop to rest in the woods. Kate tells Sawyer about Clementine & Cassidy’s theory as to why Sawyer jumped out of the chopper. Sawyer says it never would have worked. He wasn’t equipped to be her boyfriend, or a father. Kate rightly notes that it seems to be going pretty well with Juliet. Sawyer notes that he grew up a lot in those three years. I really hope we get to see some of that. Just then (a lot of “just thens” on this show), some Hostiles show up to put Kate & Sawyer at gunpoint. Sawyer tells them, um, we know we’re outside the borders, we’re not idiots! Now, come help us take this here shot kid to Richard Alpert!

9:54 – Flashback. Kate knocks on a door. It’s Carole Littleton. She invites Kate in, where Kate decides that this is an awesome time to tell Carole that Aaron is her grandson & Claire is still alive. Well, that’s probably not true, but okay. And then Kate said they were separated in the jungle & that’s when Kate started taking care of Aaron. Well, that’s a flat out lie, but whatever. And when they crashed, she just needed Aaron for herself then. Kate gives Carole a picture of Aaron. She’s two doors down. And when Carole is ready, she can come get Aaron. Cause Kate’s headin’ on back to the Island to find Claire. Well, that’s interesting. Claire’s really the reason why Kate went back. At least it wasn’t because of Sawyer. Kate, weeping, says goodbye to a sleeping Aaron…and leaves to have violent hate-sex with Jack.

9:57 – Okay, fine. I have to give them props. Even if I still find them boring & kind of annoying, at least this episode kind of made me buy Kate’s love for Aaron & made me understand, sort of, why she went back. If anything, it makes more sense, at least tangibly, than why Jack went back.

9:58 – In the jungle, Sawyer & Kate are marched until they run into Richard Alpert, who immediately recognizes Ben. Kate says they need him to save his life. Richard says that if he takes him, he won’t ever be the same. His innocence will be gone. He’ll always be one of Them. Kate still wants Richard to take him. One of Richard’s men thinks Richard should asks for permission, in case “Charles” finds out. “Ellie” is also mentioned…so Ellie (Hawking) & Charles (Widmore) are still around, here in the 70s? Richard doesn’t answer to them. (Well, he didn’t, in the 50s at least. Wonder what changed where he might.) Sawyer & Kate leave & Richard takes lil’ Ben through the jungle into a house. (Cabin?) Seriously, what’s going on here?

10:00 – In 2008, ol’ evil Ben stirs. Locke is standing over him, we’re where we left off a few episodes ago. Locke welcomes Ben back to the land of the living. Ben blinks in confusion. Did he just remember that all this happened, like Desmond remember Daniel Faraday’s message after waking up on the boat?

10:00 – You know what? Despite how boring the O6 were earlier this season, I’m kind of digging these flashback episodes where we fill in the blanks around what happened leading up to everyone getting to the airport. I mean, the flashbacks themselves are still kind of boring, but I appreciate the thoroughness. I just hope these are not all back-to-back. Also, I’m still waiting on those promised Miles & Daniel-centric episodes, y’all.

10:01 – Next on Lost, Ben broke the rules! Ben will be judged! Something comes out of the jungle! Smokey, is that you??!


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