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Live-Blogging Lost 5.10 He’s Our You March 26, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Lost, Sayid left the Island & became an assassin for Ben. Then the O6 became the O5, got on a plane & became the O3, but really the O4, with Jack, Hurley & Kate in the 1970s playing Dharma recruits courtesy of the Juliet/Sawyer long con special, Sayid a captive & in contact with young, creepy Ben Linus, & Sun stuck, with old, creepy Ben Linus, in the present. Although, to be fair, she also has Frank Lapidus, whose sheer awesomeness makes the entire situation not so bad for her, IMHO.

9:00 – We open in Iraq. Flashback, I’m assuming. Some dude grabs a kid & drags him outside. He says that he’s not a kid anymore & he has to kill a chicken like everyone else in the family. He can’t come back home until he does. The father stalks away & another boy comes up & shows the first boy a hand full of seed. He tricks the chickens into coming over to feed & then proceeds to snap the chicken’s neck. He tries to get the first kid to take the credit, but the first kid isn’t the sharpest animal killer on the farm so he doesn’t. So the father comes over & congratulates the kid who did the trickin’ n’ killin’. It’s Sayid, of course, he’s always been this gifted at death.

9:03 – In Dharma time, lil’ mass-killer-in-training Ben brings Sayid another sandwich, but Sayid hasn’t been eating. Ben gives Sayid a book also & asks if Richard sent him. Ben tells Sayid that he ran away & joined the Hostiles a few years ago. He’s been patient. If Sayid’s also patient, lil’ Ben can help him. This is just awesome, thinks Sayid.

9:08 – Flashback. Only I don’t know that we can call it that when it technically happened later in time than when they are now. Also, when there’s no little wind-whooshing flashback sound effect. In Moscow, some guy frantically runs into a hotel room. He tries to open a safe, but Sayid the Assassin storms in & shoots him. Sayid leaves & walks to another building. Ben is waiting outside. Sayid asks where they’re going to next, Ben tells him he’s done. He’s killed everyone who’s a threat to his family. Turns out, these were all people in Widmore’s organization. Sayid is lost without this mission. And without killing.

9:10 – Back in Dharma-time, Radzinsky opens Sayid’s cell door & Horace walks in with ominous pliers. But al he does is cut off Sayid’s bindings. Horace wants to know what’s with the handcuffs Sayid was wearing when he was in the jungle. Is he trying to defect from the Hostiles? Or is he simply a spy? Sayid says nothing. Horace tells him he has an hour, or else they’ll be taking this conversation to the “next level.” Horace’s interrogation talk sounds a lot like couples therapy.

9:12 – In James & Juliet’s love shack, Juliet stares out a window while bacon burns on the stove. Sawyer tries to act like nothing’s up, but Juliet knows better. She knows “this” is over. Him & her. Their life. Playing house. Sawyer tries to tell her he’s got it under control. She’s afraid Sayid’s going to say something. Just then Horace comes to the door. He’s pissed about Sayid & the non-talking. Sawyer says Sayid will talk to him & stomps off.

9:14 – Sawyer stomps into the prison & demands that Phil go to lunch so he can conspire with Sayid in private. Sayid demands to know how Sawyer can live here with lil’ psycho Ben. Sawyer says he can help Sayid, comes into the cell & clocks him in the jaw. Sayid’s like, um, WTF man?! Sawyer wants Sayid to say he wants to defect. He says he’s got a good life here, in Dharma, & if Sayid says something, it’s all gone. Either Sayid cooperates, or he’s on his own. Sayid’s like, well then, ciao amigo.

9:19 – That closet Heineken commercial is AWESOME.

9:20 – In the Dharma cafeteria, Hurley brings over some food. Jack reports that Sawyer didn’t say anything about Sayid. Kate says she’ll try Juliet. Hurley says that probably won’t work, since Sawyer & Juliet are together. I mean, isn’t it obvious? And didn’t you guys see it coming? THANK YOU, Hurley. Come on, like they didn’t project that since Sawyer walked all shirtless out of the ocean while she was getting drunk on the beach in last season’s finale. Somehow, Kate is the only person in Dharmaville who didn’t know this. Even Jack figured it out, you know, when he visited the house they lived in together.

9:21 – In the prison, Sayid talks to the janitor dude who is mopping up & snarking. It seems like he might be a defector himself. Just then, lil’ Ben shows up with another sandwich & the janitor freaks out & grabs him & makes him cry & it actually seems like Sayid might try to defend the little sociopath. Almost.

9:22 – Flashback. In South America, Sayid works at his Habitat for Humanity job. He turns around & there’s Ben. He found Sayid just by looking. He tells Sayid that Locke is dead & he thinks he was murdered. Well, he’s not lying… Ben tells Sayid that Sayid is in danger. He tells him that there’s a man sitting outside Hurley’s mental institution. Sayid doesn’t understand why Ben would think he would go kill him. Ben says it’s who he is. A killer. Sayid’s like, um, not by choice, dude! Ben’s like, oh, my bad, I just thought, what with the non-stop killing in your life & all…

9:25 – At the prison, Sawyer & a couple of other dudes come in & Sawyer gives Sayid one last chance to say something before zapping him with a stun gun. The Dharma-ites take Sayid in the van to a clearing with a campsite. Disturbing music plays on the phonograph. An older man, Oldham, comes out. He’s wearing glasses & looks extremely creepy. Actually, he’s creepy here, but the actor played a nice, drunk, semi-crazy homeless man witness who befriended Crews on one of the best episodes of Life last season, so I’m a little disoriented as to how I’m supposed to feel about him. Sawyer tells him that “he’s our you.” The Dharma-ites strap Sayid to a tree. Oldham tells Sayid there are side effects to what he’s giving him. They force Sayid to eat something. He looks freaked. So does Sawyer as Oldham says that Sayid will talk now.

9:32 – Flashback. On the mainland, it’s back at the scene at the port where Ben & Jack try to convince the rest of the O6 to go back to the Island. Sayid leaves with the threat he gives Ben & we cut to a bar where Sayid is drinking away. The woman sitting next to him is Ilana! She seems to be hitting on Sayid because of the expensive drink Sayid’s drinking. She orders a rare steak & moves closer to Sayid. Sayid tells her he quit his last job because he’s trying to change, even though he was good at his last job. Ilana tells him he can relate. She gets him to buy her some of that expensive scotch. Ilana is boring, even back then.

9:35 – Back in Dharma time, Sayid is totally out of it. Oldham starts asking questions. Sayid tells his name & says he was in the handcuffs because he’s a bad man. He also says he a) is not a Hostile, b) came on a plane, c) has been on the Island before, d) knows “Sawyer,” e) knows a bunch of information about the Dharma stations, including the one that hasn’t been finished yet, & f) knows they’re all going to die. PS: The reason why nobody probes further about Sawyer or about the stations is because crazy paranoid Radzinsky acts super crazy & paranoid through the whole thing. But anyway, Oldham & co. wisely follows up on the whole “you’re all going to die” comment & Sayid says he knows because he’s from the future. Which, brilliantly, makes him sound delusional & Oldham thinks he gave him too big of a dose. Sayid giggles cause the dose was perfect & it’s just that Lost is a crazy freaking story of crazyness. That is ironic. Also, I love that more information just came out in that scene that in like the first three seasons combined.

9:38 – Juliet shows Kate around the mechanic station. She deduces that Kate knows about her & Sawyer. There’s a bit with Juliet telling Kate to stay away that was in the promo, but it’s again taken completely out of context & is about 70-75% less awkward than it sounds. Ah, ABC promo department. Everybody hates you, you know that, right? Don’t think we forgot that Rob Lowe is totally not dead on Brothers & Sisters either.

9:40 – Just then, the van comes back with Sayid bound. Later that night, there’s a town meeting of sorts. Radzinsky argues for death to Sayid, Sawyer argues against. Radzinsky threatens to “call Ann Arbor” to make a decision if they don’t vote. Amy speaks up & says that they need to get rid of Sayid one way or another if they want to sleep at night. Horace says okay, they’ll vote. A lot of freaking people vote for Radzinsky’s solution. Sawyer is the only one who doesn’t, but finally has to put his hand up under pressure. Death to Sayid it is.

9:46 – Flashback. Sayid & Ilana make out & stumble into a hotel room. Just as he’s taking off her boot, she kicks him in the mouth & pulls a gun. Ilana tells him she was hired by one of the families of one of the dudes he killed to bring Sayid to Guam & pay for what he did. Sayid’s like, touché, you got me. That was good, you totally got me.

9:48 – Sawyer comes in to the prison & tells Sayid to punch him, take his keys, try not to kill Phil & escape. Sayid tells him he’s good where he is, despite the imminent death part. Sayid knows exactly why he’s here now, is the thing. Sawyer thinks he’s out of his mind & leaves. At his door, he turns around & walks to Kate’s house. She’s surprised to see him. She comes outside & he asks her why they came back, since Sayid’s started with the “I have a purpose” talk. Kate doesn’t know why everyone else came back, she only knows why she did. If she was about to say “You are,” I probably would have thrown up.

9:50 – But just then, a flaming Dharma van comes barreling through the village. It rams into a house. Kate helps someone away while Sawyer runs around, yelling commands. Sawyer complains at Jack that there’ve been no fires for three years & the O4 were back one day & all hell breaks loose. Sawyer yells through the radio that there’s fire & everyone needs to come help. Predictably, Phil jumps up & sprints away, leaving the prison conveniently clear for lil’ psycho hoodie-wearing Ben to come see Sayid. Sayid recognizes that Ben’s father hit him & broke his glasses. Ben says that he hates it here. If he lets Sayid out, will Sayid take him with him? Sayid says yes. That’s why he’s here, actually. He doesn’t add TO KILL YOU!!, which is impressive.

9:57 – Flashback again. At the airport, Ilana leads Sayid to the gate where Jack, Hurley & Kate already are. Sayid, panicked, asks Ilana to take the next flight, but Ilana isn’t having it. On the plane, Sayid is pissed to see Ben board. He then overhears Jack telling Hurley that if he wants to “get back,” he needs to let Ben board. Sayid demands to know if Ilana is working for Ben. He gives a minute-long monologue that boils down to “Ben = Evil” & Ilana says no. What kind of sick, twisted individual would work for someone like that. Sayid’s like, funny you should ask…

9:58 – In Dharma time, lil’ Ben lets Sayid out. They run & are possibly seen by someone in a Dharma van. Sayid tells Ben to hide, but it’s just Jin in the van. He tells Jin that Sawyer let him out, but then a signal comes on the radio. Jin seems suspicious. He starts to call LaFleur, but Sayid knocks him out. Lil’ Ben tries to get him to go, but Sayid just turns quietly & says Ben was right. He is a killer. Sayid takes out a gun (Jin’s?) & shoots lil’ Ben smack in the middle of the chest. Ben falls, but I didn’t see any blood, so I will go ahead & assume someone has once again failed to kill someone else on this show. Although, since it was Sayid, it actually is pretty surprising.

9:59 – The other reason Ben can’t be dead would be that little thing called Faraday-says-you-can’t-change-the-past-let-alone-kill-someone-who’s-supposed-to-be-around-still-thirty-years-from-now. Explanation please!

100:00 – Next Wednesday, Jack tries to play hero again, but again sucks at it! Someone let the prisoner out! It was one of them! The O3 are under house arrest! Hey, no one discovers the body of lil’ dead Ben? What’s going on with that whole space-time continuum thing anyway?


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