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Live-Blogging Lost 5.9 Namaste March 19, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Lost, there was a hiatus & I was so confused as to what to obsess over my entire life. Also, the Left-Behinders got stuck in the 70s & actually do a great job getting Dharmalized. Sawyer, for example, hooks an awesome job as head of security, gets to wear a snazzy jumpsuit AND is apparently in LOVE(!) with Juliet! But then, as always with this show, Kate has to fall out of the sky & ruin everything. Lame.

9:00 – We open on a plane. It’s Ajira flight 316. The O5 are sitting around moping. In the cockpit, Frank Lapidus endures his co-pilot talking about Hurley being an O6 member. Just as Frank is dismissing Hurley’s bravery, the turbulence starts. Frank still looks super weird without his Kenny Rogers beard. In the back, Hurley tells Caesar to fasten his seatbelt. Frank’s like, aw crap. The plane shakes & the screen goes white.

9:02 – Still in the cockpit, Frank & the other pilot are still there. The flash is over & the plane is failing. Frank somehow saves the plane from crashing right away onto the Island & then they see a runway. Is it the one the Others were building in season 3 perhaps? Frank guides the plane down & it violently crashes onto the island. An island. Not sure which one. Frank wakes up, covered in blood. The co-pilot is dead. Frank jumps up, freaked out, & goes to the back of the plane. Caesar wakes up a shaken Ilana, who is dismayed to see that Sayid is gone. Frank finds Sun, but neither of them know where the others have gone. Neither does Ben, who shows up behind them. Frank is not surprised to see him, or maybe he’s just in shock. Ben looks at them like maybe he’s going to eat them. PS: where are the people who were in coach?

9:05 – Thirty years earlier. Whoa! Okay. So the plane & Sun & Frank & Ben stayed in the present & the O3, Jack, Hurley & Kate, time-jumped to the 70s where the Left-Behinders are. Where’s Sayid? After a moment, the O3 greet Sawyer awkwardly, except for Hurley, who is ecstatic to see that Sawyer is alive. Aw, I love Hurley. Sawyer can’t believe Locke did it, brought them back. Jack breaks the news that Locke is dead. Hurley finally gets around to asking why Sawyer & Jin are wearing Dharma unis. Sawyer asks Jin why he didn’t tell them, Jin responds in perfect English that he was waiting for Sawyer. Sawyer says that they’re in the Dharma Initiative. In the 1970s. Hurley: Uh…what? HA! Exactly, Hurley!

9:07 – Floating title text of doom.

9:10 – Jack & the crew confirm that the same time has passed since they left on the chopper as on the Island. Miles calls Jin on the radio & asks what’s going on. Jin says they have to get going before someone sees them. Hurley’s like, whoa, your English has seriously improved dude. Heh. Jack asks what about the other people on the plane? What other people? Oh, you know, this, that…Sun. Jin takes off. He’s going to find Radzinsky & see if he saw the plane. Oh yeah, him. You might remember him as the guy Kelvin worked with before he worked with Desmond. He eventually blew his brains out all over the Swan station ceiling. Sawyer tells the O3 to just stay put until he can figure out how to bring them in. The O3 is like, okay…not like we got anything else going on.

9:12 – Juliet runs in in her dark blue uni & asks Miles what’s going on. Miles looks the surveillance & finds Sawyer on the screens. He’s back. Juliet finds him in their house, digging through clothes. Sawyer breaks the news that the O3 are back & Juliet is freaked out/devastated. Sawyer keeps moving until he realizes that Juliet looks like she’s going to throw up. Sawyer says he’s got to figure out how to bring them in without screwing up what they’ve got. Juliet looks up at that. She says there’s a sub coming in today. They look at each other, light bulbs of conspiracy going off in their heads

9:14 – Jin runs to a station & Radzinsky is pissed to see him. Jin ignores him & demands to see the radar logs. He wants to know if a plane landed on the Island. Radzinsky is pissed that Jin would think he wouldn’t say something, but Jin pushes him against a wall & just yells at him to call the other stations. Radzinsky does & then demands to know WTF Jin is freaking out about. Shoulda learned some acting with that English, Jin.

9:16 – Flash…something. Sun is staring at Jin’s wedding ring. Aw. They’re not even in the same time. They’re not even close. Frank gathers the troops & tells them that they can’t get anyone on the radio so they should just wait for help. Caesar wants to go investigate the building & bear cages instead. In the background, Ben sneaks off. Sun follows & Lapidus notices. Sun’s running around in the jungle when Ben finds her. He asks why she’s following him. Sun asks where he’s going & he says back to “their Island.” “Want to come?” he asks. Evil stare.

9:22 – Juliet walks around in New Otherton & picks up a clipboard from where Amy is sleeping in a hammock. Amy wakes up & Juliet covers by saying that she doesn’t want Amy working today. Juliet picks up Amy & Horace’s baby. Amy says they’ve picked a name…Ethan! OMG! HA! Juliet’s mildly horrified, but manages to stay mostly calm while answering awkward questions about her & “Jim” having a baby.

9:23 – Back with the O3, Kate asks Jack if he knew they were going to be on Time Travel Island. Nope, Mrs Hawking didn’t mention that, that’s for sure. Sawyer arrives back in the van & tells them the plan with the sub. Sawyer passes out the clothes & tells them to hurry the hell up & forget about the other people on the plane since there’s not going to be this opportunity to take them in for six months. The O3 get the program, figuring out that maybe they should listen to the hot man in uniform.

9:25 – In Radzinsky’s station, Radzinsky pissily says that everyone’s checked in & there was no plane. He does, however, see a motion detection alert…there’s a Hostile inside the perimeter. Jin takes off with the rifle. He runs into the brush & find…Sayid! They are delighted/confused to see each other. Sayid doesn’t know where Sun is, but just then, Radzinsky comes up so Jin has to pretend to hold Sayid at gunpoint & threaten his life. This is going to be such an awkward reunion luncheon.

9:30 – Sawyer drives the Dharma van with the O3 in it. Hurley mentions the little thing called the Purge & aren’t they somewhat worried about that? Sawyer says Faraday has some theories about what they can & can’t do. Jack’s ears perk up at the mention of Faraday & asks if he’s here. Sawyer says…not anymore. In the words of Hurley…uh…what?

9:32 – At New Otherton, there’s a party going on welcoming the new recruits. Sawyer tells the O3 that Juliet’s hooked up the list so they’ll be on it. He says to just act kinda drugged & take their job assignments. If anyone asks questions, he’ll “have their backs.” No one reacts to this since Juliet’s not around to get the joke. Just then, Miles drives up in another van. He’s freaked out to see the O3, but Sawyer just tells him they’re new recruits. Miles tells him Jin’s on the radio about a Hostile in the perimeter. Sawyer’s mad, but when Radzinsky gets out of earshot, Jin tells him it’s Sayid. Sayid, PS, is getting locked in a closet. Man, he really got the raw end of this deal.

9:34 – In the jungle on the other island, Sun asks Ben if Jin is on the other Island. Frank catches up with them & tells Sun she can’t trust Ben. Sun says she has to & follows Ben to the boat he knows is there. At a coast, Ben uncovers a canoe. Frank tries to talk Sun out of going, but Sun tells him to go with. Ben taunts him but as he’s talking, Sun knocks him out with an oar. Frank’s like, but, what about the trust? Sun’s like, yeah, I lied. LOL, Sun.

9:41 – Jack & Kate are watching the orientation video with Pierre Chang. Just then the actual Pierre Chang calls Jack’s name. He asks some questions about who Jack’s driver was coming in & he pulls out of the air “LaFleur.” Pierre assigns him his job…janitor! Jack & I snicker. I hope Juliet got to pick that. Meanwhile, Kate is standing out awkwardly & Phil walks up & acts pissed that Kate’s name isn’t on the list. Just then, Juliet comes up with the “new list.” She greets Kate & welcomes her to the Island. Kate accepts, looking weirded out & not at all like she wants to be there. How is Phil not more suspicious?

9:44 – Sawyer drives up & meets Jin, who says that Sayid came out the jungle in handcuffs. Sawyer goes in & Radzinsky says they can end this right now…by shooting him. Sawyer wants to actually talk to the guy first. Jin takes him out & Sayid is freaked to see him. Sawyer roundaboutly gets Sayid to say he’s a Hostile & Sawyer tells Radzinsky they’re taking him in. Radzinsky’s still being a total jerk about this, but Sawyer tells him to shut it. It’s a good idea since basicaly Radzinsky’s a total jerk about everything.

9:46 – On the other island, Frank & Sun are on a port. Oh wait, this is probably the actual Island. They notice some trees rustling loudly. Sun says it’s just an animal, but it seems like it’s probably the Smoke Monster. It’s dark out & Frank & Sun walk to what appears to be New Otherton, although it looks abandoned. A sign’s falling down. A door with the Dharma logo opens with bright light blocking the view of who it is standing there…it’s Christian Shephard. Figures. When there’s a dark shadowy figure on this show, it’s always like Christian Shephard, or Ben, or Charles Widmore. Well, it could technically be just about anyone. There’s a lot of shadowy figures on this show. Sun calmly asks about her husband & Christian says to follow him.

9:53 – Still with the Ajira group. Christian takes them into a house. Sun asks about Jin again & Christian finds a photo on the wall. It’s a group photo of the new recruits…the O3 are there, looking awkward. Christian’s like, as you can see, Jin’s not available right now.

9:54 – Cutting to the 70s, where they’re taking the pic in Dharma time, Phil is taking the pic. He gets a call from Sawyer saying they’re taking the prisoner in. Sawyer & Jin arrive with Sayid in handcuffs. The O3 gawk at them. Sawyer & Phil lead him down to a prison & lock Sayid in. But Sawyer says to bring him some food. Nice guy, he is

9:56 – At night, Jack is walking around in his Dharma uni. He runs into Phil & asks where James LaFleur’s house is. Phil points the way, but says that he doesn’t like being called James. Predictably, at “LaFleur’s house,” Juliet opens the door. Jack looks stunned & delighted to see her & they hug. She’s smiling & looks lovely. Jack is confused since he thought this was LaFleur’s house…oh, it is. Touche. Jack looks even more confused. Dude, it’s not THAT crazy a concept, Jack.

9:58 – Sawyer is sitting there, reading a book. Juliet leaves the boys alone to talk. Sawyer tells Jack he’s working on where to go from there. Jack is all sarcastic. Saying really, cause it looks like you’re reading a book. Sawyer goes into full-on oh-no-you-di’nt-mode since he just spent the whole day, you know, SAVING JACK’S LIFE AND ALL. He says that this is just how he rolls, cause he’s in charge now & it’s different than how it was when Jack was in charge, since all Jack ever did was get everyone killed. He says he’s just going to sit back, read his book & figure out what to do his own way. Is that cool with Jack? Jack’s like, yeah, okay, & leaves. Sawyer follows him out the door, and as he walks away, he feels Kate watching him. He puts a hand up in hello. She sort of smiles, but mostly looks like she doesn’t know what to think. I totally wanted Juliet to come out & get Sawyer to go back into the house just now.

10:00 – At the prison, a boy walks in & tells Phil he’s taking the prisoner food. The boy goes in & hands Sayid a paper bag. He asks Sayid if he’s a Hostile. Sayid tells him his name is Sayid. The kid says his name…is Ben. Sayid does not look the least bit surprised. Of COURSE it is, he seems to be thinking.

10:01 – Next week, more UST! Everyone figures out that Juliet & Sawyer are together even though they were never trying to hide it! Sayid maybe gets executed but I’m going to say no since he’s a main character! Fires! Fighting! Survivor vs survivor! Every man for himself!


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