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Live-Blogging Lost 5.8 LaFleur March 5, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Lost, The O5 + Locke & & Ben & Lapidus & some new characters I still suspect are evil return to the Island. Locke, reincarnated, realizes that an injured Ben is the one who killed him. Meanwhile, back with the Left-Behinders…I’m sorry, who? I don’t know this “Sawyer” you refer to. Oh, those people we haven’t seen for like 15 episodes despite the fact that their story is like 800 times more interesting the O6 storyline. Those Left-Behinders. Anyway, they’ve been jumping around time & Charlotte died from the temporal displacement. Also? Jin found Jack, Kate & Hurley after they appeared on the Island. Double also? He is dressed like a Dharma worker & driving the Dharma van. Touche.

9:00 – We open in the scene after the flash that forced Locke to fall off the ladder into the clearing with the frozen donkey wheel. We pick up when Sawyer was holding onto the rope in the ground by Charlotte’s well. Miles & Juliet realize that they must be really far back in time because there’s a statue! A giant statue! FOUR-TOED, I BET!

9:02 – We’re back with Locke, turning the donkey wheel. When he does, the fabulous four up on the surface go through a violent…flash? Not-flash. Like an earthquake, Miles notes, although they are still in pain. Maybe still a flash though, since the well is back. But filled in, so it’s after when it was built, I guess. Juliet suddenly notes that her headache is gone. She thinks Locke did it, he stopped the jumping. They’re going to just sit around & wait until Locke gets back. For as long as it takes. Um, why, exactly? Why can’t they go about their business?

9:04 – Three years later, somebody readies a tape machine. Man, I hope the fantastic four weren’t seriously just still hanging out by the well all this time. A guy in a Dharma uniform dances with a girl. The girl’s name is Rosie & the guy is Jerry. Another guy comes in & is annoyed that they are screwing around. Just then, Rosie sees somebody on one of the security monitors. It’s Horace Goodspeed! They watch as he stumbles drunkenly around in the dark & lights a blast that sets the grass on fire. The guys shue Rosie out of the room & panic about telling “LaFleur.” They finally decide to do it & run into New Otherton. They knock on LaFleur’s door &…Sawyer(!!!) opens the door! He’s annoyed to hear about Horace & grabs a Dharma uniform with “LaFleur” stitched on it & goes. DUDE!

9:09 – Still nightime in New Otherton, Miles, also in a Dharma uni, pops out of a house & cheerfully jumps in the van with Sawyer. Sawyer calls him Amos. They’re surprised to hear about Horace, since he doesn’t drink. After finding him in the field, Sawyer takes him back to his wife, Amy. She’s pregnant. Uh oh. Not a good history of that on this Island. Sawyer wants to know why he was drunk. Amy, who calls Sawyer “Jim,” tells him they had a fight about “Paul.” Suddenly, Amy starts having stomach pains.

9:12 – Three years earlier, guess they didn’t stay by the well after all, because the fantastic four are walking back & find Daniel, who is crying & in his own world. Juliet asks where Charlotte is & Dan says she’s dead & when the flash happened, her body disappeared. He says she “moved on” & they “stayed.” Sawyer is stunned to hear that they are no longer jumping through time. Daniel says, whenever they are now, they’re here for good. He’s incoherent & mumbling & it’s a total bummer because he’s clearly not quite with it. Besides Juliet, the fabulous four do nothing to indicate concern over either Charlotte or Daniel. Aw. Come on, Miles.

9:13 – Sawyer wants to go back to the beach. Miles decides this is a terrible idea. They argue about it for a while, then go when Juliet backs Sawyer. They start hiking & Juliet tells Sawyer it was a stupid idea to go to the beach. Heh. She only agreed so they could get going. Heh, Juliet, sometimes I heart you so much. And I totally want you & Sawyer to get together before Kate gets back.

9:15 – Suddenly, the group hears gun shots. Sawyer gets out the rifle & they find a clearing where a group of men are freaking out over a woman who is crying & apologizing. Miles asks Dan if they should interfere, since the rules he talked about before say they can’t change what’s already happened, & Dan says it doesn’t matter. The men pull a hood over the woman’s head & she’s terrified. We note that they’re standing over the body of another man, on what appears to be a picnic site. Sawyer breaks out the rifle & kills the men & takes the hood off the woman, who is Amy, from before. He says she’ll be okay. She asks…who are you? Well, dang, I didn’t know there was going to be a quiz, thinks Sawyer.

9:21 – At the site, Amy mourns over one of the men, who’s either injured or dead. Juliet puts the time frame in the 1970s or 80s because of the Dharma uniforms. Amy is still freaking out. She begs them to bury the men, because of “the truce,” & wants to take “Paul” back. Amy says “Paul” was her husband. Sawyer lies to her that their ship shipwrecked on the Island. He agrees to bury the bodies & take Paul back. As they’re walking, Juliet has to yell to Dan to stop walking. He’s almost walked right into the sonar fence. Juliet tells Amy to disarm it, which she does after much reluctant prodding. Sawyer makes her walk through first, which she does & nothing happens. The Left-Behinders walk through…& immediately get struck down by the sonic force that’s so not shut down. As they writhe around, Amy takes out her earplugs. Sneaky, that one.

9:25 – Back to three years later, Amy is in tons of pain. A doctor tells Sawyer she needs a C-section. He can’t do it. Usually the women go to the mainland to give birth. Sawyer rushes out & grabs Juliet, who is working as a mechanic under a car. She’s wearing a uni that has her actual name on it. He has to prod his way into getting her to agree, what with her long history of pregnant-women-dying-under-her-care, I can’t really say I blame her hesitation.

9:27 – Back with Amy, Juliet starts shouting out orders & Sawyer tells the doctor they’re acting on behalf of Horace. As Juliet gets to work, Sawyer walks outside & PS: his hair looks absolutely terrible in this scene. Seriously? They’re in semi-civilization in the Barracks & somehow his hair looks worse than when he was hanging out on the beach? Come on. Jin comes up. He asks about how long they look for Locke. Sawyer says as long as it takes. Juliet comes out, tears of joy in her eyes…the baby (a boy) is fine! Amy is fine! Everyone’s fine! What the hell?

9:32 – Present day Sawyer wakes up to Horace. Horace says he’s grateful for what Sawyer did for Amy. Sawyer says that his name is James LaFleur, or Jim. Horace says Jim’s “crew” said he was the captain of the ship. Sawyer says that they crash landed & washed ashore. When Horace asks what ship, Sawyer says the Black Rock. Whoa! Horace says in the morning, he & his people will be put onto the submarine & dropped off in Fiji. Sawyer wants time to “look for the rest of his crew” but Horace says the only people allowed here are Dharma Initiative people & he’s just not Dharma material. He doesn’t have “it,” I guess.

9:35 – Outside in New Otherton, Dan, Miles, Juliet & Jin sit around, discussing their fate. Juliet points out her house from when she was an Other. She tells a little about how the Others took over the Baracks after the Dharma died off. Jin confirms with Daniel that there will be no more flashes. Dan is still looks melancholy. Suddenly, a little girl with a pretty red dress & pretty red hair runs around, holding her hand out to Dan. He’s amazed, thrilled, says her name, “Charlotte.” Hard to tell if he’s really seeing her, or if he’s seeing things, or if it’s just some other little girl, like little red-headed girls are just running around the Barracks all willy nilly. Maybe it’s Annie? Although, now it makes sense why Charlotte described Daniel as a scary man…when he saw her, he was still so wrecked with grief from her death, he was probably pretty incoherent.

9:35 – Sawyer is brought back. He tells them about LaFleur, which he just made up on the spot, & that they’re getting punted out via submarine. Miles doesn’t think that sounds bad at all. Yet, he wanted to stay before, remember?

9:36 – Just then, an alarm sounds & there is chaos. The Dharma people run about with guns & make the group go inside. As they look out the window, they see someone come up with a torch, which he sticks in the ground. He walks into the light & it’s Richard Alpert. Of course. Inside, Juliet looks at Sawyer, who is all like, now what? Seriously? Really? Give me a freaking break.

9:42 – Richard stands on the lawn & Horace exits his house to talk to him. He knows who Richard is. Richard says that the sonic fence keeps other things out, but not “them,” meaning the Hostiles. Richard wants to know why they broke the truce & Sawyer broke it because he killed two of their men. Horace bounds into the house, demanding how well Sawyer buried the men. Sawyer wants to go explain himself to Richard. He goes outside & tells Richard pretty much exactly what happened, truthfully. Richard realizes Sawyer is not Dharma & asks who he is. Sawyer sits down & asks Richard if he buried Jughead like he was told to. Surprised, Richard says he did. Sawyer also tells him how Locke came into camp & then disappeared. Richard believes that Sawyer isn’t Dharma, but says he still needs some payment for the men Sawyer killed. Hmmm…

9:46 – Inside the house, Amy is still looking forlornly at Paul’s body. Sawyer enters & Horace goes over to Amy & tells her that to keep the truce, they had to tell Richard where the bodies were buried…and they have to give him Paul’s body. Amy gives it up & takes a wooden cross from the body before leaving. Horace tells “Jim” that if he wants to stay & look for his crew, he can stay until the sub comes back in two weeks. Sawyer, very sincerely, thanks him. It is so weird that he’s bargaining to STAY on the Island.

9:48 – Sawyer goes outside, where Juliet is sitting by the water where the sub is. He’s happy about the deal for two weeks, but Juliet wants to leave on the morning sub. She says that Locke went to go save them, but they’ve already been saved because the flashes have stopped. Sawyer can’t believe she’s leaving him with “Mr. Mad Scientist” & “Mr. ‘I Speak to Dead People’” & Jin. Aw. Poor Jin. Also, how does Sawyer know what Miles does? I’m mad we missed that conversation. Eventually, via much flirting & pretty smiles from Sawyer, Juliet agrees to stay for two weeks with him. Aw, man, Juliet. You should really know by now that you should always try to get off the Island while you still can.

9:50 – And three years later, OF COURSE, still in New Otherton, Sawyer picks a yellow flower & takes it to a house where Juliet is cooking. He gives her the flower & they kiss…& declare their mutual love! ZOMG!

9:51 – It actually makes perfect sense. There’s no other way to explain how they could possibly get to a point where they genuinely care about each other. But of course, that means nobody cares about this relationship.

9:56 – Still in the three years ahead period, Sawyer is there as Horace wakes up. He’s totally hung over. Sawyer tells him about how Amy had the baby & it’s a boy & he totally missed it. Horace tells him he was looking for a pair of socks & looked for one of Amy’s & he found the cross necklace she took from Paul & that’s what they were fighting over. Horace knows it’s stupid, but asks if three years is really enough time to get over someone. Oh, telegraph much? Sawyer of course launches into the Story o’ Kate. He says he used to lay awake every night, thinking about her, but now he can barely remember what she looks like. He says that absolutely, no years is definitely enough time to get over someone. Oh, we’ll see about that, dude.

9:59 – Juliet & Sawyer are sleeping when the phone rings. We know it’s Jin. Sawyer tells him to meet him in the north alley. Sawyer, wearing ridiculous glasses, tells a now-awake Juliet he has to go, without telling her why. Dude, not cool. This is going to be an issue, I feel.

10:00 – Sawyer, in a blue car, waits for the Dharma van. Jin drives up & Hurley, Jack & finally, Kate get out. Oooooh, dude. Sawyer = totally not over a certain someone even though it’s been three years. You’re in troubbbbbbbbbbble!

10:01 – Two weeks from tonight, the survivors unite! Or not, since their existence totally blows a huge hole in the giant lie that Sawyer told to keep Team Left Behind alive in Dharma-World for three years. So maybe they’ll shoot Sayid…hey, where’d he come from, anyway? And I’m going to go out on a limb here & say…UST is in our future.



1. Spanic - March 5, 2009

I have to say that Lost is making less and less sense every episode. The writers keep adding these storylines that are backed up by nothing. It seems like none of the characters are really aware or care about how bizarre of a situation they are in. Why does John Locke need to die in order for the Oceanic 6 to come back to the island? Why do they need to come back to the island to save the others? Why do none of the characters ask any questions? I mean, we havn’t even really gotten a clear answer on what The Others were dong on the island, and Juliet is one of them. Why dosn’t she tell them in detail who exactly The Others are, what they were doing on the island, and all the details that she knows about the island. Why don’t the rest of them try to get more answers from her. Who are the Dharma initiative? Its obvious that they are doing research and stuff, but I just find it really strange how Sawyer and people don’t just ask them wtf is going on? It seems like none of the characters care about getting answers anymore. This show is pissing me off. Anyways, if you missed tonights episode, check it out online here…


…and try to see if my rant makes any sense to you.

2. Paul Prescod - March 14, 2009

It has annoyed me since season 1 that the characters are not very inquisitive. How many times did Jack insist that nothing supernatural was happening in the face of enormous counter-evidence.

But it’s like asking why so many bad things happen to doctors at ER’s County General hospital. It’s just necessary for the kind of show it is. There must be drama in a drama. There must be mystery in a mystery. Lost is a mystery. If the characters asked and answered questions in depth, then there would be no mystery left.

My question is why the Left-Behinders are so content to hang out with the Dharma folks when they know the purge is coming? Even if they had some way of knowing that they were safe for a few years, it would still be pretty morbid to integrate yourself into a community that is doomed to extinction. Also, where is Boy Ben Linus? Shouldn’t he be there?

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