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Live-Blogging Lost 5.5 This Place is Death February 12, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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8:59 – Trying out live-blogging again. Previously on Lost, Charlotte was time travel sick, but was feeling better, Juliet (NO!) & Miles (NOOOOOOO!) also got nosebleeds. Dan thinks it has to do with their time on the Island. The O6 start gathering to go back to the Island, but touché, Sun has a gun. And back on the farm…Jin is ALIVE! And hanging out in the past with a young, undead, pregnant Danielle Rousseau!

9:00 – We open on Sun, still in the car, watching Ben, Jack & Kate. She gets a call from her mom with Ji Yeon. She tells her kid that she met a new friend (i.e. Aaron). She takes the gun and gets out of the car. Over at the group meeting, Ben notes once again that Aaron is not Kate’s son. Sun comes over & starts waving the gun around, saying that Ben is the reason Jin is dead. Ben goes, hey, guess what? Not dead! And I can prove it. Touche, thinks Sun & Jack.

9:03 – On the Island, in the past, with the French people & Jin. One of the French people has a radio, which is broadcasting the Numbers. Jin is freaked out since Daniel’s not around to explain the Island time skipping situation. He is told that it is way in the past & he wants to go to the camp. The French people talk him into taking them to the radio tower first. One of the French people is clearly Danielle’s significant other. I’m going to go ahead & make up a name for him now…Pierre. Jin tells Danielle he wants to go to the camp because he thinks his wife is there.

9:06 – In the jungle, Danielle feels some pain but is okay. She is seven months pregnant & convinced it’s a girl. PS: one of the French people is missing. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Smokey? Is that you??

9:07 – Floating title sequence text of creepiness.

9:10 – I feel like Better Off Ted seems like a good concept, but I haven’t seen a funny scene in those promos yet.

9:10 – Back from commercials, Jin tries to get the French people to run away from the scary Smoke Monster. They find the missing girl but are attacked from Smokey. Crazy horror movie chaos sequence. Random French guy, who may or may not be Pierre, is dragged away by Smokey & the rest of the group try to keep him from getting swallowed. Eventually, they actually pull off his arm. It’s gross. Not Fringe gross, but gross. They hear the guy’s voice down in a cave & the French people try to go after it. The voice says Smokey’s gone, but Jin knows better. The French people go in, but Jin keeps Danielle out (so she lives…but doesn’t her group actually die of the sickness?). Just then, there’s a flash. Of course.

9:14 – Jin is alone, although the ripped off arm is still there. So I guess it’s not that far into the future. The trees are covered with hieroglyphics in the bark. Jin is looking kinda worse for wear, but then again, he pretty much drowned like 5 seconds ago. He makes it to the beach where stuff is strewn everywhere & there’s a fire burning. Nobody is in sight. Jin finds a music box & a violin. The camp kinda looks like the survivors, but there’s no telling. He spies two dead people lying on the sand & hears voices. At least Jin knows enough to stay hidden in the brush as he looks to see who it is.

9:16 – It’s Danielle, holding a gun on Pierre. She is yelling that he’s been changed. Pierre confirms he is the father of her baby. PS: She is still pregnant. She lowers her gun & Pierre totally picks his own gun up & pulls the trigger! Luckily, the guns jams. Awkward! Now Danielle totally has to shoot you. She does & when she sees Jin, she points the gun at him too, thinking he was also taken by Smokey. As Jin turns to run, there’s another flash. The flash takes longer this time, skipping a little & the sound takes a few more seconds. Jin falls over in pain. This…probably isn’t good.

9:19 – When Jin gets up, he has a gun pointed at him by…Sawyer! Sawyer is thrilled to see him alive (probably thinking if Jin made it, maybe some of the others on the freighter/chopper [i.e. Kate] did). The rest of the group arrives, but Sun’s not there. Jin wants to know where she is. Everyone looks around awkwardly. Well, we thought she was with you…and we thought you were dead…so, you do the math…

9:22 – Miles wonders where Jin came from. He, Charlotte & Daniel are sitting off to the side. For some reason, Dan isn’t explain the whole record skipping thing to Jin, instead, Sawyer is bumbling through it & finally Jin gets fed up & comes over to the Science Team group & demands that “you” translate. Everyone looks at Miles, who obviously doesn’t speak Korean. Charlotte is forced to reveal that she does. She explains to him that they have to go to the Orchid in order to figure out how to get the O6 back. In a moment of realism, Jin doesn’t understand why they would want to bring his wife back to this godforsaken Island.

9:24 – Speak of the devil, in the O6 present, Sun’s freaked out by Ben’s saying Jin is alive. He tells them that there’s someone here in LA that will help them get back to the Island. Sayid & Kate will have none of that & leave. Sun stays & Ben offers to take her to, presumedly, Mrs. Hawking.

9:26 – Back on the Island, Jin wants to know how Locke will leave the Island. Jin wants to go, but Locke doesn’t think it works that way. Meanwhile, Dan & Charlotte are walking along. She’s still not looking so hot. She jokes that the only other language she speaks is Klingon. Actually, that makes less sense. If she knew lots of languages, then it would be because she’s an anthropologist. So either she’s lying, or she just happens to know Korean, or all languages? Huh.

9:27 – The sound comes up again & this time, Charlotte is screaming out. The flash happens & the camera goes crazy & freaks out & it’s very violent. The group barely recovers from that flash when another one happens & this one leaves Charlotte on the ground. Her eyes are wide open & she’s looking very dead, but Daniel manages to get her up. PS: Juliet & Sawyer both have nosebleeds at this point. Jin comes over & Charlotte starts blurting at him in Korean & he gets very, very freaked out & Charlotte insists, in English, that he doesn’t bring anyone back. “This place is death!”

9:32 – The fact that THIS week is the actual Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover event actually puts me off more. Lame, Superbowl-fueled false promotion y’all, lame.

9:32 – In the O6 present, Ben, Jack & Sun are in the car. Jack tries to apologize to Sun for leaving Jin behind. He says he knew Jin was down below & he should have waited. Sun thinks Jack is just telling her this so she doesn’t kill Ben, but Jack says if she doesn’t, he will. Ben’s had enough & stops the car. He says that if they knew what he was doing for them, to get them back, they would never stop thanking him. Sun says to drive on. Annnd scene. Look, just get them Hawking or whoever already.

9:34 – On the Island, Charlotte is delirious/in weird temporal dissonance & she thinks it’s another time. She’s talking about her parents. She doesn’t recognize Dan. Locke wants to go on to the Orchid & everyone agrees but Dan. He refuses to leave her, but Charlotte says to go. There’s another flash & now everyone’s like, dude, let’s get the hell out of here. Sawyer wants to know how Locke knows the Orchid will even be there, since they have no idea when they are. Charlotte says to just looks for the well. The group gets up to go, but Dan says he’ll stay with Charlotte. Miles goes with them & Charlotte & Dan are alone.

9:36 – On the way to the Orchid, Miles gets another nosebleed. Dang it! Please don’t die! They reach the Orchid & it’s actually there. Juliet is pleased, but then there’s another flash & it’s not. Ha. Sawyer’s like, gee thanks. Locke looks around & sees the well. Miles is confused about how Charlotte knew it was there.

9:37 – Back with Dan & Charlotte. She is really distraught & tells Dan that she grew up here, on the Island, with the Dharma Initiative. She moved away with her mom & never saw her dad again. She became an anthropologist to find the Island again. She’s telling Dan this because she remembers now that, when she was little, there was a crazy man who said to leave the Island & never come back. Dan doesn’t get it, but she says that she thinks that man was him. Dude!

9:38 – PS: Rebecca Mader was really good in that scene.

9:43 – Locke lowers a rope into the well. They can’t see the bottom. Jin stops him from going. He tells Locke not to bring Sun back. Locke says he has to bring them all back. Jin threatens to cut the rope & Locke agrees not to bring Sun & the baby back. Locke says Sun might find him. Jin says to tell her he’s dead & gives Locke his wedding ring. Hey, question. How do they know this is going to get Locke off the Island? How do they not know this isn’t going to just trap him on the bottom of a well? Juliet thanks Locke ahead of time for if this actually works. Locke starts climbing. The group loses sight of him just as another flash happens. Miles goes…uh oh. Ha! Touche!

9:46 – The flash knocks Locke off the rope & he screams as he lands on the bottom. Meanwhile, on the surface, Sawyer is still holding the rope, which goes into the soil & you can totally imagine at that moment Locke suddenly physically transported into a time where the location he is at is solid earth. Sawyer’s freaked, but Juliet says there’s nothing they can do.

9:47 – With Dan & Charlotte, she’s circling the drain. She’s bloody & coughing & it sucks. Dan tells her about talking to Desmond at the Hatch. She doesn’t understand, but he’s really just trying to tell himself there’s still hope. Charlotte smiles a little at him…& slips away. Daniel is devastated. It’s horrible.

9:50 – Okay, yeah. Jeremy Davies is amazing & Rebecca Mader is fantastic. And okay, I know not everyone is as into this storyline as I am, but I really loved that scene. Think about it. Thank God he stayed, right? Can you imagine Daniel getting back & finding her gone? Or Charlotte dying alone? That would suck! And this sets up such great potential for Dan’s character. I can’t wait for him to see Charlotte again in another time.

9:52 – I’m calling Castle to be cancelled in…let’s say, 4 episodes. What’s the over/under? I mean, I like Nathan Fillion, but come on. That’s a horrible trailer.

9:53 – Back with Locke underground. He realizes he’s alone, sealed in. Or…is he? There’s someone there…it’s Christian Shephard! Making his first appearance in season 5, I believe. He’s here to help Locke the rest of the way. Christian says that he told Locke HE had to move the Island. Christian is not pleased. Locke is confused, since Ben was the one who knew how to do it & he was all about how it was like his destiny or whatever, but Christian’s like, listening to Ben never got anyone anywhere. Christian tells Locke to get all of the people who got off together & go see Eloise Hawking. (Again, what do they mean by “all of them”?) She’s going to tell them exactly how to get back. Locke says that Richard said he’s going to die & Christian says that it’s a sacrifice. Locke, still in a lot of pain from the fall, says he’s ready. Christian says all he has to do is turn what we know is the frozen donkey wheel.

9:56 – Locke turns the corner & there’s the wheel. It’s glowing light & free-moving by itself. Locke is in a ton of pain & can hardly move. He makes it to the wheel, but can’t move it forward. The flash happens anyway. As the screen goes white, Christian tells Locke to say hi to his son. Locke doesn’t know who that is. Get the important info out there first, people!

9:58 – In O6 present, Ben, Sun & Jack get out of the car somewhere. Ben gives Sun Jin’s wedding ring. He tells Sun Locke gave it to him. Ben does not hide the fact that Jin is alive. Man, he’s sneaky, that one. Sun agrees to go with him into the church. Just then…Desmond shows up! Yay! He asks what they are doing there. Ben guesses the same thing he is, but looks surprised when Des says he’s looking for Faraday’s mother. Wait, Ben didn’t know?

9:59 – Inside, Ben says hi to Eloise. Desmond turns his head, surprised to hear the name, as the last time he did, he was being introduced to Faraday’s doomed rat. Mrs. Hawking turns around & admonishes Ben for not getting all of them. He says it’s all he could find on short notice. Mrs. Hawking says that they should get started then. Annnnd scene!

10:00 – Next week on Lost, Mrs. Hawking shows them how they found the Island. And how to go back. Dun dun dun! This is getting good!


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