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Live Bloglet: Lost 5.4 The Little Prince February 5, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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And here’s a little live-bloglet from tonight’s episode, The Little Prince.

1.    It’s probably not a good thing that I was kind of totally bummed that the previouslys mostly focused on the Oceanic 6. Ah, well.

2.    “I have always been with you.” If Jack+Kate is anything, it’s that. PS: O6 Present Kate’s hair is GORGEOUS. I am SO JEALOUS.

3.    Sun’s totally hunting Jack/Ben/both. Evil!Sun is really creepy.

4.    “James. Go away.” Heh. I love the Juliet/Sawyer dynamic. Also, when did everyone start calling Sawyer James?

5.    Charlotte’s still alive! “Like really bad jetlag.” Interesting analogy. Also, I don’t get what exactly is happening to Charlotte…it doesn’t seem like it’s the same thing that happened to Desmond. Like, I feel like she would mention if she was flashing into another time in her life, right?

6.    Dan Norton’s kind of a jerk. I don’t get why Kate even came in to talk to him. I’m kind of thinking Norton is working for Sun.

7.    “Don’t you want her to come back?” That would be awfully selfish. But effective.

8.    “Who are you?” Jeez, moment of panic. Just kidding, Charlotte totally seems completely okay. “Hooray, everything’s back to normal.” HA! I LOVE Miles this season. He gets all the best lines.

9.    “Dude. I’m totally cool, I’m in LA County Lock-up.” Heh.

10.    You leave Sayid alone for one second & he almost has to murder a guy. You can’t take that guy anywhere.

11.    “We’re running out of time.” Ask some questions, Jack.

12.    Um, question. Why do all of the survivors/scientists have to go to the Orchid? OMG, beam of light, I totally know when they are. That’s totally season 1, when Locke & Desmond first unknowingly revealed each other’s existence to the other. And Locke knows not to go interfere.

13.    “I’m fine.” Meanwhile, there’s Miles with a nosebleed. Oh no! You definitely can’t kill Miles, he has like all the best lines this season.

14.    Daniel completely fails to remind Sawyer to not interact with their past/future selves. And there’s Kate helping Claire as she gives birth. It’s pretty touching though to see Sawyer’s reaction to seeing Kate. And then he loses her again. That. Sucks.

15.    Oh yeah, AND that night when Locke was at the Hatch & when Aaron was born was also the night that Boone died. “I needed that day to get to where I am now.” Where are you now, Locke?

16.    “I think it has to do with duration of exposure.” Why wouldn’t Miles know if he’s been on the Island before?

17.    I love how Sawyer’s first priority is beer. Oooh, Ajira Airways makes an appearance!

18.    “Oh, joy.” I love you, Miles, please don’t die. And there’s shooting. Touche. “I think they want their boat back!” Heh. Uh oh, another flash. Within the radius again. “Thank you, lord!…I take that back!”

19.    Did I mention how gorgeous Kate’s hair looks? And do my eyes deceive me, or is Jack graying a little along the edges? Aw. Oh dude, Dan Norton’s client is Claire’s mom! In retrospect, this isn’t really surprising, since she randomly showed up in the previouslys.

20.    I have surprisingly little interest in the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover. I think because they had to choose a time where Addison isn’t with anyone. That makes it so much less interesting. PS: I just switched over to Life…& Crews just shot someone! OMG!

21.    Dude. Jack hasn’t told Kate that he’s Aaron’s uncle? Oooh, this is going to go down at some point.

22.    “Who’s Aaron?” Eh? Confused. Oooh, Claire’s mom doesn’t know! Maybe my Sun theory will work out after all. OMG! Dan Norton is working with Ben too! But which client hired him to get Aaron? “That’s my lawyer.” Does that mean it’s Ben? Tell me!

23.    “I was close enough to touch her.” Dude, you are going to have to get over this if you & Juliet are ever going to hook up. Oooh, & Juliet’s got a nosebleed! Makes sense since besides any of the science team members who might have been on the Island before, Juliet’s been there the longest. Why aren’t people more worried about this?

24.    Wait, French? Like…Rousseau? OMG, who did the French find in the ocean?? JIN! OMG! OMG, JIN!!

25.    I think the ABC promo for Castle is so disappointing. Does anyone think it’s not going to get cancelled?

26.    “Safe from who?” That’s a very good question for once, Kate.

27.    “Cause he’s not your son, Kate.” And Sun’s there watching. Very creepy.

28.    Jin’s alive! Maybe? In a different time? Okay, probably not alive. But it’s nice to see Daniel Dae Kim, regardless. Dude, girl is pregnant. It’s totally Danielle! Come on. It has to be. She looks exactly like her. YES! I rule. “Hello, Jin. I’m Danielle. Danielle Rousseau.”

29.    Next time on Lost, “Jin’s still. And I can prove it.” Really?? How, exactly?


1. Phil - February 5, 2009

” I think the ABC promo for Castle is so disappointing. Does anyone think it’s not going to get cancelled?”

Nathan Fillion doesn’t have a really good track record here . . .

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