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Three Up and Three Down: Superbowl Ads – First Half February 1, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in advertising, sports.
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Not as bad as two years ago, but not as good as last year’s ads. Overall, very disappointing, I think. There hasn’t been one ad yet where I was like, that was great, that was a deserving Superbowl ad. But anyway, here’s Three Up & Three Down from the first half:


  • Bud Light – Conan’s Swedish Ad
    Look, when even Bud’s ads aren’t really living up to standards, you know you got a dud group of ads. But Bud’s are still better than just about anyone else’s. Just the visual of Conan in bunny ears & a red jumpsuit was good enough for me. The Budget Meeting spot was also pretty funny, even if it was completely predictable.
  • Bridgestone – Potatoheads
    Very cute & clever, they had me at the part where Mrs. Potatohead’s lips went flying down the mountain.
  • Teleflora – Talking Flowers
    It works because it’s actually kind of mean & that’s surprising. “Nobody wants to see you naked.” Heh.


  • Go Daddy – Danica Patrick in the Shower
    Okay, are there two things more irrelevant in popular culture right now than Danica Patrick & Go Daddy Superbowl commercials? Let it go, Go Daddy.
  • Doritos – Power of the Crunch & Crystal Ball
    Doritos fell flat so far, a shame because I liked what they do with UCC.
  • Sobe – Dancing
    A potentially good concept—how do you go wrong with dancing professional athletes?—gone horribly, incomprehensively wrong.

If you missed any ads, watch them here: http://www.hulu.com/superbowl


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