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Live-Blogging Lost 5.7 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham February 26, 2009

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8:59 – Previously on Lost, I missed out on blogging the O6—check that, the O5’s return to the Island. So much for “You all have to go back, Jack.” Meanwhile, back on the farm, Locke learned that he had to get all the O6 to go back & also, he has to die to do it. So he went down the Orchid, turned the frozen donkey wheel & next thing we know, he’s going by “Jeremy Bentham” & supposedly commits suicide, which we know via a note to Jack. I can already tell this is going to be one cheery episode!

9:00 – We open on a shadowy figure. It’s Caesar, the dude who was behind Jack in line at the Ajira counter at the airport. He’s in what appears to be a room with a lot of old stuff from like the 50’s. Also, there’s a random drawing of what we’ve seen to be the Dharma stations/energy fields. You might also have noted it’s also pretty similar to one of the drawings in Daniel’s journal, if you read Lostpedia, which of course I do, because let’s be real, it’s season 5, time to get serious with your mythology.

9:02 – The air marshal who was escorting Sayid, Ilana, comes in. She tells Caesar that they found a man. Standing in the water. In a suit. Who no one remembers from the plane. Caesar wonders if he is one of the ones who “disappeared.” They walk in the dark through the jungle to a campsite. Caesar greets the mystery man, who is obviously Locke. He is pleased to meet Caesar. Dun dun.



Live-Blogging Lost 5.5 This Place is Death February 12, 2009

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8:59 – Trying out live-blogging again. Previously on Lost, Charlotte was time travel sick, but was feeling better, Juliet (NO!) & Miles (NOOOOOOO!) also got nosebleeds. Dan thinks it has to do with their time on the Island. The O6 start gathering to go back to the Island, but touché, Sun has a gun. And back on the farm…Jin is ALIVE! And hanging out in the past with a young, undead, pregnant Danielle Rousseau!

9:00 – We open on Sun, still in the car, watching Ben, Jack & Kate. She gets a call from her mom with Ji Yeon. She tells her kid that she met a new friend (i.e. Aaron). She takes the gun and gets out of the car. Over at the group meeting, Ben notes once again that Aaron is not Kate’s son. Sun comes over & starts waving the gun around, saying that Ben is the reason Jin is dead. Ben goes, hey, guess what? Not dead! And I can prove it. Touche, thinks Sun & Jack.

9:03 – On the Island, in the past, with the French people & Jin. One of the French people has a radio, which is broadcasting the Numbers. Jin is freaked out since Daniel’s not around to explain the Island time skipping situation. He is told that it is way in the past & he wants to go to the camp. The French people talk him into taking them to the radio tower first. One of the French people is clearly Danielle’s significant other. I’m going to go ahead & make up a name for him now…Pierre. Jin tells Danielle he wants to go to the camp because he thinks his wife is there.

9:06 – In the jungle, Danielle feels some pain but is okay. She is seven months pregnant & convinced it’s a girl. PS: one of the French people is missing. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Smokey? Is that you??


Live Bloglet: Lost 5.4 The Little Prince February 5, 2009

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And here’s a little live-bloglet from tonight’s episode, The Little Prince.

1.    It’s probably not a good thing that I was kind of totally bummed that the previouslys mostly focused on the Oceanic 6. Ah, well.

2.    “I have always been with you.” If Jack+Kate is anything, it’s that. PS: O6 Present Kate’s hair is GORGEOUS. I am SO JEALOUS.


Notes from Lost 5.3 Jughead February 5, 2009

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Okay, so I’ve been trying to decide how I want to handle covering Lost this season. Due to my severe lack of DVR, I doubt I can do live-blogs every week. But I’m going to try a couple of different formats & settle on something. I know this is late, but here are some notes from last week’s episode, Jughead.

Lost season 5 episode 3 Jughead

  • Okay. Daniel declaring his love for Charlotte? I loved every second of it. It came out of nowhere, it was just the right amount of earnestness and, even as the awkwardness took over again when it was all over, I liked how, in the moment he said it, he was completely confident that he was speaking the truth.
  • Pretty much, I loved every line out of Miles’ mouth tonight. He was like on a roll. “A hydrogen bomb? Seriously??”
  • The Oceanic 6 did not once even cross my mind this episode. Frankly, I was a little bored by them in the premiere too. Hopefully they wrap this up quick & get them back to the Island sooner rather than later.
  • Locke meets Young Widmore on the Island! Widmore was secretly sponsoring Daniel’s research for years! Daniel somehow screwed over a girl named Theresa! Daniel & Ellie are connected somehow! Man, I just don’t even know what’s going on right now. It’s like they want us to start suspecting that Daniel is actually bad or at least he did something horrible in the past. But since I like Daniel so much, I don’t even want to know. Though I’m glad, since we will eventually find out, that we’ll do it through Desmond’s eyes.
  • So. Um. Is there a bomb called “Jughead” buried somewhere on the Island? Probably somebody should find that out.
  • I love that Desmond & Penny’s kid is named Charlie. Aw.
  • That Richard Alpert. This might be the first time we’ve seen him where he didn’t know more than the other person in the scene. Looking as youthful and as eye-lined as we remember him. Thought it was interesting he’s actually the leader during this time period. Also, when did Young Widmore leave the Island?
  • Finally, Charlotte’s in serious trouble now. You’re running out of time, Dan. And he knows it too, from that final close-up, Daniel’s face, devastated, lost (no pun intended), panicked. I really hope she doesn’t die (this version of her or otherwise), although I would understand why they would make her.
  • Overall, I don’t know why, but I didn’t love this episode as a whole. I loved a lot of little moments in it. There’s just something about this season that I haven’t settled with yet. And I really wish I had all the episodes to just blow through back-to-back.

Three Up and Three Down: Superbowl Ads 2009 – Second Half February 1, 2009

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Several quality spots early in the third pick up the pace. And what a game, right?


  • NFL SuperAd – Usama Young/Dream Big
    Like last year’s wonderful Chester Pitts ad (“Hi! I’m Chester! [CRUNCH]”), this little character piece is terrific. I really wish the NHL would do something like this. Think about it with Alexander the Great.
  • Bridgestone – Astronauts/House of Pain
    Astronauts! On the moon! Jamming to House of Pain! Discovering that aliens stole their tires! I mean, come on! Just hilarious all the way through.
  • Dennys – Thugs/Serious Breakfast
    So awesome, I can even describe it. I just love that she kept spraying the whipped cream everytime the mob boss started talking again. Also, doesn’t that crime family seem like they need to work on their descretion?


  • Cash4Gold – Heeeere’s Money
    Look, I don’t care if you did have MC Hammer & Ed McMahon & you were actually kind of funny, you don’t belong on the Superbowl. If you just use that commercial during cable programming, I wouldn’t be so annoyed that you exist. I’m just saying.
  • Vizio – Take a Look
    Why didn’t you just flush your money down the toilet? Cause you sure didn’t make an impact during your $2 million dollar ad placement ON THE SUPERBOWL. Seriously, remember when this used to be a showcase for the best creative? Why did they even bother?
  • GoDaddy – Enhanced
    Are they going to just keep going lower & lower until they reach the level of those Girls Gone Wild commercials that come on late at night? You’re allowed to reinvent your ad campaign, GoDaddy. I’ve used GoDaddy for web stuff & this is a horrible representation of a good product. Stop sinking your brand & go get yourself a new agency.

If you missed any ads, watch them here: http://www.hulu.com/superbowl

Three Up and Three Down: Superbowl Ads – First Half February 1, 2009

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Not as bad as two years ago, but not as good as last year’s ads. Overall, very disappointing, I think. There hasn’t been one ad yet where I was like, that was great, that was a deserving Superbowl ad. But anyway, here’s Three Up & Three Down from the first half:


  • Bud Light – Conan’s Swedish Ad
    Look, when even Bud’s ads aren’t really living up to standards, you know you got a dud group of ads. But Bud’s are still better than just about anyone else’s. Just the visual of Conan in bunny ears & a red jumpsuit was good enough for me. The Budget Meeting spot was also pretty funny, even if it was completely predictable.
  • Bridgestone – Potatoheads
    Very cute & clever, they had me at the part where Mrs. Potatohead’s lips went flying down the mountain.
  • Teleflora – Talking Flowers
    It works because it’s actually kind of mean & that’s surprising. “Nobody wants to see you naked.” Heh.


  • Go Daddy – Danica Patrick in the Shower
    Okay, are there two things more irrelevant in popular culture right now than Danica Patrick & Go Daddy Superbowl commercials? Let it go, Go Daddy.
  • Doritos – Power of the Crunch & Crystal Ball
    Doritos fell flat so far, a shame because I liked what they do with UCC.
  • Sobe – Dancing
    A potentially good concept—how do you go wrong with dancing professional athletes?—gone horribly, incomprehensively wrong.

If you missed any ads, watch them here: http://www.hulu.com/superbowl