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Notes From the Second Viewing: Lost Season 5 Premiere January 23, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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Without a DVR, I just missed a lot from last night’s premiere. Here’re some interesting tidbits from the second pass-through:

  • Daniel actually did explain to us my question about why the people on the Island appear to be physically jumping around time, instead of only their consciousnesses like in The Constant. He says the Lost-a-ways & the Science Team might be skipping through time, rather than the Island moving through time. Interesting. But why, if the Others are also on the Island when Ben turned the wheel, do they not also start skipping through time? Why is it only the survivors & freighter people?
  • Totally missed Charlotte & Miles’ little conversation about Charles Widmore looking for them. So they do know who was behind the freighter. Did I know this before? I think it was hinted Frank & Daniel knew. Interesting Charlotte & Miles seem to know the backstory. How long Widmore was looking for the Island.
  • Daniel calls Sawyer by his real first name. When did he have time to learn that detail? He also calls him James twice, kind of like Locke & Ben insist on calling Hurley Hugo.
  • Miles: “That chick likes me.” Hee!
  • Charlotte: “Don’t dilly dally.” Daniel: “I wouldn’t think of it.” I really, really like the Science Team. And Dan & Charlotte are SO CUTE. Please don’t kill Charlotte…please don’t kill Charlotte…
  • Desmond: “Do I know you?” Daniel: “In a way.” So…does Dan remember the time they met at Oxford? Or just when they met on the Island? Does Desmond recognize him from either meeting?
  • Can I once again say how much I enjoyed Ana Lucia’s cameo? Loving Michelle Rodriguez’s bangs, btw.
  • Heh. Did you notice Neal the redshirt who gets killed is actually wearing a red shirt?
  • Did the Island actually move in space, did we ever find out?
  • I didn’t catch this the first time but Ben was leaving Locke/Bentham with Jill & it was a butcher shop, not a deli. Heh.
  • Also didn’t notice, Vincent is there! On the beach!
  • Still loving Charladay. Rebecca Mader is an excellent actress…she has the subtlety down on Charlotte’s fear about her memory & headaches. Isn’t it interesting how Charlotte’s sudden memory loss reflects Daniel’s sudden lucidness? Did you notice, he seems much more with it so far this season.
  • Still LOLing at Miles’ “Don’t worry, it’s only been dead three hours.” I want to see more Miles talking to dead people!
  • STILL loving Hurley’s smile as the cops take him away.
  • OMG I don’t know how I missed that Mrs. Hawking in the hood at the end was tracking the Island’s “event.” There’s the time frame issue! I saw somewhere some theories that she is actually Daniel’s mother. Was there anything in this scene to back this up that I missed? Oh wait, was it the part where she’s scribbling on the chalkboard like Dan was in The Constant?

BTW. I counted seven “OMG”s & three “Whoa!”s in my live-blog. Did you guys have as many & what were the biggest ones? Did I miss any other big moments or reveals? You can hardly tell with this show sometimes.

PS: I saw the ratings. They weren’t good. Come on, people. Get with the program.



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