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Live-Blogging Lost Season 5 Premiere Night January 22, 2009

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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7:59 – OMG It’s Lost Premiere Night! I can’t even tell you how excited I am. Maybe ABC’s onto something with this spring premiere business. I mean, I’m basically forced to forget about the show for like six months out of the year, just to keep my sanity, but this really almost feels like Christmas. So. I’ve read every review I could get my hands on. I’ve watched every one of the like 14 previews ABC has sent out in the world to make my last couple of Lost-less weeks as excruciating as possible. I’ve caught up on season 4 via watching the DVDs approximately 1,600 times so far this year. I’m ready. And it’s finally here!

8:00 – Well, not actually. Actually this is just the clips show & there’s another hour to wait. Curses!

8:03 – Hey guess what? I’m still without a DVR. This should one interesting live-blog.

8:08 – Do you get the feeling some intern designed that LOST: Destiny Calls graphic in Photoshop during their lunch break?

8:45 – OMG It’s Penny! It’s Penny! Sorry, I can’t watch that scene without doing that.

8:58 – “All of you have to go back. We’re going to have to bring him too.”

8:59 – “We have to go back, Kate! We have to go back!” OMG It’s time!

9:00 – We open on a previouslys, which is kind of unnecessary, considering we just went through an hour of previouslys. But, okay, whatev. “We have to go back, Kate! We have to go back!”

9:01 – Okay, for real now, opening on a alarm clock going off at 8:15. An Asian couple are in bed & a baby is crying. The man goes to tend to the baby & plays a record like Desmond did in the Hatch at the beginning of season 2. He goes out into New Otherton, which is buzzing with people. We see that he is none other than our friend Marvin Candle, aka Edgar Halliwax, aka Pierre Chang. He goes somewhere to record a Dharma orientation video, but is interrupted by a problem at the Orchid. There, they find a problem where they were drilling to build the Orchid station. They see an image which we know is the clearing with the frozen donkey wheel that Ben turns to move the Island. Chang says not to destroy it. A man was injured during the drilling accident & as Chang walks away, he runs into someone in a Dharma uniform, who is revealed to be Daniel Faraday! YES!! Man, I love me some Faraday. Dan looks the same age we’ve seen him & looks kind of confused. Join the club, Dan.

9:06 – Back in the Oceanic 6 present, Jack & Ben are still at the funeral parlor with poor, dead Locke. Ben tells him “all this” happened because they left. Hey! Episode title! Back at a hotel, they discuss how they plan on collecting the rest of the O6. Turns out the last time Ben saw Locke was when we saw them part at the Orchid Station. When he got off the Island, Locke told Jack everyone he left behind will die unless he comes back. But of course, we still don’t know what happened. Or…maybe we’re about to find out!

9:07 – “Three year earlier,” Ben turns the frozen donkey wheel & everyone wonders what that light/noise is. The screen goes white & when we see it return, we see Locke, in the rain, minus the Others he was just standing beside. Locke is confused. Meanwhile, Daniel & the redshirts in the Zodiac raft are wondering what happened too. Daniel says they were “inside the radius,” confirming our hopes that the Zodiac was moved with the Island. But how does Dan know that’s what happened? Also, I guess this also dispels the possibility that the Zodiac picked up Jin in the water.

9:10 – On the Island, a shirtless Sawyer & (fully clothed) Juliet can no longer see the freighter. Sawyer tells her the helicopter was heading to the freighter. Bernard runs up, missing Rose. She comes out of the jungle & they are reunited. Bernard reveals that the camp is gone. The remaining beach survivors, plus Charlotte & Miles, are looking around bewildered because the camp, indeed, is gone. Daniel runs up, saying the camp isn’t gone. Um, where are the redshirts that were on his raft? Charlotte, very sweetly & genuinely, is excited to see him. He hugs her & says they didn’t reach the freighter. He asks Juliet to take him to something manmade. She suggests the Hatch. Sawyer demands to know what Daniel means/who he is. He wants to know where their camp went. Daniel: “Your camp isn’t gone. It hasn’t been built yet.” WTF?! I KNEW it! The Island totally moved in space AND time! Again, how does Dan know all this already?

9:14 – Back in O6 time, Kate & Aaron are eating when the doorbell rings. It’s two severe looking lawyers. Kate refuses to let them in & they explain that they’re there to get a blood sample from her & Aaron to figure out their relationship. The lawyers won’t tell her who their clients are & threaten Kate with coming back with the sheriff. She closes the door in their face & goes to pack a bag. She grabs a gun while she’s at it. “Where are we going, Mommy?” “We’re going on vacation, baby.”

9:16 – Shirtless Sawyer Update: Yep. Still shirtless. Juliet asks why he jumped from the helicopter, he avoids all emotional issue. Daniel comes up & hilariously tries to get them to move faster. Sawyer demands an explanation (after asking Dan for his shirt…heh), but Daniel says it’s too complicated to explain, even to a quantum physicist, let alone you. So, Sawyer slaps him. Ha! Finally Dan explains as best he can that the Island is like a skipping record, skipping through time. He says what Ben did at the Orchid has “dislodged” them through time. Um, hey…how does Dan know that Ben did something at the Orchid? Everyone who was at the Orchid is either off the Island or Locke. Nobody in the group asks him any questions. Daniel is surprised to hear that not everyone in their group is accounted for. Because Locke is still God knows where.

9:17 – There he is. Getting almost hit by a crashing plane. Dude. That is so totally Mr. Eko’s brother’s drug smugglers’ plane (the one that Boone died falling from, back in season 1)! I’m calling it right now. Yep, indeed, Locke finds a statue of the Virgin Mary that fell out of the plane, which we know are filled with heroin. Locke goes to find the plane & demands to know if anyone is there. Hey, I just realized, they totally avoided the paradox problem by having them go back in time this far. Locke climbs the tree to get to the plane, but is shot at. By…Ethan! Whoa!

9:24 – Back from commercial, Locke tries to explain to Ethan that he knows him. Ethan is just freaked out. He says that Ben appointed him as his leader. Ethan thinks he’s crazy & goes to shoot him, but then, there’s another flash! Oh jeez, I can see how we’re going to be really confused.

9:25 – It’s now nighttime. Sawyer: still shirtless. He calls Dan “Whiz Kid” while asking him when they are. Dan unhelpfully says they’re either in the past or the future. Touche. I’m no quantum physicist, but I could have guessed that.

9:20 – Back in O6 present time, Sun is at an airport. She goes up to an Oceanic counter, where an attendant immediately realizes who she is & locks her into a back room. Where Charles Widmore is waiting. He says she disrespected him. He’s interested in their “common interests,” which Sun reveals are to kill Benjamin Linus. So I guess Ben’s the second person she blames for Jin’s death?

9:25 – Still in O6 present, Jack is now clean-shaven & ready to go. Ben is watching TV where there’s a report that Hurley has escaped. Meanwhile, Hurley & Sayid are at a drive-in fast food place, where they pick up food & Hurley encourages Sayid to eat more comfort food so he doesn’t have to go around killing people. Heh. At a motel, Sayid reveals that he’s been working with Ben. Hurley is incredulous. Sayid realizes that someone’s in their room & immediately kicks their butt & throws one of them over the balcony to his death. He goes after the other & goes for a gun, but is shot by tranquilizer darts. He plays dead for a sec, but then comes awake & keeps fighting. Meanwhile, Hurley has found the gun. He is photographed with the gun looking over the balcony at the body. Nice going, Hurley. He goes inside where Sayid has successfully killed…someone. And then he passes out from the tranquilizers.

9:35 – Still night on the Island, Juliet, Shirtless Sawyer, Daniel & crew arrive at the Hatch. Which is still blown up. Dan notes this means they’re at a point in time after the flight crashed. Sawyer wants to go back to the camp. Dan says it’s pointless since there could be another flash at any minute & Juliet says they can go back & warn the survivors not to go to the boat. Dan says that’s also pointless. Cause they can’t change the future. Sawyer asks “Danny Boy” how he knows this. Good questions, Sawyer! Cause he wrote everything he learned about the Dharma Initiative down in his journal. Why’d he do that? Oops, the time for follow-up questions is over. Anyway, they can’t stop what’s happening. Sawyer asks who can. Long look of significance.

9:37 – Cut to Locke, who is shot. He gets something to bandage his leg. He spots someone with a torch coming toward him & grabs his knife. It’s Richard Alpert. Who knows who he is. Richard tends to his leg. Richard says that Locke “told him” there was a bullet in his leg. Or he will. Locke asks him “when” he is. Richard says he didn’t go anywhere, Locke did. What the hell does that mean? Richard pulls out the bullet. He says they need to go over a couple of things cleaning the wound before Locke “moves on.” He gives him a compass. Richard says next time he sees him, he won’t recognize him. Whoa. Richard knows when the Island’s going to go! He tells Locke that the only way to save the Island is to get the O6 back. Annnnd flash!

9:41 – It’s daytime again. Richard is gone. Locke is back under the drug plane. And he’s got the compass. Does that mean he’s back to where he was before this last flash? Cause he went somewhere else to get something to bandage his leg before. I don’t really get how these flashes work.

9:46 – Juliet & co. look at the Hatch at night. Annnnnnd flash. Daytime. They look at the Hatch & it’s totally not exploded anymore. They haven’t found it yet. The science team people ask expository questions about what’s in the Hatch & the survivors explain about Desmond. Cut to look of recognition on Dan’s face. Didn’t Miles & Charlotte also meet Des, when they were in the clearing with the chopper?

9:48 – Sawyer can’t take it anymore & marches off. He tells them he’s going to get supplies to get Desmond out of the Hatch. Dan goes after him to tell him it’s not a good idea. He pleads with him that Des didn’t know him when he came out of the Hatch, so they can’t meet now. Nobody asks him how he knows this. Sawyer pounds on the Swan Station door while Dan continues to plead with him. He grabs Daniel by the lapels of his collared shirt & yes, the skinny tie is still intact. Everyone Sawyer cared about died on Dan’s boat. Juliet gets Sawyer to back off & head back to the beach, regardless of whether anything’s there. Actually, I totally agree with that. I’d much rather be on a beach than in the middle of a jungle where random animals & a smoke monster hang out. Anyway, Miles follows them but Dan & Charlotte lag behind.

9:50 – Dan looks oddly at Charlotte. She’s got a nosebleed. Dan freaks out, but covers it for her. He sends her off ahead of him, then runs back to get his journal. He’s frantic. Charlotte’s totally got the time travel sickness thing. Whatever he reads causes him to go back to the Hatch door. Where Desmond! In a Hazmat suit! Comes out with a gun! And he doesn’t recognize Daniel. Dan tells Des that the “rules” don’t apply to him because he’s special. A flash is starting, Dan can sense it. He yells at Des that everyone on the Island is in great danger. His name is Daniel Faraday. If Des really gets off the Island, he’s got to go back to Oxford & find his (Dan’s) mother(!). Before he can tell Des her name, the flash starts up & OMG! OMG! Des wakes up in the O6 present with Penny. He quickly realizes that he wasn’t dreaming just now. He was remembering a memory. Turns out Des & Pen are on a boat. Des runs on deck & starts preparing the sails. “Where are we going?” asks Penny. “Oxford” is the answer. YES!!

9:55 – Annnnnnd end of episode 1.

9:59 – Three years ago. Someone grabs some beers & heads on the deck of a ship. Hey! It’s Lapidus! Hi, Frank! He’s on the Searcher with the O6 & Penny right after the rescue. The O6 are discussing whether to lie. Jack gets Frank to agree to go along with the whole charade. Hurley is reluctant, but even Penny says that there’s no stopping her father. Hurley tries to get Sayid to also tell the truth. Sayid sadly tells him they have to lie. Hurley solemnly says that one day, Sayid will need his help & he’s not getting it. Whoa. That’s like totally dark, dude.

10:00 – In the O6 present, Sayid is passed out in the car. Hurley ties to get him to wake up, but instead, swerves in the road & gets pulled over by a cop. OMG!! It’s Ana Lucia! And she’s not real!! And She knows she’s not real! She tells Hurley to get it together & get new clothes & take Sayid somewhere safe. Hurley thanks Ana Lucia & she puts on her sunglasses & starts to walk away. She tells him, in her single most awesome moment on the show, that Libby says hi. Aw, Libby.

10:08 – Back on the beach, there is definitely no camp. Bernard & Rose try to make fire. They bicker & bicker & bicker. Sawyer finds a redshirt named Neal’s shirt. He finally talks Neal into taking it. Heh. Sawyer walks over to where Juliet is hanging out by the Zodiac. They note that Daniel is back from talking to Des in the jungle. He’s been gone for two hours, which he covers up by saying he got lost. Wasn’t there a flash? Weren’t they worried he got attacked by the Others or Dharma people or whoever? Juliet says they should go out in the Zodiac & try to find something. Dan says that’s a terrible idea, what with the crazy entering/leaving the Island “side effects.” He’s got to recalculate the bearing to leave, but to do that, he’s got to figure out where they are in time. In the meantime, Juliet & Sawyer will go find water & Miles says he’ll find them food. Don’t worry about how, I’m sure the dead people will tell him.

10:10 – In the O6 present, Hurley tries to wake up Sayid. He puts some sunglasses on Sayid & goes inside a convenience store to buy some stuff. The clerk almost, but doesn’t recognize him while he asks basically as suspicious as possible. Hurley manages to buy an ugly yellow shirt without incident.

10:11 – Also in the O6 present, Kate & Aaron are also driving randomly. She gets a call from someone who she wants to go meet. It’s totally Cassidy, y’all, I’m calling it right now.

10:14 – Ben & Jack. Ben’s packing. He tells Jack to pack everything he wants in life because he ain’t coming back here, friend. Meanwhile, Ben will go move John’s casket. He’ll pick Jack up in six hours. Only he says it in that crazy Ben way of his that suggests that nope, not going to pick Jack up in six hours, that’s for sure.

10:15 – Hurley’s dad makes himself a sandwich & goes to watch TV…he watches Expose! OMG, HEE! Sadly, we don’t get to hear someone say “Razzle Dazzle!” Someone knocks on the door & it’s Hurley, carrying Sayid on his shoulder & wearing his ridiculous shirt. Hey Dad, he says.

10:17 – Story coming up on the nightly news over here in LA…people are lining up for the opening of a new 99 Cent store. Look, times aren’t that hard, folks. Have some pride!

10:20 – Hurley takes Sayid inside & tells his dad how he’s wanted again. You know, this is kind of a stupid place to hide from the cops & dangerous criminals. Come on. Never go to a family’s house. On cue, the cops show up. Hurley’s dad agrees to cover for him & he gets rid of the cops. He’s pleased to learn that Hurley didn’t kill three people…Sayid did. Hurley’s dad continues to try to get them to go to a hospital or doctor. Hurley knows what to do. I bet I know.

10:22 – Kate & Aaron at a hotel. They go to the top floor where they find…not Cassidy! It’s Sun!! Jeez. Nice one, producers.

10:24 – At what appears to be a deli, Ben takes a number. The girl at the counter knows Ben. She tells him everything’s in place & is surprised to hear Jack’s cooperating. PS: The girl’s name is Jill. And she’s got to keep “him” safe.

10:25 – Back on the beach, Bernard finally sparks up a fire, then immediately blows it out. Neal whines at them & Rose sends him off for a time-out. Meanwhile, Daniel is sitting on the beach. Charlotte comes & brings him a mango. They cute at each other cutely. She tells him that she’s been having a constant headache & couldn’t remember something earlier. Dan tries to play it off, but Charlotte sees how he’s avoiding eye contact & asks if he knows what’s happening to her.

10:27 – Dan is saved by Miles coming back to the beach with a dead boar. Everyone’s incredulous as to how he came upon this convenient miracle. He asks for a knife & Neal the redshirt freaks the hell out. They don’t have a knife! They don’t have anything! They don’t even have fire! At that, predictably, Neal the redshirt is killed by a flaming arrow. Of course. The survivors look up & see a hail of flaming arrows coming right at them.

10:31 – We pick up & the beach is definitely being attacked by flaming arrows alright. Some redshirts are killed & Dan pulls Charlotte away with him. She is knocked down & he comes back to grab her. Juliet stops to help a fallen redshirt & Sawyer bravely runs back to grab her. They run dramatically out of frame.

10:33 – Hurley is dismayed to see that the cops are not, in fact, stupid & are staking out his dad’s house. Hurley’s dad wants him to tell him the truth, but his mom discovers Sayid’s non-breathing body. Hurley gets his dad to help him get Sayid out, via the old “ducking down in the car while someone else drives” trick. He suspiciously waves at the cops as he passes by.

10:35 – Sun is looking totally fab. I loooove that top, Sun! Aaron is passed out on the couch, looking kind of dead, actually. Someone should probably check on him. Oh, there he is, moving. Kate tells Sun about the lawyers coming. Sun thinks the fact that they were all legal & stuff means they aren’t interested in revealing the lie. They just want Aaron. Sun asks Kate is she wouldn’t do anything she had to to protect Aaron. Kate indignantly asks what kind of person Sun thinks she is, as if she didn’t literally tell her she’d save her husband & then didn’t like three years ago. She tells her that Kate is the kind of person who makes hard decisions when she has to. Flashback to Kate totally letting Jin die on the freighter. Interestingly, Sun does not blame Kate. She asks how Jack is. Speaking of Jack…

10:37 – Hurley’s dad meets Jack & shows Jack Sayid’s unconscious body. Hurley’s dad lets Jack do what he wants with Sayid (take him to the hospital), but after, he’s gotta stay away from Hurley. Jack takes Sayid & makes a run for it. He calls Ben & tells him about their Christmas miracle.

10:43 – Hurley is still at home, hanging out with his mom. He tries to explain what kind of person Sayid is. His mom only cares about the fact that the news thinks he killed those people. She wants to know how this could happen. After more expert mom prodding, Hurley out & blurts it out. They lied. When Hurley starts explaining everything, it sounds ridiculous. But it is a pretty accurate recap. Heh. He tells his mom that the rest of the people on the plane are still on the Island. Well, that’s not exactly true, now is it, Hurley. I mean, like three people died in that last action sequence alone! So you’re like barely even lying anymore. Hurley’s mom says she believes him. Hurley’s definitely torn up & it’s excellent acting on Jorge Garcia’s part.

10:46 – Juliet & Sawyer are hiking through the jungle. Um, where is everyone else? Sawyer steps on something & disgustingly has to pull it out of his foot. They hear something & hide. The people appear to pass, but then Juliet is pulled up by her hair. It’s some dudes in Dharma uniforms. They want to know what they’re doing on their Island. Touche! When was this flash? I guess when Dan was talking to Desmond? Why didn’t anyone say anything?

10:50 – Why is every other ABC promo like professionally produced except Nathan Fillion’s Castle? And what’s with that horrible logo? I mean, come on. I would watch anything with Nathan Fillion, but even I think that’s going to be cancelled like immediately. I mean, does it even have a ABC webpage?

10:51 – Jack has Sayid in a hospital somewhere. He hooks him up to machines & tries to wake him up. Suddenly Sayid wakes up & starts choking Jack. He lets him go abruptly after doing some minor damage. Jack explains the situation. Sayid interrogates Jack about whether anyone else knows where Hurley is. Jack’s like…um…only our mortal enemy.

10:52 – Ben shows up at Hurley’s house, where he’s cooking a Hot Pocket, in a dirty microwave…it’s boiling lava hot, cause he almost throws it at Ben. Ben sweet talks around a little until he hits Hurley’s button, which is never having to lie again. He smiles a little, but then Hurley says “Never, dude,” & sprints for the cops, still staked out outside. He grins as he confesses to four counts of murder & is read his rights as Ben looks on in dismay.

10:55 – Back on the Island, still at night, the Dharma people are interrogating Sawyer by threatening to cut off Juliet’s hand. Suddenly, someone takes out one of the Dharma people, letting Juliet grab the gun. She points it…at Locke!

10: 55 – Hey, question: Isn’t killing those Dharma people changing the past/future? This Island time traveling thing is so confusing because it’s not like in The Constant, where Desmond’s consciousness was going between his physical bodies, which were where they were supposed to be during both of those time periods. The survivors aren’t supposed to be in Dharma time…they are physically transported there. Confusing!

10:56 – Somewhere, sometime. Oh, wait, it’s in a Dharma station because it has the crazy old computers. Someone scribbles on a chalkboard, then plays with the computer. A pendulum swings. Then a hooded figure comes up some stairs, where Ben is lighting candles. The hooded figure is facing away from us, but takes off her hood, so we can see her white hair. Because I have read spoilers, I know this is Mrs. Hawking from Desmond’s season 3 episode. She actually seems to intimidate Ben because he desperately asks for more time from her to gather the O6. He says he lost Hurley tonight. What happens if he can’t get them all to go back? She looks at him…well, then God help them all. Yep. Still confused. This is definitely Lost alright.

10:59 – This season on Lost, Charlotte’s unconscious with lots of blood! Everyone’s in danger! Desmond’s the only one who can help! They all have to go back! Screaming! Drums! Drama! I can’t wait!!



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