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Five Winter Premieres I’m Most Desperately Looking Forward To: #1 Lost January 19, 2009

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I know this is a little late, but here’s my top pick for the 5 Winter Premieres I Am Most Desperately Looking Forward To. Happy Winter Premiere Season!

For a more complete list of winter premiere dates, see Kristen Dos Santos’ comprehensive list on E! Online.

#1 Lost

Premieres Wednesday, January 21 @8pm on ABC

Can I just say? I was doing just fine. Seriously, I have made it through like seven-and-a-half months of Lost hiatus hell without actively thinking about the fact that ABC has made the break like nine freaking months long. Sure, every once in a while, one of those pesky unanswered questions would come up & taunt me, but I was doing FINE. Then, December rolled around & ABC started with the relentless teaser promotion campaign & it got to the point where you couldn’t watch anything on ABC without The Fray mercilessly assaulting your eardrums. And then I got the Lost season 4 DVDs from my parentals for Christmas, & I have this uncontrollable urge to watch them all the time. Also, around this time is when ABC decided to fork over screeners for the first two episodes of season 5 to critics & bloggers, which meant I would spend the next week scouring every media platform I could find that would let go of a tiny piece of the puzzle. All of which means I am suddenly completely immersed in Lost & I CAN’T STAND IT!

And now, it’s finally here & I’ve blocked off my Wednesday for this & OMG can this possibly live up to expectations? The great thing is: I think it can. I mean, this isn’t just any TV show. This is Lost.

PS: My top 3 most fascinating upcoming plot developments gleaned from the previews & media reviews (WARNING: May contain minor spoilers):

1.) Faraday Explains it All
We kind of already suspected this, but turns out Daniel Faraday knows, like, a lot. About stuff that’s happened, stuff that will happen & best of all, he apparently knows what happened when the Island moved & by extension, WTF is going on here. How psyched am I that the premiere is reportedly a Faraday-centric episode—or as much as it can be one with our new timeline structure (but more on that later). It’s easy to see why the producers went after Jeremy Davies, cause Daniel Faraday is totally awesome. I was happy to see that he will be reunited (rather sweetly) with Charlotte.

2.) Flashbacks Are SO Two Seasons Ago
First, there were flashbacks, which Lost maybe used better than any other show, but that certainly didn’t make them any less commonplace. Then, there were flashforwards of some of the survivors(!) leaving the Island(!!!), which was much more awesome. Also, sometimes last season it took a while to figure out whether you were watching a flashforward or a flashback, & in the case of the requisite Jin & Sun episode, there were both. And then now, the word is it’s not even going to be that coherent. Cause the Island totally moved in time AND space, y’all.

3.) “Alive” is Again a Relative Term, Like “When”

The fates of certain folks-in-peril—Jin, Claire, Michael—are in the air. But since we know that Michelle Rodriguez, aka the controversial & very much dead Ana Lucia, will be returning, & not necessarily just in a flashback, we know that “dead” means little to Lost. Daniel Dae Kim, who I have loved sinced he played that rat Gavin on Angel, is supposedly like a semi-regular this season. Hopefully that doesn’t mean like Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been a semi-regular on Grey’s Anatomy this year.

Okay, seriously, Wednesday needs to come like NOW. Come on, hurry UP!

PS: I will try to live-blog the premiere, but my living situation is kind of complicated still. Regardless, you know I’ll have something to say about it at some point. :o)

Stay tuned for the rest of my winter season preview & drop me a comment to let me know what new & returning shows you’re looking forward to most.


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