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Live-Blogging Heroes 3.11 Our Father December 9, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Heroes, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Heroes, Heroes killed off one of the few remaining non-eye-roll-inducing subplots on this life-force-draining, migraine-causing, ghost of a show. Also, poor Breckin Meyer & Seth Green must have done something really wrong to be subjected to be a party to the embarrassing Hiro/Ando subplot of lameness. Double also? Apparently we’re still saving the cheerleader. Jeez. Let it go!

9:00 – PS: Gossip Girl was really good tonight. XOXO!

9:01 – We’re still with Claire & Hiro, watching Kaito give baby Claire to HRG. Claire realizes who Hiro is. They both see totally adorable little kid Hiro, sitting there, playing a video game, with his adorable suit & adorable glasses. In broken English, grown-up-but-not-really Hiro asks to use the restroom. I am so tired. Meanwhile, as Kaito leads little kid Hiro away, he says, “Mamma,” causing Present Hiro to freak out & want to go looking for his mom. Who is his mom, anyway? I don’t remember if we know. Present Claire follows Present Hiro downstairs where we see little kid Hiro hug a pretty Japanese woman, who is apparently sick & can also apparently speak English. She tells Kaito that she is dying. Meanwhile, Present Hiro is smiling because he doesn’t understand English, while Present Claire feels awkward. Then Hiro’s mom brings up the Catalyst, which perks Claire’s ears right off of worrying about poor Hiro’s poor, dead mom. This cold open is like really long.

9:04 – I felt like that paragraph was like interminable. Kaito tells Hiro’s mom that he’ll get Noah to bring baby Claire back. I guess so they can inject the Catalyst in her? So confused. Just then, little kid Hiro notices a sick dove in the cage in the room. Hiro’s mom takes it in her hands & kisses it. Ick. Apparently, she’s rocking like Linderman powers & the bird immediately gets better. Both Hiros are delighted. Hiro’s mom does not seem to know what she did. Present Claire & Present Hiro both immediately realize a bunch of stuff & talk over each other, but basically, Present Hiro wants to get his mom to heal his brain & Present Claire wants to stop them from injecting her with the Catalyst. I just think this entire messing-with-the-past thing is a bad idea. Haven’t you guys seen Volumes 1-3?

9:06 – Meanwhile, in Costa Verde present day, Sylar is sitting around on the beach covered in blood. He gets a call from Arthur, who is mad because he hasn’t been delivered one invincible girl yet, as ordered. Sylar is still mad because he bought the whole Arthur-and-Angela-are-totally-not-your-parents thing that Noah sold him. Sylar wants the truth. He scrolls through the phone…whose phone? Elle’s? His own? Confused. Anyway, he stops at a Sue Landers. He says he’ll find the truth from one of them, he bets. Arthur is like, whoops.

9:07 – Sylar hangs up & pours gasoline on Elle’s dead body. Touche, where’d he get that gasoline? What a useful beach he is on. He lights Elle up with her own power. Way to ensure that one of the most popular actresses on TV won’t be making future appearances on your show, producers. I guess she can, but it’ll be in annoying past-filler episodes, I guess. Then the writers can really mess up her continuality! Yes! Great plan, guys.

9:11 – We’re with Angela at Primatech. Interestingly, Peter & the Haitian have made great time getting back. Angela is telling them about the bullet in the back of the head thing & Peter should really know this by now, am I right? The Haitian & Angela push Peter to kill Arthur. Angela reveals that Arthur tried to kill Nathan. “There’s no other way.” Peter stares at the gun for about 17 hours & finally takes it.

9:13 – Tracy is at Pinehearst with Arthur. She is now evil. You know this because she is in a tight red dress. All-time Evil Indicator #2, right behind the Eyeliner of Doom. Nathan comes in. He’s somehow surprised to see Tracy. Nathan tells Arthur that he’s the leader. He’s taking over the operation & will work out of his own office. Tracy is all about this. After all, Senator Nathan Petrelli will give Pinehearst a public face. Touche, right! He is a senator. I wonder if Congress was at all worried about never ever seeing him.

9:14 – Out in the hall, Tracy’s dress is especially blinding. Nathan is pissed that she went behind his back. PS: Knox & Flint are just standing around. I thought Flint was like in a coma. Guess not. Tracy says when the formula is perfected, they can choose who gets powers. She leads him to another hall, where a formation of soldiers stand to attention. Touche.

9:15 – We’re in the past again & Present Claire comes upon Past Sandra, who is struggling with Baby Claire. PS: They did a really good job finding/creating a younger looking Sandra. She runs to help her. In the apartment, Present Claire holds & changes her past self. Oh, this is just not a good idea. Also? It’s kind of really boring. I’m just saying. Anyway, I’ll just fast forward to the significant part. Oh! And the scene is over.

9:17 – In Sue Landers’ office, it’s her birthday. She is, by the way, an attractive 30-ish woman in glasses & a blinding pink top. In her office, Sylar is waiting with a “special delivery,” which Sue, via her power, which is basically that she’s a human lie detector, immediately recognizes as not so much a special delivery as an excuse to get in her office to kill her. Sylar TKs the door close. He wants to know how her power works. Anyway, there’s a bunch of talking about how her power’s actually kind of a curse…isn’t it also the premise of a mid-season replacement show on Fox?…and Sylar TKs Sue to the wall. He tells her it’s not going to hurt a bit & she gets a terrified look on her face. Cause he’s lying. Annnnnd finger slice. Touche, Sue. She screams & then stops. Cause she’s dead. Also? Where exactly are her co-workers through all of this? I hope that if I get trapped in my office with a serial killer & start screaming, someone will maybe come see what’s up. Oh look, there they are. A couple of people come into the office & see Sylar standing over the body. …AWKWARD! Sylar TKs the door shut behind them. Okay, yeah. It’s Sylar 1.0.

9:23 – We’re back with Nathan’s Army. He’s chatting with one of the soldiers, who is played by Kyle from The 4400! So this isn’t too much of a stretch, yeah? This is just as ridiculous & we don’t even get the awesomeness of Marco! I’m really kind of pissed we never got to see Marco interact with his powers. Anyway, the soldiers were given a drug that they were told was safe. Hey! Like promicin! I totally predicted this when Mohinder was going around, injecting himself with formulas left & right. PS: Kyle’s looking a lot less like a bratty teenager these days. Maybe it’s the ugly haircut.

9:24 – In New York, Daphne speeds in with Ando & Matt in tow. Ando makes a crack about like teleporting better because it’s less windy. Oh, Ando. I wish you had your powers now. I don’t even remember why they’re here. Oh yeah, the stupid messenger. I hate this stupid storyline! How long can they possibly go off Isaac’s sketches? It’s almost like they forgot they already introduced THREE other people on this show that can do exactly the same thing. Anyway, the fearsome trio come upon an uncooperative messenger attendant person. Matt quickly deduces he’s going to have to read this moron’s mind. He does & says that not only does the guy, whose name I will now make up…Bob. Wait, can’t use that one. Chuck. Just saw Gossip Girl… Not only does Chuck know where the sketches are, but he’s skimming off the top of the messenger service. Chuck quickly decides to tell them the sketches are in the safe. They stupidly allow Chuck to retrieve them.

9:26 – And now it’s time for Amy to jump out a window because Matt has to tell Daphne what a good person she is again. OMG! WE GET IT! She’s freaking Mother Theresa! The good part is that Ando calls Daphne Nemesis again. Just then, the geniuses realize their messenger is getting away with the sketches. They’re all like, we have to get them! And Daphne’s like, I got this one. She speeds in front of Chuck, who crashes into a taxi. Daphne doesn’t even get a smart crack of it. I feel like she got short changed.

9:27 – Present Hiro is in the kitchen of his Past family’s house, because he pretended to be the new chef. He’s making a huge mess & then overhears his parents talking about how they’re going to inject Claire because Hiro’s like totally irresponsible. Past Hiro interacts with Present Hiro. Annnnnd scene.

9:28 – Still in the past, which is BTW, getting confusing, Present Claire plays with Baby Claire (telling her not to get tricked into liking some moron boy, heh) when Past HRG comes in, all suspicious. He’s huffy about Sandra letting a random strange girl watch the baby, but also spends a lot of time looking at Present Claire like maybe he knows her. Or something. When Sandra leaves the room again, HRG totally calls Present Claire out on her bluff about being the neighbor’s niece. Present Claire would suck at poker, because she just stands there for like 4 years & then goes into a commercial.

9:30 – Whoa! X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer coming soon? Cool! You know Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights is playing Gambit, right? Pretty much, I can’t wait.

9:33 – Um, Momma’s Boys? Looks HORRIBLE.

9:34 – Present Claire has stupidly showed some of her cards. She says that she’s there to protect them & says a bunch of stuff that basically spells out HEY I’M YOUR DAUGHTER 16 YEARS FROM NOW AND I’VE TIME-TRAVELLED HERE TO THE PAST TO STOP YOU FROM MAKING ME THE CATALYST, NOT THAT ANYONE KNOWS WHAT THAT IS! But somehow, HRG doesn’t get it & then the phone starts to ring & Present Claire begs him now to answer. Claire tells him that his Claire Bear is fine just the way she is. Noah likes the sound of that. He smiles a little & puts down the phone. Despite myself, I didn’t hate that.

9:35 – STILL in the past, Hiro takes Eggos to his mom. Seriously? Way to maintain your cover there, 007. He apologizes for making waffles instead of real food. Never apologize for waffles, Hiro. Waffles are awesome. Apologize for being ridiculous. Hiro’s mom says they are her son’s favorite, but she’s not hungry. She thinks Hiro seems familiar. Man, the always say that. SIGH. OMG, Hiro just freaking revealed everything to his mom. Ridiculously, she believes him, which makes me think she maybe has a brain tumor. They manage to make a dent in my cold, dead heart though & it’s cute how she is so happy to see him & how he’s so relieved to see her. She wants to know about everything in his life. He tells her he can’t remember, but wait! Don’t worry! She’s a healer. She tells him to come closer & kisses his forehead. The soundtrack tells him something’s happening. He remembers everything. His smile fades. He remembers how much he misses her. Awwww man. Heartstrings. Tugged. He tells her that his father & him came to love & respect each other & Kaito saw him become a Hero. His mom is so happy, it actually makes me forgive about 60% of his storyline right here & now.

9:39 – Anyway, Hiro tells his mom that he has to save the world again, that rascal, & asks her for the Catalyst. She says Kaito is calling Noah Bennett right now to get it to give to baby Claire. Hiro tells her he’s strong enough to protect it. She knows. This scene is filmed beautifully. The camera is always off-center, with the actors’ faces barely even in the shot, or off to one side, so we can see the spaces where they’re not. It’s lovely. I really appreciate framing like this. Anyway, Hiro’s mom touches him & starts to glow reddish-orange. The light suddenly goes into Hiro. She tells him how proud she is of him, just as she starts to fade. He is still looking at his glowing hands, telling her she was the one who taught him how to be a Hero. He looks back, but she is gone. I need a tissue.

9:45 – Peter is in the car with the Haitian. Weirdly, the Haitian now appears to be arguing with Peter about killing his father like for real, writers? Can we not have a little continuality WITHIN THE SAME EPISODE? Is that too much to ask?

9:47 – Sylar steps into an elevator. Muzak plays relentlessly as the camera pans hilariously down to reveal his blood-soaked hands, arms & clothes. There is another man in the elevator, gaping, terrified. Sylar asks if anything’s wrong & the man says no. The camera on Sylar kind of shakes, which is the effect used when Sue Landers’ power kicks in. Sylar notes that it tingles a little & again, the camera is very coolly shot, as we can still see Sylar & the terrified man, standing on either edge of the frame.

9:48 – Chuck the messenger hands over Isaac’s sketchbook to Matt, Daphne & Ando. The first page has a somber sketch of Hiro with his glasses on. The title says he’s lost in time. Ah man. Really? Does he have to be? Can’t we skip that part & get straight to the part where there’s a revelation? Daphne & Matt try to convince each other, & Ando, that Hiro will come back. Hey. Guys? Why don’t you see what the rest of the book says?? I’m just saying. They finally turn a page & it’s Claire in the past. The scene switches over to her.

9:49 – Claire looks like she’s on the roof of the Deveaux building. Hiro shows up, looking sad. He calls her Cheerleader & says they can go home. She’s surprised that he can now speak English. Just then, Arthur shows up. Man, he is SUCH a party crasher. Anyway, he TKs Claire out of the way. PS: When/how/from who did he get the TK power? It wasn’t from Sylar…oh wait, was it from Peter? But Peter got powers back in the Eclipse, right? How do Arthur’s powers work, anyway? Confused. Anyway, Arthur TKs Hiro close to him & takes his powers AND the Catalyst AND TKs Hiro off the rooftop. Sadly, at the moment, I don’t wish him dead & I really doubt he’s dead anyway, so this is completely inconsequential to everyone but Claire. Arthur comes over to her & tells her to tell Angela that it’s over, he won. Then he touches Claire & teleports her away. Can Hiro do that? Confusing. A few seconds later, Arthur also teleports away. The camera pans out & we hear/see Hiro, who is not so much dead as clinging to a flagpole.

9:50 – In the present, Matt, Daphne & Ando have apparently gotten this ENTIRE STORY in Isaac’s sketches, which are apparently not only incredibly detailed, but also really extensive & never-ending. The magnificent three figure out that Arthur has the Catalyst, which means he can complete the formula, which means he can give people powers, which means there could, theoretically, be another time-traveler, which means that it could be Ando! Thanks for laying it out, guys. Now all they have to do is find the formula.

9:51 – Back at Pinehearst, there is a transparent vat filled with what appears to be orange jello. Arthur, Nathan & Tracy walk in & call Mohinder. Arthur puts his hands over the jello & it starts to glow. Mohinder grins. Arthur is ready to change the world. Jeez, there’s another segment left? I’m SO TIRED, guys! Why is this not over yet??

9:55 – Peter & the Haitian stroll into Pinehearst & easily disable the lone guard. Man, Arthur needs to work on his security. Upstairs, Nathan wants to try the formula on one Marine before giving it everyone. Arthur senses that Peter & the Haitian are here. How? What power is that? I would say it’s Sylar’s superhearing, but Peter never got that one & besides, the writers have long since forgotten Sylar even has it. Arthur leaves to deal with the problem.

9:56 – In the hall, Arthur confronts Peter, who immediately pulls a gun. Arthur tries to reason with him via TK & other violent tricks, but the Haitian is there. He states that Peter is there to kill him, but Peter revises it to ‘stop him.’ Dude, Peter, this is no time to use euphemisms. Arthur calls him chicken, but Peter cocks his gun. I’m with Arthur on this one. Sorry, Peter.

9:57 – In the back, Nathan has Kyle the Marine strapped down. He wants to wait for Arthur, but Tracy pushes him ahead. He lets Mohinder go in to inject Kyle, who is freaked out by Mohinder’s scales of doom. Mohinder injects him anyway. Nothing appears to happen. After a moment, Kyle begins to twitch violently.

9:58 – Outside, Arthur’s strength is wearing down the Haitian, who urges Peter to just shoot his father already. Just as the Haitian is overpowered, Peter shoots, but the bullet is stopped in midair, right in front of Arthur’s head. It’s Sylar! This is awesome: Sylar asks if Arthur really is his family. Arthur says he’s his father, but Sylar’s lie-detection kicks in, which is cool because I guess I didn’t put that one together until now, & he knows he’s lying. Sylar tells Peter that he’s not a killer…but Sylar is. He lets the bullet go & it hits Arthur smack between the eyes. It’s. Awesome.

9:59 – PS: Peter’s looking very pretty in this scene, I just thought I’d mention that. Sylar walks away, saying Peter doesn’t have anything he needs & Peter sends the Haitian after him. Peter picks up the gun & stands over his father saying it’s over, as if he’d actually killed him himself. Which, I guess, he kind of did. Also, PS: the Catalyst appears to disappear. Whatever.

9:59 – In the back, Kyle is still freaking out. He breaks free of the restraints, breathing heavily & then everything stops. Mohinder asks how he feels & he stands up, threateningly. He turns around & picks up a chair bolted to the floor & throws it so hard, it shatters the glass, flies across the room & embeds in the wall. Kyle smiles & says he feels good. Annnnd scene.

10:00 – Next time, on Heroes, it’s finally over. This volume, I mean. And the Heroes are still choosing sides & finding their destiny & whatnot. Alright. Let’s get this over with.


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