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Live-Blogging Heroes 3.10 The Eclipse, Pt. 2 December 2, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Heroes, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Heroes, Amy came thisclose to giving up on live-blogging Heroes, because I don’t even think the writers know what’s going on anymore. Also, a lot of stuff happened and HRG is totally about to kill Sylar & Elle, except that, since they are the only two watchable characters right now, that would be an extremely stupid move.

9:00 – We open in the jungle, where Peter & the Haitian are fleeing from…something. I don’t remember. Also, Nathan is nowhere in sight. And? Still no powers. Touche.

9:02 – In a hospital, Shot!Claire is being wheeled into the ER. Sandra fails miserably to explain why Claire’s body is reacting badly to being hurt for realz for the first time in forever. PS: Okay. So, when Adam’s power were taken by Arthur, all the things that had happened to him previously that should have killed him if he wasn’t invincible finally killed him, right? Why wouldn’t that happen to Claire? I guess because Adam was supposed to be 400 years old & he actually simply died & decomposed of old age? Yeah, that makes sense, because Claire is suffering only the injury sustained after losing her powers. Adam’s only injury after losing his powers was his own age. Right?

9:03 – Oooh, Sylar & Elle are totally not dead, so much as they are making out on the floor of Vortex-Man’s house. They talk a bunch…& there’s the shooting! Sylar & Elle run & HRG shows up. Shooting, shooting, shooting…Elle is hit, but Sylar drags her away. HRG goes after them outside. Sylar & Elle hide in a neighboring yard while HRG yells that he wants them to be scared, like Claire was. “This ends today.” Um…awesome.

9:09 – Nathan. Apparently captured. When did this happen? There are some female French-speaking fellow prisoners chained up near him. A large man in camouflage comes in. The Haitian’s brother, perhaps? Threats, threats, I won’t let you do this! What are you going to do, you’re just a man! Etc, etc.

9:10 – Mohinder in Pinehearst. Flint is watching over him. Arthur storms in, demanding answers about Mohinder’s research on the eclipse. Mohinder yells a bunch & nothing comes out of it. In other words, it’s like every other scene with Mohinder.

9:11 – HRG is still hunting Sylar & Elle. Sandra calls him to tell him about that thing where his daughter is hurt, like for real. HRG tells her to lie to the police & promises to be right there. Only, not so much since he’s out there all alone with no partner, no powers & no plane. He spots blood on a fence & goes in cautiously. Annnnd scene.

9:13 – Matt is still staring at Daphne & her leg braces. Jeez, Matt, that’s rude. Matt stupidly asks what “those” are. What do they look like, Detective? Daphne explains her situation & tells Matt to read her mind if he doesn’t believe her. Matt tells her everyone’s lost their powers. Then they have that conversation they’ve had in like the last 13 episodes again. You know the one. Blah blah blah, Matt says Daphne’s a good person, blah blah blah, Daphne tells him he doesn’t know her, blah blah blah, good person! Blah blah, doesn’t know her! I need a diet Coke.

9:15 – Mohinder & Flint at Pinehearst. Flint asks Mohinder if he thinks Flint is stupid. Yep, Mohinder says, I do. And then, he clobbers Flint’s face. They fight, & then Mohinder knocks him out. He takes something from Flint’s pockets & flees.

9:16 – Hiro & Ando are still at Seth Green & Breckin Meyer’s comic book store. I still hate this storyline, but I really love those two. Seth Green thinks Breckin Meyer is messing with him, since he can see Hiro & Ando’s current actions played out in the latest 9th Wonders. Hey! Question! How can there still be 9th Wonders? Isaac is DEAD. Who is drawing them? And isn’t the last issue (that Isaac gave to the delivery kid who he gave his sketch book to) the one with Hiro in the future?

9:21 – Sylar & Elle have found a supermarket. They sit in the first aid aisle, & Sylar bandages up Elle. A salesperson asks if he can help them, but Sylar says, nope! We’re good! Elle says HRG has the power now, but Sylar won’t let her give up & drags her into the back of the store.

9:22 – The girl that the Haitian’s brother took earlier is about to be killed when the Haitian & Peter show up & clobber him in the head. The Haitian knocks him out. The girl worries about her sister, who is with Nathan. Wow, I hate this storyline.

9:23 – Back in the comic book store in Kansas, Matt shows up. Breckin Meyer tells them his theory, which is that the Heroes will get their powers back when the Eclipse is over. Matt sees a comic book strip that shows Daphne & goes off, thanking Breckin & Seth. I don’t even know what is going on with this subplot right now.

9:24 – I really don’t care about freaking Nathan, but he’s still all chained up next to the girl who the Haitian saved’s sister. Just then, Peter & the Haitian show up & free them, but backup arrives. Peter tells them to run, because he’s expendable, which is both stupid & nonsensical.

9:26 – The hospital staff & police have somehow let Sandra visit Claire. PS: Claire’s hair looks really weird, like she’s wearing a wig or has a really, really bad dye job. I would say it’s a nice effect for making her look near-death-via-non-healing, but since a gun-shot would have no effect on overall hair attractiveness, I’m just going to say it looks terrible & is distracting from the plot. Claire asks after HRG & Sandra lies that he’s on his way. Speaking of the police, they show up to talk to Sandra & Claire cries & whines about how sorry she is. She clearly thinks she’s going to die. If only it were so easy, Claire Bear. Suddenly, Claire codes & starts convulsing. Touche. That Eclipse better hurry.

9:27 – In the back of the supermarket, Elle & Sylar spot HRG on the security camera. He’s found them. Sylar puts Elle in a freight elevator & sends her down while she protests (calling him Gabriel). When HRG shows up in the backroom, they immediately start punching each other. While they fight (& talk), the scene is spliced with Claire getting shocked by the doctors trying to bring them back. The elevator comes back up, but Elle can’t get out. She watches in horror as HRG…cuts Sylar’s throat! Whoa! Hang on, wait a sec. When the Eclipse is over, they’ll get their powers back & he’ll heal anyway. I bet Claire is going to die too. Totally. This is just like a future episode where they can kill anyone & it won’t matter in like 5 minutes!

9:33 – Back from commercial, Claire is totally dead. Sweet! Too bad it’s only temporary. Sandra weeps as she looks at her & outside, we see the Eclipse pass. The sun shines on Claire’s dead, dead body & she gasps to life. DUH. That was fast. No nifty bullet-extraction special effect this time. How many times can they shoot Claire before this stops being interesting?

9:34 – In Kansas, Matt comes up to Daphne’s house, where her dad tells him she’s gone. Minus leg braces. Matt realizes he can hear her dad’s thoughts…& some of Daphne’s, even though the dad’s thoughts indicate she isn’t in the house & she’s not in sight. Matt tells Daphne’s dad goodbye & goes to follow Daphne’s thoughts. She is thinking guiltily while playing with a scarecrow. Matt asks her why she’s still around, since she has her ability back & can go anywhere. She’s just talking to Ray, aka the scarecrow. They talk some more about why she did what she did. Matt gets it, they’re all flawed. When it counts though, he insists, she’s a good person. Matt tells her to do what’s right, so she speeds back to the house & hugs her dad. It’s sweet, yet boring.

9:37 – Back with Peter & the Haitian army from hell. Peter is shooting away with a automatic weapon, but runs out of bullets & gives up. He throws the gun down & goes to surrender, but the Haitian & Nathan show up. Hmm. Déjà vu. I’m really tired of this storyline. The Haitian’s brother shows up & tells Nathan it’s not his fight. Nathan said he made it his fight & grabs him & flies him straight into a parked truck. Everyone realizes that their abilities are back. Peter wants to finish off the Haitian’s brother, who I really wish I remembered a name for. Here, I’ll name him…Fabio. Peter wants to finish off Fabio, but the Haitian says it’s his responsibility. Fabio mistakenly believes the Haitian still loves him, but the Haitian comes up, grabs his head &…I don’t know. I guess he’s dead. I’m confused. It’s similar to what happened when Arthur grabbed Hiro’s head. No, I don’t know what that is.

9:43 – Back with Moyawnder. He is staring at the paper he took from Flint. Then he goes to knock on Maya’s door, but she doesn’t answer, luckily. Mohinder notices the extreme scaly-ness of his hand & flees before Maya comes to the door. Aw man. I was hoping she hopped a ride back to the Dominican. Maya notices a scale on the floor & we see that Mohinder is hiding in the hall. He slips away before she sees him. Man, I kind of wish Mohinder would just freaking turn into a cockroach already.

9:45 – Back at the comic book store, which I mistakenly thought we were done with. Ando is trying to get Hiro out of the bathroom. Ooooh, my head hurts. This is not what I signed up for, writers! Seth Green, who PS: really gets around!, talks to him about saving the world & what Hiro would do, if he was the real Hiro. Seth Green says he has to believe in himself. Hiro exits the bathroom, just as Breckin Meyer makes a discovery via magnifying glass & random issue of 9th Wonders. The geeks bat around that Hiro & Claire only met once, when Kaito gave baby Claire to HRG (remember, little kid Hiro was there with his dad, playing a video game). Kirby Plaza doesn’t count, says Seth Green. Huh. That is interesting. I thought they met at Homecoming, but no, Hiro & Ando don’t get there until after Peter already got arrested. Breckin Meyer shows them that Hiro & Claire appear to be in the background, watching a scene in a random issue of 9th Wonders. He thinks Hiro has to take Claire there, to that time, to regain his memory. What? I thought Arthur took his memory, as in TOOK. Not gave him amnesia. I’m tired. Hiro asks how he finds Claire & Breckin Meyer hands over a comic, presumedly up to date to where Claire is now. Hiro says he has to go now. No, Hiro, you never have to go now, you just do it & leave poor, infinitely more watchable Ando behind. But Hiro goes & blinks away, leaving Seth Green to say this is so totally the best day ever, y’all. Love you, Seth. Maybe they could have a spin-off series about the adventures of Seth Green & Breckin Meyer as they run a struggling comic book store in Kansas, featuring their sensible Japanese friend, Ando.

9:47 – Meanwhile, Claire is back in her bed, I guess. Because the police surely wouldn’t think to look there. HRG shows up in her door. Claire is still a little bitter about the whole thing where he wasn’t there when she went & died for real. HRG tries to explain himself, but Claire thinks she’s just an assignment. She yells at him that she DIED! He didn’t know, apparently. Jeez, you’d think Sandra would have mentioned it. Anyway, he wants to know when, because…well, you know the because. HRG & Claire race downstairs looking for Sandra…who is being held by Sylar & Elle. Man, we didn’t get to see the revival scene! Bummer. HRG tries to point a gun at them, but Sylar TKs it out of his hand & pins him to the wall. Oooh, we might get instance #3 where Sylar TKs someone to the wall & doesn’t finger slice him. Claire goes for the gun, but Elle threatens Sandra with some electricity & she backs off.

9:48 – Sylar advances on HRG, who taunts him about following Daddy’s orders. Sylar says he wants what HRG has, a life with a family, but still getting the job done. He starts to hurt HRG with TK when Claire begs him to stop, saying she will go with them. Just then, HRG tells Sylar he’s not Angela & Arthur’s son. And Sylar…IMMEDIATELY LISTENS. DUDE! GET A BLOOD TEST ALREADY! If all it takes for you to believe you are or are not someone’s son is to tell you, then you could be anyone’s son. Dude. Seriously. You could be Bob’s! Which would make you Elle’s brother. So seriously, maybe go get your facts checked.

9:50 – Elle tells Sylar that HRG is lying & messing with his head. Clearly Elle can see what a gullible idiot Sylar has ended up being. Seriously, what happened to the sociopathic serial killer we saw in season 1? Anyway, HRG continues to taunt them, saying they can’t have a normal life since, well, first of all, Elle helped Sylar become a killer & Sylar killed her father. Sylar’s had enough, so he starts to finger slice HRG’s neck. HRG screams, but just then Hiro teleports in, grabs Sylar by the shoulder while calling him a bad man. Seconds later, he’s back, grabbing Elle & Claire also. “Save the cheerleader…” HRG falls to the ground & he & Sandra stare at each other. I want a divorce, Sandra’s probably thinking.

9:53 – Matt & Daphne show up in the comic book. They want to know where Hiro is, except no one knows & also they’ve finally run out of 9th Wonders since the writers remembered Isaac’s totally dead. So wait, Isaac managed to draw enough 9th Wonders to run through everything that’s happened in the last two seasons? Or did it just stop with the last one we saw in season 1 & then pick up over here? If so, that lack of continuality would drive me crazy if I was a 9th Wonders reader. So anyway, Seth Green knows a legend that says that there’s actually another 9th Wonders story. In the sketch book Isaac gave to the bike messenger. (Along with the issue he was sending to press which had Hiro in the future! RIGHT??!) Seth Green says that they need to find the bike messenger to find the story. OMG, I’m SO TIRED!

9:54 – Back with the boring Haitian & Petrellis. They reunited the almost-killed sisters. The Haitian takes them away, leaving the Bros to talk. Nathan apologizes…I don’t even know what for anymore. Nathan says he’s going to Pinehearst because he believes in his dad’s idea of giving powers to the right people. Nathan thinks they have an obligation to stop the violence in the world. Peter keeps trying to interrupt, but Nathan powers forward & eventually gives Peter this weird look that kind of reminds me of when he was actually Sylar in the future & then he flies off. Peter stares after him bitterly. I’d watch yourself there, Peter. All alone in the jungle? Do you want to borrow my mace?

9:56 – Arthur finds Mohinder staring at an unconscious Flint. I don’t even remember, when did he go back to Pinehearst? Just after the whole thing with Maya? PS: Mohinder’s scales are coming along quite nicely now. Arthur asks if Mohinder’s ready to go back to work. Mohinder doesn’t think he has anywhere else to go, what with the scales now rapidly covering his face & all. Arthur promises they will find a cure. Again, if Mohinder would just turn into a cockroach already, we wouldn’t have to deal with this. PS: He didn’t seem to mind his weirdness so much when he was cocooning people in his lab.

9:57 – Sylar is on a beach somewhere, in the dark. This whole episode’s been filmed very darkly. Elle is teleported in. Sylar immediately starts asking about the whole parental issue. Man, give it a rest, yo. Anyway, Sylar gets Elle to sit down on the sand. She’s still hurt pretty bad. When he reaches out to touch her face, she winces just a little bit. They start making out & lie back down on the beach, Sylar on top. He starts talking about how they don’t ever really change. She insists that he did, but he said that was before he got his powers back. Elle is now extremely uncomfortable & freaked out. Sylar tells her neither of them were ever going to change. She tells him he’s hurting her. He knows. Annnd finger slice. Aw. Bummer. RIP Elle. But actually? Not the worst character exit in the world. Going to miss Kristen Bell. But at least it’s looking like Sylar 1.0 is back!

9:59 – Meanwhile, with Hiro & Claire. Sigh. Really? Maybe my two least favorite characters/storylines right now. They’re teleported behind the glass n the scene in the comic book, where Kaito is giving baby Claire to HRG. Little kid Hiro is little nearby. Grown up, yet not really Hiro gives Claire the comic book so she can read the translations, live, as her dad & Kaito talk. Don’t get too close, Kaito says. Claire can’t believe it. Annnnd scene.

10:00 – Next time, on Heroes, Nathan’s army! Sides colliding! Building to this moment, even though no one, including the writers, really seem to know what that moment is! Everything will change! Yeah, yeah. That’s what you always say.


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