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Live-Blogging Heroes 3.8 Villains November 11, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Heroes, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Heroes…well, Barack Obama got elected president. Also, the series called Heroes happened. Also? Hiro & Ando are still in freaking Africa with Joe the prophet. I wish they’d stay there & never come back. Okay, not really, I want Ando to come back & find a new, more interesting scene partner. Like maybe HRG. Everyone’s cooler when they’re with HRG.

9:00 – We open in the past. Nathan & Peter are at an event with their mom & dad & Linderman. Nathan is still DA at this point. Linderman asks Nathan if he’s being investigated. Awkward! Linderman goes to Arthur & asks him what he sees in Nathan. Arthur does the Matt/Maury type mind-reading/projecting thing toward Nathan. Huh. Interesting. But neither Matt or Maury has lost their power at this point, so how could Arthur have taken it? Linderman asks Arthur to reason with Nathan one more time. Arthur says he will & if he doesn’t listen, then he’ll kill him. Touche, daddy dearest.

9:03 – In a convenience store in Memphis, Flint is flinging blue flames around. Whoa, it’s Meredith! They’re robbing the place. Flint sees someone not kissing the floor & yells at him to get down, over Mere’s objections. Flint gets closer to the guy, who turns around and…it’s Eric Roberts! Yay! I really enjoy Thompson, not only because he is played Eric “Awesome” Roberts, but because he was involved in one of my very favorite Heroes moments: “What am I thinking now, Parkman?” “Your last thought!” BANG! BANG! Awesome.

9:04 – Turns out? Mere & Flint are brother & sister. Flint tries to flame Thompson, but Thompson sprays what appears to be whip cream at him, which douses the flames. Mere flames next & hey! They are brother & sister! With the matching powers! Cool. Would be more cool if siblings on this show consistently had corresponding powers. Touche, Nathan & Peter ruining it for everyone. Anyway, as Flint flees the store, Thompson holds off Mere with what looks like a taser, but she looks a lot more threatened by it, so I’m not sure.

9:05 – In New York, Sylar is wearing his Gabriel glasses. The titles tell us this is one year ago. Gabriel is holding a noose & flashing back to when he met the Hero whose power he first took. He says his name, but I’ve already gone too DVR crazy this episode so I don’t care enough to go back to hear it. Let’s just call him Soon-To-Be-Dead TK Guy. STBDTKGuy wants Gabe to get rid of his power. Gabe is like, gladly! He takes a crystal & smashes STBDTKGuy’s head in. Touche, told you you’d soon be dead. [Post-Note: STBDTKGuy’s name is Brian Davis, via Heroes Wiki. I wouldn’t really care about him except to note that he’s played by David Berman, otherwise known as Assistant Coroner “SuperDave” on CSI.]

9:06 – Anyway, Gabe is all guilt-ridden & so decides to hang himself. As he is choking to death, Elle walks in. She sees Gabe, all choking to death, & zaps him down using her electricity. She asks if he’s alright. He asks her to forgive him. Annnnnd scene.

9:07 – Heroes title eclipse of doom. Wait! Something’s different. This time, the eclipse splits in two & we see the Godsend symbol & the ‘Villians’ logo. Was that there before & I always just live-blogged through it?? I don’t think so.

9:09 – We see that this is all happening in Hiro’s milk eyes. Of COURSE it is.

9:10 – Elle is comforting Gabriel, saying that she knows how it feels. He doesn’t want to talk about it, but immediately proceeds to talk about it. Elle says he’ll get through this because he’s not a bad guy. I almost expect to see a flashback (forward?) to that time when Sylar tried to finger slice Elle in Level 5 like three episodes ago. Ah, good times. Anyway, Elle plays off his saving as the rope breaking, presumably because he just admitted to killing someone for their power. Elle tells him her name & they smile at each other. He says she’s like an angel showing up when she did. She plays it off with a broken watch.

9:11 – Back outside, Elle meets HRG at a Primatech truck. She doesn’t get why they just bag & tag Gabe “like the rest of them.” HRG explains, via whale metaphor, that they can’t see Gabe’s power when he’s in captivity. They have to get him to do it “in the wild.” Elle doesn’t know how to do that. HRG says, “Pie.” Of course.

9:11 – Thompson reads Mere’s file to her while she sits, tied up to a chair. She wants a deal. Thompson says the Company would like to train her into an agent. She balks & also won’t explain why she hates the Company so much. He gives her the deal: become an agent or spend the rest of her life in a prison. She tries to negotiate that the Company doesn’t go after Flint, but Thompson notes how, seeing as she’s tied up to a chair & all, she should probably just take that whole “agent or prison” deal. Touche.

9:12 – Angela finds Arthur in their yard. She wants him to go to Peter’s graduation from nursing school. He refuses, even as she tells him Peter will probably not be such a freaking disappointment once his powers manifest. Nathan shows up & Arthur takes the opportunity to do his whole “convince Nathan to drop the Linderman thing or kill him” spiel. Nathan refuses, saying Linderman is toxic.

9:14 – And so we cut to Nathan & Heidi in the car, like we saw in the past filler episode in season 1. The car behind them runs into them & Heidi looks & sees Nathan suddenly gone. He is of course flying. Cut to the hospital, where Nathan & Peter look at each other. Angela & Arthur burst into the hospital & Nathan immediately accuses Linderman of being responsible to his dad. Peter holds Nathan back & they have one of their patented uncomfortably close brothers touching moments. Peter tells him Heidi’s asking for him. Nathan takes another moment to threaten Linderman & his father. He tells Arthur he has to choose a side.

9:17 – Man, I really wish NBC’s Wednesday crime block would work out, for Life’s sake, but seriously? Knight Rider? Seriously?

9: 19 – Angela comes into her & Arthur’s bedroom & updates him on Heidi’s condition (bad). She hints without accusing that Linderman had help going after Nathan. Arthur refuses to have this conversation, which Angela agrees to, then immediately asks him again. Jeez, the dialogue is especially bad this episode. Angela asks him to say that he didn’t order it. Arthur lies through his teeth. Angela apologizes via one of her patented uncomfortably close semi-embraces.

9:20 – In Austin (WHOO! HOOK EM HORNS!), Thompson & Meredith are on a training mission. He tells her absolutely no powers. They come up to someone, who pretty much looks homeless. Thompson poses as a VA rep & tries to sweet talk him into talking to them. Mere joins in with some smooth lying, but the dude smells a rat & turns his arm into metal. He clobbers Thompson with it. Mere, acting quickly, flames the dude’s arm until it presumably melts & as he’s yelling & screaming, she grabs Thompson’s taser & zaps the guy. Thompson gets up & welcomes her to the Company. Mere smiles. She’s clearly a natural.

9:21 – In New York, HRG is still on surveillance watch over Gabriel. In the van, he watches the video feed of Gabe in his apartment. Elle is at his door with pie. She cheesily wins an invitation in. Apparently she was invited. Gabe tells her he’s doing better. He’s getting rid of the clutter that was putting bad thoughts in his head. Elle flirtily flirts with him, grabbing a list he made of “people like him,” but he takes it back & throws it away. He admits that he has a power to her. She feigns confusion. He gestures her aside so he can demonstrate his TK for her. She convincingly gasps in wonder. In the truck, HRG smiles. Actually? If this was supposed to be before the whole Peter fiasco of Volume 2…Elle is holding it together quite well. Remember? When she met Peter, she basically acted like she’d never been around a boy before. But what’s happening now is before Gabriel became Sylar so this was like a long time ago. Well, who needs characterization anyway. We can just pretend Volume 2 didn’t even happen. I wouldn’t mind, really! West & Alejandro never existed! I think this is for the best.

9:24 – Thompson & Mere take the metal dude to Primatech. She wants to know if she’s an agent now. He says she still needs to demonstrate loyalty. When was this? Before Claire was born? Anyway, he gives her a key card & tells her to take metal dude to Cell 9. On the way, she sees Flint in a cell. He tells her he got tackled by an Invisible Man on the way out of the store. She’s exasperated to see that he thinks Primatech is going to make him an agent despite the fact that he’s trapped in a cell while she’s on the outside, escorting dangerous Heroes through the facility. Flint is clearly not the brightest crayon in the box. Thompson shows up & asks if there’s a problem. Mere rolls her eyes at Flint & leaves with metal dude. Flint salutes Thompson, who just smiles at Flint like he’s an idiot. Which he is.

9:25 – Back with Elle & Gabe. HRG watches them eat pie while discussing the “others” who have abilities. Gabe admits to her that he has this hunger for other people’s powers. But since he met her, he’s been thinking he may not have to always try to be special. She tells him he’s special just the way he is.

9:27 – Outside, HRG is like UGH! Gag me! HRG tells Elle they need to kick this baby into high gear. She’s clearly kind of fallen for Gabriel & tries to convince HRG he’s wrong about him. He calls her out on it. HRG gives her a name of a Hero to give to Gabe to kill. She refuses to do it, so he basically threatens her with homelessness. He says she’s been trained by her father to do this since she was 4. Let’s get this killing business started!

9:28 – Linderman is apologizing to Arthur for failing miserably to kill his son. Interestingly, neither of them has realized that Nathan’s powers have manifested. Linderman doesn’t really want to try again. Arthur wants him to think about the “plan for New York.” Arthur starts to question Linderman’s usefulness, at which Linderman immediately rethinks his whole position. Of course we should kill your son! I got a guy in Vegas whose awesome at this sort of thing! Just then, the two of them realize that Angela has walked in & heard part of their conversation! Touche! Stupid! Why don’t you have this conversation somewhere else?

9:29 – Angela runs off & Arthur follows her to the kitchen, where she draws a knife at him. Arthur starts using the Parkman power to put thoughts into Angela’s head. Where did he get this power?? Where the hell is Maury? Anyway, Arthur tells Angela Nathan must die. Angela’s all like, but he’s my baby! Arthur: Nathan must die, Angela: My baby! This goes on for another two or three minutes & then Angela: Nathan must die. Annnnd scene.

9:30 – Okay, so Heroes: Destiny: Santiago’s Story: Exclusively on Sprint? From that little ad, I still couldn’t tell what Santiago’s power is. Do we really need more confusing Heroes at this point?

9:33 – Back in Africa, Hiro sits up, still all milky eyed. Ando tries to wake him up & goes to Joe to ask WTF is going on. Joe says Hiro is stuck. Everytime these three come on screen, I get really tired & sleepy. Man, I still need to put on the coffee for tomorrow morning & take a shower & post this live-blog before I get to go to bed, let’s get this sucker going! Joe hands Ando the peanut butter future milky eyes vision paste of doom & tells him to mix. Ando gets a hilarious that-smells-seriously-AWFUL look on his face. They put the paste, which is now smoking a little, near Hiro. Ando thinks it’s working, which Hiro takes as a cue to collapse again.

9:34 – Segue into Meredith in Primatech. She busts into Flint’s room to bust him out, but he still stupidly thinks he’s gonna be an agent. Oh, Flint. Flint, Flint, Flint. It’s kind of amazing you got smart enough to become evil. Mere tells Flint the Company is lying to him because he’s dumb. Like their father used to say, God gave Flint a big sister instead of a brain. HA! Flint & Mere’s father is awesome! Mere gets Flint to go. Oh Mere. I’d hoped you were not stupid enough to realize this is a trap. Remember that whole speech where Thompson was basically like, HEY MEREDITH! YOUR TEST IS LOYALTY! SO DON’T BETRAY THE COMPANY FOR YOUR STUPID BROTHER!

9:35 – On a train, Mere tries to get Flint to promise he’ll never trust the Company. Just then, Thompson busts in & tasers Mere. Flint thinks Thompson killed her, cause he’s stupid, so he tries to flame Thompson, who ducks. There’s a lot of chasing around the train car & eventually, Flint opens a door & jumps off. Mere is like, so, you were following me, huh? Yeah, Mere. He was following you. You were the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD WHO DIDN’T FIGURE THAT OUT. I’m beginning to think your brother’s stupidity is hereditary. Anyway, Mere flames the stuff in the car & forces both her & Thompson to jump. Touche.

9:37 – Linderman comes into the Petrelli kitchen, where Angela is chopping vegetables. Linderman actually appears to be trying to help Angela & not kill Nathan. He tells her he can’t push thoughts into her head, but he can heal the scars left everytime Arthur did. Ah, touché, remember she was all crazy in the pilot & then we never heard anything about that again? Maybe this happened in between? Linderman heals her & she realizes it’s true that Arthur wants to kill her son.

9:40 – At the scene of the train fire, Thompson leads Mere away in plastic cuffs. She can still flame, I bet. Thompson asks again why Mere hates the Company so much & this time, she has no problem telling. I don’t know why she wouldn’t before either. Anyway, if you haven’t guessed, it’s cause Mere thinks the Company killed Claire when they caused the fire. Thompson looks down. Mere realizes something’s wrong, but he doesn’t say anything. He appears to make a decision & quickly cuts her cuffs. He tells her to go before he changes her mind. Claire is her get-out-of-jail-free card. Wait. Why, exactly? Thompson wasn’t ever close to Claire. Confused. Anyway, the next thing we see is the trains cars on fire & then, Claire, in her original cheerleader outfit, running into the fire. Touche! It’s the fire where she walked through it & didn’t get burned!

9:44 – Elle & Gabe. They’re making ziti. Mmmm ziti. I’m hungry. Anyway, Elle’s invited someone. Gabe is not pleased. It’s the dude HRG picked earlier. His name is Trevor. Elle pretends like she thought Gabe should get to know people like him, like AA. She gets Trevor to demonstrate his ability, which he does as the shooting-something-from-his finger-shattering-a-nearby-glass thing. It’s the same move we saw Elle use with her electricity in Volume 2, when she was briefly partnered with Mohinder, back before he became characterizably random. Gabe just gazes at the scene, half confused, half hungry. Elle smiles uncontrollably at Trevor’s specialness. She excuses herself so Gabe can get down with the killing.

9:45 – PS: Looking up Trevor on Heroes Wiki, looks like this is the freezing power that we saw Sylar use in season 1 episode 2, in the scene where Matt is first introduced, saving Molly. I don’t know why they didn’t demonstrate that more clearly. When I DVRed it back, it looked like the broken glass was smoking. I thought maybe it was an energy beam or something. Anyway, just saying, producers. Look at Iceman in the X-Men films if you need ideas.

9:46 – Arthur & now-knowing Angela sitting at dinner. Oh, awkward. Something’s about to happen to Arthur that he totally deserves, touché. Arthur notices that Angela seems distant. Angela tells him that without his power, he doesn’t know her at all anymore. They turn around & there’s the Haitian, conveniently there to block Arthur’s powers. Arthur chokes a little while Angela continues to bather on about how she’s totally gonna kill him right now. Only, not, cause we know he just ends up paralyzed or whatever. Touche, suspense.

9:48 – Back with Elle, Trevor & Gabriel. Gabe is fuming over Elle calling Trevor special repeatedly. To show how counter-special he is, he TKs Trevor to a wall. Elle, realizing she was wrong, tries to get him to stop, eventually resorting to revealing her power. She knocks him over with it, releasing his TK. He jumps up, asking who she is. He TKs her across the room. In the van, HRG curses & gets up to go help Elle, but Gabe just demands that she leaves. Terrified, she does. He turns back to Trevor, resuming his TK & starting his finger slice. In the van, HRG watches in awe. Elle comes sprinting to the van, pleading with HRG to stop Gabriel, but it’s too late. She turns away from the sound of Trevor’s screaming. HRG is fascinated, telling her he actually exposes the brain. Elle is like, you know what I could have gone the rest of my life without hearing? PS: This was an especially effective scene since Elle is dressed up in this flower-pattern blouse for her “date,” so she looks particularly innocent here. I still don’t get how this Elle relates to the slightly demented, child-like Elle we saw in volume 2, but whatev. I’ll let it slide since I do really enjoy her scenes.

9:49 – Meanwhile, Gabe finishes with Trevor & stares at his bloodstained hands. He flees out the door, while Elle watches, dismayed, through the video feed.

9:50 – Arthur is apparently not paralyzed yet, cause he’s walking around. He & Angela banter about that whole you-want-to-kill-your-own-son thing. She’s sensitive about that. Arthur begins to choke some more & looks at his dinner, then at Angela. She sips her wine as he collapses.

9:51 – So, how long ago was this? It was around the time of Heidi’s accident, after Nathan manifested, but before Peter did. So that means Arthur really wasn’t paralyzed for that long. I had the idea it was for like decades. This timeline makes it more like a couple of years. Right? Cause Nathan’s already DA & Peter’s already graduated from nursing school. So it has to only be a few years. Well, that’s lame. You really had to kill Adam for that?

9:54 – Angela gives the Haitian a key card & tells him to incinerate Arthur, but Nathan comes home to ruin everything. He “discovers” Arthur, who apparently “had a heart attack.” He calls 911 while Angela looks glum.

9:55 – HRG checks in, presumably with Thompson. He says they only had a few loose ends to wrap up. Hey, wait a second. When is this timeline? Cause HRG was originally partnered with Claude, right? Remember, he was his first partner? But in this episode, Claude backed up Thompson when he went after Mere & Flint. But if HRG has a new partner, does that mean the whole bridge death/non-death has already happened? If so, Thompson knows HRG didn’t really kill Claude? That doesn’t make sense. Also, Claude’s bridge non-death happened when Claire was in her teens, right? And if Claire is just now to the fire rescue point in her timeline (otherwise known as the present in volume 1). Again, so Elle was this competent agent & regressed to what we saw her as in volume 2? But if you watched her in season 2, it’s clear that she was always like that, she never knew any better. You know, mostly it sucks to have these glaring continuality error because the rest of the episode actually is very good at bringing out the continuality to volume 1.

9:56 – Elle comes up & whines to HRG some more about how Gabriel had a soul & blah blah, they released a monster, blah blah blah, he could have been saved, blah blah. HRG doesn’t want to hear it cause a) it wasn’t their assignment & b) he’s spotted Mohinder pulling up in his cab across the street. Wait. How did he know Mohinder would be there? Or did he know? That’d be some coincidence. Anyway, he abandons Elle & jogs up to the cab, just as Peter Petrelli gets out. Peter’s in his overcoat & red hoodie, as we saw him in season 1, when this scene originally happened. And Mohinder gives his line again, “Where to, my friend?” Aww. I miss season 1.

9:56 – Angela & Nathan at the hospital. Angela thinks they should wait to call Peter. A doctor comes up & tells them, dang it! Arthur didn’t make it. Angela immediately demands a cremation. That’s not suspicious at all, Angela. Also? Okay, so if Linderman healed Angela way back before she poisoned Arthur, then when was she all crazy in the pilot? I’m confused again. PS: The doctor in this scene? Totally wearing horn-rimmed glasses. I don’t know if that’s supposed to tell us he works for the Company (although, how else would Angela have arranged for everyone to be told Arthur was dead?), but he is unfazed by the cremation request.

9:57 – Yep, the doctor is totally in on something, although I don’t know if it’s the Company, since Arthur is now totally faking his own death. And Angela clearly doesn’t have anything to do with it (although, doesn’t she suspect something, since the doctor said death was caused by a coronary when she knows it’s poison? Unless she knows the poison manifests as a heart attack?). He talks to the doctor via Parkman power & arranges for the doctor to get another body to cremate. The doctor tells him he’s permanently paralyzed. Clearly, the doctor doesn’t know about the Power of Adam Juice!

9:58 – Peter with long hair & Nathan cuddle uncomfortably close at the funeral. They talk about good times with dad until Angela tells them to stop that. It’s a funeral, don’t talk about good times!

9:59 – Hiro finally wakes up in Africa. He starts blabbing on about all the stuff that happened in this episode. Okay, so with Matt & with Hiro, in these milky eyed dreams, apparently they can see multiple narratives? I’d be really interested to know what that worked. Do they see them in the order the episode plays out? Do they see the entire narrative on one set of characters, then another set, then another? Or do they all happen at the same time & Hiro or Matt or whoever can just know what’s going on? Anyway, PS: Joe the prophet is totally dead. Ando & Hiro run out into the desert to find his decapitated body. RIP Joe. Not really going to say I’m going to miss you, cause really, your presence was like constantly sending main characters to Africa, otherwise known as plotline Siberia. But you seemed cool.

9:59 – Hiro finds Joe’s head nearby. He turns around & there’s Arthur. He grabs Hiro’s head & starts squeezing. Hiro screams into a To Be Continued.

10:00 – The promo this week says “in the weeks ahead,” so probably not all scenes shown are for next week. But hey! Heroes gathering together, apparently! Another Heroes eclipse of doom! More Heroes! It’s coming! I’m going to bed!



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