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Live-Blogging Heroes 3.7 Eris Quod Sum October 28, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Heroes, TV.
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8:58 – LOL at Greg Grunberg & Masi Oka’s NBC rap. PS: Eris Quod Sum in Latin means “I am what you will be.” What is with the cryptic titles this season? Whatever happened to good old “Cautionary Tales” & “Five Years Gone” & stuff that isn’t confusing & meaningless?

8:59 – Previously on Heroes, Hiro & Ando met with Joe & get some more wise advice that I’ve long since stopped caring about. Claire knocks out PM & hands him over to HRG, who we otherwise haven’t seen in like forever. He takes the opportunity to ask Mere for help. Pinehearst has something over Daphne, which supersedes her wish to get out before she has to convince people even more harmless than Hiro to kill someone. It also makes her turn her back on Matt, bummer. Peter busts into Pinehearst where his dad totally steals all of his powers. Also? They went & killed Adam!

9:00 – We open in Africa, where Hiro & Ando STILL ARE. I am annoyed. They argue about whether Hiro should go try to stop the horrible future…or something. I don’t really know. Or care, for that matter. Joe tells them that if they don’t chose their future, it will be chosen for them.

9:02 – Suresh, Nathan & Tracy. Mohinder is looking angry that they messed everything up. How so, Mohinder? Why don’t you just grab them again? It’s not like you had problems with Spouse Abuser guy. He tells them that he needs them because their synthetic powers can be the key. Nathan’s like, nuh uh, nope, we are SO not doing any more science experiments. You know why? Because YOU are CRAZY. Crazy Mohinder grabs one of his cocoons & jumps through the ceiling. Nathan & Tracy are like, aw man. Why can’t we get out of this storyline?

9:03 – Peter dreams about Nathan & Angela telling him that Arthur is dead. Only of course he isn’t so much as he’s stealing Peter’s powers. Peter wakes up handcuffed to a gurney. Arthur is there. He says that Peter’s abilities are gone forever. Arthur wants to help him stop the future Peter saw. Peter’s more interested in making Arthur pay for everything he’s done. Arthur tells him he’s grounded, young man. Adjust that attitude!

9:04 – Claire & Sandra arrive back at their house. Claire’s weirded out by finally reaching a point in which she is no longer shocked & surprised by all the crap that happens to her. When they get out of the car, they notice the lights in the house flickering. They run inside to see Lyle on the floor, not looking so hot. Claire sees someone at the computer. It’s Elle! Yay! Only she’s flickering all the electronics in the house! And she has bad special effects electricity acne on her face! What happened? Last we saw, she was all back to normal, getting fired by Angela. Okay, I kid about the special effects, it’s kind of cool that she’s affecting all the electricity.

9:09 – Claire is not happy to see Elle. Elle tries to shock Claire, but she just looks at her creepily & doesn’t feel anything. Elle continues to try to shock her until Lyle throws water on her & electrocute her. Elle pathetically curls in a corner. She needs help. And she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Aw, Elle! I miss Awesome Elle.

9:10 – At Pinehearst, Mohinder looks at Maya, who is no longer cocooned, but lying on a table. Remember, cause Mohinder got a card too? But did Daphne get a chance to do her little recruitment speech before Mohinder tried to cocoon her? Arthur comes up to him. Mohinder is looking calmer & less crazy in this scene. He is surprised about the part where Arthur is alive. Mohinder tells Arthur he was supposed to take Maya’s abilities away. Arthur’s like, okay, yeah, I can totally do that. He goes in & takes Maya’s ability. His eyes go black & Mohinder & Maya are pleased. YES! Can we get rid of freaking Maya now? She’s really useless now. Mohinder is thrilled & tries to come in, but Maya is not interested in seeing him.

9:13 – In the hallway, Mohinder tells Arthur he wants to get rid of the side effects of the formula that are turning him into a cockroach, but he wants to keep the abilities. Arthur takes him into another room, where the formula (not Mohinder) is displayed. Arthur thinks Mohinder can complete the formula. Mohinder knows there is an ulterior motive, but only hesistates for a moment. He asks for test subjects. Man, I really don’t get Mohinder’s morally gray. I almost thing they need to have an episode like the one in season 1 where Gabriel killed his mom & became Sylar for good. Just get it over with. Is he evil or not? Because right now? What he is? Is annoying.

9:14 – Angela & Sylar lie in comas. Angela “appears” to Sylar. I don’t know. Maybe in a dream? I don’t know anymore. Cause she’s only supposed to have dreams herself, right? About the future? Not project dreams. And he doesn’t have a dream ability, does he? Oh, wait, did he inherit it? Cool! She tells him he has to go help Peter. Angela tells him he’s her favorite. Go make Mommy proud. Man, she’s creepy. So totally Meryl Streep in the newer Manchurian Candidate. Sylar wakes up & goes to tell Angela’s comatose form that he’s going to take care of it.

9:16 – Elle & Claire. Elle can’t control her ability. She had been approached by Daphne to go to Pinehearst, but she wanted to check with Noah first. Claire shows her her own Pinehearst card. In this scene, you can really see how Claire & Elle look similar. Claire says something’s wrong with her too. They agree to go to Pinehearst together. They’re off to see the Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz…

9:18 – Daphne shows up at Pinehearst. Maury & Arthur are not pleased that she didn’t manage to recruit Matt. Arthur asks her if she really did try to convince him. Knox can sense her fear. Arthur tells Daphne to revisit Matt…to kill him! Maury’s like, WHAAAA?? Hey! Not cool! Apparently, he is working for Arthur in exchange for Matt’s safety. He becomes indignant about all his loyalty & Arthur…promptly snaps his neck. At least we don’t have to deal with non-existent Linderman anymore. Daphne looks on in horror as Arthur sarcastically thanks Maury for his years of service. Bye, Maury! Best of luck on all your future endeavors. Daphne’s like, there’s gotta be another way! Yeah, Daphne. You can go join Matt & fight crime!

9:23 – Sandra once again pretends to have some control over Claire’s actions. She wants to call Noah, but Claire talks her out of it. Sandra tells Claire to throw water on poor Elle if she gives her any trouble. I don’t know why I bothered blogging this scene.

9:24 – Matt is calling Mohinder & leaves a message. Man, this is why Mohinder’s constantly having to cocoon people. Why does everyone think he has answers? Seems to me like he’s hardly ever answered anything! There’s a knock on the door. It’s Daphne, with a gun. She’s terrified, obviously, but they’ll kill her if she doesn’t kill him. He tells her to do it. She makes him turn around. He tells her in the future, they get married & start a family. She tells him to stop it. There’s a loud noise, but it’s not a shot. It’s the gun dropping on the floor. She apologizes to him. He reads her mind & realizes what happened to his dad. Matt looks devastated.

9:26 – Arthur shows up in Peter’s room. He tries to attack him, but his security stops him. Arthur tells him he will help him, one way or another. They wheel Peter into a lab where Mohinder is there. He’s Mohinder’s new test subject. Peter tries to talk him out of it by telling him about the future. Mohinder asks what he looked like in the future. We all remember what he looked like. Mohinder says he’s too late & starts to inject Peter. Sylar shows up & throws the security around. Peter asks why he’s helping him after what he did. Sylar says it’s what brothers do. Mohinder jumps on Sylar & starts whaling on him while Peter tries to stop him. It’s Arthur who ends up stopping him, via some Elle electricity, stolen from Peter. Arthur tells Mohinder that Sylar is his son. And he’s been waiting for him for a long time. Touche, thinks Mohinder, of COURSE he is.

9:33 – Tracy & Nathan. They are, apparently, still in Mohinder’s lab. WHY?? I’m confused. They aren’t strapped down or anything. You couldn’t bust out a window or something? Apparently Nathan has called Noah. Tracy wonders about the cocooned people. Tracy touches one of them & is grabbed by Spouse Abuser. Just then, Noah & Mere bust in & taser Spouse Abuser. Mere notes that Nathan’s still got a thing for blondes. Heh.

9:34 – Elle & Claire. Elle is trying to control her power because she’s a bad flyer. Claire teases her & upsets her to the point that she sets off her power. Maybe not such a good idea to upset someone who can’t control their power of electricity who is also a bad flyer when you are on a plane with that person, hmm, Claire? Just saying. The plane goes nuts as Elle is overloading. Claire tells her to grab her hand so she can absorb the some of the power. Somehow, no one sees the two of them glowing & static-ing with electricity. The plane stabilizes. They let go of each others’ hands. Aw, I sense some BFF, don’t you?

9:36 – Daphne & Matt. Matt doesn’t much care that Pinehearst is going to send someone after Daphne. Knox approaches the door & busts it in. Matt tells Daphne to stick to the plan, which apparently involves her getting sped into Knox’s arm, where she promptly falls. Daphne lies still on the floor as Matt tries to use his power on Knox. Knox tells him he can’t do it while Matt talks about how he’s going to stop Knox instead of putting all of his concentration toward actually doing it. And then, Knox gets close enough & super-strengths his arm…right through Matt. Matt falls to the floor by Daphne, looking extremely dead. WHAT?? Seriously? Okay, I’m going to be annoyed if they kill Matt now. He’s finally getting interesting! Okay, there’s no way, right?

9:42 – Knox looks at dead Matt & Daphne at the floor & shakes his head. OMG! Wait! I know what happened. He leaves & suddenly Matt & Daphne on the floor disappear & Matt & Daphne come out of the other room. Touche, Matt! You got me for a commercial break! Daphne’s impressed & kisses Matt. It’s cute. She still wants them to run, but he doesn’t want to. He suggests they go to Primatech. Aw, everyone’s going to Primatech!

9:43 – Arthur talks to Sylar, who is suspended in air. Is that Sylar’s own TK power? Nice. Arthur manipulates him with what Angela did to him—apparently tried to kill him when he was a baby. Sylar is seriously gullible. Remember how he INSTANTLY believed Angela when she told him he was her son? Well now he INSTANTLY believes what Arthur is saying. Now, it’s not to say that both of them weren’t telling the truth. But show just a little hesitation there, writers.

9:45 – Still in Pinehearst, Peter is walking around all wily nilly. When did he escape? He hides from Mohinder, who is distracted by Maya. Mohinder goes to talk to Maya, who doesn’t trust him & yet is surprisingly still letting him awfully close to him. They talk & look attractive, but Maya still tells him goodbye. She leaves. Annnnd scene. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out, Maya!

9:46 – Elle & Claire arrive at Pinehearst. Elle freaks out with her power & Claire helps her. They thank each other. Claire was ready to give up, but now she wants to do something. They go toward the building. I like them together.

9:47 – Peter finds Sylar, who is just sitting there. Peter tells him not to believe what Arthur said, but Sylar totally bought it. Sylar flings Peter out a window, where he falls, without flight or regenerative ability, presumably to his death. Except that he is a main character & Elle & Claire are right there to do something to help him.

9:51 – Back from commercial, Peter does indeed fall to his death. Only not really. He’s all bloodied up, but not dead despite falling like a bunch of stories. Elle & Claire are shocked to see Peter is not healing. On the other hand, girls, he’s not dead, so do you really want to go around asking for the world? Claire wants Elle to help her get Peter back to the car, but Peter has told them that Arthur took his powers & that’s what Elle wants more than anything. Elle apologizes to Claire & goes inside. Claire & Peter wonder how the hell he’s still alive. It’s called an acting contract, guys.

9:52 – Back at Mohinder’s lab, Noah tells Tracy & Nathan that they need to go get tested to make sure they’re still human. Touche, thinks Nathan & Tracy. Nathan gets a call from Claire. He tells her to wait for them. Noah goes elsewhere. Man, we’ve seen like three seconds of Noah in the last month. I miss you, HRG!

9:53 – Arthur also wonders how Peter survived the fall. Sylar clearly helped Peter. Arthur gets a call. It’s Daphne. Who is totally screwing Matt over. She tells Arthur she will call if Matt contacts Primatech. Arthur tells her if she messes up, he’ll put her back where he found her. Touche. Getting off the phone, she goes over to hug Matt. Daphne looks guilty. As she should. But it doesn’t matter cause you know Daphne’s going to have a last minute change of heart & let Matt go anyway, right?

9:55 – Peter & Claire. Peter’s figured out that Sylar helped him survive. Nathan arrives & Claire is disproportionately happy to see him. I don’t remember what happened, but doesn’t she hate him? She’s weary of Tracy, but Nathan says it’s okay. Nathan talks to Peter, who tells him about Arthur. Nathan doesn’t believe him, but Claire reminds them that fathers aren’t always what they think. Touche. Nathan wants to go after Arthur, but Peter balks. Claire tells him he’s at Pinehearst. Nathan tells Peter he will get some Department of Justice guys to help him. Oh yeah, Nathan is totally a senator, isn’t he?? Doesn’t he have to, you know, make laws & stuff at some point? Or is this like the Rob Lowe on Brothers & Sisters kind of senator where he doesn’t ever actually have to go to Congress?

9:56 – When they walk out, Tracy gets Nathan to admit they totally aren’t going to the Department of Justice, so much as they are going to break down some doors at Pinehearst. Nathan, you realize your ability is only to fly, right? Not that we ever see it. Anyway, Tracy is conveniently a Pinehearst consultant. Of COURSE she is. She’s going with.

9:57 – OMG HIRO & ANDO ARE STILL FREAKING IN AFRICA! I HATE THIS STORYLINE. Hiro is refusing to go back in time to prevent the horrible future. Joe gives them some of his paste that he gave Matt. Hiro eats a little of it. Ando starts to, but then shakes his head hilariously. Suddenly, Hiro falls over, catatonic. Joe frowns that he warned him that if he doesn’t choose a future, one will be chosen for him. Ando yells & yells, but Hiro doesn’t wake up. Annnd scene.

9:59 – In two weeks, past filler episode! See them before they were Heroes & interesting! But I don’t much care cause Eric Roberts is back!!


1. Jon - October 28, 2008

Great site, I’ll come back and read more when I have more time.

2. Rapper - October 28, 2008

I loves Heroes especially season 3, it has to be the most intense season yet.

3. Amy Yen - October 28, 2008

@Rapper You do? Not a popular opinion. Secretly, I don’t mind this season. Obviously, it doesn’t come close to season 1, but I think it’s far superior to season 2 & I really like some of these episodes (I think I was one of the few that dug the future episode).

Thanks for the comments guys!

4. King Jackoff - November 15, 2008

what did you mean about Greg and Masi “rapping”. you saw some behind the scenes clips?

5. Amy Yen - November 15, 2008

@King It was one of those little NBC promos that they usually play in between shows, where someone hums out the NBC theme sound (you know, the three chimes). In these, Greg & Masi are like beat boxing for a sec & then they hum the chimes. It’s cute. You can probably catch it in the promos that play between Chuck & Heroes.

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