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Live-Blogging Heroes 3.6 Dying of the Light October 21, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Heroes, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Heroes, Mama Petrelli tells Nathan & Tracy that they (& Niki/Jessica) were given their powers. They are not pleased at the news & decide to go see Mohinder, who is very busy cocooning spouse abuser neighbor & Maya, both of whom, let’s be honest, none of us are that worried about. Claire stupidly goes out hunting specials on her own & befriends & quickly defriends Vortex-Man, aka Stephen. Meredith, who went after Claire, is captured by The Puppet Man, aka Eric Doyle, who totally does not look like an Eric. Come on. Greg Grunberg’s character on Alias was Eric. He was a lovable teddy bear of awesomeness. This dude is no Eric. I’m going to go ahead & call Puppet Man PM, ok, y’all? Also? “Linderman,” seen by Nathan & Daphne? Is not so much Linderman as it is Maury Parkman. Who is having Daphne bring him Matt. And who is working for…dun dun dun…Arthur Petrelli! It would have been more dramatic if we hadn’t seen it in the previews.

9:00 – We open on Arthur, sitting there looking ominous. Followed by shots of Peter & Angela, also looking ominous. And then, Matt in an airport, rolling his turtle in a cage. LOL. I really don’t care about this stupid montage/voice-over.

9:02 – Back to the scene where Hiro killed Ando in the bar last week. This time, Hiro freezes time. He teleports into a convenient magic shop, where he switches his sword for a retractable one. He also grabs some fake blood & teleports into the timeline two hours earlier & tells that time’s Ando to fake it when he stabs him in a few hours. Okay, that’s kind of awesome. And then we’re back the scene we saw & Ando plays along & falls over. Knox leaves & Daphne is all pissed cause freaking Hiro actually went & killed someone. Touche, thinks Hiro. My leg is falling asleep, thinks pretending-to-be-dead Ando. Daphne gives him an assignment, to go see Joe the prophet in Africa & take him to Pinehearst. She warns him that Joe is a precog & will know he’s coming. Daphne finally leaves & Ando springs back to life in order to have more Japanese subtitled conversation with Hiro that I don’t listen to. One of these days, it’s going to contain a seriously important plot point & I’m totally going to be too busy live-blogging to notice.

9:05 – Claire & Sandra arguing over whether she should go after Mere & PM. I’m bored already. The compromise is Sandra’s going with. One of them, one of us! Touche, thinks Claire & me.

9:06 – PM creeps at Mere. Mere is all like, I don’t love you! You’re creepy! PM demonstrates his power by forcing Mere to crush a glass & briefly cut her own neck. It’s really disturbing & awful. I hate this storyline.

9:08 – Knox & Adam. Knox explains his fear-powered power. Knox dumps Adam in Arthur’s room. Adam recognizes him. He thought he was dead. Arthur puts thoughts into Adam’s mind & Adam freaks the hell out, making Knox stronger. Dude. You can’t kill Adam now! He’s one of the remaining awesome characters! Knox pushes Adam toward Arthur. Arthur grabs Adam but the arm & we see Adam grow old, decompose & crumble into dust! GAH! I can’t believe you did that to David Anders’ beautiful face! Anyway, apparently Arthur has Adam’s life force or something cause he pulls out his respirator & all like spry & breathing & whatnot. I’m so annoyed. Is there someway he can still come back? Ugh. Eclipse time.

9:12 – Daphne is at an airport where she’s about to throw away Hiro’s file but “Linderman” stops her. Daphne is still all morally freaked out by Hiro killing someone. Linderman threatens her with taking away what they gave her. I don’t know what it is either. Linderman points out Matt & promptly disappears. We see Maury nearby. I’m really so over non-existent Linderman.

9:13 – Matt talks to the turtle about getting a little help finding Daphne & getting her to fall in love with him. Just then, he sees Daphne, waiting at the bottom on the escalator for him. He thanks the turtle. Heh. He calls Daphne by her name, which confuses her. She asks if he wants to go somewhere to talk. He’s like, hey, that’s kinda like a date, right? Sure! Let’s do this thing!

9:14 – Mohinder opens the door to Tracy & Nathan. He thinks Tracy is Niki. So…who exactly knows that Niki is dead? Just Micah? What happened to Monica, anyway? You know what, never mind I said that, I don’t care. They tells Mohinder what happened to them, what with them being given their powers, etc, etc. Mohinder’s psyched up. They want him to “remove it.” I have the feeling Mohinder will know just what to do. If by ‘what to do,’ you mean ‘cocooning Nathan & Tracy.’

9:16 – Daphne & Matt. Aw. I totally want them to work. Daphne gives him a Pinehearst business card & pitches Matt on the company knowing all about him & he should join them, etc, etc. He wants to know if it’s about “them.” Obviously she doesn’t know about what the hell he’s talking about & he blabs out the whole story about the dream & them being married & have a baby & a turtle & completely freaks out Daphne. She starts to speed away but comes back when Matt tells her they named their baby Daniella, after her grandmother. It seems to work & Daphne is like, listen, I gotta jet, but can you stay here, looking all sunburned for the whole day & wait for me? Matt’s like, sure, why not. Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna sit here & talk to my turtle.

9:18 – Mohinder injects Tracy with what he calls a marker, but of course, I wouldn’t go around trusting him with any injections these days. PS: Where are the cocoons? He injects Nathan too, but Tracy starts freaking out, dizzy-like & immediately passes out on the floor. Nathan goes after Mohinder, but it’s too late. They are totally cocoon material.

9:23 – Daphne busts into Sylar’s cell in Level 5 & tells him she’s here to bust him out. He refuses & TKs Daphne to the wall. Whoa! You can’t kill Daphne, she still needs to get together with Matt! And she’s one of the few storylines I still care about! Sylar tells her he’s not a killer anymore. She says her boss wants to keep him like he is. Sylar lets his guard down for like a sec to think & Daphne speeds away outside the room, where she gets Flint & they leave. Sylar looks down at his hand & there’s a Pinehearst card. Hey, is this the first time besides Peter someone has gotten away from the TK/finger slice?

9:24 – Sylar busts into Peter’s cell, where he’s all unconscious & restrained to a table. Sylar lets him out of his restraints. Dude, what is with people busting all willy nilly today? Sylar & Peter have a long conversation about whether Peter can control the urge. It’s not interesting because we saw that episode where Peter’s like, Claire, kill me! I can’t control Ted’s power & am going to blow up even though this isn’t the season finale! And then Claire gets on her gun & he’s like, wait, I got it! And we were all like, seriously? Lame, yo.

9:25 – Hiro & Ando in Africa. Ando is once again questioning what they are doing. I’m tired. Ando stalks off to one side & Hiro comes into a hut, presumedly Joe’s, where there are a bunch of paintings on a wall, including one of a man hitting Hiro on the head with a shovel. Hiro thinks this is odd, because he is stupid. He turns around & Joe hits him on the head. LOL.

9:27 – Super-team o’ incompetence, Claire & Sandra. They’re outside PM’s place. Claire hulls out her taser. You know, I’ve been meaning to buy one of those. My neighborhood’s not so hot, yo. Anyway, Claire goes to bust in to PMs place, where PM is forcing Mere to dance. They hear Claire & Sandra. PM goes out & runs into Sandra, who pretends to want to book him for a party, but PM hears noise, probably Claire, cause she would do something like that, & Sandra’s cover is blown.

9:32 – Claire is in PM’s place where Mere is still frozen in PM’s position. She sees PM & her mom coming up to them & stupidly holds up her taser. PM forces her to shoot it at a puppet. Claire is so ridiculous, y’all.

9:33 – Ando wakes Hiro up in front of the painting where he got hit in the head. Ando gets Hiro to go back one minute before he got hit. He does & sees another, different painting where he gets hit again. Joe is behind him, of course. Heh.

9:34 – Daphne sees Matt still in airport. She looks at him a sec & doesn’t have the nerve to go talk to him yet. Instead she goes to Mohinder’s place. She speeds inside & tries to recruit Mohinder. She hears a noise & goes to the back where Tracy & Nathan are out for the count but not cocooned yet & still conscious. Daphne is freaked & goes back in the other room & tells Mohinder, with a hint of disappointment, that he’s just as bad as the rest of them. Mohinder tries to inject her, but she speeds off before he does. Mohinder looks down & he’s got a Pinehearst card in his hand.

9:35 – Listen. It’s not that Evil Mohinder isn’t more interesting than Regular Mohinder cause he is. There’s a reason why TWoP called him Moyawnder. But the reason I’m not buying it is this change happened in like one episode. Suddenly, everything we know about Mohinder is moot point cause he’s a completely different character. It’s not even like they showed up the slow progression from the Mohinder we knew to this one. It was just like, boom, he injected himself with the formula (which in it of itself, is kind of a weak plot point) & then he’s basically someone else. How the hell am I supposed to care about this evil scientist/bug mutant guy when we’ve never seen him before like three seconds ago?

9:36 – Hiro & Ando. I really don’t care about this stupid subplot. It doesn’t matter cause nothing else happens.

9:37 – PM & gang. He puts a gun on the table where they all are. It’s Russian Roulette time. He tells Claire it’s time to choose. She can’t chose! This is stupid! Before she does though, PM uncovers all their relationships, although he thinks Mere is the cool aunt rather than the real mom. PM forces Claire to point the gun at Sandra, then Mere. Mere tries to tell him she will love him forever & ever. Ick. He doesn’t believe her & forces Claire to shoot. No bullet. PM spins the gun again & it lands on Sandra. He forces her to pick up the gun & point it at Claire. Hey! She’s invincible! She tries to telepathically tell Sandra that. Sandra gets it & shoots three times before a bullet comes out. PM checks Claire, who is all dead-looking. He turns his back & Claire pops back up & knocks him in the head. She’s really gotten good at this since Matt shot her.

9:45 – Sylar & Peter. They’re visiting not-moving Angela. Sylar is actually concerned about her. He wants Peter to look inside her head & find out what the hell is going on. He does. And encounters something red & freaky. He draws it for Sylar. It’s a double-helix. They’re both seen it before. Sylar pulls out the Pinehearst card Daphne gave him. It’s the logo. Hmm. Seriously? Not enough Companies on this show?

9:41 – HRG comes upon Claire & gang. He puts something in PM to keep him down. The girls congratulate Claire on putting PM down. She doesn’t want to hear it from HRG though & leaves. HRG talks with Mere & asks for her help. I…still don’t care.

9:48 – Sylar & Peter. Sylar wants them to help “Mom.” Peter is not happy about Sylar calling her that. He flies at Sylar & pushes him into a wall. Power fight! Peter uses Niki’s superstrength & Elle’s electricity to eventually knock Sylar unconscious. He restrains Sylar onto a table. Maybe what he was originally restrained to at the beginning of the episode? If so, touché.

9:49 – Tracy is on a table. She talks to Mohinder, who says it’s not supposed to be like this. Well, it would help if people stopped visiting you. Too bad they all think you’re a lot more useful than you actually have ever been. He believes he’s a monster. Tracy tells him she understands & holds out her hand. He takes it & she partially freezes him. He jumps away. She freezes the restraint & jumps up to help Nathan. Question. Why didn’t she do this before, like when Mohinder wasn’t in the room to stop them? They try to leave, but Mohinder throws a table at them. He looks up & is no longer looking hesitant, so much as he’s looking evil.

9:53 – How the hell is Knight Rider still on? More importantly, why the hell is NBC advertising it? Seriously, I’ve seen two spots for that thing during this episode already & not a ‘Life’ spot in sight. Why do you want to support bad shows & let good ones drown on Fridays with no promotion, NBC? Nobody thinks that’s cool.

9:54 – Matt in the airport with the turtle. It’s getting dark. He’s about to give up & leave when Daphne comes back. She tells him she’s supposed to recruit him, but he wouldn’t fit in. They’re bad people. She think he seems like a sweet guy so he needs to stay away. He tells her actually? You need to stay away from them too cause they totally get you all burned in the future. She says she has to go & tells him to read her mind about what she wants. He tells her to forget her mind & asks her what her heart is telling her. What it always does. To keep moving to fast too get caught. He says he can protect her, no matter what they have on her. She sadly says goodbye & speeds away.

9:56 – Hiro & Ando & Joe. Joe is sitting by a campfire & doesn’t move or say anything until Hiro comes up behind him with the shovel. Joe tells them this whole stupid subplot was a pointless test & he needs to follow the painting, which has a Pinehearst logo on it. Hiro fingers a Pinehearst business card. Really? They needed to go to Africa & spend the episode with Joe the prophet for that? Seriously, why couldn’t Daphne give them the card? She gave one to everyone else in this episode.

9:57 – At Pinehearst, we see Peter phase through the front door. Man, Peter used like a bunch of his abilities today. Meanwhile, Daphne, Flint, Knox & Maury show up to see Arthur. Just then, Peter busts in, Elle’s power in his hands. We see a shot of Flint, with his blue flames. There’s an awful lot of gratuitous power special effects in this episode, not all of which are that great. For instance, it kind of looks like Flint’s flames are like on his forearms. But then, maybe I didn’t get a good enough look. Arthur stops the Villians from doing anything to Peter because he’s his son. Peter seems to accept this awfully quickly, except for the part where Arthur hurt his mom. Also, he’s supposed to be dead. Arthur asks Peter for a hug, which he stiffly allows. We see like Peter’s spirit or something deviating from his body, but then, it stops & Peter falls over. He immediately puts his hand up to use Elle’s electricity, but nothing happens. Arthur tells him he doesn’t have his powers anymore. Arthur does. Dun dun dun.

9:58 – Listen. It’s not that Arthur isn’t a little intriguing. But we have totally done this whole someone loses all their powers thing before, remember? Sylar? Season 2? We found out Sylar isn’t nearly as cool without all his powers? Cause this show is called Heroes & these characters are supposed to have powers & that’s what makes them interesting? Stop recycling subplots, show!

9:59 – Next time on Heroes, Arthur is gonna kill them all! A family of secrets blows the hell up! You can’t choose your family, but you can choose a side!



1. Meghan - October 21, 2008

Good live blog. Check out the AV club’s assessment http://www.avclub.com/content/tvclub/heroes/dying_of_the_light

Why can’t they just stick to a core set of characters (ie. where did monika go? did they just kill off niki b/c her plotline was weak?)? I’m getting tired of them introducing a character for 2 episodes (or, like Adam, bringing him back for that long) and then killing them! Sheesh!

Anywho, no matter what happens, I can’t stop watching…

2. Amy Yen - October 22, 2008

Totally agree, I almost think I’m watching out of habit. And live-blogging obligations. But that’s totally what I’m saying, I don’t get why they keep introducing characters for appears to be no good reason, while either neglecting or completely rewriting existing characters.

Ratings keep plummeting. I’m not worried about cancellation, but I’m already seeing people saying that Heroes had the potential of Lost, but didn’t live up to it. I LOVED season 1 & I really thought it had that potential, but it’s been really disappointing since then. 😦

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