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Live-Blogging Project Runway Season 5 Finale, Pt. 2 October 16, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Project Runway, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Project Runway…and then, there were three. Kenley was slightly less unbearable & managed to refrain from insulting Tim Gunn for one week. Korto made an ugly gold wedding dress. Leanne made a collection of waves that was shooed into the top 3. And poor Jarell isn’t going to Bryant Park. And by ‘isn’t,’ of course I mean ‘is,’ but we’re not gonna see it.

9:00 – Listen, we all know this was a pretty mediocre season. It’s disappointing. I hope NBC wins & keeps the show right where it is, because if this is the show moving to Lifetime…I mean, I’ll still watch. It’s still one of the best reality shows out there. I just feel like it’s lost its way a little. If I had to choose a winner…obviously, ABK (Anybody But Kenley) applies…but I’d probably with Leanne. Not because I think she’s the next great American designer. But I can see her clothes in stores & I can see myself buying them. And for that, I guess she deserves to win.

9:01 – Apartment open. It’s 3 days before the show. Korto & Leanne are sad about Jarell. But they point out it’s the first all women final 3.

9:02 – In the workroom, Tim comes in. He tells them they’ll only be presenting 10 looks at the show, so they need to nix two. And they’re going model casting now! Drama time? Model montage. Korto is looking for big hair. Leanne likes an “alien-looking” look. She would. Hey, it’s Morganza! Morgan from season 1. She’s still got the fierce walk. Everyone is weary of her craziness. I bet her & Kenley would get along.

9:04 – Back in the workroom. Tim is here for consultations & freaking Kenley is TDWWLTTG (The Designer Who Wouldn’t Listen To Tim Gunn). OMG. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?? I HATE her voice, y’all. It’s just so snotty & whiny & she’s freaking talking back to Tim Gunn! You know what? Any good will that she gleaned last week is totally gone. Shut up, Kenley.

9:05 – Korto also wants to go against what the judges said, but she says it nicely. She wants to stand by her wedding dress. Tim tells her to think hard about it. She’s going to. You see how civilized that was, Kenley? You know what? I don’t think I could even sit through a reunion show where everyone’s trashing her, cause my ears would bleed from the sound of her whining about people picking on her. Shut UP, Kenley.

9:06 – Kenley stops Tim on his way out. She’s decided to put the wedding dress last. You know what, it might actually work there cause it’s pretty dramatic. When Tim leaves, Kenley tells Korto she doesn’t give an F what the judges said. Yeah, we can see that.

9:07 – Korto decides to take two dresses out of her collection AND MAKE TWO NEW ONES. Really? Do these people WANT to lose? You know what, way to not be crazy, Leanne.

9:08 – The designers go see Collier Strong for makeup consultations. Hi Collier! Korto’s going for earthy looks, Kenley whines/snots that she wants her models to look like pocelin dolls. Bye, Collier!

9:09 – Model fittings. Kenley sneaks looks at Leanne’s collection. She snots that Leanne doesn’t use color & her looks are boring. Is that why she won like a bunch of challenges, Kenley? Meanwhile, Korto’s working on her last two looks. In the preview for the next segment, Kenley actually makes a good point—if construction isn’t perfect, they’re screwed. So freaking Korto better be impeccable fast.

9:15 – TRESemme hair consultations. Where’s Nathaniel Hawkins? I miss the Nathaniel/Collier Strong hair/makeup consultations of doom.

9:16 – Back in the workroom, Korto is realizing that this whole making-two-looks-in-three-days thing may be kind of a stretch. More model-fittings. Kenley interviews about the construction thing. Korto thinks she may, or may not get everything done.

9:17 – One of the models brings a tiny little dog into the workroom while she’s getting fitted. The dog is adorable, but he goes & poops on the workroom floor. Awkward. The model goes & picks up the poop while still wearing Leanne’s dress. Leanne is like, DUDE. Not cool!

9:18 – Tim comes back in. He says the order on the runway will be Kenley, then Korto, then Leanne. He’s proud & gives them a hug. I kind of think Tim’s gotten soft. He’s just a big teddy bear now.

9:19 – Day of runway show. The girls get ready & interview about this being their time. Kenley has what appears to be two peacock feathers stuck straight up in her hair. It looks fairly sily. We see the designers walking into the tents. I don’t really care about them this season, but it’s still really cool. Kenley cries in interview again & I kind of wish she wasn’t such a jerk so I could actually feel something for her stories of woe. But once again, she fails to penetrate my cold dead heart.

9:21 – There’s been a surprising lack of drama so far. It’s two hours before the show. Time for the producers to pull something, right? Like steal their accessories? Or kidnap some of the models?

9:22 – In the audience, we see Michelle Trachtenberg. Georgina Sparks! And Christian, of course. Come back to us, Christian! We miss your fierceness!

9:23 – Drama? One of Leanne’s looks has stretched or something so the neckpiece doesn’t fit her model anymore. Tim comes over & they decide she should put her in another look. End of drama. That was lame, yo. Also, doesn’t it feel like the pre-show prep & backstage looks are kind of rushed this year? I feel like we were watching Daniel V run around looking for his ugly wooden handbag & Christian looked for his missing model for like 20 minutes. I miss backstage drama.

9:27 – Heidi comes out, looking very chic. She introduces Nina Garcia, Michael Kors & an empty chair. Jennifer Lopez was supposed to be there but she’s out for a lower-body injury. Or maybe it’s flu-like symptoms. So who’s going to be the guest judge? Tim Gunn!! Yay! Backstage, the designers are like, whoops. Kenley jokes that she should have had a better attitude. We’ll see about that joke, Kenley. Let’s start the show!

9:28 – Kenley is first. She’s wearing a bright blue dress, the ridiculous feathers & a bright pink sweater. It’s blinding, especially unflattering under the light. Her collection, likewise, is full of bright, vivid colors, kind of vintage-looking shapes. Her blue bridesmaid dress is still the best look. I really want to own that dress. We see Rachel Zoe & Trash Lady Stella in the audience. The audience applauds at the wedding dress.

9:31 – Korto. She dedicates the show to her daughter. She asks the audience if she looks hot on her way out. Totally, Korto. Her collections got a lot of gold & bright jungle-esque colors. Some of the models have colorful Asian fans. It’s a nice collection, I don’t know if it’s groundbreaking. Some of the pieces remind me of Chloe’s from season 2 & Michael Knight’s from season 3. Credit to her: I can’t offhand tell which pieces are the ones she made in the last two days.

9:34 – Let’s see what Leanne’s got. It’s got the off-whites & sea-blue-greens that we’ve seen. The blue-green looks much better in this light. Lots of wavy pieces, obviously. She does manage to do a lot of different things with the theme. There are shorts & long pants & dresses & skirts. The waves floating around look cool on the runway. I don’t know how wearable it is. Her music is this beachy soundtrack & it fits perfectly. Her last piece is the wedding dress. She gets a huge applause as the models do their final walk. I think Leanne’s got this, y’all. It’s definitely the most cohesive collection, the most creative theme, perfectly put together.

9:37 – After-show interviews. Chris March likes Korto. Nick V from season 2 likes Leanne. Etc, etc. Everyone seems impressed. Actually, so am I. Cause this easily could have been underwhelming.

9:38 – We see one of those Saturn inspired-by-the-car ads with Laura Bennett from season 3. She’s designed an extremely comical looking SuperWoman outfit. It’s mostly funny because of who she is.

9:41 – Fan favorite vote? Korto.

9:42 – Dude. Top Chef New York. Get excited!

9:42 – The judges are back in Parsons. They talk about initial thoughts & how they admire the designers’ individual points of view. All in all, they seem pleased.

9:43 – Sidebar: Heidi really does look especially classy tonight. I think it’s the hair.

9:43 – Product placement speech & judge re-introductions. Heidi introduces Tim as a “really hot hottie.” Hee.

9:44 – The models come out. They start with Kenley. Michael Kors likes the charm & personality of her collection. Everyone’s pretty impressed by her hand-painting. The judges actually really like the collection. Nina brings up again that some of her looks are totally like another designer’s. Kenley gives attitude again, going like, okay! I got it! You don’t like it when I make stuff that looks exactly like something someone much more successful & well known than me made! Got it! Stop telling me! I GOT IT! You know, I’m actually glad she pulls this crap every freaking week because it makes her naturally unlikable, which hopefully means the judges/producers/America won’t let her win.

9:45 – Korto. The judges love her collection. LOVE it. Wow. This might be closer than I thought. They thought she did a good job bringing the African influence into it & some of the pieces were really excellent. They do think that some of the pieces are a little overworked.

9:46 – Leanne. The judges thought she really set the tone with the first look. They appreciate the workmanship & her versatility. The judges are concerned that the “petals” as they call them (the waves) are a little one-note. But I think that’s why it’s impressive that she did so many different things with it.

9:48 – The designers explain why they should win. Kenley chokes up & whines when it’s her turn. It looks even more ridiculous because of the feathers bobbing on her head. The designers are sent backstage.

9:49 – Judging. The judges like the fit of Kenley’s collection. They do point out again how she totally did what’s done before. They like Leanne’s ease in complexity. They’re a little hesitant because of all the petals. They like Korto’s ability to dress women of all shapes & sizes & ability to do interesting things with simple designs.

9:55 – Text vote: who should win? Leanne gets 55%. Seems about right.

9:56 – Leanne, Korto, Kenley, you all put on a great show, but only one can be the winner of Project Runway. Kenley…is out! YES!! Hooray, unlikability! In interview, she cries some more & whines about how it’s B.S. that the judges think she’s a copycat. Well, you kinda are, Kenley. I’m just saying.

9:57 – Leanne, Korto, one of you will be the winner. Congratulations…Leanne! So called it. Korto is out. Aw. Bye, Korto! You were cool & I liked a lot of your clothes!

9:58 – Everything’s kind of quiet as the judges congratulate Leanne. I don’t know why, it’s just not as dramatic or emotional as past seasons. Remember when Victoria Beckham told Christian she’d wear anything he made? That was a really cool moment. This…is nice, I guess. It’s nice. She deserves it. Leanne dances off the runway to get her Saturn Vue. She geekily tells us she’s going for a ride. I do like her. I do. I don’t know. I guess I don’t know what I expected. You’re not going to top what Christian did. It’d be pretty interesting to see if they ever do.



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