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Live-Blogging Heroes 3.5 Angels and Monsters October 14, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Heroes, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Heroes, P-Peter went & messed up the future worst than F-Peter messed up the present. He takes Sylar’s power & kills F-Nathan. Then he goes back to see Present Sylar, who tells him he’s his brother. Matt has seen a future where he marries Daphne & she dies, so now he’s following a turtle again to go find her. HRG + Sylar? Still = awesome. And Angela tells Hiro to dig up our old unkillable friend, Sark—I mean Adam!

9:00 – We open on Nathan talking over a montage o’ many subplots. He asks if he is an angel or a monster, a hero or a villain. Cause there’s no difference, Nathan, didn’t you see the volume title? Anyway, non-existent Linderman shows up & Nathan, reasonably, asks if Linderman is so non-existent, how the hell did he know about the whole Tracy committing suicide thing? Linderman does what he usually does, talks cryptically. Tracy comes in & notices the part where Nathan is talking to no one. He’s like, don’t worry about that, I do that like all the time.

9:03 – Mohinder shows up in a park where he meets a drug dealer. The druggie is like sure, I got what you want. Mohinder’s like, no, I want you. I’m confused. Mohinder is definitely not looking like a cockroach. Let’s get moving there, producers.

9:04 – We join Peter, who is still in a cell with Sylar, who is still like you’re like me! Whoo hoo! Also? You’re my brother! Peter’s like, um, not funny, dude. Angela comes in just as Peter tries to kill Sylar. He turns to Angela & starts doing the finger slicing thing, wanting to know her secrets. Angela is a good screamer, btw. Sylar TKs him away to stop him & goes to see if Angela is ok. Yes, he is showing actual concern. Angela says she’ll make Peter okay. I don’t think Peter’s who you should be worried about. It seems to me like he can take care of himself.

9:05 – Meanwhile, HRG shows up & tells Sylar he’s got a lead. He wants Sylar to come with. Awwww. HRG & Sylar sitting in a tree, a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

9:06 – In Costa Verde, Mere & Sandra finally figure out that Claire? Is totally not a cheerleading retreat. Sandra finds a file with a dude who can create vortexes. Cool! Sandra, of course, wants to come with Mere to find Claire. Mere’s like, can you manipulate fire? I didn’t think so. So go on back to your room, little insignificant character Sandra.

9:07 – Vortex-Man is in an empty house, yelling at someone on the phone. Suddenly Claire is there with a taser. She takes him down & is mighty pleased with herself. Ohhh, Claire, things are about to go dowwwwwn now!

9:10 – Back with Hiro & Ando, whose storyline is finally getting interesting. Hiro is being choked by Adam, who doesn’t much care that Hiro needs his help. Adam keeps trying to kill Hiro, so Hiro just teleports him back into the coffin. Hilariously, we hear Adam yelling & screaming to let him out as Hiro & Ando stand there talking. Eventually, Hiro threatens Adam via teleporting him back into the coffin enough to force Adam to say that the formula dilemma is probably Angela’s problem. And? He has a plan. LOL to Hiro’s finally using his power for something other than messing around with time.

9:12 – Hey! Daphne’s working for Linderman! Okay. Wait a second. Daphne’s working for Linderman… What? Linderman is offering her a chance to recruit. They pull to a wide shot & we see that Linderman doesn’t exist/is invisible/is a figment of Daphne’s imagination too. I’m so confused. He gives her a file with Mohinder & Knox’s pictures. Okay.

9:13 – Road trip of awesomeness. Sylar & HRG. Sylar is playing hilarious music, which Noah stops. Noah notes that killing is in Sylar’s nature. Annnnd scene.

9:14 – Claire & Vortex-Man. Claire, you are so stupid. Don’t you know what his power is? You had his file. Sure enough, after much talking, Vortex-Man vortexes Claire’s taser away. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Claire-Bear.

9:15 – Mohinder & now apparently dead drug dealer. Maya comes in. She has a flyer about Mohinder’s missing spouse abuser neighbor. Mohinder distracts her by kissing her neck & spouting stuff about finding her cure. She leaves & we see dead neighbor, who is now in a cocoon. Dude. I’m seriously confused about what Mohinder’s power/transformation is. Also, how did he know he could do that?

9:20 – Stunningly, Vortex-Man still hasn’t killed Claire. Vortex-Man is the most ineffective villain ever. Claire’s phone rings. V-M hangs it up & figures out that Claire is not with the Company. She’s also not with Pinehearst, whose card V-M has. Touch, Pinehearst mention! More talking about how V-M may or may not have killed his family. I don’t care, yo. He offers Claire a chance to go. Even Claire thinks that’s a pretty bad move. She says she might be able to help. Ugh. Can we move on from this storyline? Can’t we go find Matt & the turtle of fate?

9:22 – Tracy & Nathan. Nathan’s concerned about that thing where Tracy jumped off a building. Tracy eventually tells him about that time that she froze/killed a reporter. Nathan immediately realizes this is a bad idea. He tells her he got shot & died the last time he tried to do this. Nathan thinks God gave them these powers. Tracy tells him about Zimmerman. I was wondering when this plot point was going to become relevant again.

9:24 – V-M & Claire. Claire is helping V-M call Company numbers, I guess. They get a hold of his kids. They arrange a meeting, but the call gets cut off. HRG & Sylar come in & there is much confusion. HRG doesn’t get why Claire is there & vice versa, Claire’s also upset about the part where her father’s partner cut open her head & dug around in her brain. Vortex-Man is pissed because he thinks Claire set him up, but she swears she didn’t. He tells her to hold on to something & creates to huge vortex. Touche! Everyone tries to avoid being sucked into it. Annnnnd scene.

9:29 – Anyone going to watch My Own Worst Enemy? I might. Cause I really need more TV to watch.

9:30 – Everyone is still not vortex-ed out. Sylar has saved Claire. V-M has escaped. Claire realizes that HRG & Sylar are working together via their awesome partner-like interaction. HRG tells Sylar not to talk to Claire. Claire tries to convince HRG that V-M isn’t a psycho killer. Man, Claire, you’ve known him for like three seconds. Predictably, Claire gives up V-M’s meeting spot with his kids.

9:31 – PS: I found out in commercials that V-M’s name is Stephen Canfield.

9:31 – Adam & Hiro & Ando. They are in a bar because Adam wants to get an appletini. Hee! Awesome. Adam tells them that this is a bar for specials for hire. Adam comes up to the bar, where the barkeeper is not pleased to see him, as apparently Adam slept with his wife. Ah, good to see 400 years doesn’t really do all that much to a person’s base personality traits. The barkeeper jumps the counter to try to punch Adam, who gets the hell out of here. The barkeeper punches Hiro instead. He goes down & Adam flees. Ando hilariously manually opens & closes Hiro’s eyelids a few times, trying to get him to teleport. He realizes Adam is gone. Whoops!

9:33 – Tracy & Nathan come to visit Angela & unconscious Peter. Angela knows Zimmerman, apparently. He was in R&D. Heh. She tells Tracy that she & Niki & Barbara were given their abilities. And? So was Nathan! Dun dun dun!

9:34 – Maya comes into Mohinder’s loft, which is now covered in disgusting cocoon substance & creepy lighting. Spouse abuser neighbor is apparently still alive, which is gross. Maya starts to try to get him out, but Mohinder comes back. She hides, but Mohinder sees a chair by where spouse abuser neighbor is cocooned up. He see Maya, who is all blank ink eyes! Mohinder starts to gasp & freak out with the black ink, as does spouse abuser neighbor. Mohinder flips a table & finds her hiding. She stops the ink & wonders what the hell he’s done to the place. It could definitely use some more natural light. Also, she thinks he’s a monster. He gets really tense at that & heads over to grab her. Man, Maya is still pretty useless. Why is she still here? Also, if Mohinder’s not eating the cocoon people, what exactly is he doing with them?

9:41 – Hiro & Ando & Adam. Some dude comes up & kidnaps Adam. He calls someone & asks what he’s supposed to do with those random Japanese dudes. What is happening right now?

9:42 – Angela & Nathan & Tracy. Angela explains that Nathan was given his powers because his dad was disappointed he didn’t inherit them. Tracy is not excited about all this. She blames Angela for the reporter’s death. Nathan yells at Angela, asking who else she experimented on. Nathan & Tracy leave & Nathan tells her they can go to this scientist he knows. Suresh? He’s harmless!

9:44 – Cut to Mohinder, who is just finishing up cocooning poor, useless Maya.

9:44 – Claire shows up at Stephen’s meeting place. He says that his kids never showed. HRG comes up behind Stephen. Claire is like, what are you doing, like you didn’t just GIVE HIM THE LOCATION LIKE FIVE SECONDS AGO. What did you THINK he was going to do with it, Claire? You know what? I’m beginning to think Claire’s kind of a moron. He points a gun at his head & tells Stephen to create a vortex to eat up Sylar. Sylar, off by the car, gets freaked out with HRG not killing the dude & starts coming toward them. PS: Claire during all of this is pleading for HRG to not do this. What? I really wish they’d write them consistently. Cause I could have sworn Claire, not two scenes ago, was all about killing the monster. Touche, selective vengeance. Anyway, Stephen eventually is like, you know what? Thanks, but no thanks. And he jumps into one of his own vortexes. Dude, thinks HRG. This is going to be an awkward ride home.

9:46 – Hiro & Ando are back in the bar, drinking it up due to the loss o’ Adam. Daphne shows up. With Knox. Asking if they are looking for work. Hiro & Ando tell them that they are totally B-A now. Knox asks which one of them has powers. Hiro speaks up. Knox says if he’s really B-A, he’ll kill powerless Ando with this her conveniently placed sword! Hiro barely hesitates. He tells Ando he’ll have to make sacrifices & stabs him in the gut. Ando falls over, looking very betrayed, as he should. Now, I know this is totally not going to stick & all, but I’m still pissed at Hiro in this moment. He’s the only good part of your storyline, you fool!

9:52 – Claire & HRG in the car. Claire is still a little cold about the Sylar/Stephen thing. Sylar is in the backseat by the way. And he rightly speaks up that HRG totally just used Claire just now to kill Sylar. Touche, thinks Sylar, HRG, Claire & me. HRG & Claire get out of the car. She says she understands that everything he does is for her, but says it in a way that makes me think she’s going to go have more adventures with ineffective tasers. Anyway Claire goes inside, where Sandra is relieved that Meredith found her. But Meredith didn’t find me, says Claire.

9:53 – Meredith is currently not with Claire, so much as she is with a random dude eating delicious looking spaghetti. I’m hungry. This guy’s power is apparently to force someone to mirror him? I guess? I dunno. Anyway, he forces Mere to eat some delicious spaghetti & then kiss him. Ick. PS: The first time I talked that sentence, I wrote “kill him,” which would make this whole scene pretty pointless, wouldn’t it. On the other hand, I’d be a whole less creeped out.

9:55 – Angela is in her office when she hears screams. She comes into one of the Levels, where she finds dead Tracy, Nathan & Peter. She’s freaked out & turns around, shocked to see…? Who? Dude with a bloody hand with a bloody ring. He tells her she knows this will come true, what with her ability & all. But she won’t be able to do anything about it since she won’t be able to move. He touches her shoulder with the bloody ring hand. She wakes up & is rigid at her desk. Touche, creepy dream dude.

9:56 – Meanwhile, Daphne speeds in to a courtyard, where she is met by non-existent Linderman. She’s not pleased to have to deal with killing people. Linderman says she’s got to get one more, who will be the hardest. Dude, it’s so Matt. I’m right! I rule. Linderman tells her what Matt can do in a way that is much more impressive than what we’ve actually seen Matt do, but I’m going to let it go since I’m actually way into Matt & Daphne & want to see them meet. Anyway, Daphne is bothered by the fact that she can’t sneak up on him. She figures out that he’s not really there. Realizing she doesn’t have a choice, she leaves. After she speeds off, Maury(!) comes walking into the courtyard. He rushes in to a room with a man who is hooked up to a respirator. It looks like a hospital room, but there’s like a giant wood bed in it. Maury talks to the man via his thoughts. The man has a ring & we see he’s the same one as in Angela’s dream. And then Maury calls him Mr. Petrelli. Dude!

9:59 – Next week on Heroes, Peter & Sylar fight! The puppet man makes Claire shoot one of her family members! Nathan lets Mohinder give him injections probably without realizing the part where Mohinder is now an evil bug! I don’t even know what’s going on right now!


1. vacelts - October 14, 2008

As this episode unfolded it was easy to see the foreshadowing that Arthur was behind Pinehearst, the mind version of Linderman and Daphne’s theft of ½ the formula. I didn’t see the Maury part coming though because I thought he was trapped in his own mind still.


And more importantly, I can’t figure out who is the good guy – Angela or Arthur? Or is it a matter of the lesser of two evils? Who do we cheer for? Who are the real villains?


The Claire storyline was pretty boring except for revealing The Puppet Master (Eric Doyle). I have a feeling we are going to see much more of him.

And Mohinder transformation is just getting gross. However, I’m afraid of what he’s going to do to Nathan and Tracy next week.

2. Amy Yen - October 14, 2008

@vacelts Honestly, I don’t know who to root for because they keep changing the characterizations of everyone on this show. I don’t know who to care about, so I kind of don’t care about any of them. It’s starting to make me very weary of this season…their ratings are bombing, they really don’t need to makes thing MORE confusing.

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