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Live-Blogging Heroes 3.4 I Am Become Death October 7, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Heroes, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Heroes, Future Peter screwed up everything. Like, for seriously? Stop screwing around with the present, Future Peter. Then, Future Peter up & took Present Peter to the future to show him how terrible it is. Hiro & Ando totally got captured & put into Level 5 because they went & pissed off the Haitian. Freaking Mohinder went & pulled a 4400 & injected himself & starting turning into a cockroach. Also? Noah + Sylar = Awesome. But you already knew that.

9:00 – We open on Mohinder, who still have the scales going on. He’s talking into a recorder, recording his “rashes.” And then…Mohinder goes & interrupts a domestic abuse incident. The dude, predictably, is like, nothing’s going on here. Mohinder’s like, hey, how about I throw you across the room? The abusee, also predictable, runs up to help the abuser. Touche, Mohinder.

9:02 – Dr. Zimmerman is explaining to Tracy how he manipulated her DNA…& Niki & Barbara…in order to give them powers. Zimmerman admits that “a company” made them do it & then “made [them] forget.” Tracy really wants Zimmerman to remember. She grabs his hand & starts to freeze him. Zimmerman apologizes to her. This is about to become a theme.

9:04 – Parkman & Joe the Prophet in the desert. Dude, y’all remember how Matt totally did the Issac milky eyes thing? Why are we seeing this scene over again? Anyway, this time we get to see what Matt sees. We fly through New York, much like Peter did in his dream with Charles Deveaux. And then…apparently we’re in the future. Four years, as a matter of fact. With the Peters, Future & Present.

9:05 – P-Peter says that the future looks just like the present. F-Peter is like, you stupid stupid fool. There’s one big difference…which apparently involves people flying. People are all Hero-ed up, apparently. F-Peter says that they have to get out of the open, “they” will be looking for him. P-Peter is like, what “they”? Also, if you went & shot Nathan, why hasn’t anything changed? F-Peter says that someone in the present is making a formula that gives people abilities all willy nilly. We all know how that turned out in the 4400. You know, where this storyline came from. He tells P-Peter “some of us were made.” Future Claire shows up & totally shoots Future Peter. P-Peter gets the hell out of there. And the Haitian shows up. It’s all really confusing.

9:10 – In the future, a straight-haired Daphne talks with Future Claire & Knox about her killing F-Peter. I know this is just one version of the future & like “Five Years Gone,” they can pretty much make anything happen & it’s inconsequential to the actual story, but I would really love to know how some of these group s of people ended up together. Anyway, Claire tells them about P-Peter. Question, why doesn’t P-Peter just teleport the hell out back to the present, Claire says they have to use Molly. Aw, man, can we not?  Daphne says it’s not that simple. No kidding. Why do we have to bring freaking Molly back into this?

9:11 – Hiro & Ando in Level 5. I don’t care. Blah blah blah, Ando is annoyed that Hiro is still all buggy about that whole thing where Future Ando kills him in the future. Annnnd scene.

9:12 – Linderman shows up in Nathan’s office while he’s picking out furniture. Nathan’s all like, um, where the hell did Tracy go, isn’t she supposed to take care of this stuff? After they’re alone, Linderman’s like, why aren’t you paying attention to me? Nathan’s like, um, YOU DON’T EXIST. Also? You totally wanted to kill half of New York! Linderman’s like, all I want to do is make you president so Sylar can kill you & take over your body & eventually kill your brother!

9:14 – Maya & Mohinder, who is clearly freaking out. Maya flirts, but Mohinder isn’t interested. He yells at her that he’s working hard for her. She’s like, you know what? Forget it. I kinda want to use the black ink tears on you. After she leaves, Mohinder transcribes more about how he’s transforming, yadda yadda yadda.

9:16 – Future. P-Peter comes into Mohinder’s lab, where a cockroach climbs over his recorder. Dude. P-Peter looks around & suddenly someone who sounds like Mohinder appears. He’s in a black robe, like Adam when he killed Kaito. P-Peter is like, um, what’s going on, dude? Mohinder is like, I messed up yo. He keeps darting around, but we don’t see his face. Peter asks Mohinder about Sylar, but Mohinder is busy being really really creepy. Peter reads his mind. Again, why doesn’t he & Matt just do this whenever they need something instead of doing a 5-minute dialogue everytime? Anyway, Sylar’s in Costa Verde at the Bennett house. Peter teleports away. Mohinder’s like, hold me!

9:18 – Dude, seriously freaky. Peter uses Flint’s blue flames ability to go into the house, where a little kid greets him. He follows him in & there’s Sylar all right. In an apron & dark-rimmed glasses. This is like bizarro world.

9:23 – The title tag tells us this is “Gabriel.” PS: the kid totally knows who Peter is. Gabriel sends the kid away so they can chat. Gabriel stops smiling once he leaves & confirms that Peter is from the past. Gabe is like, hey! Guess what? We’re brothers. Peter’s like, hey! Guess what? I need your powers & I will use force if necessary. And by force, I mean, Matt’s power! Nothing happens. I don’t really know what Peter was trying to accomplish here. Gabe says he won’t let Peter have his power. He doesn’t want his kid to see him like that. Did I miss where having Sylar’s power helps anything?

9:26 – Still in the future. Hey! Matt is still hanging around with Molly. Daphne is there, begging him to let them use Molly. PS: there’s a baby. And apparently? Daphne’s the mom. And Matt is the dad. Touche, truthful painting. Matt & Daphne continue to argue about her safety. Daphne says it’s worth it to stop Peter. Eventually Matt gives in & let’s Daphne take Molly. She comes out & tells Knox & Claire that Peter’s in Costa Verde. Knox does he smelling-fear thing on Claire & reminds her that hey, you’re invincible, remember? So shut it, comprende?

9:28 – Peter & Gabe. Gabe gives Peter his watch. The watch. You know the one. Gabe tells Peter he has to understand the watch, know how it works & fix it to be able to access his ability. Peter does it. He tells Gabe he’s sorry. PS: Gabriel’s kid is named Noah. Touche. I know because Knox has totally taken him hostage. Claire is there & angry about the part where Gabriel is living in her former house, you know, after cutting her head open. She tells Peter if he lets her do the head-shot of real-death, she’ll let little Noah go. Peter responds by knocking the gun from Claire’s hand. Daphne then attacks Peter via running around really fast & punching him whenever she goes by. It’s pretty funny. What’s not funny? Knox going after little Noah. Gabe is apparently defenseless. Although he tells Knox he knows he feeds off fear & he’s not afraid. Noah is, though. Knox throws Gabe around & Noah gets knocked unconscious/dead, it’s hard to tell. Uh oh. Look who’s back! Sylar! Sylar’s hands are all glowy. Like Ted/Peter glowy. He punches Knox a few times & can’t control himself. He explodes & takes the house & apparently California with him. Touche, Ted’s power. That was like the worst power ever. Everytime you turn around, there’s a future where it destroys a bunch of the country.

9:36 – Hiro & Ando’s subplot of non-action. They are trying to escape the cell. Eventually, Ando pulls a vent open & tells Hiro to enjoy his escape. Ando is not coming with. However, Hiro still needs Ando’s help, getting up into the vent. They grunt & groan their way up. Hiro chooses this time to apologize. Ando pushes Hiro up. They celebrate, but Ando realizes that the Haitian has somehow appeared in the room. Touche, thinks Ando & me.

9:38 – Tracy’s trying to turn herself in for murder again. Only she can’t because she freezes the phone. She whispers her confession right before she throws the phone into a wall. Man, Ali Larter’s various characters can’t catch a break.

9:39 – Mohinder. Admitting to his recorder that he can’t reverse what’s happening to him. And then, spouse abuser neighbor shows up. Bad timing, as Mohinder has discovered his fingers are melding together with slime. It’s gross. Mohinder grabs the spouse abuser & drags him into his office. Touche, spouse abuser.

9:40 – Nathan in his office. Tracy shows up & gives him her letter of resignation. She says she knows what she has to do. She leaves. Linderman tells Nathan he has to trust him. And help her. Meanwhile, Tracy’s on a roof. She jumps. And Nathan saves her via a Superman fly-n-dive. It’s very dramatic looking. The flying effect always works better on Nathan than, you know, West. He manages to actually look cool.

9:43 – Reminder: Life is on next! And check it out on Friday at 10pm EST/PST!

9:44 – Tracy gives Nathan a drink. She’s looking a little stunned, what with realizing, in this incarnation, that Nathan can fly. She tells him she has to show him something. She freezes his drink. He looks at her like maybe he wants to kiss her. And he does.

9:46 – Future! Oh jeez, Nathan is still president! And Tracy(?)’s first lady. He’s telling a bunch of reporters that Costa Verde is nada mas.

9:47 – In a morgue with Future Peter, Present Peter comes to on the gurney next to him. Claire & the Haitian walk in. She says a bunch of people died & she wants him to feel every one of them. She starts to torture him with a scalpel. Actually? It comes off as childish. Just then, Nathan walks in & basically commands Claire leave. Nathan tells him he’s not ignorant. He knows what’s going on. But they can turn to other people for help. Nathan tells him to read his mind. Peter does. And then he does Matt’s pushing thoughts thing, which causes Nathan some pain. Peter TKs Nathan to the wall. And then…Present Peter kills Future Nathan! Via Sylar’s finger slicing of doom! Gah!

9:50 – PS: The Secret Service agents are outside during all this, yelling if the President’s ok. Worst. Secret Service agents. Ever.

9:51 – P-Peter lands back into the present, in Sylar’s cell in Level 5. Sylar immediately realizes he’s there. Peter TKs him against the wall. I thought powers didn’t work in these cells? Anyway, he tells Sylar he’s been to the future. Sylar realizes Peter has “the hunger.” They’re alike…because of course, they’re brothers.

9:54 – Back to Present Matt, who’s still got the milky eyes. Hey, how much of this is he seeing? In the future, Matt is freaking out & grieving because he thinks Daphne is dead in Costa Verde. The helpful TV announcer drones on about how he can’t imagine that there can be any survivors. WTG, helpful TV announcer. Matt tells Molly to go take care of her sister. There’s a knock on the door & it’s Daphne. There’s a moment of joy, & then Daphne tells him she wasn’t fast enough. She’s all burnt on her back. Listen, I know this is a dream & all, but Daphne seriously sped her way from Costa Verde to New York, just so she could die in Matt’s arms & cause Molly permanent psychological damage?

9:55 – Back in the present, Matt wakes up. A lot of talking with Joe the prophet. Nothing much happens. Matt knows he has to find Daphne. I’m pretty much over Matt being in Africa. Hey, no offense, Joe. But let’s not turn this into a Volume-2-Hiro-in-feudal-Japan situation.

9:57 – Angela talks to Hiro & Ando. She tells him they don’t have either parts of the formula. She basically tells Hiro he was a disappointment to his dad. Ando defends him & Hiro continues to act like a disappointment to his dad. Hiro & Ando insist they will get the formula back & stop who’s manipulating them. She tells Hiro he has the key to unlocking the entire mystery. Really? Cause I just can’t believe that.

9:58 – Hiro & Ando digging up a coffin. Don’t be Kaito, don’t be Kaito…it’s not. It’s Adam!!! Whoo hoo!! YESSS!!! Adam is pretty much as pleased as you’d imagine he’d be to see Hiro again. This is going to be awesome!

9:59 – Next time on Heroes, can Claire trust HRG?? Was Nathan given his power too? And, hey! A surprise return! If it’s Angela & Adam, I don’t know why she’d be surprised since she presumably sent Hiro & Ando to get him. So it must be someone else…I hope it’s good. Let’s see…who’s died that’s awesome… it better the hell not be Niki/Jessica.



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