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Live-Blogging Heroes 3.3 One of Us, One of Them September 30, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Heroes, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Heroes, I will be writing my previouslys completely by memory since I will, at least for now, be switching over from Terminator on Fox after their previews. So anyway, previously, on Heroes, Future Peter goes back in time to shoot Present Nathan in order to prevent a horrible future. Instead, he manages to create an even more horrible future, i.e. the world being split in two & everyone dying. Jeez, wtg there, Future Peter. Also Sylar’s been captured by the company, but only after getting Claire’s ability, Matt is lost in Africa & Present Peter is stuck in Francis Capra (ahem, Jesse)’s body. Most of this is also Future Peter’s fault. Man, Future Peter sucks.

9:00 – Angela gave Sylar up for adoption! Touche! Who the hell is Bridget? That history thing is a really cool ability. OMG! Angela totally just fed that Bridget chick to Sylar! She is so evil! I love her!

9:03 – Oh great. Niki/Jessica/Tracy/Ali Larter is trying out her power. For the record, I really think Niki is dead, at least. I don’t know about Jessica. I’m still finding myself very weary of this storyline.

9:04 – I’m really glad we can see Present Peter’s body instead of Jesse’s. Except I really hate the seeing-Jesse-in-the-mirror thing, it reminds me too much of the Niki/Jessica crap. And robbing a bank? Really? That’s so regular criminal.

9:05 – Noah! “You can take the man out of the company…” Heh. What? No Haitian? “One of us, one of them.” So Noah’s partner is…Sylar! Yesss! Sylar! Noah! Sylar & Noah! AWESOME.

9:09 – Present Peter (PP) as Jesse is totally not convincing. He’s all like “Keep your heads down, please.” Try to blend in a little more, dude. At this rate, it’s pretty remarkable the Villians haven’t killed him yet.

9:10 – Meredith lighting up, literally, in the Bennett house. “No smoking.” Heh. They want Claire to go back to school? Whatever. Maybe she can meet up with John Connor & they can be not-normal in school together. Hey! That would even make sense! Thomas Dekker can do his Zach again. He can even bring back the Terminator season 1 emo bangs!

9:12 – “She can’t die.” Also, Noah? Neither can he. Stop wasting bullets! Noah + Sylar = awesome.

9:13 – “What kind of over-confident nemesis are you??” Ha! Loves it. The most interesting thing to happen in this storyline in forever! Hey! It’s the Haitian. Aw, I’ve missed you! Daphne’s growing on me, why does she have to hang out with those Losers anyway? *L sign*

9:15 – Meredith is going to teach Claire to fight? Does Meredith fight? Doesn’t she usually just throw fire at people? Does she realize Claire doesn’t do that one?

9:16 – Freaking Tracy is trying to figure out who Niki was. Don’t bother, Tracy, there’s really not much there. Oooh! She’s going to New Orleans. I hear we’re wrapping up the Monica storyline right quick. That’s right, freaking Micah is all mother-less now. This is going to be an awkward reunion.

9:17 – “It’s about revenge.” Touche. Knox is like a crazy person. Also, I only know that dude’s name because I listen to too many podcasts. Are we ever going to learn what the hell is going on here? Oh, touché, he just killed that other dude. And he wants to kill HRG! Touche, Knox, betcha didn’t know Sylar’d be around. Heh at PP/Jesse’s imitation of a psycho smile. PS: I wonder what powers PP/Jesse has. Jesse’s? Or Peter’s? And can PP/Jesse absorb powers like Peter? Cause I feel that would be helpful.

9:18 – Hey! It’s Parkman! Yep, still in Africa. Hey prophet dude is a future-painter! Maybe there really is two of every power. Wow, it’s like Parkman’s whole life! It’s actually much cooler on rocks than on canvases.

9:21 – Hey! Don’t forget, Life premieres next! I’ve already seen it & it’s pretty awesome!

9:23 – Zachary Quinto in a suit! Whoo hoo! “Are you really my mother?” Yes, she is! Nifty awesome. She’s so Meryl Streep fondling over Liev Schreiber in The Manchurian Candidate. “Does he have Jesse’s ability?” Yeah, does he? And what is Jesse’s ability? Also? Why does Sylar need to be in a suit? Not that I’m complaining.

9:25 – Freaking Hiro/Ando/Daphne subplot of boringness. In a movie theater. Ugh. It’s pretty funny when Ando eats popcorn though. I pretty much love Ando. Can he ditch Hiro?

9:26 – Matt looking at his life on the stones again. Why did prophet dude only paint Matt’s life? Touche, abandoned child version of the future. That sucks for Matt. Cool, prophet dude even has Issac/Peter’s milky eyes when he paints the future. Hey, writers? Could we get a name for prophet dude? Did they already say it & I forgot? That’s entirely possible. Let’s make one up. Hmmm…Joe. Joe the Prophet.

9:27 – “What if he doesn’t show?” “He always does. He’s like Santa Claus.” Hee! HRG would be an awesome Santa. “Get back to family & friends.” It’s a trick, PP/Jesse! Jesse minus Present Peter doesn’t have family & friends! Come on. Even I knew that. Annnnd there goes PP/Jesse’s cover.

9:29 – “Aren’t you curious to see how it all plays out?” Heh. I am! Ooooh, Sylar & HRG, FBI agents! Fantastic. And Sylar with an accent! Yay! Being a jerk to the locals! Man, he totally sold the FBI cover! Didn’t even have to show ID!

9:33 – Hey, PP/Jesse! Try a power! Any power! I’m sure something will happen. Getting beat up is probably not that effective.

9:34 – Hiro/Ando/Daphne/Haitian subplot of boringness. Nothing happens. I shouldn’t have wasted this entry.

9:35 – Aww, Sylar is all concerned about HRG! Touche. What, Angela tells him she’s his mother & he has to listen to her & all of a sudden, he does? “Don’t go near that buffet in there.” Touche, HRG doesn’t want Sylar getting all the cool powers.

9:35 – New Orleans: Scene of Awkwardness. Oh cool, we actually get to see Niki’s body! Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead. YES! Oh good, Micah knows Tracy’s not Niki. That makes everything less awkward. “Are you special too?” Yeah she is! Wouldn’t it be awkward if she froze Micah just now? So Niki/Jessica & Tracy were born in the same hospital by the same doctor (Zimmerman)…twins? How lame. “Goodbye.” Bye Micah! Well, that was anticlimactic.

9:37 – The Haitian has “it.” The formula, I guess. It’s in a suitcase. Hiro comes up & makes a big scene & the Haitian falls down a staircase. Hey! He better be okay, Hiro! Between the Haitian & you, I definitely like him better! And then Daphne speeds up & grabs the suitcase like right after Hiro retrieves it. Hey! Her powers work! She speeds away & Hiro discovers his powers still don’t work. He is confused, but of course we know that means the Haitian is a-ok, thank God. Yay, Haitian! He is not happy. Touche, Hiro.

9:39 – HRG just walks in & immediately gets sat in a chair by Knox. Dude, I hope you had a better plan than that. Whoa! PP has figured out Jesse’s power, which is, I dunno…like a force-wave that comes when he yells. PP/Jesse is like, hey, cool! And he yells again in Knox & HRG’s direction & everyone starts to topple over. And suddenly, Future Peter stops time & pushes Present Peter out of Jesse! Dang it, it was finally getting interesting! Jesse, minus Present Peter, unfreezes & knocks everyone over. He goes over to HRG on the floor, who of course thinks PP is still there. Jesse corrects him.

9:46 – Meredith & Claire. They’re in a shipping canister of some kind. Like the one Peter was in at the beginning of Volume 2. Claire wants to know how to fight. Meredith just fires up near the wall. She asks why Claire wants to know how to fight. Nothing much is happening.

9:47 – Jesse & Knox want to hurt HRG but Sylar comes in & TK-stops them. PS: HRG calls Sylar his partner. Touche! Another of the Villians is about to go after Sylar when HRG up & shoots him. Where are the local cops in all this? What with all the shooting & the force-waves, you would think someone would come check it out. Also, HRG totally told Sylar not to come in & take all the delicious powers because he knew he would. Risky plan, completely based on the giant leap that Sylar is not reformed. Only, not really a giant leap.

9:47 – Mere & Claire. More talking. I’m tired. Mere is using her fire to suck all of the oxygen out of the canister thing. She starts freaking out & thinking about Sylar’s attack. Mere keeps interrogating her on why she wants to be able to fight. To hurt “him” for what he did. Who? Sylar? HRG? Meredith stops with the fire & Claire gets away from the really bad teacher.

9:49 – Noah tells Sylar they will tell the locals the Villians, who, btw, have been captured awfully early in the volume, are federal prisoners & they’ll take them back to Level 5. That’s seems way to easy. I thought PP & the Villians like would be on the run for half the season. Maybe the writers actually listened to us about Volume 2 & the Japan subplot of molasses! Noah takes a Villian out a door, of course, giving Sylar the opportunity to TK-close the door & TK-hold Jesse in place for the finger-slicing of doom. Another of the Villians runs the hell out of there while HRG tries to talk Sylar out of it from outside the glass door. Why don’t you just shoot it or something? Sylar kills Jesse anyway. Ooooh, your mom’s gonna be mad at you!

9:53 – Claire finds Meredith in the Bennett kitchen. Mere apologizes, but Claire is smiling kind of acceptingly. I kind of get the feeling Claire is gonna kill Meredith, but then, I thought Elle would kill Bob & that was way more likely. Mere tells Claire to just be a 17 year old girl for a while. Yeah. That’s gonna happen. PS: Claire spots a box. I don’t know if I’m supposed to know what that means.

9:55 – Matt & Joe the Prophet in Africa. Joe has painted Matt holding a girl in his arms. The girl has white hair…Daphne? Matt thinks this is the reason he’s here. Joe is noncommittal.

9:56 – Sandra questions Meredith about the whole Claire-not-going-to-school thing. Mere sets Sandra straight about the whole normal-Claire thing, being that it doesn’t exit. Claire comes down the stairs to open the front door in her cheerleading jacket. It’s a girl from her squad. Claire asks Sandra if it’s cool if she goes to a cheerleading thing. Dazed, Sandra says yes. Sandra is clearly in waaaay over her head.

9:57 – Someone pushes a doorbell for Dr. Zimmerman. It’s Tracy, of course. He says her name & Zimmerman notes something that makes her think he knows her. Zimmerman says he created her. Touche! Clones? Really? Too many ideas, Heroes writers. I can only live-blog so fast.

9:58 – Matt in the desert has war paint on & is trying to do something. It’s not working. Joe gives him his headphones. WHOA! Matt’s eyes go milky & he tilts his head back! What just happened?! Doesn’t he have enough crazy powers? PS: this reminds me. Why didn’t Matt just mind-read Joe to find out what the hell is going on?

9:59 – Claire drives in her car with the mystery box. Okay? Hiro & Ando are now prisoners at Primatech. Are they in Level 5? That seems excessive. Sylar is still free & goes with Noah as it locks up a Villian. He runs into Angela, who is calm. She gives him some clothes & takes him to his cell. You would think she would at least lecture him about the whole killing people thing. The Haitian comes up to HRG & asks if he’s being replaced. Noah says just temporarily, while he looks for Sylar’s weakness. Then? He’s gonna kill him. Awesome! Only awesome things come from HRG & Sylar spending more quality time together.

10:00 – Next week…Mohinder’s 4400 formula experiment continues! Future Peter is still around! Future Claire wants to kill Future Peter still! Sylar wears Gabriel-glasses! We are still confused!

10:01 – PS: Life is on! Listen, I’ve been pushing this show hard for a reason. It’s really good & I really don’t want it to be cancelled. Just do me a favor & give it a shot, ok? Thanks.


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