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Live-Bloglet: Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 Premiere September 26, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Grey's Anatomy, TV.
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I’m calling this a live-bloglet, I’m thinking it might be more of a reactions thing, i.e. I’m not going to try to say something about every scene. Grey’s has really let me down these last few years, so I’m hoping for a rebound.

UPDATE from after the show: I’ll warn you right now. This is not as coherent as these things usually are, because I mostly spent the time lamenting over how much I miss how this show used to be. Come back, old Grey’s! Come back!

9:00 – We open on Meredith & her floor plan o’ candles & her sad, sad voiceover & then, she’s in the hospital & yes, YES, I called it! There was an accident & Derek is totally dead. And then…Mere wakes up. Dang it. I guess freaking Derek is alive. Lame.

9:02 – I can see how people would think this isn’t a very good teaching hospital. What with all the doctors busy sleeping together & stealing hearts & killing people all willy nilly. I’m just saying.

9:04 – I kind of want George & Lexi to happen. I feel like it would make her less useless & also, it means her only storyline wouldn’t be just being weird around Mere. Also? I kind of love how Christina handles her interns. Although, is it just me, or do we only ever see her interns? Where are Mere’s? Or Izzie’s? Or Alex’s?

9:06 – Is Derek serious? Rose declared her love to random strangers in the hospital after like the second date! She’s going to be a little cold for a while.

9:07 – Hahn is looking very pretty. And apparently is not in the middle of a whirlwind romance with Callie.

9:08 – “We’re hoping & praying that someone is severely injured.” Heh. Awesome.

9:12 – Oooh, awkward Hahn/Callie encounter. Heh. I really don’t care for Callie’s hair this year. It used to be so pretty. Maybe they’re trying to emphasize Hahn’s prettiness.

9:14 – “What kind of moron are you? A kind of special moron from the Island of Special Morons?” HEE. I love Sloan & desperately want him to get a storyline already.

9:15 – “Theory of Get a Happy Ending” sounds made up, Mere. I hate to be a cynic…but honestly? McDreamy lost his appeal about two season ago. Now I think he’s a jerk & you’ll never to be happy. …Sorry, was that harsh?

9:17 – “If I were you, I would insist.” Heh. I love Bailey/Yang team-up patient-stealing.

9:21 – “Can I scrub in?” “Fine.” YAY! The Hahn-hates-Christina subplot of annoyingness looks like it’s over! It only lasted about half a season to long.

9:22 – I can’t tell you how much I don’t care about the patients-of-the-week. Just warning you now.

9:23 – Alex & Izzie! I used to love them together & feel like I still could. “You’re in a spaceship, you’re going to the moon. Enjoy the ride.” Heh. Alex is in no way fine. He’s seriously messed up. But so is she, right? I still occasionally feel like they’re messed up for each other.

9:25 – Still don’t care about the patients-of-the-week, who are apparently Mr. & Mrs. Cheaty McCheaters, which makes me not care about them even more.

9:27 – “Not at all, Dr. Shepherd. You changed your mind.” Oh, Rose. Touche.

9:28 – Not that I like Major Pain-in-the-Butt, but Derek’s still a jerk.

9:31 – Have these people never heard of a field tracheotomy? Cause I gotta say, I’ve seen that whole pen trach thing on TV at least five times. Also a straw. I’ve definitely seen it done with a straw.

9:34 – “It’s not about the years, it’s about the man. Derek is a good man.” Um, NO HE ISN’T. I can’t TELL you how much I don’t agree with that. I do agree with Alex being a good man.

9:36 – Touche, the Hahn-doesn’t-hate-Christina experiment didn’t last long, did it.

9:37 – Hey look, a Curious Case of Benjamin Button ad. I caught a screening of that a while back. Pretty good movie. I’d definitely recommend it.

9:41 – “You almost got it, George.” Aw. Sloan was being a jerk, but Lexi’s explanation is ridiculous. Oh wait, maybe he wasn’t being a jerk. He’s just being Sloan. Which makes me love him. Give! The man! A storyline!

9:45 – Still don’t care about the patients-of-the-week. In case you were wondering. Also, the red-haired patient that has the health insurance problem…there’s something about the way she talks that’s just kind of off. I dunno. I just don’t like this stupid storyline.

9:47 – As much as I like Jason O’Mara from The Closer, Life on Mars really looks like it’s going to bomb in spectacular fashion.

9:50 – Rose = pregnant…psych! WHAT? Stupid. “YOU should transfer to a different specialty.” …Okay. Listen. I was on Rose’s side…all the way to this scene. What was that? What WAS that? I’m officially over the Rose subplot.

9:51 – “Are you sleeping with him??!” Ha! I think it’s awesome that Lexi can tell Sloan to shut up.

9:52 – “Shut up! Shut up about Derek!” THANK YOU!! “You & Derek…will not work.” THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! Okay…I love that Christina & Meredith can have THAT conversation & still be awesome BFFs. And then…they ruin it by having a horribly fake CGI icicle drop on Christina. Seriously? Did that just happen? SERIOUSLY??

9:57 – Back from commercial. That really just happened. And…Meredith & Christina flashforward/dream thing. OMG y’all. I don’t know if I’ve ever witnessed the moment when a show truly jumped the shark live before. But this…might be it.

9:58 – Saved by the crazy major. Melting dirty icicle! Ick! Also? The Chief is seriously making her TEACH during this? She was having deathmares moments ago. The shark, she’s jumped.

10:00 – Oh, Rose. After that ridiculous proclamation, you know what you shouldn’t do? Cause Derek to cut himself. Dang it. Firmly away from her side now. But not on his, because I still think he’s a jerk.

10:01 – Wow, is this episode two hours? I don’t know if I can’t make it. Holy crap, just checked the schedule. It IS two hours. Oh dear God. Nooooooooooo!

10:02 – Question. I’m not understanding why Callie, the orthopedic surgeon, should even be dealing with this situation. Is anyone else getting a sinking feeling about this?

10:05 – “She’s a dead mouse on the kitchen floor. At some point you have to take care of it.” Wow. What an incredible harsh yet accurate Sloan-ism. Bravo, Sloan.

10:07 – “Of course it matters what you say!” Also, heh at Christina’s interns taking pictures.

10:08 – “You should tell her.” NO, YOU SHOULDN’T. That’s just selfish. Selfish! This is actually the exact wrong time to tell her. Come on.

10:09 – Alex being mad at Izzie…I don’t really get it. I get that he’s messed up. I kind of really wish they’d either address that or have them get together already.

10:09 – Callie taking point = bad idea. Bad, bad, bad…

10:10 – “Unless of course you want to just to go ahead & get married?” …psych! I hate this joke.

10:11 – “I say, we skip the CT.” Um. I feel like Alex is just trying to help here. Why is Bailey being all weird? Am I wrong? Did I miss something?

10:11 – Do you see? Do you see what I mean about Callie taking point not being a good idea? Also? The Chief & Bailey went into this surgery without knowing the contingencies? They actually relied on Callie to know everything that could happen. Really. Seriously? Unbelievable.

10:13 – “We’ll survive. We always do.” This? Still not the time. F! Sucks to be this chick. Husband never going to see again…best friend has been sleeping with said husband…husband also lost his job eight months ago…also she’s going bankrupt because they’re about to give all their money to the hospital. Bummer, yo. No, I still don’t really care about her. I just think that sucks.

10:18 – You know what else sucks? I don’t really root for a couple on this show any more. I mean, I kind of want Alex & Izzie to get together. But I’m not really rooting for them that much because I still kind of hate Izzie. You know who I am rooting for? Pete & Addison on Private Practice. When did that happen?

10:19 – “It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for you anymore. I swear it doesn’t.” Touche. I *heart* Alex.

10:21 – “You’re trying something new. There’s nothing wrong with new.” Nice! Go Hahn! And go Callie!

10:22 – Freaking Christina still has a freaking icicle stuck in her. Also continuity is nothing, clearly, since Christina’s pretty much the only one who we’ve seen actually teach her interns. Well, at least one intern. Whatever.

10:23 – Is the Chief seriously making this about Meredith? “You are here to do what I say.” Seriously? I’m starting to not like the Chief. And I don’t like that feeling.

10:24 – You know what I really don’t like about something like Callie panicking & needing Hahn to talk her down? I mean, I like that she could talk her down. It’s just that when we met Callie, when we fell in love with Callie, she didn’t panic. She was just confident & awesome. Where the hell did that Callie go?

10:30 – “ ‘I know you hate me.’ That’s not me, it’s the letter.” Heh, Lexi. Hey, when did George get here? “I’m going to love you until the end of time.” …And she walks away. I mean, can you blame her? If it was just the whole cheating thing…I mean, maybe. But it’s the whole bankruptcy thing that really puts it over the top for me. Sure you betrayed your vows…but you also ruined my credit! I mean, the emotional wounds heal…bad credit rating is forever.

10:32 – “Sorry about teasing Alex.” “I forgive you.” Listen. I still don’t care about the tragic patients-of-the-week. But I do apparently still care about Alex & Izzie. And I still like Mere. And I really, really don’t want this show to jump the shark for real. Please come back, awesome Grey’s!

10:35 – Touche, 30-second memory lady still has no memory. That SUCKS. And she has to hear that news over & over again? And someone has to tell her that news over & over again? SUCKS.

10:36 – “Dr. Karev. What time is it?” “It’s tomorrow.” Again, with the suckage. I really don’t like Bailey this week. First she’s all hoping for severe injuries & then she goes into a potentially fatal unnecessary procedure without knowing what to do & then she blows off Alex’s wanting to help out some patient’s financial problems. I don’t get it. What is going on? If Bailey sucks…then the shark is here, right? The shark is here!

10:40 – “Before you existed, I was good.” Aw. Back on Rose’s side. Mostly because I think all these years later, I’m still not over the whore comment from Derek. Thus, the fundamental problem with Derek & Mere. The fact that I still can’t forget that.

10:41 – “When I like somebody, I make sure they know it.” You know. That’s the best thing about Sloan. PS: What’s the man gotta do to et a storyline around here?

10:43 – “Your husband’s on his way. He’s around the corner.” Oh dear. What if that was the time her memory clicked back into place? That would be awkward.

10:44 – Alright! Bailey! INSURANCE FRAUD! It’s not awesome Bailey. But I guess, for just this one case, I will forgive you.

10:45 – I’m getting a bad feeling about Christina & Major Pain. Like they’re totally going to make out. And…here it comes…yep. If there’s one thing about this show, it’s that at times it’s the most predictable thing in the world. “I don’t even know you.” “So?” And then he leaves. Do you ever think a line is wrong? Cause to me, that scene would have been fine if when she said “I don’t even know you,” he said “But I know you.”

10:50 – “Did you sleep with Meredith?” Jeez, awkward. Also, you know what I really don’t need right now? Flashback to the creepy awkward pity sex. Ugh. “We are just roommates.” And now, this crush thing is going to become like a thing, right? Like a season-long thing.

10:52 – Red-haired patient-of-the-week goes to her husband. I…wouldn’t. Credit rating, my friends.

10:53 – “I don’t like kissing girls. I like kissing one girl. You.” Hey, it’s Hahn’s first time too. That’s…surprising. And kind of sweet.

10:54 – “And then I’ll never get my happy ending.” And then Christina lies to her, for her. Because who in their right mind would believe that Derek & Meredith can make it? “I’m your person. I’m on your side.” And that…I can believe.

10:55 – Too bad the episode didn’t end right there. Who is that with Alex? Denny flashback! Unnecessary! I was kind of liking Izzie this week. And then you go & drag up her stupid jump-the-shark moment. Dang it! Now I hate her again!

10:56 – Wow. This episode will just not end! “You have all been failing.” Okay. It’s not that I disagree. Hey! Christina’s back on her feet already! Man, Major Pain’s kiss must really have done the trick.

10:59 – “Reality. It’s so much more interesting than living happily ever after.” And yet…I’ve never been less into this show.

11:00 – In two weeks on Grey’s…disaster episode! Flooding! On a surgery! YES! Just when I get out, they pull me back in!


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