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Live-Blogging Project Runway 5.10 September 18, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Project Runway, TV.
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8:59 – Previously, on Project Runway, the designers embarked on an over-complicated challenge involving avant garde design, astrological signs, eliminated designers, previous season designers & Blayne & Terri getting auf-ed. Touche, Terri letting whining Keith drag her down.

9:01 – Apartment open. The designers talk about what they’re doing next. They’re wrong, of course. I’m so over the apartment open.

9:02 – Heidi comes out in this skin-tight short black dress. It’s way cute. She says she has some “special ladies” to introduce. Some older ladies come out. The designers interview that this is the mom challenge…but it’s not. Heidi says the ladies are part of the challenge, but the designers will not be designing for them. Everyone’s relieved until they find out they will be designing for their daughters, who come out. They’re all college grads. Heidi says the challenge is a head-to-toe make-over. The women introduce themselves, but the designers don’t get to choose. Heidi pairs them up.

9:04 – In the workroom, Tim sends in the clients. The moms will obviously have opinions on what their daughters wear, so Tim says that they are also in a way their clients. Joe complains in interview that the daughter won’t ever like what the mother likes. Touche, true. But still, red flag.

9:06 – Kenley talks to her client, who just got a job as an assistant buyer for a store. Kenley is thrilled with her client’s style & immediately decides to do a 40’s/50’s look. Well that’s different. Only of course, since we’ve seen the promos, we know it’s not.

9:07 – Jarell says he’s making something modest, but still a little flirty & awkward. Just like his client. And him. Hee. I kind of like Jarell. Meanwhile, Leanne tries to talk her client & her mom into a dress. Apparently the mom likes animal print, but Leanne is not about that at all. Red flag! Also red flag? Suede, who is making pants despite doesn’t want to do it. Tim comes in to take the clients away & send the designers to Mood.

9:08 – At Mood, Korto tells us since Trash Lady Stella’s gone, she’s getting leath-ah. As long as that’s all you’re copying from Stella. Joe gets masculine fabrics, which is yet another red flag.

9:11 – Back in the workroom, Joe kind of snarks at his client’s severe lack of job. Hey, not cool, Joe. It’s not easy getting a job out of school. That’s what grad school is for.

9:16 – OMG Top Chef New York!

9:17 – Back from commercial, Jarell tells us about his first job, which was McDonald’s. Awesomely, he says he got all sorts of good snacks, but bad skin from standing over the fryer. Man, I could totally use some McDonald’s fries right now…

9:18 – Tim sends in the clients & mothers. Suede’s client mom wants to add a ridiculous purple print to the sleeve of his jacket. Suede subtly suggests it looks cheap & the mom gets a little offended. He interviews that he can’t do everything the client wants. Look who’s been watching past seasons!

9:20 – Jarell interviews that all Kenley does is 50’s outfits. Kenley loooves the way her print looks on her client. Leanne’s client’s mom hates her look. She says it looks flat-chested & wouldn’t have bought it in a store. Touche, thinks Leanne & I.

9:21 – After the clients leave, the designers assess the damage. Kenley is having to redo a lot of her work. She says she’s making a sexy teacher dress. Heh. Meanwhile, Kenley tells us Joe’s outfit is an 80’s business suit. It’s not looking good. Also he doesn’t seem like he’s going to finish. Good thing I don’t like him.

9:25 – Look, Project Runway alum on Top Design next. Guess what? Jeffrey still looks like a douche bag.

9:26 – Tim sends in the clients again, minus moms this time. Joe talks about how he’s going to show the judges his great fit & tailoring, which kind of makes me think his fit & tailoring is going to suck. Meanwhile Leanne’s client loooooves Leanne’s re-done look. Suede manages to talk his client into losing the pants. He fake-scores bonus points to himself.

9:27 – Tim asks for a gather-around, which sets off a round of whining interviews. Again, let’s have a little better attitude about gather-arounds, designers. It could be a good thing. See? It’s just Tim introducing a chick from TRESemme, here for hair consultations. Hey! Where’s Nathaniel Hawkins? Anyway, TRESemme lady says the winning design, & the client, will be in Elle magazine. Everyone’s psyched.

9:29 – Tim is back again for consultations. Lots of Tim this week! Always a good thing. Tim’s a little concerned with Suede’s pockets, but that’s the only issue. Tim says Joe’s suit doesn’t have anything to do with graphic designer, but in interview, Joe says he doesn’t care. Uh oh. Do you have an auf wish, Joe? Joe = TDWDLTTG.

9:30 – Tim comes around to Kenley & gives her a suggestion, which she immediately ignores. Ugh! I thought we were doing so well, season 5! Two TDWDLTTGs in one episode? Kenley interviews that she’s never listened to Tim Gunn & she’s still here. Shut up, Kenley.

9:32 – The power of the mother-daughter theme overwhelming him, Joe calls his family. It’s official. I’m calling Joe to be auf-ed.

9:33 – Day of runway show, Tim sends in the clients again. It’s like the clients were here the whole episode. Joe talks to his client, preemptively warning her about the whole outfit-that-has-nothing-to-do-with-her-profession thing. The clients also get sent to the product placement salon to get the rest of that make-over. Meanwhile, we finally get a clear look at Suede’s design, which has that previously-mentioned purple print under a jacket thing which has purple stitching/weaving on the sleeves, which are like bell-shaped. I don’t know how to describe it. Oh wait, yes I do. Ugly.

9:40 – On the runway, Heidi tells them the client moms are here to see the show. She also introduces guest judge Cynthia Rowley. Let’s start the show!

9:41 – Let me just say? Joe’s outfit does not look professional. It looks ridiculous. The whole outfit doesn’t fit right & the print shirt under the jacket is like way too low-cut. And I totally agree with what the client said earlier, the pinstriped skirt is horrible. Leanne’s mom beams at her daughter when she comes out, which…awwww. I love Jarell’s, it’s this awesome little brown outfit with a cool cardigan jacket & it looks really, really good on her. The client’s mom loves it too. Suede’s dress doesn’t look as bad when the client takes off the jacket immediately. Kenley’s look has too many elements.

9:43 – Heidi keeps everyone there. It’s amazing we’ve finally gotten to where she doesn’t wipe half of them out. The judges think Kenley dressed her client exactly like her. They do like dress though, since it’s for this client. Everyone hates Joe’s look. The client sells Joe out by saying she could do without the jacket. His look is totally cliché. Touche. I’d still never wear that to work. The judges like Korto’s look too & the client says she feels great in it. Leanne’s client waves dorkily at the judges, buying my eternal love. The judges ask her to take of the jacket & the dress underneath is like 10 times cuter than with it on. Everyone loooves Jarell’s entire look, including me. Heidi says she loves the hair, loves the dress, she’s hired. Imagine if you’re a 24 year old & Heidi Klum says that to you. Totally cool. No one likes Suede, whose model has the blasted jacket on again.

9:49 – Judging. They still love Jarell, who did a full transformation on the client. The judges also like Kenley & Korto this week. No one thinks Suede’s look was for a photographer, think Leanne’s client looked “frumpy” & that Joe’s totally out of touch. Michael Kors says she could wear that to a working girls’ party. Oooh! I hope that chick’s not watching.

9:55 – Fan favorite voting is starting I guess. That’s hard this year. I guess Jarell? Korto? I kind of don’t like anyone of them very much.

9:56 – One of you will be named the winner & one of you will be out. Korto is in. And now for the winner…Jarell! Clear cut this week. His look will be in a TRESemme ad in Elle magazine. As it should be. Go Jarell! Okay, I’ll vote for him. Kenley is in. Down to Suede, Joe & Leanne. Leanne is in. And finally…Joe…is out! Whoo hoo!

9:58 – Joe in interview completely butchers saying auf wiedersehen. Whatever, bye Joe. Meanwhile, Jarell & his client get photographed for the ad. The client looks super thrilled, so that’s cool.

10:00 – Next week on Project Runway, Jarell may or may not sabotage Suede. LL Cool J guests. (What?) And Kenley continues to grind on my patience by asking what Tim knows anyway. He knows you’re not winning, for one thing. Cause you definitely don’t win by not listening to Tim. Shut up, Kenley.



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