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Live-Blogging Project Runway 5.9 September 11, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Project Runway, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Project Runway, okay, look. My fondness for Bones got the better of me. Unfortunately, it seems that Bones may or may not have jumped the shark with the psycho killer plot o’ lameness known as the de-regularization of Little Zach Addy. Whatev. Anyway, I did catch the last minute or so of Runway, where Trash Bag Stella was finally, mercifully auf-ed. Even Tim Gunn wasn’t that sad to see her go. Auf wiedersehen, Stella!

9:00 – Apartment open. Terri tells us about how she won’t miss Stella. +10 points for Terri.

9:02 – On the runway, Heidi brings out the models. Leanne chooses to stay with her model & Stella’s model gets booted. Heidi says there are “special guests” for their next challenge. It’s kicked-out designers! UGH! Stella! There’s no getting rid of her! For the challenge, each of them will work with one of the eliminated designers. The challenge? Avant-garde! Oh jeez. There’s no way they’re going to get anywhere near the level of Season 4.

9:04 – In the backroom, Tim tells them the look has to be inspired by the astrological sign of one of the team members. They get paired off with the eliminated designers by their birthdates. Blayne’s working with Stella. Oh dear God. Terri’s working with Keith. Oh that’s gonna work out well. Crush him, Terri.

9:06 – The teams meet & talk about their signs, i.e. aquarius = water, which is like the easiest one, I think. Emily & Leanne are doing scorpio, which is my sign along with Emily’s. Yay! Go Team Scorpio!

9:09 – At Mood, Terri & Keith are already bickering about the color. Shut up, Keith. Back in the workroom, Suede & Jerry talk about doing a jumpsuit. Oh dear, Santino flashback. Meanwhile, Team Bickering, Keith & Terri, continue their war, with Keith quietly telling Terri he’s fragile right now & he’s just trying to think of how he can help her. Terri interviews that the best thing she can think of for Keith to do is count the pins that fall to the floor. I kind of love Terri.

9:14 – Team Joe has a really pretty fabric. Joe talks about the challenge being about avant-garde, which, frankly I’d forgotten all about, because they’ve been talking about astrological signs for 10 minutes. Too many challenge elements, Bravo, seriously. You’ve got to stop that. Also, Kenley is confident in her design, which drives Leanne crazy. I…still don’t care.

9:16 – Tim is back for consultations. Team Blayne describes their design, which involves leather straps because…no one really know why, really. Cut to a shot of Stella, who in wearing a leather vest thing that’s exposing way too much skin. Team Scorpio’s look is looking awesome. It’s got this black “exoskeleton,” as Leanne describes it. Team Kenley’s design is really complicated & involved like 15 different fabrics & giant shoulder pads. Huge, huge, HUGE red flag as Kenley completely blows off Tim Gunn’s suggestion that the design looks like Glinda the Good Witch. Which it does, if she was one of those celebrities in those “What Was She Thinking???” columns. Kenley is clearly this week’s TDWWLTTG.

9:20 – Checking in with Team Bickering. Terri & Keith continue to fight. Tim is not excited about the outfit. Keith butts in that he thinks it could be done differently. I am so over this subplot.

9:21 – In the workroom on Day 2, the designers find a note from Heidi at their stations. It says something about them showing the garment, but really, all everyone really cares about is the fact that two designers are getting eliminated tonight. Including me, because that means this endless season is speeding up!

9:22 – Design frenzy. Everyone is rushing now. Terri continues to give Keith the Heisman when he tries to help. He whistles as he walks away to talk to Jarell. He says he will be stand around looking like a fool. Too late, Keith.

9:23 – Tim comes back in & says that whole “getting immunity for winning” deal is a thing of the past, friends. They’re going to a party at the Museum of Natural History, where I’ve been before & which is awesome. All the designs, I’m sorry…look like costumes. Not even close to the avant-garde challenge from last year. Do y’all remember that coat that Jillian & Victorya made? Not even to mention Chris & Christian’s ruffle-mania that won. Man, I miss Season 4…

9:28 – The designers walk into the planetanean at the museum with their crazily-dress models. They talk about how there’s “special guests” tonight. Really? More? I don’t even remember them saying this. The guests are a bunch of previous designers, including Jay from season 1, Daniel V from season 2 & Christian! OMG, love you, Christian! Please come back & save us.

9:30 – The old designers & new designers stand around & talk about the designs. Argh, really, we’re still talking about stupid Team Bickering? So over it. Terri won’t talk to Keith & Keith whines to us how the garment isn’t his. Well, Keith, maybe that’s because you’ve been ELIMINATED. You don’t feel like it’s yours because IT’S NOT. Remember how you’re supposed to help & inspire your designer? Shut up, Keith. Jay talks to one of the designers & then says he’s going to go vote, because, yes, the old designers will determine the winner, which no longer means anything.

9:33 – At the party, Christian had said he didn’t like Terri’s jacket, so Terri, in a smart move I think, gets rid of it in the morning as the designers are getting ready for the runway show. She uses more of the magenta-looking fabric as a jacket.

9:34 – Last minute changes, as Tim keeps telling the designers as the models are in hair & makeup. I won’t lie, Kenley’s giant shoulders look ridiculous. Korto, who we’ve hardly seen this episode, says she actually finished her design, which appears to involve waves of fabric on the back of her dress. Tim tells them it’s time to go & finds Keith napping in the break room because he’s so tired from not doing anything. I can’t wait until Keith goes back to being eliminated.

9:41 – Oh the runway, Heidi explains the 14 million aspects of this challenge. She introduces the judges, including guest judge Francisco Costa. Also, Nina’s back! She also reminds them 2 of the designers will be out tonight.

9:42 – I don’t get Team Blayne’s outfit. It’s got like bondage straps all over it. I still don’t like Kenley’s giant shoulders, which I’d forgotten was supposed to represent a sign. No, I don’t know which one. I kind of love Team Scorpio’s garment. The black exoskeleton goes all the way around the model’s head & is over a red dress. It’s really cool, y’all.

9:44 – Heidi calls out Leanne, Joe, Jarell & Korto’s teams. They are the winning teams. They retreat to the back & leave the losers up first. Team Blayne tries to defend the naked outfit with the bondage straps & these huge pieces of bright pink & blue fabric all over it. It’s horid. Michael Kors says it looks like she’s pooping fabric. Heh. Michael also stumbles upon Team Bickering’s issues when he says their signs should go perfectly with each other. Terri says Keith abandoned her for like hours & Keith continues to whine & really, this episode really does more damage to Terri since we all already hated Keith & also he’s been eliminated, so he’s not even relevant anymore. Kenley attempts to impress on the judges that her outfit is Sagittarius, but the judges reject her out to the half-court. She does the same thing she did before, which is make this little comment like, “I think I pretty much nailed it,” which makes her seem simultaneously arrogant & insecure. Michael Kors thinks he’s seen the look before from well-known designers, to which Kenley says she doesn’t look at other designers’ clothes. Really, now? Also, Suede’s third person is back, which makes me hate his outfit even more.

9:49 – Judging. Blayne’s is a joke. No one likes Kenley either & think her defensiveness is a little pathetic. Or maybe that’s just me. The judges think Terri’s was cheap looking & thought she could have worked better with Keith. And Michael Kors totally calls out Suede’s ridiculous third person speak. THANK YOU! I agree completely, Michael! Call me!

9:53 – One of you will be named the winner & two of you will be out. Oh good, I’d forgotten about that again. Like four of them really deserve to be out this week. Starting with the winner: Jarell! I don’t even really remember his outfit, which was apparently this gold thing with a weird print, which I could have sworn Tim Gunn trashed earlier. Um, okay? Confused.

9:55 – Joe, Korto & Leanne are all in. Kenley is in. Ugh. Down to Blayne, Terri & Suede. Well, I have to root for Terri here, since she’s the only one here I can really call a designer, right? Anyway, Blayne…is out. Okay, actually? I don’t hate Blayne. He’s sometimes kind of amusing. But his outfit really was the worst this week, wasn’t it? Suede…is in! No! Really?? Okay, me & the judges are totally out of sync this season. Seriously? Terri is out. Aww. Well, that sucks, mostly because she kind of let Keith drag her down. Blayne & Terri say goodbye to the rest of the designers & go pack up. Aw. Bye, guys.

10:00 – Next time on Project Runway, some “special ladies.” And Kenley continues to not listen to Tim Gunn, pretty much guaranteeing that she won’t be going to Bryant Park. Come on, Kenley. Nobody wins Project Runway by NOT listening to Tim Gunn. Wake up & smell the elimination.


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