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What’s On Tap: My TV Lineup – Fall 2008 September 1, 2008

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I realize I maybe watch more TV than your average bear, but I can’t help it, how am I supposed to leave of these brilliant shows behind? Oh & check out Wednesday, y’all. I might have to just give up sleep altogether. But it’ll be worth it!

Okay here we go…remember, this doesn’t include cable or sporting events…all times are PST/EST…

Amy’s WHAT’S ON TAP TV Lineup


Must Watch:

Gossip Girl (CW, 8pm PST/EST) -premiering 09/01 – Pretty much, I can’t wait. XOXO you know I love you.

Heroes (NBC, 9pm) – premiering 09/22 – Looking for a Volume 3 redemption from a major sophomore slump, but I’m still totally in. Niki better be dead, though.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX, 8pm) – premiering 09/08 – This wasn’t going to make my must-watch list, but I’ve caught a couple of reruns lately & I gotta say, almost every time I watch it, I stick with it all the way through the episode. You know what would help? More Dean Winters.

If I Have the Energy/If the Cowboys Aren’t on Monday Night Football:

Dollhouse (FOX, 8pm – midseason) – premiering in 2009 – I find Joss Whedon hit or miss, but I like the concept & Eliza Dushku & Amy Acker, so I’ll probably check it out.

Chuck (NBC, 8pm) – premiering 09/29 – I’m told I would love this, although I have no real basis to back that up.

Boston Legal (ABC, 10pm) – premiering 09/22 – I’ve always had a little place in my heart for Alan Shore, although I haven’t really watched this show for several years. But I’ll definitely drop in for its last hurrah.


Must Watch:

House (FOX, 8pm) – premiering 09/16 – I don’t know what else to say. Maybe two of the best finale episodes you’ll ever see. I want to see a resolution here, not just Wilson going back to accepting how things were.

Law & Order: SVU (NBC, 10pm) – premiering 09/23 – I know if it was Lake, but last season just didn’t feel up to the usual SVU standards. It was always a show that seemed better in sindication. Getting rid of Lake & Casey (who never did reach Stephanie March’s level) is a good sign though.

Promising New Series I Will Start Out Watching Until They Start to Suck:

The Mentalist (CBS, 9pm) – premiering 09/23 – I’ve sneaked a peek of the pilots for both this & Fringe, which is why I’ll be tuning in to both come fall. The Mentalist is basically a more serious version of Psych, only without the fake psychic part. The pilot I caught was a little slow, but smart.

Fringe (FOX, 9pm) – premiering 09/09 – It’s JJ Freaking Abrams. That’s all I have to hear. It wasn’t as good as the Alias or Lost pilots, but the Fringe pilot was pretty compelling, & with the familiar faces they have (Michael Abaddon from Lost! Mark Valley from Boston Legal! Joshua Jackson!), I’m tuning in.


Must Watch:

Bones (FOX, 8pm) – premiering 09/03 – Honestly, Bones’ season finale was probably one of the biggest let-downs for me last season. Hopefully, it bounces back cause we all know Little Zach Addy was a lame killer.

Criminal Minds (CBS, 9pm) – premiering 09/24 – Who, who, WHO was in that black SUV? I must know! You know what else I want to know? Why is such a generic crime drama so addictive?

Private Practice (ABC, 9pm) – premiering 10/01 – After a very slow start, Private Practice actually got really good. But if they keep insisting this whole inappropriate Dell-loves-Naomi plot of immense uncomfortableness, there’s just too much stuff on Wednesday to make me stick with it. Tim Daly sure is aging well though. Unfairly so.

I Will Make An Effort, Really, But There are Only So Many Hours in a TV Week:

Pushing Daisies (ABC, 8pm) – premiering 10/01- It hurts me that this isn’t a must-watch for me, but do you see what else I have on Wednesdays? Do you see? I can only do so much. Still the most whimsical, feel-good show of TV.

Lipstick Jungle
(NBC, 10pm) – premiering 09/24 – I’m interested in about 2/5 of the storylines most of the time. If they don’t get Victory & Joe back together toot sweet, this is going to be a Wednesday casualty.


Must Watch:

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 9pm) – premiering 09/25 – Clearly, Derek’s going to get into an accident, right? And hey, even I’ll admit, Izzie got a little less unbearable toward the end. Am I all the way back on board? No. But I’m geting there.

The Office
(NBC, 9pm) – premiering 09/25 – Another show that’s gotta earn back my trust, but the finale was like really great. I really want that Oscar-replacement-non-psycho-Michael-love-interest back.

I Might Peek, But Let’s Be Honest, I’ll Probably Need the Time to Catch Up on Wednesday:

Ugly Betty (ABC, 8pm) – premiering 09/25 – To be honest, I don’t see myself having the time to tune in AND catch up. But I’m told it’s very quality.

CSI (CBS, 9pm) – premiering 10/09 – You know what I don’t get? Why didn’t they leave the Keppler character open-ended? I actually thought he was very compelling. And now you have to break in freaking Laurence Fishburne. I have to believe Liev Schreiber just didn’t want to get locked in to a TV role b/c it just seems like it’s so much more difficult this way.

30 Rock
(NBC, 9:30pm) – premiering 10/30 – It’s very funny every time I catch it. It’s just not appointment television. What can I say? Again, have you seen my Wednesdays?


Must Watch:

NUMB3RS (CBS, 10pm) – premiering 10/03 – Not nearly as compelling a finale as the year before, when they up & made Colby a double-agent for the Chinese, NUMB3RS is still a Friday staple.

Life (NBC, 10pm…I hate you NBC!) – premiering 09/29 – AGH! WHY are my only two must-sees on Friday on at the same time? HATE! Anyway, I’m desperate for Life to survive b/c it really is an excellent character show. So make it a part of your life! No pun intended.

I’ll Watch When They Move Here, But I’m Mostly Pissed Because Good Shows are Buried on Friday:

Bones (FOX, midseason move) – Really, I’m not really understanding why they’re splitting up Bones & House, unless it’s that they think Bones is strong enough to stand on its own now. It would be a good theory, except that Bones clearly had its weakest season finale last year. As you might also have guessed, I’m also not thrilled about the midseason move to Friday.

Friday Night Lights (NBC – midseason) – premieres in 2009 – I lost a great deal of faith in FNL the moment they went & had Tyra & Landry conspire to cover up a murder. It’s just the wrong show for that. Okay? THAT was not a Friday Night Lights storyline. I never really got over it, but the show is still one of the more strongly written, acted & produced on TV. That hasn’t changed.


Must Watch:

Brothers & Sisters (ABC, 10pm) – premiering 09/28 – It’s such a guilty pleasure show, it’s so unabashedly prime-time-soap-opera, I think it’s why it works. The perfect little preparation for the coming work week.

I’m Never That Committed to It, But I’ll Probably End Up Watching it at Some Point:

Desperate Housewives (ABC, 9pm) – premiering 09/28 – Listen. Yes, I tuned in to the tornado episode. What can I say. I don’t how I was supposed to say no to that promo. And yes, if they have another “event” episode…I’ll probably tune in to that too.

So that’s it for my current TV lineup. You might notice this is now a featured post up in the main navigation tabs. While my weekly lineup changes, which you know it will, I plan on keeping that post updated, so it always reflects what I’m currently watching.

PS: Check out THIS site for a comprehensive list of all of the fall TV premiere dates & times.

Feel free to drop me a line to let me know what you’re psyched up for in the fall TV season. Happy Watching. 🙂


1. Amy F - September 1, 2008

That’s a lot of TV. I hope you have TiVo or DVR. Ciao ciao!

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