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Five Season Premieres I’m Most Desperately Looking Forward To: #1 House August 31, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in 5 Premieres I'm Most Desperately Looking Forward To, House, TV.
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As part of my fall TV preview, I’m counting down the 5 Season Premieres I Am Most Desperately Looking Forward To:

1.) House

Premieres Tuesday, September 16 @8pm EST on FOX

Last season’s two-part season finale was among the most well written, well acted, well directed & incredibly compelling hours of television we’ve seen in a long time. The entire season was about turning what we know upside down. The Cottages, original recipe (Chase, Cameron & Foreman), are replaced by The Cottages, extra crispy (Taub, Kutner, 13…& Foreman again). And Wilson, expert of needy relationships, finds his great love, controlling, dominating, AWESOME Amber (otherwise known as Cut-Throat Bitch), which means he’s no longer as much of a doormat as House always prefers he be. And then, the bus crash, House’s delayed, dreadful realization of who he saw, who he was supposed to save &, it turns out, the one person he can’t.  Wilson & Amber’s last scene…I needed like 3 tissues. I thought the whole thing was done wonderfully, down to the episode titles. “House’s Head” & “Wilson’s Heart.” Aren’t those two things the heartbeat of this show? In the end, Wilson turns his back on House & it actually feels like this might not be something he can come back from. And you thought this show was formulaic…

Stay tuned for my complete fall TV line-up & drop me a comment to let me know what you’ll be watching this fall. )


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