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Live-Blogging Project Runway 5.7 August 28, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Project Runway, TV.
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8:59 – What? What is this? Convention update? This isn’t the time, Bravo. Not during Project Runway. Come on.

9:00 – Okay, back to regularly scheduled programming. Previously on Project Runway, Chris March makes his triumphant drag-queen return! Joe wins & I am mildly annoyed, but then, I’m still kind of having a hard time caring. Also, poor Daniel Faraday is eliminated.

9:01 – Apartment open. Everyone’s sad about Daniel’s elimination. I didn’t even like him & I’m kind of sad. He had a really good exit speech, what can I say?

9:02 – On the runway, Heidi brings out the winning & losing models. There are three models because, once again, this isn’t really a model challenge & they didn’t use them last week. Joe decides to stick with his model, so Daniel & Kelli Martin’s models are out. Aw. That’s a bummer for Daniel’s model.

9:03 – Challenge time. Of course, Heidi doesn’t have it. She says to go to the roof of 142 W 34th Street. Again, the designers stupidly guess what the challenge is. Blayne thinks they are designing for a super mega star, thus the secrecy. Stunningly, Korto thinks it’s a celebrity too. Come on, guys. Get real. You are totally going to be make recyclable clothes or clothes out of old jeans or whatever.

9:04 – The doors open on the roof & the designers see Tim…& a bunch of product placed Saturns! That’s actually kind of cool, they get to do the inspired-by-the-car thing we see past contestants do in those commercials I’m always complaining about? Tim is with Chris Webb, lead color designer for Saturn. Chris tells them the Saturn Vues are totally recyclable, so the challenge is to make an outfit OUT OF THE CARS! HA! That’s so much more awesome.

9:05 – Sadly, they don’t have to actually take the cars apart. There are parts already taken apart for them, stuffed inside the cars. The designers get four minutes to grab stuff out of the cars for their designs. The designers are all kind of incredulous about the challenge, but Tim is totally like, you guys totally sucked in Week 1’s random materials design challenge, pick it up! You’re on a reality show called Project Runway!

9:07 – Time’s up & the designers all have cartfuls of random crap. They struggle into the workroom, where Tim tells them the winner of the challenge will have immunity. They don’t get to go to the store for filler materials or anything. Touche. They get until midnight.

9:09 – All the designers are banging & throwing stuff & making noise. It’s difficult to tell if any of them are making, you know, clothes. Keith interviews that he’s going to tone down this design & I suddenly remember Keith is still on this show. Really? Dang it. I thought I just remembered wrong. Trash Lady Stella interviews confusion. Dang it! She’s still here too!

9:15 – Trash Lady Stella tells us it’s no really her thing, since everyone thought she’d do some leather outfit, but she just wants to make something pretty, which is in fact, the exact opposite of what we expect of her, which is ugly. Keith shows us his sketch, which could be cute, except it’s really short, which you know Nina Garcia just LOVES, only not really. Korto says she’s weaving seat beats, which is a really cool idea. Kenley doesn’t want to use seat beats like everyone else, so she’s making this print, which looks like zebra print, using air vent materials. It’s pretty cool looking.

9:19 – Tim comes in to send in the models. He tells Kenley her model dropped out & they’re bringing back Kelli Martin’s model, Germaine. Kenley freaks out about Germaine’s “flat & boxy” form. Touche, perfect body model.

9:22 – See? There’s another Saturn past-contestant ad, this one featuring Chris March, who designs a look that looks good on him & actually kind of matches the car. Yay, Chris!

9:26 – Tim is back for consultations. Blayne is doing a full gown made of seat beats. Tim is worried about the shape, but Blayne insists it’s there. Touche, red flag. Korto’s weaving is looking nifty. Tim tells her it looks mod fab, but not to lose the sophistication. I kind of love Korto’s look. Trash Lady Stella tells Tim her plan to make something pretty, & he’s as incredulous as we are. Tim likes Leanne’s, which is this shaped dress thing, with these two puffed out things on the waist. I dunno, I can’t describe it, but I’m not quite understanding. Tim gets it though. Tim tells them they have until midnight, but he’s in a good mood about their designs for once & tells them maybe they’re not gonna suck like in the first challenge after all.

9:30 – I love Korto’s dress so much. It looks hot. Terry talks smack about something, but Jarell tells us not to trust her. Okay. Keith, who got a bad Tim review, is freaking out a little, slamming stuff down & emoting greatly. He tells us he deserves to win more than others, which is just stupid. Whatever, Keith.

9:31 – At the apartment, Stella calls her BF, whose name is—& I want to go ahead & remind everyone that I do not make things up in these live-blogs—Ratbone. I don’t even have to give commentary for her.

9:32 – Day-of-runway-show. Tim sends in the models. Kenley is still freaking out about having to use Germaine. Korto’s coat looks uber-expensive. Maybe not a great shape, but it’s really cool & I think it captures the spirit of the challenge. It reminds me of Chloe’s first outfit in her final show in season 2.

9:34 – Keith’s model has ripped a seam because she sat down. Keith is pissed. He interviews that he knows it’s a competition for the models as well, but his competition is so much more important. No, it’s not a competition. But it doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk about it, Keith. Meanwhile, Leanne stuffs her model’s underwear with musin to give her dress volume. Yeah, okay.

9:38 – I’m glad I don’t have to watch the Shear Genius finale since they stupidly eliminated Daniel from Dallas, the last remaining contestant I can stand.

9:39 – On the runway, Heidi says there are 10 designers now, & after this, there will be 9. Really, only 9? Why does it still feel like so much more than that?? Heidi also introduces guest judges Laura Bennett from season 3 (yay! Hi, Laura!) & Rachel Zoe, who’s here promoting her new show on Bravo. Let’s start the show!

9:40 – Jarell’s looks super futuristic. His model’s hair is in like a 5 foot ponytail. It looks really cool, actually. Keith’s is so boring. It’s just a dress. Also, there’s a hole in the back, in a completely different area that where he fixed the rip the model made. Kenley’s look has a weird little flaired thing around the middle. I actually don’t like it after all. But the model looks fine. You can stop complaining now, Kenley. Leanne’s is weird. I don’t like the volume, but I bet the judges will. Still love Korto’s coat. It looks even better on. I don’t really like Blayne’s shredded bottom of the dress, but I like that he used broken mirror pieces for the top. Trash Lady Stella’s is like this biker vest thing with a skirt. I was going to say it was ugly, but I actually like the skirt, which is like rows & rows of seat beats & looks actually elegant. But it’s weird with the vest.

9:43 – Heidi wipes out everyone but Korto, Blayne, Keith, Jarell, Leanne & Stella. Jarell tells the judges about the futuristic look. The judges love it. Michael Kors actually likes the over-the-top hair b/c it fits with the look. Laura Bennett doesn’t like Blayne’s fit on the top. Heidi says he’s going to get seven years, no sex for breaking the mirror. Hey…I don’t think that’s right. Heh. Everyone loves Korto’s coat, including me. LOVE it. Rachel Zoe says she would walk out the door with that. Not surprisingly, the judges actually like Leanne’s volume shape. I guess it is high-fashion. Not really wearable. The judges think Trash Lady Stella’s top & skirt don’t really go together. They also think Keith’s is zzzzzzzz. Sorry, I totally just tell asleep. He also has to explain the hole in the back when the model sat down. Laura says there’s no concept. Keith says she should have seen his other stuff. Laura says, excuse me? But Keith is too busy throwing a pity party to hear her. Michael Kors sets him straight. Shut up, Keith.

9:49 – Judging. The judges agree all in all, the designers did really well. They continue to like Jarell, Leanne & Korto & hate Stella, Blayne & Keizzzzzzzzz. Oh, sorry, I did it again. I haven’t really been getting enough sleep lately. Michael also doesn’t like that Keith blamed his model & the criticism he got last week. Yeah Keith, shut UP.

9:56 – One of you will be named the winner, one of you will be out. Jarell is in. And now for the winner…better be Korto. It’s Leanne. Dang it, I’m completely off this season! I don’t get it. Korto’s was so awesome. She is also in. She looks disappointed. Blayne is also in. Keith or Stella. Oh yay, it’s another one of those weeks where I can’t lose! Keith’s was boring & not well made. Stella’s was disconnected & predictable. Stella…is in! Goodbye, Keith! See you! Ciao! Auf wiedersehen!

9:58 – Keith cries in his exit interview, just like Daniel, but unlike Daniel, I feel nothing. His weeping does nothing to my cold, dead heart. He whines that he’ll show at Fashion Week someday. Whatever. Shut up, Keith.

10:00 – Next week, Tim tells the designers they will be designing for a fashion legend. Also, Kenley whines some more & Michael Kors tells someone the crotch of their design is missing something. Touche.


1. Bev - January 10, 2009

I wonder if Kenely can be kind to anyone. Also she messed up at least 3-4 so called dresses but still made t to the finally. The clothes she made were indead the worst. Her version of Hip- Hop was a 1950’s outfit definetly not Hip- Hop. The flower garden challenge that ws supposed to be the finally was awful the plant she did a version of is not scaley it is soft so she makes a skaley ugly dress again. I do not understand all the awful garments she desighned ecept a couple were so ugly. Joe certainly shouldn’t haven’t been kicked of among a number of designers that left the show before the should have, Kenely should have ben cicked of about the 2nd. or third show as she is not a good garment designer. She needs to know that. When they put her crap on the runway I was stunned. Bev

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