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Ad Post: Oreos – Mannings vs. Williams August 28, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in advertising, sports.
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Oreos :30 spot

Agency: Draftfcb New York

The latest in a new “Double Stuf Racing League” series of ads that also launched with Peyton & Eli features the Williams’ sisters, who are quickly overshadowed by the Mannings, who are proven promotion geniuses. Seriously, are their ads never not completely awesome? Remember the SportsCenter spot? Or NFL Shop? (“Switching to pancakes! Pancakes!”) Even the best of Peyton’s Mastercard series was the one with the Eli inside joke. (“Can you sign the bread for my little brother? He loves you.”)

So yeah, the Williams’ didn’t really stand a chance, especially since the writers gave the Mannings all the best lines (“My brother & I would like to announce that, ooooh, we’re scared!”). Regardless, very funny spot.


1. Allie - January 18, 2009

This commercial Is So Funny GO MANNINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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