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Five Season Premieres I’m Most Desperately Looking Forward To: #4 Criminal Minds August 27, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in 5 Premieres I'm Most Desperately Looking Forward To, TV.
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As part of my fall TV preview, I’m counting down the 5 Season Premieres I Am Most Desperately Looking Forward To:

#4 Criminal Minds

Premieres Wednesday, September 24 @9pm on CBS

A classic season finale cliffhanger if there ever was on, who was in that black SUV?? So the last time we saw our profiler heroes, each of them was getting into identical government-issued black SUV’s…one of which was blown to smithereens…but we don’t know whose! Sadly, I sense I major cop-out coming here, like they’ll try to tell us it wasn’t one of the main characters’ SUV at all, or that even though we clearly saw the car like seriously explode & catch fire, miraculously everyone got away with only minor cuts & bruises! Or they’ll just blow up Will so they don’t have to deal with the whole JJ baby daddy storyline. I have some faith in the writers, who did a nice job recovering from Gideon’s departure last year, but it takes guts to blow up one of your main characters…& I’m just not seeing it. Also? Still no preview video? Really, CBS?

Stay tuned for the rest of my fall TV preview & drop me a comment to let me know what you’ll be watching this fall. 🙂



1. Ashley Price - July 17, 2009

i am a big fan of Criminal Minds.i just love to watch it.i would have to say that it’s the hotest tv show in the world.and that it’s the number 1 tv show.i never missed an episode or a season.i have to make sure that i’m home to watch it.they are like my heros.and family.i just love criminal minds.

2. Polo - December 13, 2009

OMG spencer reid is the hotest dude i have eva seen he is yumy xxxx

3. Polo - December 13, 2009

Mmmm….. Derek morgans muscles yum…..

4. Gaby - April 13, 2010

omg agent Morgan’s* muscles are sexy he is always the one to take charge that is sexy
and i love Spencer’s* brain hahaha he is jst so smart
i also love Jj<3 she is so pretty
oh how can i forget garcia<3 she is the best the team would not get very far in catching the unsubs without her help love yooh garcia!!!
i am the biggest fan
Hotchner*, Prentice<3, and Gideon* i love yooh guys too
yooh guys are awesome!!!
i never miss out the shows i am sitting on my bed in my room
with sum chips ahahah waiting to see the show rite on time!!!

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