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Live-Blogging Project Runway 5.6 August 21, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Project Runway, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Project Runway, the mystical apartment forces of doom forced me to miss Project Runway. But to recap: Suede refers to himself in the third person, which is why, eventually, he will be killed in a freak draping accident. Blayne needs to tan every other day, so the artificial rays of skin cancer have clearly started eating away at his brain. Also, someone named Jennifer was eliminated two weeks ago & ER star Kelli Martin, is gone as well. Dang it! I actually knew her name!

9:00 – Heidi VO’s to us the winner of Project Runway will get a Saturn. Not just the winner, honey.

9:01 – Apartment open. Trash lady Stella’s hair looks ridiculous. She’s got like a tiny pigtail sticking straight up on her head. How is she still here?

9:01 – Runway. Heidi introduces a “special guest” for the next challenge. OMG! It’s Chris March! YAY! He’s wearing one of his ridiculous costumes, which is like a viking disco…blonde girl? Boy? Anyway, Chris tells them the challenge is to design an outfit for a drag queen. Oh, dear God. Anyway, he brings out a bunch of ladies. And by ladies…you know what I mean. The ladies are all dress in hilariously awesome costumes & introduce themselves & their personas. Chris tells them they can go over the top on this one. Oh dear, red flag. The designers pick drag queens, who, BTW, have names like “Hedda Lettuce” & “Miss Understood.” Also, Chris’s giant viking horns are about the size of Heidi’s head.

9:06 – In the backroom, Tim tells the designers they have to portray the persona of their drag queen & again, they’re allowed to go over the top. The drag queens come in & Suede’s queen (Hedda Lettuce) comes in yelling for him. It’s difficult to tell which one of them looks more ridiculous. The designers meet with their clients & look about half & half loving it & freaked out. Tim fetches them to go shopping. One of the ladies tells Tim to call her. We all want that, honey.

9:10 – Back from Mood, Tim tells everyone the winner of this challenge gets immunity. Keith is slightly pissed he didn’t get immunity for winning last week. The designers talk about how different it is to design for a man as a woman. They also talk about what their drag queen names who be, which I feel like is a conversation that’s happened before. Oh, that’s right, Christian’s diva name is Ferosh. I’m having all sorts of nostalgia for last season. I have the feeling we are totally going to get all sorts of hot tranny mess tonight though.

9:17 – Day 2 & the workroom looks…awesome. There are colors & like neckpieces & OMG what is happening right now? Suede talks about how he hallucinated his grandfather telling him to put seeds on the dress for Hedda Lettuce. Well, at least he’s not been so annoying with the third person so far this week. Also, Keith is making the random shredded fabric he also makes & he’s not using any color, so total red flag, yo.

9:20 – Blayne is shocked that his model is actually a boy. What did he think drag queen meant? Anyway, the models are back in their regular male personas. It’s kinda hilarious when they put on the crazy outfits. Jarell’s model isn’t happy with the collar. Suede’s model doesn’t like the seeds on his gloves, which are actually like little bright green ruffles. She’s also shocked there are no sleeves & basically calls Suede lazy. Oh no she di’nt!

9:26 – Okay, is it wrong that I kind of a little bit want to see The House Bunny? I mean, I loooove Colin Hanks.

9:27 – Back from commercials, Chris joins Tim for consultations. Blayne’s outfit looks RIDICULOUS. I mean, even more than it’s supposed to. It’s got these little pink pixie wings. Tim gives the promo-ific quote that it looks like a pterodactyl in a gay Jurassic Park. Somehow, Tim & Chris encourage Suede’s stupid gloves. Daniel Faraday’s outfit is bright tie-dye pink/orange/yellow flamenco & yes, ugly. Blayne puts it on & it’s even uglier.

9:31 – Day-of-runway-show. Tim sends in the models & gives his product placement speech. The queens come in & some of them have like crazy make-up on. Suede’s model come in & Suede tries to preemptively beg Hedda Lettuce to sell the dress. Hedda Lettuce takes pity on him & they hug. I didn’t see, but I’m pretty sure the ugly gloves on still there.

9:34 – Hair & make-up is kind of awesome this week. I actually kind of a little bit like Korto’s red outfit. It’s got these little sparkly flame things on the collar & looks kinda cool. I wonder what her queen’s persona is.

9:35 – The text vote this week is predictably quirky. Who would we rather see in drag? Michael Kors or Tim Gunn? I mean, it’s clear, isn’t it? Tim would totally rock it.

9:38 – Heidi comes out & introduces the judges, including guest judge RuPaul. Where’s Chris March? Anyway, let’s start the show!

9:39 – Kenley’s out has some giant black & white feathers on the collar & looks very showgirl-esque. Blayne’s wings look ridiculous, but his model crashes her way up & down the runway & it’s pretty funny. Trash Lady Stella’s actually doesn’t look that over the top. Whatever. Hedda Lettuce flounces down the runway & we don’t really see the ugly gloves. Jarell’s got this little pop-up collar that’s kinda awesome. Korto’s hot little red number is still hot. Keith’s shredded fringe looks very blah. I’m about ready to call Keith.

9:43 – Heidi wipes out half of the designers. Korto, Joe, Keith, Daniel Faraday, Terry are left. RuPaul loves Terry’s samurai heavy metal look. I don’t really get it. Michael Kors wants her boots. Heh. No one likes Keith. Keith patiently explains to Heidi that rock & roll can be messy. Shut up, Keith. Michael Kors thinks it looks like a wet chicken. Keith clearly still thinks it’s hot. Joe explains that her pink jumpsuit thing is supposed to show it all off. And it totally does. But that doesn’t mean I approve of it. The judges don’t really like Jarell, who can’t believe it. Michael Kors thinks it’s actually kind of normal. RuPaul likes the drag appropriateness of Korto’s dress. Michael Kors thinks it actually gives her model a Heidi Klum figure. Nina can’t believe that Daniel Faraday’s flamenco dress has no sequins or sparkles or anything, really. He tries to defend it, but seems to have forget he’s in a drag queen competition.

9:49 – Judging. The judges like Terry, Joe & Korto & don’t like Keith (messy), Jarell (yawn) & Daniel Faraday (not drag). They also don’t like that Daniel’s defensive all the time, which doesn’t bode well for Daniel. Daniel or Keith.

9:52 – Ad for this week’s after-show online chat with a special guest & I don’t usually pay attention to this, but I heard last week’s special guest was Vogue intern, GAP model & newest Dallas Stars center Sean Avery & that, my friends, is awesome. I cannot WAIT for hockey season.

9:55 – Tim Gunn wins the text vote. Well, obviously.

9:56 – Okay, here we go. One of you will be named the winner, one of you will be out. Terry is in. And now for the winner…Joe. Really? Whatever. Shut up, Joe. Korto is in. Jarell is in. Good. Daniel Faraday or Keith. Daniel…you’re out. Touche! Bye, Faraday! I’ll see you on Lost.

9:58 – Aw. Daniel looks devastated. He interviews that it felt really horrible hearing that & it just makes him sad. Aw. I didn’t like you, but that’s sad. Good luck, Daniel.

9:59 – Next week, the designers once again fail to guess the surprise challenge. And Keith is still annoying.


1. Wendy - August 21, 2008

I thought Keith was on the chopping block when, early in the episode, he was whining about not getting immunity for last week’s win–a sure sign of the loser edit. If only they could have found some way to kick off both him and Daniel this week…

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