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Live-Blogging Project Runway 5.3 July 31, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Project Runway, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Project Runway, no one made an impression on me. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever not cared so much about a reality show cast through two episodes. Like at this point, you know what’d be really awesome? If one of them committed like a really horrible crime. At least then I’d remember them. Oh also previously, someone named Wesley was eliminated before I could start calling him Wyndam-Pryce, which I would have done earlier, had I known his name.

9:00 – Apartment open. Daniel (who I will now refer to as Faraday to amuse myself since I’ve been watching Lost reruns lately) expresses sadness that Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (hey listen, this season still isn’t doing it for me, I will reference other, better shows if I want to) is eliminated. At least he doesn’t sound surprised.

9:02 – Heidi comes out for model selection. Suede refers to himself in the third person again & chooses to stick with his model. Challenge time. Heidi tells them they deserve time off & Tim will meet them at the apartments & take them for a night out. The designers all interview thinking of places they could be going & I’m shaking my head…stupid, stupid designers! Come ON. It is, of course, a challenge. Have they not seen this show before?

9:04 – Tim picks everyone up & gives them comical rain ponchos. He’s also wearing one, but it is, appropriately, black & classy. Man, the man can do no wrong. Anyway, the designers complain about he rain & follow Tim through the streets of New York. They come upon the destination of their challenge, a double-decker tour bus. The challenge is to design an outfit for a night on the town inspired by New York nightlife. It’s like the inspiration challenge from Season 2 (that Daniel V won w/that awesome orchid blouse), only at night. Are they going to just keep recycling old challenges? Cause I think that’s part of the problem. Yawn. Tim tells them a group of them will get off at four different stops & take pictures with product placement cameras for their inspiration.

9:07 – We see the designers wandering around, taking pictures, except for Trash Lady Stella, who can’t figure out the camera & whines about it a lot. God, she’s obnoxious. Kenley & Stella start complaining about Keith, I think. I’m really looking forward to Stella’s elimination.

9:14 – In the morning, back in the workroom, Tim jokes with the designers about still being a little wet. Everyone laughs politely. They have 30 minutes to select a photograph from one of those product placement photo printers that no one uses anymore. Tim comes back & says they’re going to Mood, where they actually get to choose their own fabric. Thank GOD, thinks the designers & me.

9:17 – Back from Mood, Tim tells them they get til 1am tonight & the winner of this challenge gets immunity for next week. They should just be grateful they haven’t had a real “surprise” yet. Suede pins a nametag to his winning outfit from last week & refers to himself in the third person in interview about 10 times & immediately makes himself an enemy to me. I really want to know what makes someone start talking about himself that way & why they thought it was a good idea & why, for heaven’s sake, someone let that person go on national television.

9:19 – Blayne, who looks like someone who would probably be named Blayne, makes weird faces at another designer & rasps “I’m gonna eat you” at her, creeping both of us out. It’s almost like he’s trying to flirt with her, but he’s in third grade.

9:20 – Stella & I are skeptical of Keith’s design, which has shredded fabric hanging everywhere. Man, please fix it, Keith, I don’t want to agree with Stella. Stella’s picture is of a leather thing on a horse’s saddle. She reminds us, again, that she likes leather & she is rock & roll & she’ll die rock & roll. Whatever, Stella. Seriously, I like the rock look sometimes too, but to be honest, with her & with Jeffrey from Season 3, I I just think it doesn’t translate as edgy & cool. The more you tell me you’re rock & roll, the more I think you just want to be rock & roll.

9:25 – Tim comes in for consultations. Keith, I’m almost positive, calls Tim “buddy.” Man, I hope I heard wrong. Keith promises his shredded dress will be fitted. Tim looks minorly concerned about someone made Terri, who I swear we haven’t seen in the first two episodes, whose dress will be completely backless. Emily’s dress looks ridiculous. Tim & I are worried, but Emily is this week’s TDWDLTTG (designer who didn’t listen to Tim Gunn). So stupid, so stupid! Blayne tells Tim to “holler at you, boy,” which leads to a hilarious exchange in which Tim eventually says it back, awkwardly. Heh.

9:31 – In the morning, Tim comes in to make his product placement speech & tell Keither his model had to drop out. He’ll get one of the eliminated models instead. He looks kind of concerned about refitting everything. Tim sends in the models. A bunch of designers are, you guessed it, not done.

9:36 – Did I mention, I’ve totally been watching Flipping Out? I gotta say…Not. Too. Bad.

9:38 – Man, Jack got a Saturn too?? He was barely ON the show!

9:39 – Runway time. Heidi comes out & introduces guest judge, comedian Sandra Bernhard. Yeah, okay. Let’s start the show!

9:40 – Keith’s outfit looks awful. It’s just got what appears to be trash hanging all over it. Emily’s ruffle-fest sucks also. I kind of love Leanne’s black layered dress. It’s so classy. Daniel Faraday’s gold metallic dress is actually a very literal translation of his shadow photograph. Stella’s silver leather halter top & pants are seriously blinding. Tragically, it doesn’t look too bad. Terri’s supposedly backless dress…isn’t all that backless. The sleeves cover a lot, actually. Still, it looks pretty cool & her model works it.

9:44 – Heidi wipes out half of the designers. Kenley’s sleeved dress is made of green & purple print, with ruffles, which I really just don’t like. The judges inexplicably like it. Did the judges’ & my tastes shift apart since last season? I hated Korto’s yellow kale dress that almost won in the first episode too…

9:45 – Luckily, everyone hates Keith’s shapeless mess. Nina thinks it’s sloppy, Michael Kors thinks it looks like toilet paper. The judges like Terri’s. It’s got sleeves & a pretty blue print. I like it too. Emily’s ruffles-on-black dress is over the top. Michael thinks the ruffles aren’t placed properly either. I agree, I don’t understand. Like the top of the ruffles start at like the middle of the chest, so it kind of makes the model’s body pop out in unflattering places.

9:47 – The judges & I love Leanne’s black layers. It’s actually separates, which is also totally awesome. I am totally in love with this outfit. It’s very Banana Republic. Jennifer’s clock-inspired dress looks matronly. Nina thinks it’s boring, Heidi is bothered by the hem, which you would think people would know to do properly by now. Seriously, do these people watch this show?

9:49 – Judging. They like Terri, Kenley & Leanne. Michael thinks someone in Terri’s dress is someone you want to know. Everyone is surprised Leanne was the same designer who overdesigned last week. The judges sigh at Emily’s ridiculous ruffles. Nina shocks everyone by saying “no comment.” Touche! Keith’s still looks like toilet paper. Heidi doesn’t care to see anything else from Jennifer. Oooh, that might suck worse than being memorably ugly.

9:56 – Back from commercials, one of you will be the winner, one of you wil be out. Terri is in. Really? I thought she’d be in for the win. And now for the winner…Kenley. Seriously? I don’t agree with this at all. Ugh. Kenley cries with joy backstage. Leanne is in. She should have won. Keith is in. Touche! Well, I guess I agree with that. Heidi tells Emily that her voice as a designer didn’t come through, which clearly devastates her. Jennifer is in. Goodbye, Emily. I feel bad for her for about three seconds, until she interviews that her dress was beautiful. What’s not just a river in Egypt again?

9:59 – Next week, field trip! Some contestants are surprised to know that they are expected to compete in challenges which don’t have any real translation into anything they do in the real world. Again…do these guys know they are on a reality show?


1. Simonbike - August 5, 2008

I love your blog…really. Did you already hear about water on mars? 🙂

2. Amy Yen - August 15, 2008

Do you mean Life on Mars, the new series? I’ve heard Jason Mara’s a bad casting. I loved him on The Closer though. It’s not on my fall line-up right now, but I’ll add it if it gets good buzz…

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