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Live-Blogging Project Runway 5.2 July 24, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Project Runway, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Project Runway, what appears to be several hundred aspiring designers gathered to compete for America’s hearts. And $100,000. Also, the token Asian was immediately eliminated.

9:00 – Huh. I just noticed they changed the open, thank God. For such a forward show, I always thought Project Runway had such horrible title sequences. I wonder why they don’t introduce the contestants like on every other reality show.

9:01 – In the apartment open, one designer tells us “reality” has set in for him that OMG he is on a reality show & people get eliminated! Why are people always surprised by that? Didn’t anyone explain the rules?

9:02 – At Parsons, Heidi brings out the models. Unlike last week, the designers get to choose models. One designer complains in interview that another designer “snatched up” his model. Dude, there’s been one challenge. The model doesn’t belong to you, yo.

9:04 – Hey, a twist! Heidi tells the designers that she’s bringing the models back out. Oh dear, wedding dress challenge flashback! That’s right! The models are the clients. The designers will be making cocktail dresses for them.

9:05 – In the backroom, Tim tells the designers that there is another twist…they will be using green fabrics for the dresses. And there’s more! A Project Runway first…the models will do the shopping! OMG! This is going to be AWESOME!

9:06 – The designers can’t hide their disdain, to the models’ infinite amusement. Tim doesn’t even give them time to talk to the models about their models before dragging them off to Mood. This is so awesome, I can’t even describe it. At Mood, the models generally run around like chickens with their heads cut off. A couple of them stand around going, I have the feeling I forgot something. Doh!

9:09 – Back in the workroom, the models come in to discuss the designs. A designer named Kenley, who I don’t remember from Episode 1 at all, immediately rules out the majority of the fabric her model bought. Another couple of designers note that there isn’t enough fabric, which means we’re totally going to get a bunch of butt-displaying dresses today. Tim comes back to sweep the models away.

9:10 – I just checked my blog from last week to find the name of that designer from last week who made the hideous trash bag dress, but it turns out I never caught her name. Touche. Anyway, she’s having trouble again.

9:11 – Sidebar, that Tina Fey AmEx commercial is cute.

9:11 – STELLA! That’s the trash bag lady’s name. Another designer comes up & calls her Drapy McDraperson because she’s draping her blue fabric. Oh dear, Rami flashback.

9:12 – A designer named Suede refers to himself in third person like 10 times in a minute and half. The rest of the designers & I are annoyed & want him to be eliminated.

9:19 – Some of the designers express their mutual concern that several of them have the same fabric. There are three horrible shiny brown dresses floating around.

9:21 – Tim is back for consultations. The first designer he talks to says she’s not worried about time. Red flag! He is stunned to hear that another designer’s dresses that looks like it has hems poking out everywhere is not, in fact, inside out. More red flags! He tells yet another designer that she has “a lot going on.” She tells us in interview that she hears Tim, but she has a lot of ideas & she really likes the way the dress looks. OMG. Come ON. This show has been on for FOUR SEASONS. How many times do we have to see it before it gets through to the contestants’ tiny, tiny brains…ALWAYS listen to Tim Gunn.

9:23 – Tim tells the designer that there will be no immunity, BUT! The winning dresses will be sold on BlueFly.com. Cool, thinks everyone. Also! Because this challenge has something to do with youth & glamour (I don’t know how it does either), their guest judge will be someone in young Hollywood. It’ll be a surprise who. Mmkay.

9:28 – Designing montage. Everyone is worried about time. Did I mention they only get one day for this puppy? Stella tells everyone that she’d never work with fabric like this. Dude, last week, you purposely chose to work with trash bags. She says she only wants to make stuff out of leather. The other designers & I all think she is ridiculous & should have been eliminated prior to the show’s premiere.

9:29 – Back at the apartments, the shower curtain at the guys’ apartment looks like the trash bags from Stella’s first dress. She’d probably think it should be made of leather.

9:30 – The designer who didn’t listen to Tim Gunn tells us again that she’s really confident about her dress. Oh dear. This is not going to end well for her.

9:31 – Tim comes in & tells the designers that he sees that everyone still has a lot of work to do & he’s kinda freaking out for them. Oh man, if he’s freaking out…

9:32 – There are a lot of model interviews in this episode. Good, the models should be more involved if they’re going to continue on with this sham that this is a competition for them as well.

9:33 – Last moments, Daniel in particular is struggling to get his dress done. I’m still not seeing anything what you might call “good” made by this crop of designers.

9:35 – Dang, Alison from Season 3 got a car too? I’m really hoping these designers who are doing these dresses inspired by Saturns aren’t getting the car cause they totally haven’t earned it, but I’m betting they are. Alison? Seriously? The only outfit of hers I even remember is the ugly paper dress that got her eliminated, & the only reason I remember that is it spawned my favorite Heidi quote: “Do I want to look skinny & slim or do I want to look like a fat Minnie Mouse?” Hehe…I love you, Heidi.

9:38 – If the critics find Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List “hilarious,” why haven’t we ever seen anything funny on any of the promos? Seriously, I want to know who these critics are.

9:39 – Runway time! Hey! Nina Garcia’s been promoted to Editor-at-Large for Elle. Congrats, Nina! Heidi brings out the guest judge, who comes out on the runway in a dramatic manner…it’s Natalie Portman! Nice. Turns out she’s way into green fashion. Who knew? Anyway, let’s start the show!

9:40 – There are some pretty dresses, including Daniel’s last minute black dress. And then, there’s a bunch of ugly stuff. I’m really not a fan of the brown fabric used by three of the designers. The designer who didn’t listen to Tim Gunn’s outfit looks pretty horrible. There is waaay too much stuff on it. Shoulda listened to Tim, yo.

9:43 – Heidi wipes out half of the designers, which is like 30 people. Dang, there are a lot of contestants whose names I don’t know. The models for the remaining designers come out.

9:44 – The judges all like a pretty silk dress that has a really cool collar. It’s kind of couture without being crazy. It’s probably my favorite. One of the brown dresses is next. Too many imperfections that show because of the fabric and too short. Nina says tiny, tight & short is the easiest way to look cheap. Well said. Stella’s dress, which is made of kind of the same silk from the couture dress, has one sleeve is okay. The designer who did the yellow kale dress last week, Korto, is the one with the dress that Tim thought was inside out. The judges think it makes her look fat. Suede’s dress has the same silk as everyone else & a pretty red, which he criss-crossed everywhere with a ballerina-type skirt. The judges love it & Natalie Portman says she’d wear it. Heidi says she’d wear it if she was 10 years younger. I bet she could pull it off now. Finally, the designer who didn’t listen to Tim Gunn, who I will now designate TDWDLTTG, sucked & everyone hated the dress. Michael Kors even uses almost the same language that Tim used to say that there’s too much going on.

9:50 – Judging. They like Suede, Stella & Kenley (the couture collar dress). Wesley (Tiny, Tight & Short), Korto (inside out dress) & Leanne (TDWDLTTG) were the low scores. I’m calling TDWDLTTG.

9:52 – The designers come back out…one of you will be the winner, & one of you will be out. Stella is in. And now for the winner…Suede! Huh. I mean, it was nice, but I liked the couture one better. Kenley & Korto are in. Korto breaks down backstage & I feel sorry for her. At least you’re in, honey. Leanne…is in. Seriously? Wesley is out.

9:59 – Backstage, Wesley hugs people, one of who says she can’t imagine him not being here. I mean, he seems nice enough, but dude, he’s only been here two weeks! What are you going to do if you make it to the finals & people keep getting eliminated?

10:00 – Next week…field trip! Let’s see if this year’s designers have a better attitude about this than last year’s. And people aren’t listening to Tim Gunn, which means we’re in for a lot of bad dresses.


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