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Live-Blogging Project Runway 5.3 July 31, 2008

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8:59 – Previously on Project Runway, no one made an impression on me. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever not cared so much about a reality show cast through two episodes. Like at this point, you know what’d be really awesome? If one of them committed like a really horrible crime. At least then I’d remember them. Oh also previously, someone named Wesley was eliminated before I could start calling him Wyndam-Pryce, which I would have done earlier, had I known his name.

9:00 – Apartment open. Daniel (who I will now refer to as Faraday to amuse myself since I’ve been watching Lost reruns lately) expresses sadness that Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (hey listen, this season still isn’t doing it for me, I will reference other, better shows if I want to) is eliminated. At least he doesn’t sound surprised.

9:02 – Heidi comes out for model selection. Suede refers to himself in the third person again & chooses to stick with his model. Challenge time. Heidi tells them they deserve time off & Tim will meet them at the apartments & take them for a night out. The designers all interview thinking of places they could be going & I’m shaking my head…stupid, stupid designers! Come ON. It is, of course, a challenge. Have they not seen this show before?



Live-Blogging Project Runway 5.2 July 24, 2008

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8:59 – Previously on Project Runway, what appears to be several hundred aspiring designers gathered to compete for America’s hearts. And $100,000. Also, the token Asian was immediately eliminated.

9:00 – Huh. I just noticed they changed the open, thank God. For such a forward show, I always thought Project Runway had such horrible title sequences. I wonder why they don’t introduce the contestants like on every other reality show.

9:01 – In the apartment open, one designer tells us “reality” has set in for him that OMG he is on a reality show & people get eliminated! Why are people always surprised by that? Didn’t anyone explain the rules?


Live-Blogging Project Runway Season 5 Premiere July 17, 2008

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8:59 – Previously on Project Runway, Christian was FIERCE! Also, the show was on Bravo, which it will be for one more glorious season before moving to the much less cool Lifetime, Television for Women. Let’s make this one count!

9:00 – This is Project Runway, says Heidi. Shots of Atlas, while the designers arrive & introduce themselves. Okay, guys, same deal as Top Chef…you can probably be expecting me to start picking up names by maybe episode 5. (more…)