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Ad Post: NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs – Raise June 3, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in advertising, sports.
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NHL :30 spot

Agency: Young & Rubicam

The Stanley Cup so kicks all other sports trophies’ butts, doesn’t it?  First of all, it’s huge.  And if you win it, you get your name on it…forever. (Or at least until they run out of room, but then your name goes in the hockey Hall of Fame, which is also pretty cool.)  You name gets etched into a living history of the game.

And also if you win it, you get to spend a day with it & take it anywhere you want, which is awesome because it leads to stories like Guy Carbonneau throwing the Cup off Vinnie Paul of Pantera’s balcony into a swimming pool & denting it, which is something Coach Carbonneau denies to this day, but everyone knows it happened.

The Cup, unlike the Larry O’Brien trophy or the Vince Lombardi trophy or that thing with the flags that you win in baseball, is paraded around the country during the season. You can actually go touch it, unless of course you’re aspiring hockey player with dreams of one day winning it for yourself. When you see it, it looks so magnificent, so larger-than-life. When the players who have won it lift it, it seems weightless.

Congrats to the Pens for staying alive. Good luck on Wednesday. I hope you make history.



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