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Live Bloglet: Lost Season 4 Finale May 29, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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Previously on Lost, the Oceanic 6 are totally in different places all over the Island. Hurley is with Locke & Ben, who totally gave himself up to Keamy, who totally wants to kill everyone on the Island. Kate & Sayid got captured by the Others while going after Jack, who is with Sawyer, going after Hurley. Sun & Aaron are on the Freighter with Desmond & like a bunch of C4. SO how to they, & not the others, get off the Island?

1.) Whoa, we’re opening in the flash-forward from the Season 3 finale? “We have to go back??” Also, who the hell is Jeremy Bentham? I totally think you just made that name up! And what horrible things happened the day they left?? Two hours, we better get some freaking answers.

2.) Now that Jack & Sawyer found Hurley, why, exactly, are they going after Locke? Why don’t they just get on the helicopter already? I thought the only reason they didn’t go with Frank in the first place was because they didn’t have Hurley. Confused.

3.) “Boom.” Desmond is conveniently a bomb expert. Luckily.

4.) Oh look, Jack just remembered they only came back for Hurley. Unfortunately, Ben once again ruins all plans by being taken to the chopper. Kate is running from the Others? Wait, I thought she was already caught?

5.) Annnnd there’s Sayid. This fight with Keamy is a little anticlimactic since we know Sayid isn’t going to die. So long, Keamy.

6.) “They help us free you, we let them off the Island.” Can it really be that easy?

7.) Whoa it’s awkwardly old Walt, visiting Hurley in the flashforward! He looks…weird. Walt, nobody came to see you because your dad totally killed two people. I mean, awkward! Again, with the Jeremy Bentham character again. Someone better the hell explain who this dude is.

8.) “Well, Jack, you put a gun to my head and pulled the trigger.” Touche, Locke!

9.) “I’d want to be on that boat within the hour.” I’m confused. Now that Keamy’s dead, isn’t the only threat the C4 on the boat? Does Locke even know that Keamy’s dead? Why do they still need to move the Island?

10.) “It isn’t even on yet.” I’m still confused. If the bomb is not on yet, who was going to set it off?

11.) Faraday! YES! I love him so much. He’s just so fidgety & awkward. “Thanks for helping us.” Aww, that’s right. Dan is awesome.

12.) “I’m gonna keep my eye on you, Shorty.” Hee! I love you, Rose.

13.) “Oh, no, you’re very dire.” Hehe…oh, Miles. You’re hilarious. “What do you mean, get back here?” “What do I mean?” Yeah, Miles, what do you mean?? Charlotte’s been on the Island before? Okay, you know what, it doesn’t matter, Charlotte, cause you totally need to leave with Dan.

14.) “Is this the magic box?” Heh. If I were Ben, I would just tell Locke what the hell is going on already because all the whining would get really annoying really fast. I do enjoy how Ben talks to him like he’s like 5 years old. “Unique experiments through space and time.” It IS time travel!

15.) “Metallic objects must NEVER be placed within the vault.” Meanwhile, Ben is piling on the metallic objects. “If you mean time traveling bunnies, then yes.” Hee!

16.) Meanwhile, back the chopper…Keamy still looks dead. Frank = Kenny Rogers…heh.

17.) “It’s safe now.” Touche, Sayid-who-doesn’t-know-about-the-C4.

18.) “We can come back & look for Claire, right?” Yeah, Claire’s dead, yo. Let it go.

19.) Whoa! Keamy’s alive. I knew it was too easy. What is it with people completely unable to kill other people on this show? Body armor…convenient. And Keamy’s still rocking his confusing armband thingie that I forgot about. Which is how he would set off the C4! Touche, that’s actually pretty smart. Except of course Ben doesn’t really care if the people on the boat die.

20.) “You killed my daughter!!” Well, that was anticlimactic. Hope you got him for real this time, Ben. That’s the key, always go for the neck or head. You’re on a TV show, get your killing methods down. “You just killed everyone on that boat.” “So?” See?? Did I not just call this? Um, question. Why don’t they just take that armband off Keamy & put it on one of them before his heart-rate dies?

21.) “I’m going to stay, Daniel.” Awww, Charlotte. “There is no ‘for now’!” What does that mean?? She’s still looking for where she was born…wait a second. Wait a second. If the time-traveling theory is true, then Charlotte could be…who? I’m confused. Never mind, I thought I figured something out, but I didn’t. And I’m sad Charlotte & Dan aren’t together anymore. Except…Dan doesn’t get off the Island either, right? And we were promised a Dan-centric episode next year, right? So maybe he stays on after all.

22.) “I’d feel a lot better if we were a few hundred pounds lighter.” Looks like Sawyer thought of jumping off before Hurley. And there’s the thing he asked Kate to do. Touche, nobody even trying to stop him from jumping. Everyone must like Sawyer about as much as I do. Also, you see how I’m ignoring the kiss? It’s cause I don’t care.

23.) I gotta say. The Samsung Glyde looks pretty nifty.

24.) Flash-forward…ooh, Sayid just killed some dude outside of Hurley’s mental hospital? Was I supposed to know who that was? Cause I didn’t. Hurley: “Why would I go anywhere with you?” Good call. I mean, a) he hasn’t seen you in forever, b) visiting hours are totally over and c) you’re dressed in all black & looking pretty much like you just killed someone. “Bentham’s dead.” WHO IS BENTHAM?! WHO?? “Checkmate, Mr. Eko.” Aw. I’m sad we didn’t get to see him.

25.) Are you kidding with this? Keamy’s still alive? Come on. You guys SUCK at this.

26.) “Go! I stay.” Oh no. Is this how Jin dies? If so, I’m sad. Oh, but here he comes. No time!

27.) Wait a second. The Island won’t let Michael die, right? Or…not? “You can go now, Michael.” “Who are you?” Yeah, who are you?

28.) Oh no, Jin!! He didn’t actually want to stay. That really does suck. There was no need for him to stay…why did he stay, actually? It’s not like he helped Michael at all. That sucks for Sun.

29.) Hey, wait a sec…isn’t Daniel on the raft with another round of survivors, trying to get to the boat & it’s totally exploded? Awkward!

30.) Alternate endings! That’d almost be worth waking up early for if I didn’t know they’d end up on YouTube anyway.

31.) Sun flashforward…Charles Widmore! “As you know, we’re not the only ones who left the Island.” Wait….WHAT???

32.) I always get a kick out of the Dharma branded liquor. “Is that our boat?” “It was.” Touche! Why are you not more upset?

33.) “I’m going somewhere cold.” Oh, touché! Here’s the time travel thing. “Whoever moves the Island can never come back.” Well, that’s a bummer. And what a sacrifice for Ben, yes? PS: why does he think he’s going somewhere cold? We know he’s going to Tunisia.

34.) And look! Locke is the new leader of the Others. How come Richard Alpert always looks like he’s wearing too much makeup?

35.) Oh, he’s going somewhere cold before he time travels. “I hope you’re happy now, Jacob.” Wait, so he moved the Island to 2005? OMG, what is happening? Wait, the chopper & the raft aren’t on the Island yet! Whoa! “Where the hell’s the Island??” OMG!

36.) Wait a second. No, it doesn’t make sense that he moved the Island in time, because it wouldn’t disappear physically…it’s not like the Island grew there or anything.

37.) “We’re out of fuel!” Okay, that sucks. Might even be worse than crashing in a plane because I’d just be deathly afraid of getting killed by the rotators. Okay, so they have a raft. And they’re supposed to be rescued in this episode…so…wait. Kate, Jack, Sayid, Aaron, Hurley & Sun are all on the chopper…But so are a bunch of other people…

38.) Oh no! Desmond better be okay! No! Wake up!! Wake up, Desmond! Oh, okay, thank God. Doesn’t explain why he & Frank aren’t with the Oceanic 6 though. And where the hell is the other raft? I want Faraday!

39.) Ugh. I don’t care about the flashforward. Creepy phone calls! Awesome. OMG, it’s Claire!! ZOMG!! She’s totally dead, yo. “Don’t you dare bring him back!” Okay, so it was a dream. Of course it was.

40.) “I can’t believe he did it. He moved the Island.” Yeah, Jack, he kinda did. Oh look, it’s a boat. “We have to lie.” Um, why, exactly? “What do you think is going to happen to the people that we left behind?” That…is not a good answer. I’m still confused. But Ben’s already off the Island, so if that’s the only really the only thing Widmore’s looking for, then why would the people on the Island still be in danger? And also, in Sun’s flashforward, it looked like Widmore already knew they were lying & that someone else made it off the Island… Confused!

41.) OMG! It’s Penny!! IT’S PENNY! IT’S PENNY! OMG!! IT’S PENNY!!

42.) Wow, so Penny really was close to finding the freighter. Touche. WTG, Penny! Oh Jack, please be more excited to see Penny. It’s freaking Penny! Awww, I’m so happy for Desmond.

43.) Okay. So Sun says other people got off the Island. Is that just Ben? That’d be who Charles Widmore would think Sun would mean that would mean she’s helping him…. Um, question, what happened to the other raft?

44.) Okay, if they’re going to Membata & Des & Frank aren’t, that explains the Oceanic 6. I hope that doesn’t mean this is the last we’ll hear from Desmond. Bye Des! Love you!

45.) The rescue was nice. I’m still not sure why it’s so important for them to lie. Ben is off the Island. So what would be Widmore’s reason to destroy it now?

46.) Annnd drunk Jack’s beard’s flashforward, where he’s trying to break into a funeral parlor. It’s Jeremy Bentham’s coffin…who is Jeremy Bentham? Not Ben, because he’s behind Jack. Who?? WHO IS HE???

47.) “After I left the Island, some very bad things happened.” HOW is it his fault? “The Island won’t let you come back. All of you have to go back.” WHY??? Ask questions, Jack!

48.) “Sun blames me…” Ohhh. He’s the second person, besides her dad, that is responsible in her mind for Jin’s death.

49.) “I have a few ideas.” Again, ASK QUESTIONS, JACK! WHAT ideas??! “I said all of you…” Pan to Jeremy Bentham…OOOH! It’s Locke!! Ahhh! WHAT??? How did he get off the Island? What was the horrible thing that happened on the day they left that he told all of them? Why do they have to go back? How do they all go back? Why isn’t Jack ASKING THESE QUESTIONS??? We’ll find out (or not) next January.

EDIT: As expected, video of the alternate endings that aired on GMA today is now online. You can view them HERE.



1. Steve Hall - May 29, 2008

You totally just verbalized everything I felt while watching. So agonizing. Many questions answers but many more posed. That’s the agonizing brilliance of the show. And to think we half to wait TWO YEARS to get all the answers!!!

2. Amy Yen - May 29, 2008

@Steve I KNOW! I love/hate this show so much. Is there any way the end of the series lives up to all these expectations?

3. William - May 30, 2008

2] They was clearly some important shit going on, so they stayed around for a bit to see what was up/

9] The island still had to be moved because that was just one attempt. Widmore isn’t close to being done with that island.

20] If they removed the armband, even for a moment, it would no longer pick up someone’s heart, activating the bomb anyways.

27] It’s Christian, Jack’s father. He’s an emissary for Jacob now.

28] He was trying to defuse the bomb to protect his wife and unborn child as well as secure the boat as a transport for everyone else.

31] Ben left too. Sun said her father was one of two people she held responsible for Jin’s death. Ben would be the other.

35] The time on the show and our time have NEVER been the same. Each season is about a month.

36] “Unique experiments through space and time.” He teleported that bitch.

38] They weren’t on Oceanic.

39] Claire never died. She just left.

40] Widmore wasn’t simply after Ben. He wants the island. Ben was the leader so Widmore came after him to secure it. If he can’t secure it, he will destroy it and as his actions have shown, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what happens to rest of the survivors and was willing to kill them all.

4. danzig - May 31, 2008

jeremy bentam is locke’s alter ego

5. danzig - May 31, 2008

aka john locke, as you can tell by whose in the coffin at the end of the finale

6. dmiller05 - June 2, 2008

actually jeremy bentam to me is locke dying or pretending to be dead so he can reunite the oceanic 6 for the can get back to the island, with the help of jacob sending the 6 messages by clair and charlie and so on.

7. dmiller05 - June 2, 2008

also the island being moved before brings down the plane cause it wasn’t there for the pilots but it showed up and brought the plane down.

8. dmiller05 - June 2, 2008

well if it wasn’t obvious to you which looks like it, they lie to protect the islands people from widmore, they also lie to protect themselves cause widmore is powerful and if they tell the truth and not what he set up to be true thenhe could kill them.

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