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Live-Bloglet: Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 Finale May 22, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Grey's Anatomy, TV.
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I’m trying something new. Live-blogging takes an awful lot of time, but there’s been such wonderful season finales lately that I want to find a way to put more content up. So starting with tonight’s 2-hour Grey’s season finale, I’m going to experiment with a live-bloglet, which is just a stripped down version of a live-blog. There will be less recapping and more quick-hit commentary. Like a live-blog, I’m putting down my thoughts as the show happens. See what you think.

1.) How does Mere & Derek keep getting these brain tumor clinical trial patients? How much time is passing here? That’s really depressing.

2.) Mere & Cristina talking depressingly in bed = awesome. Except that Cristina doesn’t want to dance or drink tequila, which is how you know something is seriously, seriously wrong with Cristina. God, I wish they would just move on from this storyline already. I miss Awesome Cristina.

3.) “Ferryboats crash”? GAH. So many things are wrong with that statement.

4.) Ava is really freaking me out. Like I kind of think this storyline is going to end with her hurting herself or Alex. I really just want her to leave. Don’t the producers look at market research? Who likes Ava? Nobody! For once, I actually feel bad for Izzie. She’s in a tough position. Man, I also miss Awesome Alex.

5.) “It’s not appropriate to call Izzie crazy. She’s…spirited!” HA! I mean, to be fair, she’s gotten a lot less crazy recently.

6.) I really kind of just want them to hook Mark up with someone serious. Like, really? Isn’t it about time? Couple of seasons of establishing him as a player…time to have some freaking character development.

7.) Stuck-in-Cement Guy: that SUCKS. Those kids SUCK. And the girl is the worst. Man, I HATE kids like that. Those are the kids I want to fail in later life, after being prom queen & quarterback. An HOUR? Y’all are terrible people.

8.) Oh Rose. Rose, Rose, Rose. He’s gonna cheat on you with her, honey. It’s what he does.

9.) Alex! Come ON. Ava = not fine. NOT fine!

10.) Oh dear. That Honda Pilot commercial with the dude in cement is SO ILL-TIMED! So that dude is totally dying! Stop talking about the Pilot’s fuel efficiency and get to the hospital!

11.) “It’s fake power??” “Fake power!” Hehe…George has gotten a lot more bearable lately. And I don’t hate Lexi anymore as it turns out.

12.) Bailey + Star Wars! AHAHAHA!! “So I like science fiction, you have a problem with that?” “No!” “Noooo.” “Great!” HEE!

13.) I actually think Alex would be a great dad.

14.) We haven’t seen Meredith smile like she did in that scene with Derek outside Clinical Trial Romeo & Juliet’s door for a long, long time. Their story is not even close to over. I do kind of wish they’d just take a season off for real.

15.) “Dr. Stevens! What’s going down?” Oh, Lexi. I don’t hate you. You’re actually kind of hilarious. And you went & told George he failed by one point. Touche!

16.) Bailey’s revelation about the bladder…oh dude! That sucks! But the scene was done really well, with Bailey going over it with herself over & over & everyone else sipping their drinks.

17.) Oh, Alex, you left her alone with a knife! So stupid!

18.) Aw, poor Romeo. “Don’t! Say! Anything!” Wow…this is a really good episode. And Derek dumps the champagne. You know something? I know it sucks that you’ve lost all those people. But I’m kind of getting sick of Derek’s attitude. And to be real? I always thought that as messed up as Meredith was to begin with, Derek is the one who really damaged her. I never really forgave him for the “whore” comment. The producers seem to have forgotten it, but I haven’t!

19.) “I have a photographic memory! I can’t forget” I have to hand it to the producers. Lexi…doesn’t suck! Well, I guess if you can make Addison, coming in after Season 1, likable, then you can make anyone likable.

20.) “That’s what you & I do together. We kill people.” …And I hate Derek again. HATE. Why are you SUCH A JERK??

21.) “You’re going to feel a little pressure.” Isn’t that doctor code for “You’re going to beg for painkillers”?

22.) George the Almost Guy. That really does suck. It sucks to be George.

23.) What Alex said to Izzie is not cool. Well, she deserved it like two seasons ago. But now is the time to stop waiting for Alex to come to his senses, Izzie. Now is the time to DO SOMETHING.

24.) “I wish I was all someone thought about.” Aw. Please give Mark someone! And just get Hahn & Callie together already. You’re clearly going to do it whether I like it or not, just do it & try to make it good so I can get behind it.

25.) “What separates you from the others is greatness.” That was one of the more clunky Grey’s speeches. And it just doesn’t make sense. George has really never exhibited greatness. Well, the elevator heart thing was pretty cool. But besides that, he’s just made poor decisions.

26.) “I never wanted to do this.” Derek, talking about the trial. And I kept waiting for him to say, “I did it for her.” But that would have been awkward in front of Rose, right? Whoa, oops, he did go ahead & say that he “failed her” & Rose totally caught it. WTG. I hope you end up alone.

27.) Cristina is a rock star. Way to actually just do it. Oh, it’ll cost you. But thanks for being Cristina again. And the Chief = awesome! “You need to do better.”

28.) “I’ve done this before.” Oh. Ohhhhhh. Oh, Alex. He’s totally been through many a “bad patch.”

29.) Oh, Meredith cleaning up Ava’s blood in the kitchen. That’s just tragic.

30.) “Okay, you can retake the test.” I didn’t know it was that easy.

31.) “Nobody needs to know that.” You don’t deserve Cement Guy, honey.

32.) Annnd Alex wakes up & realizes Ava is crazy crazy crazy CRAZY. Thank God. I’m so tired of this.

33.) “How could you do that to her?” WTG, Mere. It is about time that the Chief realizes just how badly he screwed up that family. “You are a gifted, talented, extraordinary surgeon. Just like her.”

34.) Lola’s redemption. Well. Callie puts on quite a guilt trip.

35.) “It’s the stuff of legends.” See, that’s why I can’t exactly hate Rose. I mostly just feel sorry for her. Because she’s smart enough to recognize that Mere & Derek are clearly this series’ running couple. There’s no breaking that up. But she also realizes that it’s not Meredith’s fault. It’s Derek. It’s always, ALWAYS Derek.

36.) I LOVED Cristina the teacher. She’d make a great teacher.

37.) “I’m alive.” Of course you are! Yay! How much of a jerk do you feel like, Derek? Pretty big, I hope.

38.) “You have grown into a fine doctor, Izzie Stevens.” That was a much better speech, as most of Bailey’s are. But it’s still ends with a lie. Oh, such a fine doctor. Steals hearts & falls in love with patients. Great! Sign me up for HER surgery!

39.) “I know I’m the villain in your story. But I am a good man.” You know what? I think you are.

40.) Whoa…couples galore. The Chief & his wife! George & Lexi? Hahn & Callie, finally. And…

41.) “Just for this one night. Please.” Oh, Alex. You know, there’s lots of really damaged characters on this show, but he’s one of the less obvious ones. And he’s really, really damaged. I like how the last scene with Izzie, holding him, kind of mirrors how he held her when Denny died in Season 2. I always was sorry that they didn’t explore Alex/Izzie a little further.

42.) “I got all whole & healed!” Oh, Mere. Mere, you’re better than him! Don’t do that for him! …Okay, what she did was pretty awesome.

43.) “I believe we can be extraordinary together.” …Okay. I’m easily won over. I really wish that he’d be less of a jerk. Because I want to like them together. They belong together. But it’s kind of hard when he is constantly saying horrible HORRIBLE things to her! Stop that! It’s unnecessary!

44.) “Wait for me.” Uh oh. Doesn’t that indicate that he isn’t coming back? We’ll find out in the fall.


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