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Live-Blogging Lost 4.10 May 1, 2008

Posted by Amy Yen in Lost, TV.
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10:00 – Previously on Lost, the season happened & I didn’t live-blog cause b/c once again, that whole having-school-and-a-job thing got in the way of what’s really important. But yeah, previously on Lost, Daniel lied about the chopper coming back & then admitted to Jack that the Freighter were never going to take them off the island. Touche, rescue.

10:02 – Old school eye-close-up open. It’s Jack. Juliet is trying to wake him up, but it takes a few minutes. When he does wake up, he hears yelling outside the tent. It’s Bernard & the beach Lost-a-ways, yelling at Daniel & Charlotte because the phone has suddenly lost signal. Bernard rightly points out that Dan has lied before. Jack comes up & says that when the Freighter people come back for Dan & Charlotte, they will be ready for them. Meanwhile, as Jack walks away, he’s not looking so hot. And then he collapses. Touche, Jack.

10:03 – Flashback or forward, can’t tell yet. Jack wakes up to his phone. An assistant reminds “Dr. Shephard” of his appointment. As he walks around shirtless(!) around his apartment, we get some nice shots of Matthew Fox’s tattoos. He goes into the bathroom, where someone is showering. Jack smiles & goes to join. We hear a woman’s voice, but can’t see who yet…oh dear, it’s Kate. Bleh. They kiss. Man, it may have been because I missed about a season of UST, but I just don’t have any desire for them to end up together. Not that I love Jack/Juliet, but at least I don’t think Juliet is 80% driven by selfish motives.

10:05 – Floating creepy opening text of doom.

10:09 – Jack is reading to Aaron, who is totally no longer under the care of Claire, that’s for sure. Kate, wearing one of Jack’s shirts, follows him out of the room. Jack tells her that his dad used to read him that story. Kate looks kind of sad/apprehensive & Jack asks if she’s okay. She says she loves seeing Jack with Aaron & is glad Jack changed his mind. Who what now? Clearly this is occurring after “Eggtown.”

10:11 – Back on the island, Jack suddenly comes to. Kate runs over, asking what’s going on. Jack, of course, insists he’s okay, despite the fact that he looks like maybe he’s going to pass out again at any moment, but Kate says he’s burning up. Ridiculously, none of the beach Lost-a-ways stops him &, you know, tells him to stop with the charade already as he wobbles away.

10:12 – In the jungle, Miles, Claire, Aaron & Sawyer, who you’ll remember previously broke away from Locke’s group, are making their way to the beach when suddenly Miles has one of his crazy hearing-how-dead-people-died things. He asks who Danielle and Karl are, then digs up their buried bodies. Ick. Sawyer demands to know how Miles knew. Miles says he didn’t sign up for this. Claire just wants to blow this joint.

10:14 – Back on the beach, Jack is doing his sick act for Juliet, claiming it’s food poisoning. Juliet disagree & asks him to pull his shirt up. His stomach is tender. Juliet tells him what he already knows: it’s his appendix. They have to do that whole on-island surgery thing again, which is lousy for Jack, but somehow Juliet makes it sound like she thinks it might be fun.

10:18 – On the beach, Juliet is telling Sun to get instruments from the medical station. Sun protests that she doesn’t know what the instruments look like. Daniel, who has apparently had medical training, volunteers to go. Sun & Jin say they can’t trust him. Charlotte does her snarky English defensive attitude thing, but this time, Daniel tells her off. Dan tells Juliet they are just scientists & they just want to help. Without much hesitation, Juliet simply hands over the list, but gives Jin a gun & tells him to shoot them in the leg if they try to run. Daniel thanks her for the opportunity to get shot in the leg while helping save Jack’s life.

10:19 – Back in the jungle, Miles suspiciously watches Claire feed the baby. Sawyer catches him & does his tough guy protective thing. He gives Miles a “restraining order” of 20 feet from Claire & the baby. Miles thinks this is awfully ridiculous, as do I, which causes Sawyer to get all up in his face. Miles then awesomely agrees & kind of scoffs as if to say Sawyer is as absurd a caricature as I have always thought he was.

10:20 – On the beach, Bernard tries to reassure Rose. Rose thinks the Island had something to do with Jack’s illness. She points out that on the Island, people don’t get sick…they get better. TOUCHE!, thinks Bernard & I.

10:21 – In the tent, Juliet shaves Jack’s stomach. Jack questions/semi-flirts with Juliet & after an indication that maybe it’s been a while since Juliet’s done one of these puppies, Jack says he wants to be awake to watch the procedure & talk her through it. GAH, such a bad idea! That’s like the worst thing ever. Jack wants Kate to hold a mirror so he can watch. Juliet thinks it should be someone with medical experience but Jack insists on Kate. Um…I’m confused. Why the sudden need to drum up Jack/Kate ship?? Wasn’t it not even five episodes ago, he & Juliet were making out in spite of the threat of Ben-revenge?

10:23 – Oh, that’s right, they need this thing to wrap up in like three years & Kate & Jack HAVE to end up together! Touche, flash-foward. Thanks for the reminder. Future Jack sees a patient off & as he turns to leave, he sees/thinks he sees his father. Then he gets a call from Hurley’s doctor, Dr. Stillman. Jack visits & Dr. Stillman tells him Hurley’s not taking his meds or sleeping. Also? He doesn’t think Dr. Stillman exists. Touche. Seems like a Hurley thing to not think.

10:24 – In his room, Hurley greets Jack, who apparently does exist. Jack asks why he’s not taking his meds & Hurley, who has clearly been spending a lot of time on the Lost Theory sites, says the Oceanic Six are dead & never got off the Island. He asks Jack what he did today & when Jack mentions Kate, Hurley says Jack’s life w/Kate & the baby seems so perfect…just like heaven. TOUCHE! Nice one, Hurley! You should post that to the theory sites! Hurley says he was happy til he saw Charlie. Jack is understandably incredulous/freaked out. Hurley says Charlie told him Jack would be coming & asked him to give him a message. “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack.” Oooh. I agree with Charlie. Hurley tells Jack that Charlie said that someone would be visiting Jack too. I hope it’s Rosseau. I wouldn’t mind Boone either. Let’s see, who else has died? Ana Lucia…NO! Libby. It’s so Libby.

10:30 – Back in the jungle, Charlotte, Daniel, Jin & Sun find the medical station. Daniel adorably tells Charlotte to let him go first & make everything is safe. He gives her an adorable sly little smile & I love him so much. Apparently Charlotte does also, because she agrees, tells him to be careful & smiles at him. Jin & Sun, also adorably, talk about how Daniel likes Charlotte in Korean. Hehe…oh, I should not love this ship this much.

10:31 – In the station, Daniel wonders where the power is coming from. Jin & Sun discuss in Korean how this is where Juliet took Sun to get her ultrasound. Sun thinks Dan & Charlotte are not going to help them. Charlotte, helping Daniel get supplies, keeps sneaking suspicious looks at them. I mean, I guess I would to, if the only two people I was with who know how to get back to semi-civilization were intensely discussing stuff in another language. Jin promises Sun he will get Sun & their baby off the island.

10:32 – Back with Sawyer, Miles & Claire. They hear noises in the jungle & Frank stumbles into the clearing. Miles & Frank recognize each other. Frank tells them to hide, right now, because Keamy’s coming back. Sawyer tries to get info but Frank just yells at them to hide. Dude, the yelling is probably not going to help, yo. Miles, Claire & Sawyer hide & sure enough, there are Keamy & his men, one of which was apparently hurt pretty bad in the fight with the Smoke Monster. Frank tries to distract Keamy from Aaron’s inconvenient noises by demanding to get back to the chopper right away so he can fly with Daniel’s bearings while it’s light. After a tense moment, Keamy agrees & the group goes off without discovering Sawyer & Claire. Well, that was a misleading promo then, wasn’t it? Putting in baby crying sound effects? I expect more of you, ABC. Okay, maybe I don’t. Maybe that’s exactly what you’ve probably always done.

10:33 – On the beach, Juliet, as casually as she can muster, asks Kate to be in there when she does the surgery. Jack comes lumbering painfully out of the tent & Kate immediately goes to him so he can lean uncomfortably close to her in the presence of the woman he’s actually supposed to be with. I’m really not understanding the Jack/Juliet thing. So if they’re not together, what are they doing? Kissing only during sweeps?

10:34 – Flash-forward, Jack waits in a car outside Hurley’s mental institution, watching the yard where Charlie visited Hurley. After a moment, he goes home & wakes Kate up. He asks her if she really thinks he’s good with Aaron. Kate obviously says yes. And then…Jack somberly asks Kate to marry him. He gets out a ring and everything. You can almost hear the Jack/Kate shippers squealing form here. Kate obviously says yes. She looks really happy & Jack…kind of looks like he’s going to cry.

10:41 – It’s night back at the beach & the medical team arrives. Juliet whisks Sun away to help sterilize the instruments. Jin then says Charlotte’s name & starts talking to her in Korean. He says he knows she can understand Korean. She smiled when Sun & Jin were commenting on her & Daniel. She tries to bluff that she can’t understand, but he says if she keeps lying, he will hurt Daniel. She replies in Korean, asking what he wants. Touche, Jin. Nice play. Jin says when the helicopter comes, he wants Charlotte to make sure to get Sun off the Island. He doesn’t really care about himself or the others as long as Sun gets off. Charlotte nods.

10:42 – In the tent, Juliet, Bernard & Kate prep Jack. Bernard gives him the numbing agent, which apparently will only numb the area for the first incision, but he will feel the rest. ARGH. Why are you doing this, Jack?? There’s a lot of groaning by Jack, but he insists that he doesn’t want to be knocked out. He pleads with Kate, who is crying, but Juliet yells at Bernard, who eventually brings out the chloroform. Jack is out.

10:44 – Flash-forward, Jack dictates to a machine while looking at x-rays. He stops when he heard random beeping. He follows the sound to a broken smoke detector. He climbs up to take the battery out, then hears someone call his name. It’s his dad. Jack is freaked out, walking toward him, but then his assistant calls his name & he looks back & of course his dad is totally gone. Jack is really shaken up. He asks his assistant, who is maybe just another doctor or something, to write him a sleeping pill prescription. She does as he rambles on about his caseload & Kate. He promises her he will talk to someone, when you know what he’ll actually do is get addicted to pills.

10:47 – Jack gets home to Kate talking suspiciously on the phone. He lightly questions her on who was on the phone. “Noreen” is the answer. When Kate goes upstairs, Jack goes for pills & beer. This is not going to end well.

10:49 – Claire sleeps at a campfire. She wakes up with a start to see someone holding Aaron. “Dad?” she gasps. Annnnd scene.

10:51 – Back at the beach, Kate is beating herself up for not allowing Jack to be awake during surgery. Bernard comes up to comfort her & invite her back into the tent. Juliet is stitching him up. Juliet & Kate semi-bond over Jack’s stubbornness, but then Juliet brings up the whole “he kissed me” thing & that kind of makes things awkward. Juliet then explains that she thinks Jack kissed her for himself, to prove to himself that he doesn’t love Kate. Juliet seems kind of okay with it. So much for Juliet/Jack. Kate thanks Juliet & leaves, after which Juliet tells Jack she knows he’s awake. He opens his eyes. Touche, Juliet.

10:53 – Flash-forward, Kate comes in to find Jack in the living room, drunk. He asks why the nanny was there late. She said she had to run errands. He admits that he went to see Hurley. Then he does some more suspicious questioning. Kate tries to distract him by coming real close & asks him to trust her & leave it be. Uh oh. Jack insists to know where she was. Finally, she tells him she was doing something for “him.” Sawyer. Jack wants to know what. He says Sawyer’s not here, he chose to stay (touché!) & he’s the one who came back. Kate sobs that he needs to figure out his problems because she can’t have him this way around “her son.” And then, FINALLY, someone points out that SHE ISN’T EVEN RELATED TO HIM! Thank you, Jack!

10:57 – In the jungle, Sawyer wakes up to Miles cooking. Turns out Claire wandered off with “Dad” in the middle of the night. Miles would have followed them, if it weren’t for that pesky restraining order. Touche, nice. Suddenly, there is crying in the jungle, which is where the sound effect in the promo came from. Sawyer runs into the jungle to find Aaron just lying by himself by a tree. No Claire to be found. Annnd scene.

10:59 – Next week on Lost, lots of stuff happens that I don’t understand. Like some dude (Jacob?) who doesn’t make sense…because he’s been dead for 12 years. Hey. Why not?



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