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Steve Hall & Even More Social Media Awesomeness April 3, 2008

Posted by Amy in Social Media.
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Last night, we had the opportunity to attend a Social Media Forum at Emerson College (where I’m attending grad school) with Todd Defren of Shift Communications (@TDefren), Steve Hall of AdRants (@stevehall), Zach Braiker of Refine+Focus (@quiverandquill) & Paul Gillin of Paul Gillin Communications (@pgillin).  It was a fabulous discussion in a truly social media-appropriate open debate format, which was a refreshing change from the PowerPoint lectures that are surprisingly popular with the social media speaking crowd.

Steve Hall put up a great wrap-up of the discussion at AdRants.

Thanks again to Emerson for organizing such a great forum.  It’s great to see my school taking steps toward getting students into this space.



1. Todd Defren - April 4, 2008

Thanks for showing up, and for this kind review. 😉

2. Amy - April 4, 2008

Absolutely, thanks again for taking the time & hope to see you at other social media meet-ups & out in Twitterverse. 🙂

3. Steve Hall - April 4, 2008

So glad you enjoyed it and yes, Powerpoint can kill what would normally be a good panel/presentation.

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