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Live-Blogging Project Runway Season 4 Finale, Pt 2 March 5, 2008

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9:59 – Previously on Project Runway, Chris showed some pieces with human hair, is subsequently auf-ed. Rami, Jillian & Christian are going to Fashion Week. If Rami somehow wins, I will truly lose my faith in this show.

10:01 – Christian’s fierce hair looks even more insane that usual. He talks about how nervous he is. In the workroom, Rami interviews that Christian was surprised at how strong his collection is. Surprisingly, Christian does indeed look kind of nervous. I’m confused. Who is this nervous person & where did Christian go?

10:04 – Tim Gunn comes in & expresses incredulity at Christian’s possibly over-designed pieces. Tim is as freaked out as I am about Christian’s non-confidence. I’m officially worried about Christian.

10:04 – Christian interviews that Jillian’s collection is super innovative & Rami is such a great designer that he doesn’t know if he can compete with that. WHAT? WHO ARE YOU???

10:05 – Model casting time. Jillian has never done a casting & since we’ve seen the promos, we know this is a red flag. She says she’s overwhelmed. What else is new?

10:06 – The next day, it’s Collier Strong product placement make-up consultation day. Christian says he’s feeling super excited today & in general sounds a lot more like the Christian we know & love. Good. Insecure Christian really freaks me out.

10:07 – Rami says his make-up concept is chiseling the face, which makes me think he is going to show draping after all, because that’s such a Grecian sculpture association.

10:07 – Back in the workroom, the model descend en masse on the designers, who generally act overwhelmed. Hey, you guys should just be grateful your models are showing up. We see one of Christian’s models in one of Christian’s overly dramatic puffy sleeve shirts/giant black hat combos. Rami comments that Christian designs for models, not regular women. But in the last challenge, Michael Kors specifically said the great thing about Christian is he does do runway designs, but they translate to everyday wear. I’m going to go ahead & believe Michael Kors.

10:08 – Christian’s models complain greatly about the ridiculous shoes he’s picked out for them. I would too, I do believe I would break both ankles in about five seconds in those shoes. Christian says he doesn’t care. Aw. –1 for Christian. I can’t be supporting uber-painful shoes.

10:09 – Meanwhile, Jillian is second-guessing her models. She calls the casting director person & asks to switch. You know, for someone who is ALWAYS going down to wire getting her clothes done, shouldn’t she be worrying more about her outfits & less about whether she has the right uber-skinny gorgeous model wearing them? Then, she calls the model, which I totally think is a horrible idea, because what if it turns out you can’t switch? Then the model knows you totally didn’t want her! WTG, Jillian.

10:10 – There’s a new BlueFly commercial. This time, the naked girl is at a wedding. Totally inappropriate!

10:14 – Back in the workroom, Jillian whines some more about the models. She calls the casting guy again & asks to switch some girls. He rejects her out to the half-court. It’s too last minute, Jillian is stuck with the models she has. I’m glad. Jillian sure does whine a lot.

10:15 – The designers meet with Nathaniel Hawkins for product placement hair consultations & then more models come in. Jillian whines some more but finally decides to accept the fact that she’s got perfectly good models.

10:17 – At the end of the day, Tim comes in & asks for a gather-around. The designers look defeated. I think that this season’s designers are not team players when it comes to gather-arounds & field trips.

10:19 – Day of runway show. Everyone is nervous. We see the designers walk toward the tents & it’s really, really cool. The designers gawk at the runway. Oooh, this is so exciting!

10:20 – Two hours til the show & Christian’s girls are late. All the designers do last minute adjustments. Christian runs around, despairing over his missing models.

10:21 – We see people stream into the tent, including past Project Runway people & celebrities &, my roommate swears, Dale from Top Chef. What?

10:22 – Christian’s final model finally shows up & he’s so relieved he can’t even be angry. The designers stand with all their girls & it’s time.

10:23 – Heidi comes out & introduces Nina, Michael Kors & guest judge Victoria Beckham. Let’s start the show!

10:23 – Jillian is first. She does a little curtsy at the end of her intro speech. Jillian’s clothes are impeccable & sophisticated. I’d wear a lot of her clothes. No, her models don’t look alike, but it doesn’t really matter. Among the faces in the crowd: Nick V from Season 2, Tyson Beckford from Make Me a Supermodel. Jillian does another curtsy at the end of her show & it’s pretty nice.

10:31 – Rami’s next. The first look has draping, but it is structured. A lot of his pieces have the same look. Lots of dark reds and blacks and greens. His pieces are definitely beautiful, but I don’t know that they make a big statement. Rami comes back out & kisses Sam at the end of the runway.

10:33 – And here comes the favorite, Christian. He tells everyone they look fierce, heh. His music is totally upbeat and fun and matches the big dramatic clothes. Christian’s clothes always make a statement. Lots and lots of black. Lot of ruffles. Lots of feathers. Lots of dramatic hats. The show gets progressively more bizarre, but the crowd seems to dig it. Christian does a pierce pose at the end of the runway & waves at Carmen & Kit in the crowd.

10:37 – We see people talking about the collections, including Padma from Top Chef. Wow, they are really pushing the premiere of Top Chef, aren’t they.

10:41 – Judging. The judges are all super impressed. So am I. The designers come out & Heidi does her product placement prize speech & introduces the judges again. Nina says “Bravo.” Touche, Nina. Did Bravo tell you to say that?

10:43 – Jillian talks about her Argonauts inspiration. The judges love her collection & say that she showed stuff she hadn’t done before, like knit. Nina says that the collection was a little disjointed, but the knits were definitely spectacular.

10:44 – Christian is really nervous. Victoria says his collection was “major.” She loves the whole collection. Michael loved the two-tone feather dress at the end. He says that the black got a little monotonous. Victoria again says that she loved everything he did & it was so her. Michael liked that he makes a statement. Hey, that’s what I said! Man, me and Michael Kors are totally on the same wavelength.

10:46 – The judges also love Rami. They love everyone! OMG, who do they love the most? Heidi really likes the woven look. Nina says that he has a point of view & you can always tell the clothes are his. Michael didn’t like a lot of the colors though.

10:48 – Judging. The judges like Jillian’s knits, but Nina thinks she doesn’t know who she is as a designer quite yet. They love Christian, but is it commercial enough? Not everyone can wear what Victoria can. They like Rami, but he has a problem with colors. Everyone agrees it was a great show.

10:55 – The designers come back out. Everyone put on a great show, but only one of them can be the winner. Jillian…is out. Huh. I guess not surprising. Surprising in the big picture.

10:56 – Rami, Christian, one of you will be the winner. …Christian…WINS! YES!!! OMG YES!!

10:57 – Bye, Rami. He says he’ll be heard from again. Yeah, okay. Probably. Back on the runway, Victoria tells Christian that she would love to wear anything he designs. He cries & thanks her & says anytime & it’s a nice moment. His model, Lisa, comes out & says that she’s so proud of him. Aw!

10:58 – Christian interviews, did we ever have a doubt? No, we didn’t! My faith in the show has been restored! Christian signs out & drives away in his Saturn…& thus endth Season 4 of Project Runway. It’s been real, y’all.

PS: You can view all the final collections, including the decoys HERE.


1. Ana - March 6, 2008

I knew that he was gonna win this project!!Really like his design by Christian. Newsday gets some private time with Christian Siriano. You can find here interesting interview with him.

2. Rob - May 7, 2008

Yeh same. It was more obvious this season than in previous ones. Like in the second season for instance I thought Santino would win…or at least Daniel but Cloe!? Still an entertaining season like always, designers have so much personality!

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