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Live-Blogging Project Runway Season 4 Finale, Pt 1 February 27, 2008

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9:59 – Previously on Project Runway…the reunion show, which I didn’t care about b/c it is not the finale. But this is! At least, it’s part 1.

10:00 – So Christian, Jillian, Rami & Chris get $8K and five months to create awesometown collections. One of Chris & Rami will move on to Fashion Week based on their top three looks. Fierce, yo.

10:03 – Heidi brings Tim out as if he is one of their surprise guests. Like the TRESemme guy or Collier Strong or something. Just kidding. Tim is so much more awesome than those guys.

10:04 – Christian says he’s 21 & he’s got a guaranteed in to Fashion Week & that’s fierce. Okay, I know some people don’t like him…but I do. I mean, he’s right, right? That is fierce! The designers head off to their respective homes-that-aren’t-the-Gotham-apartments.

10:05 – Tim Gunn home visit time. I rarely care of these so I’m only going to live blog if something interesting happens, like if one of the designers forgot to start their collections or something.

10:07 – Tim asks Christian if he’s asked himself if he really needs something (ridiculous neckpiece, feather pants…seriously). Christian is indignant/puzzled that Tim doesn’t think the feather pants are fierce. He asks him—I seriously can’t believe I’m typing this—“What’s wrong with you?” What’s wrong with Tim?? YOU MADE FEATHER PANTS.

10:09 – Tim visits Jillian, who has made—you guessed it—a black jacket. Tim says her palate is too “cloudy day.” In interview, she says Tim said a lot of wise things. It’s wise of you to realize that, Jillian.

10:11 – Jillian’s mom says before Jillian was born, she talked to a clairvoyant woman who said she’d have three children, one of which would be famous. Okay. That may be true, but that doesn’t mean you should be sharing that on national TV.

10:15 – Next, Tim goes to LA to see Rami, who I have come to despise. We see some of his collection, whose theme is “Joan of Arc.” I really have nothing to say. Tim does say that a particular jacket piece looks like a heavy-duty “f-ing coat,” which pretty much redeems this entire segment.

10:20 – Back to NY, Chris shows Tim a jacket with what looks like feather lining. And then he tells us & Tim…it’s human hair. AHHH! OMG!! I can’t even…AHH!

10:22 – Tim tries to talk Chris out of the hair, but it sounds like he’s going to keep some of it. Oh, God. I don’t even know what to say.

10:24 – Chris tells a story about how a police man came up to him the other day and told him he’s under arrest…for being the best designer on Project Runway. I refuse to believe this actually happened. I mean, isn’t that like an abuse of the badge or something?

10:28 – Oooh, Top Chef: Chicago coming up in a few weeks. Awesome.

10:30 – The designers arrive back in NY. Jillian shows up & she & Christian agree to be nice. Christian says her hair looks nice. I think this perceived little drama between Christian & Jillian is totally in Jillian’s head. She immediately takes a shot at Christian, asking if he finished his collection last month, or the month before. Christian doesn’t take the bait. Jillian is totally the instigator. I’m really not liking her now.

10:33 – The designers go to the workroom, where there are only three work tables. Dun dun dun. Rami & Chris say they’ll share & look at each other shifty-eyed. Tim comes in & explains the 3-look Runway-off. It’s today. They get three hours & new sponsored sewing stations available. Way to get in on the action, Brothers. Rami & Chris get to pick partners. Jillian goes with Rami, Christian goes with Chris.

10:36 – The models come in & they start fitting. Rami immediately starts freaking out sorting through all his stuff. Jillian cattily asks Christian how it’s going. Christian cheerfully sings back that’s it’s going well & he misses her. Jillian is totally the aggressor in this supposed feud. I don’t even understand why she’s bothering. Doesn’t being catty require a personality? Guess she acquired one at some point this year & it’s that of an annoying person.

10:37 – Christian notes Chris’s hair-enhanced pieces. (AHHH!) The model seems kind of apprehensive, but is bravely not throwing up. It’s time to go to Parsons.

10:43 – Back from commercial, runway time. Heidi’s wearing some flashy weird looking 70s disco dress, but her hair looks fab. There is no guest judge. Let’s start the show!

10:44 – Rami’s collection is not all draping. The second piece is kind of drape-y but is done in interesting patterns & actually looks very cool. I also don’t hate the third look, which is a black evening gown with a long train. It kind of reminds me of the Reeses wrapper dress Christian showed for the candy challenge.

10:45 – Chris’s black hair outfit comes out & it’s so creepy. It kind of looks like fringe…only it’s hair AHHH! Hair is in the second piece as well, although the top is cool. I dunno. I really want Chris to get in, but I don’t see how they can pick him when Rami didn’t do all draping & Chris has human hair in his looks.

10:46 – Discussion time. Chris says his collection is supposed to be dark & goth & creepy. Mission: accomplished. The judges are surprisingly not as disgusted by the human hair as I thought. They look kind of disturbed, but appreciate that he’s thinking outside the box. They said his models look over-designed.

10:48 – Rami says he listened & tried to make something structured. His first look was the “f-ing heavy” coat that Tim pointed out. Nina doesn’t like it. The judges like the semi-draped second piece & the black evening gown. They are surprised by how dark this collection was too.

10:50 – Judging. Surprising how dark it was. A little over-designed. The judges appreciate that Rami listened to them & didn’t show three draped pieces. They thought Chris’s weird materials made his pieces intriguing, but still a little too costume-y. They know what they want to do.

10:56 – Chris, Rami, one of you will be out. Only not really because you have to do a decoy collection. But never mind that. Chris was creative, Rami did something different. Rami…is going to Fashion Week. Touche. Annoyed. Well, he’s just going to get destroyed by Jillian or Christian anyway.

10:57 – Chris is auf-ed…so sad! Aw. In the backroom, everyone hugs him. Chris tells Jillian & Christian they better watch out for Rami. Oh, Chris, that’s just not true.

10:58 – Chris packs up & says he would do it again. Then he cackles like an insane person. Bye, Chris! You know, it’s pretty remarkable he made it this far, considering he was eliminated like in Week 4. Chris cackles us into a fade-to-black.

10:59 – Next week on the finale…Jillian has her usual last-minute breakdown. Victoria Beckham guest judges. And somebody will win Project Runway. Pretty much, I can’t wait.



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