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Live-Blogging Project Runway 4.11 February 13, 2008

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9:59 – Last week on Project Runway…auf wiedersehen, Ricky! Ciao! Adios! Bye bye! We’ll miss you, only, you know, not.

10:00 – All the designers talk about where they are now. We’re really winding down…there’s only five left. Rami, Chris, Christian, Jillian and Sweet P…I think most people would agree the two top designers are Christian and Jillian. It’s interesting, because although I think Rami is really talented, he’s so incredibly one-note and one-note in the most obvious way possible. And since he’s made his miraculous comeback from elimination, Chris’s designs have actually been pretty interesting. So my guess for top 3 would be Rami, Christian and Jillian, but I wouldn’t be at all opposed to Chris.

10:02 – Heidi brings out the models. Man, we’ve like barely seen the models this season. And that spiel Heidi gives about this being a competition for them is total BS. Heidi says two of the designers will be out in this challenge and the rest will go to Bryant Park. Eeeee! And also? One last field trip. Rolling eyes. Tim will meet them somewhere in the city.

10:04 – The field trip turns out to be at the Met. Tim takes them inside. Chris says it’s a privilege to be in the final five in the Metropolitan Museum. I can’t believe it either, Chris. I mean, he was eliminated like in the fourth episode.

10:05 – Their challenge is to choose a work of art to be the inspiration of their outfit. Awesome!

10:06 – Chris says Rami is definitely doing to choose some Grecian draping piece. We see Rami taking a bunch of pictures of Grecian sculptures, featuring pretty much nothing but draping. I mean, I can’t even begin to understand his reasoning.

10:06 – Christian picks some neat Spanish paintings, which is really cool and really him. Really, if Christian doesn’t win this whole shindig, something has seriously gone wrong.

10:07 – The designers all walk around and take pictures. They’re all alone and it’s really cool and I’m really jealous. They held back to the workroom so they can use their product placement photo printers, which nobody actually owns anymore.

10:08 – Rami chooses Aphrodite, a Grecian sculpture with draping out the whazoo and the red flags are just flying all over the place.

10:09 – After the designers get back from Mood, Rami immediately starts draping. It looks exactly like every other outfit he’s ever done.

10:10 – Chris says he’s going couture. It’s already looking very dramatic, with kind of sculpted fabric. It’s interesting, it’s almost like his taste level has gone up. He’s still costume-y, but like a little more sophisticated. Maybe working with Christian that one time rubbed off on him.

10:10 – Rami says people are going over the top, but he’s not here to make noise, he’s here to make beautiful work. Whatever, Rami. If by “beautiful work,” you mean “the same piece of draping over and over and over again until it no longer looks interesting or beautiful,” then yes.

10:11 – Jillian starts whining about Christian and his fast sewing. Really, I’m kind of getting sick of these guys whining about Christian being fast and good and knowing it. You know, if you can walk the walk, you can talk the talk, IMHO.

10:15 – Out of commercials, the models come in, except Sweet P’s model had some kind of emergency and is going to be late, leading to the obligatory weekly Sweet P certainty-of-elimination crisis.

10:17 – Chris’s dress has a giant neckpiece, similar to the avant garde piece he and Christian did already. Uh oh. Red flag.

10:18 – Tim has a special guest. I bet it’s either the TRESemme hair dude or Collier Strong the makeup guy. It’s Collier. He’s here to remind everyone of just how much L’Oreal pays to have their brand name be uttered by Tim every week.

10:19 – Chris is already done! He’s going to take a nap. Oh dear. Chris, seriously? Christian agrees with me. He’s done too, but he’s touching up. He’s making another fierce jacket of fierceness.

10:21 – Tim comes in and is stunned to discovered Chris’s lack of consciousness. He goes to investigate and Chris gives him attitude about his outfit being “wow-able.” Tim doesn’t think his outfit is refined enough, but Chris says he doesn’t want to change a thing. Oh, Chris. Won’t these guys ever learn? This show has been on for FOUR SEASONS, yo.

10:22 – Christian says his white shirt looks great on him. Tim laughs awesomely. But then, everything Tim does is awesome.

10:23 – Sweet P is again having issues with her design, Jillian is again having time issues and Rami is draping. Again. Tim tells Rami his draping, which is admittedly very pretty, is setting him up to be criticized by Nina. Rami says they gave him the challenge and he had to take it. That is so NOT TRUE. It was an opportunity to NOT do what everyone expects. Man, I hope he gets eliminated.

10:24 – Sweet P’s model finally shows up at the end of the night, but she’s still in deep trouble. But then, she’s in deep trouble every week and she’s still here, isn’t she? She’s like the girl who cried deep trouble.

10:29 – Day of runway, Christian says he’s got to make sure his hair looks extra fierce for the runway. Oh, Christian. I love you. Your ridiculous hair will always look fierce to me.

10:30 – Back in the workroom, Jillian worries some more about finishing her garment. I will give her credit, she’s been done a nice job of de-icing in the last month or so. She’s almost human now. With emotions and everything.

10:31 – Tim comes in to make his product placement speech and tells them to blow Nina’s shoes off. I don’t know if that’s possible. Nina seems like the kind of woman who sleeps in high heels.

10:32 – The models come in and put the outfits on. Christian’s outfit is ridiculously complex. There are like a gazillion pieces, complete with awesome pimp hat. It’s pretty fierce, y’all. How does he always have time to make all this?

10:33 – Chris walks around and looks at other people’s outfits as everyone wraps up to go to the runway. He likes Sweet P’s and reminds her to trim the threads off the bottom. Aw, that’s nice of him. I like Chris.

10:34 – Text vote this week? “How do you feel about Rami’s draping addiction?” LOL!

10:39 – Heidi comes out on the runway and introduces guest judge Roberto Cavetti. Let’s start the show!

10:40 – Chris’s dramatic look comes out. It’s interesting. Christian’s black jacket and white puffy sleeve outfit is so him. It’s a really complete look on the runway. The way the model keeps the hat down over her eyes is smart, it makes it look even more like the inspiration painting. Rami’s draping isn’t even his most interesting draping. It’s lavender and short and…draping. Let’s be real, draping always looks about the same. That’s why it’s the world’s most obvious one-note. Sweet P’s is so out there and different and I actually think maybe she has a shot.

10:42 – Christian says his is a play on masculine/feminine. Roberto the guest judge loves it and the detail and the passion he put into. The judges all agree it’s really chic and say it’s a great show.

10:43 – Roberto says Chris’s is very artistic and he could see him showing in Paris. The rest of the judges say they’ve seen it before, in the avant garde challenge. Told you, Chris.

10:44 – Jillian’s done another jacket, but Nina says she still keeps her surprised. Roberto loves the detail in the back. Heidi loves the gold dress under the jacket. It’s funny, we didn’t see much of her this week and she just churns out another solid look. If she had a personality, I’d probably be rooting for her.

10:44 – Michael Kors says Sweet P’s dress is nice, but not enough of a show. Roberto says it’s not special enough. Aw. That’s harsh. Michael says they know she can do commercial, but they haven’t seen enough. So much for Sweet P having a chance.

10:45 – Rami attempts to defend his draping. The judges reject him out to the half-court. Predictable! PREDICTABLE! Nina sounds like she is actually doubting whether Rami knows how to do anything besides drape. I’m starting to wonder that too. That would explain why he continues to not even attempt to follow the judges’ advice and do the same thing over and over.

10:46 – Judging. They like Jillian’s and think she’s quiet, but her clothes say a lot. I like what Michael Kors says about Christian. He understands how to make clothes that can be emotional in a fashion show, but can be worn in real life. It’s true. Christian, for all his talk, is simply a great designer.

10:47 – Sweet P’s was too commercial. They’ve seen Chris’s design before, but he’s a showman. Roberto again puts in his vote for Chris. I agree, it would be awesome to see Chris’s 12-piece collection. They continue to agree that Rami is talented, but they haven’t seen enough.

10:54 – The designers come back out and this is the end of the road. Three of the designers will go to Fashion Week. The winner is…Christian! Nice. He’s going to Bryant Park. He looks thrilled and I’m so happy for him. Jillian is also in. Backstage, Jillian and Christian jump up and down.

10:55 – Sweet P is out. Aw. She cries in interview and it’s really sad. Best of luck, Sweet P!

10:56 – Down to Rami and Chris. Chris…is in! OMG. I can’t believe they actually—wait a minute…Rami…is also in! ARGH! I hate them! Wait a minute…only one of them will get to actually go to Fashion Week! When they get back to NYC, they will show their top three looks and the best man will go. Eeeee! Crazy!

10:59 – Rami and Chris looked stunned and head back to the backroom. Tim comes in to say goodbye to Sweet P, who I had forgotten about in the midst of the drama. Aw! She was the only one eliminated tonight. So sad!

11:00 – Next week, the reunion show, which I hate because it impedes our route to the finale.


1. bimaconcept - February 14, 2008

nice article…..nice to meet you. 🙂

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