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Live-Blogging Lost 4.2 February 7, 2008

Posted by Amy in Lost, TV.
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8:59 – Previously on Lost, the Lost-a-ways are gonna get rescued…or are they??

9:00 – We open under the sea, via some kind of submarine scope. The sub detects something on the ocean bottom. It’s a plane part. Or…the whole plane?!?? The person on the sub, stunned, says they’ve found Oceanic 815. WHAT??

9:01 – Flashback, or possibly flash-forward, some guy watches a newscast about the discovery & cries. He doesn’t know why. Neither do I.

9:02 – Then we’re on a helicopter in a storm, where there is mass chaos goes on. Somebody appears to fall out of the chopper & land haphazardly but unharmed on the island. He hears someone coming, panics & readies a gun. It turns out to be Kate & Jack. The guy is the guy from the end of the last episode. George, maybe? Jack confirms that he’s Jack & asks the guy’s name. He pauses awfully long for that question, then says his name is Daniel & he’s here to rescue them. Somehow, I doubt that.

9:06 – Lost floating creepy opening sequence of creepiness.

9:07 – It’s that awesome MacBook Air commercial. Man, it’s pretty.

9:08 – I don’t care how many times you show me the Eli Stone commercial, ABC, I’m not watching. It doesn’t even matter that Victor Garber is in it.

9:09 – Daniel, or whatever his name is, wonders suspiciously through the woods with Jack & Kate. He suspiciously explains what happened to the chopper & suspiciously mentions he lost his phone. Kate offers up Naomi’s sat phone. Dan suspiciously takes it & calls George. Pretty much everything he’s doing right now is suspicious, but not as much as what’s about to happen. Dan tells George what happened & says he made contact with some of the survivors, at which point George asks if he is on speaker. Dan suspiciously looks at Kate & Jack, suspiciously excuses himself & suspiciously walks away to talk. Jack & Kate appear to catch on when they see the gun Dan is suspiciously packing. Dan suspiciously comes back & says they’ll track the rest of the team’s signals on the GPS in the phone. He then suspiciously asks where the rest of their people are. Kate stupidly says that “most” of them are back at the beach. “Most”? Way to throw Locke’s group under the bus, Kate.

9:10 – Meanwhile, speaking of Locke, he’s peacefully standing in the rain while Hurley & the rest of his group wait around wondering why the hell they chose to follow a crazy person. Hurley comes up & asks why Locke’s just standing in the rain & Locke says the storm’s about to pass. Sure enough, the rain stops. Oh, so he can control the weather now? Okay. Why not?

9:11 – Locke says they have to make a detour to go to the cabin, which since last week I have found out is Jacob’s Cabin. Hurley slips up & lets out that he saw the cabin too. Locke is surprised. Ben is surprised. Sawyer couldn’t care less about some stupid cabin. He wants to know why Locke thinks they’re “supposed to” go to the cabin. Is it like Locke was “supposed to” throw a knife into Naomi’s back? Touche, thinks the rest of the group, again completely not believing they followed this lunatic. Sawyer wants to know where Locke “gets his orders from.” Locke says from Walt. Um, what? The rest of the group all look each other & ask each other the same thing.

9:12 – Back on the beach, Sayid asks Juliet why Ben thinks the rescuers aren’t so much here to rescue but to kill every single living person on the island? Cause those two options, there’s like a conflict in interest there. Juliet says Ben’s just trying to scare them. Or maybe not. Maybe you should go count your guns, Sayid.

9:13 – Jack, Kate & Dan find some of the stuff from the chopper. Jack runs up to open it while Dan suspiciously bumbles about reducing the weightload when the chopper was going down. Man, for a bad guy, Dan really needs to because more subtle in his obvious guilt. He makes no attempt in stopping Jack from discovering a gas mask. Then he bumbles some more & tries to get them to discovering suspicious items amongst his stuff. Jack asks why Dan brought the gun. Dan says precaution, but takes way too long trying to answer “precaution against what?” Man, Dan sucks at life. Finally, Dan fesses up that rescuing the Lost-a-ways isn’t what you might call Not Penny’s Boat’s “primary objective.” What is this, a marketing plan? Jack asks what is, but just then, he sees “Miles” come up on his phone & runs off, telling Jack & Kate to come on.

9:14 – Sawyer is questioning Locke’s seeing of long ago disappeared Walt. Locke says he saw Walt, only taller, & he told him to stop Naomi & Not Jenny’s Boat. Sawyer asks if Locke asked any follow-up questions or if this was more of a press conference. Locke says Walt saved his life when Ben shot him.

9:15 – On the rocks, Jack, Kate & Dan find Miles, who is kinda looking dead. Jack goes to check on him & suddenly Miles springs to life & immediately points a gun at Jack. Miles then identifies Kate by name & asks where Naomi is. You know, Naomi. The woman you killed. Touche, thinks Kate.

9:20 – Flash-forward or back, not sure which. Miles parks a car in front of a house in California. The radio is confirming that all 324 passengers of the flight are presumed dead. He gets out of the car & goes up to the house, where he introduces himself to “Ms. Gardner.” He asks which room it is & demands the cash up front. I am confused. He drops that Ms Gardner’s grandson was murdered. Am I supposed to know who that is? Ms. Gardner forks over the cash. Miles takes some equipment I can’t identify & goes upstairs, telling her not to come, no matter what she hears.

9:22 – In the room, Miles runs some kind of whirling machine & looks around. There is some kind of reflecting light in the air. Miles shakes his head some & starts talking to nobody. Or actually to Ms. Gardner’s dead grandson. Miles tells him to leave his grandmother alone & says he has to tell him where “it” is. There’s a noise. Miles goes to investigate, pushes a bookcase aside & finds a bag with some cash & drugs. He takes the cash & leaves the drugs. He packs up his machine, tells the grandson he can go now & goes downstairs. Ms. Gardner asks if it worked & Miles says yes. He looks guiltily at some pictures of the grandson & gives Ms. Gardner half her money back. She hugs him. I continue to be confused.

9:24 – Back on the beach, Miles is freaking out. He says that Naomi’s “tell my sister I love her” message was a code for “I’ve totally got a gun to my head right now.” Touche, Naomi. Touche. Miles continues to wave the gun at Jack while Dan processes this. Dan didn’t know the code? That is a seriously lame code. Kate throws Locke under the bus, but Miles still insists on seeing the body, saying he’ll know what happened. Well, I guess he will.

9:25 – Back with Locke’s group, Ben tries to get Alex’s attention. Karl the boyfriend really really wants to shoot him, but Sawyer stops him. Alex & Karl leave, leaving Ben free to psychoanalyze Sawyer. You would think the Lost-a-ways would know not to let him do that anymore. Ben says that Sawyer doesn’t have a chance with Kate now that he left her to join Locke. Ben blathers on that in the real world, Sawyer the low-life scam artist would never be able to compete with Jack the first-class surgeon. True, under normal circumstances, but Kate was a fugitive too, yes? Ben thinks Kate was really upset when Sawyer chose to go with Locke & thank God Jack’s there to—OOMPH. Sawyer takes Ben out. Man, why don’t you just gag him, save yourself the energy. For some reason, Locke stop Sawyer from killing Ben. Sawyer rasps at Locke that it’s only a matter of time before Ben gets them & he’s probably already figured out how to do it. Yeah, probably.

9:27 – Clearing o’ Dead Naomi. Miles attempts to do his thing, minus the benefit of his whirling machine thingie. He finishes & says Naomi’s death happened the way they said it did. They get another signal on the phone & Miles tries to get them to go, but Jack insists they put the guns down. He says his friends are out in the woods & have guns to Miles & Dan’s heads. Miles thinks they must think he’s pretty stupid…& immediately almost gets shot by Sayid & Juliet. Dan gives up his gun immediately. Dan is the worst bad guy in the history of television.

9:33 – Flashback/forward in Tunisia. Two women step out of an SUV in what appears to be the middle of a sandstorm. One of them looks at a paper with a headline about the 815 discovery. She bribes a guy to re-open a dinosaur dig site. Wait, not a dinosaur…a polar bear. In the middle of a dessert. Hmm. Sounds familiar. The woman digs up a collar with one of the Dharma logos on it.

9:35 – Suddenly, the woman is upside down, trapped on a branch. She is one of the chopper survivors. She struggles & the music prepares us for her death, but all that happens is she releases herself & falls into the river, where she is discovered by Locke’s group. Uh oh.

9:37 – Jack’s group now has Dan & Miles at gunpoint. Sayid asks Dan some questions about who they are, which Dan happily answers because he’s the worst bad guy in the history of television. Miles tries to minimize the damage & looks like he can’t BELIEVE what kind of idiots he has to deal with. I mean, he can TALK to DEAD PEOPLE, for goodness sake. Sayid says that Dan & Miles told them the world believes all the Oceanic 815 people are dead, yet they aren’t surprised at all to see them. Miles, endearing himself to my heart, sarcastically acts surprised to see them. So I guess this means that all of those have been flashbacks.

9:38 – Back with Locke’s group, who are now all looking suspiciously at a nervous woman whose name I still don’t have. The woman sure does ask a lot of questions, but in general she is a whole lot less suspicious-acting than our friend Dan. However, she’s playing to a hostile audience. She tells them if they sit tight, the rest of her team will find them. Too bad, says Locke. They don’t want to be found.

9:39 – Sayid is playing with the sat phone. Suddenly the signal starts moving toward them very fast. Sayid says their friend Charlotte is running from something. We have a name! Nice. The group dramatically runs toward the signal & find…Vincent the dog. What? Confusing. Jack tells them Locke has Charlotte.

9:45 – Flashback. A TV voiceover says that the images we’re about to see about to see are graphic. A man looks over. They show pictures of the crash & show the pilot, Seth Norris, aka a killed-off Greg Grunberg. The man looks upset. The TV shows the supposed remains of poor dead Seth. Um, seriously? Could you ever get away with showing that on TV, where just any family member could accidentally stumble upon it? That’s so not cool. Anyway, the man looks closely at the corpse’s fingers & quickly dials the hotline. He says that Seth always wore his wedding ring & the body they’re showing doesn’t have it, so it’s not him. The hotline person is incredulous. He asks how the man knows Seth Norris. The man says he was supposed to fly Oceanic 815 that day, but JJ Abram’s tradition of having Greg Grunberg in everything he’s ever made trumped that.

9:47 – Back on the island, the man is the fourth member of the chopper crew. He climbs a hill & comes across a cow. Hey, why not. Moo, says the cow. The man tries to get his phone, but it’s broken. He fires off a flare, which is seen by Charlotte & Locke’s group. Charlotte is happy to see it, but the rest of the group continues their internal debate over their desire to be rescue & their loyalty to Crazy Locke and/or poor dead Charlie. Charlotte says they came to help the Lost-a-ways & some of the group relents & wants to go see who launched the flare. Locke says she’s lying. Charlotte’s had enough, she’s leaving. She & Locke argue & then…she’s shot three times in the chest by Ben, who has stolen Karl’s gun. Oh, Karl. Why art thee so stupid? Sawyer does what he always does in these situations, charge Ben & start throwing punches. Locke goes to Charlotte, who is okay. She’s got a bulletproof vest on.

9:50 – Meanwhile, Jack’s group has found “Frank,” aka dude who knows Seth Norris. He’s okay, but doesn’t know where Charlotte is. Miles asks where the chopper crashed, but turns out, it didn’t! Frank was the pilot & he says he landed it safely. The group goes to look & sure enough, there’s a freaking chopper in the middle of a field. Everyone is pleased.

9:56 – Flashback. Naomi is going over the pictures of the four-member chopper team. She’s with the guy from last week who pretended to be a lawyer from Oceanic who visited Hurley in the mental institution. Naomi thinks they don’t have enough experience. Lawyer guy says they’ll have her. Touche, no they won’t. Naomi says it’s a high-risk mission, what if they find survivors of Oceanic 815? Lawyer guy insists there were no survivors. He says the team was chosen for specific reasons. Her job is to get them in & out & not get anyone killed. Touche again, Lawyer guy.

9:58 – And back on the island, Dan & Kate carry poor, dead Naomi’s body back toward the chopper. Sayid says the chopper is good to fly. Miles asks for the phone, which Jack hands over after getting a promise from Miles that he’ll explain what they’re doing there. Cause Miles has always seemed like such a trustworthy guy. Miles calls someone & asks for Minkowski. Who? Minkowski isn’t available. Miles asks that he call him when he is, as if this is a business meeting & not a situation involving people who are supposed to be dead & freaky islands & guns. Miles sees Kate & Dan coming with Naomi & asks why they’re taking her. Frank says they barely have enough fuel to get back to the freighter as it is.

9:59 – Juliet is fixing Frank up. Frank asks her name & confirms that she wasn’t on the plane. He calls to Miles, who is incensed. Frank says she’s a native & Miles storms over, demanding where “he” is. Who’s he? Miles says the reason they’re here is for Ben. He holds up a picture of Ben looking particularly suspicious. Miles demands to know where he is.

9:59 – He’s currently being threatened with a gun by Sawyer. Locke apologizes to Charlotte & tells Sawyer he’ll clean up the mess, aka presumedly kill Ben, although we all pretty much know that’s not gonna happen. Alex begs that he doesn’t & Locke says everyone who doesn’t want to see it should go. Ben actually looks kind of worried. He tells Locke that he has information Locke needs. Locke demands to know what the black smoke monster is. Good question! Ben doesn’t know. Good bye, Ben. Not so fast, Ben starts shouting Charlotte’s name & personal information. Interesting, she’s C.S. Lewis. He also knows the names of the rest of the chopper team. Ben says Locke was right, the Not Jenny’s Boat people are a threat & he can’t kill him because he knows how great a threat they are. Oh come on. Can’t they just assume a pretty great threat & operate under that assumption? He says he knows what they want. Sawyer asks what they is. They want him. I say, give him to them, already. How does Ben know all this? Because he has a man on their boat! Touche, Ben!

10:00 – Next week, a war is coming to stay or leave the island. We find out another one of the Oceanic Six. And the chopper crew may or may not be there to kill them all. Well if they do, that would make for kind of a lame show


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